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The Frivolities of Snape's Life. by Loony_Scorpy
Chapter 1 : Blonde.
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Author’s Note: This is ridiculously OOC – hence the AU tag (even though that’s not really what AU means)…and humour/Snape combination. It kind of turned out parody-ish so please don’t take this seriously!

I loved Lily so much; so much more than that black-haired git whose only love was ridiculing others.

But now Lily seemed to be returning his affection. It wasn’t fair. I had been there for her all through her troubles with her muggle sister. I had been a shoulder to cry on when James taunted her. I had helped her transition to the wizarding world.

She would have been lost without me. She would have stumbled and fallen.

Now, however, her interest for me seemed to be waning. Nine times out of ten she would choose to spend time with Potter instead of me. It was time for me to do something.

I had long considered the differences between Potter and myself; what it was that made her like him more than me.

I had come to a simple conclusion. It was our hair colour.

My blonde locks apparently couldn’t compete with the dark depths of Potter’s raven hair. So it was time for a change.

I knew that the moment I dyed my hair, Lily would come running back into my arms, with declarations of her undying love for me.

It was obvious…she didn’t have a single blonde in her family so why would she want to tarnish that ‘look’ with my fair hair.


I was on a mission. Good hair dye was hard to find – being around the dithering girls of Hogwarts had taught me that much. So I was going to have to make it myself.

With a newfound confidence at what lay ahead of me, I strutted through the corridors, my head held high.

Nothing was going to bring me down. As I made my way past Lily, I winked at her.

She gasped and even giggled a little; I think she may have been a little surprised at my sudden change in attitude. But she would love it. I knew she would. I was emerging from my shell…like a potion bubbling as it turned from its ingredients into the final product. I was becoming my full self, and it was all for the love of my life.

I sauntered into the dungeons and made my way to the Potions classroom. As such a promising student I had been given 24-hour access to the classroom.

I smirked as I grabbed the ingredients out of the cupboard, failing to hear the footsteps nearby. Not just any student was able to craft a potion whenever they felt the urge to.

Uncharacteristically I hummed a tune to myself as I began preparing my ingredients. I was just so happy that I had finally figured out how to win Lily back!

I whirled around as I heard a resounding bang! The door had flown open and a pair of imbeciles stumbled in, their lips locked.

I scowled and began muttering obscenities under my breath. I clattered around my cauldron in an attempt to gain the attention of the seemingly oblivious pair.

My heart dropped when they whipped around to face me.

Lily and Potter.

My fists clenched.

Lily looked almost ashamed and began mumbling, “S-sorry, Sev…I…err we… We didn’t mean to interrupt you.”

Potter merely smirked at me, evidently enjoying my discomfort and crowed, “Love hurts.”

“Isn’t that right, Sev,” he mocked.

I turned away and finished preparing my ingredients. It had to work. I couldn’t bear to watch his slimy hands touching my Lily. His lips tou – I couldn’t even think about that.

I heard their receding footsteps and the sound of Potter’s echoing laughter as they left. I listened until I could no longer hear Lily half-heartedly reprimanding Potter.

I threw myself into making the potion then with a newfound fervour. I chopped up the ingredients as fast I could, crushing and cutting until everything was ready.

I took one last glance at my adapted instructions before I set to brewing the potion. The potion that was going to save Lily from the grasps of that evil toe-rag.

The potion crackled and hissed as I added each of the ingredients. I loved this part of potion making, watching the ingredients combine to make something new. Something better.

I added one final scoop and with a crack the potion calmed. I let it brew for another fifteen minutes before I ladled it into a phial.

It had taken me just under an hour to complete the potion, however it would take all night for it to change my hair colour.

I could barley contain my glee. I rushed to pack up everything, with phials and utensils clattering together, as I hurried them back to their rightful places.

I almost ran to the dormitory, eager to put the potion through my hair.

As soon as I reached my dorm, I glanced around for signs of life, and then locked myself into the bathroom. I knew a spell that would cause the potion to stay permanently in my hair, however water would be the only thing that would draw out the dye.

I was one hundred per cent certain that I would be able to live with a life of no washing my hair, especially if it meant that I could win over Lily.

I jumped in the shower and washed my hair for the last time in my life. As I towelled my hair, I massaged the potion into it. I had adjusted the potion so that it would continue to cover the hair closest to my scalp, even as it grew.

I cast the spell over my hair, and then I went to bed. I was too excited for my new transformation and most importantly for what Lily was going to say.


I woke up and took a look at myself in the mirror. I was shocked. My hair had indeed gone a dark, luscious black.

I even looked like a Slytherin now. Two birds with one stone.

Once I was ready, I puffed out my chest and made my way downstairs. Lily was going to be delighted.

As soon as I reached the Dining Hall my eyes found Lily immediately.

“I love you Lily Evans!” I serenaded from the entrance and then strode over to her.

She swooned and her vivid green eyes bored into mine. A dazzling smile played on her lips as she leapt into my arms.

“You’re so perfect now,” she announced.

“I love you too, Sev.”

A/N: At the end I nearly put that they galloped away into the sunset, but I refrained ;)

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The Frivolities of Snape's Life.: Blonde.


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