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Curious by EmilySvart
Chapter 2 : Library restriction
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Disclaimer: I only own Estelle, everyone else is written by the very wonderful J.K. Rowling.



“They are kidding! Potions three times a week? Since when is potions class so important…” Lily whined, speed walking next to Estelle. They were soon to be late for their first class, divination, and they really didn’t want to miss it. Their teacher, miss Patil, was the best teacher, at least in their opinion. She rarely asked them to do any homework, made classes fun so they learned through games and was a teenager at heart herself.

Lily kept babbling on about how stupid potions class was and how they would never need it anyway. It seemed that she had either grown younger or she thought that talking so much would keep Estelle’s thoughts away from certain topics.

Finally, 5 minutes later, they had reached the divination class. Lily had now started talking about how her vacation went in California. Apparently there were “lots of hot boys” and it was “oh god, so annoyingly warm weather”. Somehow she seemed to be more teenager than ever before, and not in a nice way.

“Lily, please be quiet, we are already late, we can’t go in talking…” Estelle sighed, opening the class door. No one even seemed to notice them, so they just tiptoed to their seats, trying their best not to make any noise.

“Now that you are in the fourth grade, we don’t have to go through all that annoying theory so much anymore, that’s great, isn’t it?” Parvati Patil was in the middle of talking about school program in fourth grade. “Today I want to first quickly go over what we learned last year – crystal balls, chiromancy, horoscopy and tasseomancy. I will make a short oral pop quiz, whoever can answer me first gets a little surprise. Is that okay?” she cheerfully asked.

Some of the class cheered while others only mumbled. For some people, miss Patil seemed too childish and not good for a teacher. They had sent many letters through the years to the headmaster about it. Until now, nothing had changed, which made other students very happy.

“Alright… first question: tell me why do so many people prefer crystal ball divination to anything else?”

Estelle raised her hand. She really did enjoy that class.


At the end of school day, Estelle went to the library to write about uses of bat spleens. It was a disgusting and tiring thing to do and she kept dozing off. Lily had gone off somewhere, not caring about the fact that the homework had to be done by tomorrow.

The library was almost empty, so it should have helped her to concentrate, however, it was the other way around. She would’ve liked to eat the chocolate frog she had received from answering right in divination class but the librarian would have probably killed her for that. “Hey, ‘stelle,” a silent voice came from behind her back. Startles, the girl turned around. “Lorcan…” she sighed. “I am not in the mood for any of your girl stories.”

Lorcan smiled mischievously. “I wasn’t planning to. Are you wasting your time on homework?”

Estelle snapped. “I am not wasting time, it is supposed to be finished by tomorrow! Please just… go. Go!” she was almost screaming. The librarian was walking toward her, her face red in anger.

“Lorcan, I am going to kill y-… Hello miss Pince!” she finished her sentence smiling, trying to show her best behavior.

“Miss Scamander, I do think I have already told you that if you act in such way in library, I will have to throw you out? You have already ruined many of the books with your disgusting food, and now you start ruining the peace of the library! Out! Out!”

Afraid that nothing will get better from arguing, Estelle nodded, and with a sad look on her face, she collected her items and left. Once they were out, the girl finished her sentence. “I am going to kill you! Look what happened now!” She had an urge to punch Lorcan. Everything had been going worse day by day, nothing nice was happening, and now she got kicked out of the library too. She had to study to have at least one nice thing in her life – good grades.

“Okay, okay. I am sorry, really I am. I... actually... never mind,” Lorcan stuttered. It seemed that he realized that talking any further would not help him.

But now Estelle got curious, her anger fading away. It was that one side of her that would always win over everything, even sadness. If there was something she didn’t know, she had to find it out. “What did you want to tell me then? It doesn’t sound like a story about some girl who likes you.”

Lorcan smirked. He had gotten rid of her anger. “I was actually planning to show you something, I think you would enjoy it. Are you interested? I can show you the way. We have to go quickly though, Lysander asked me to meet me in the forest.”

The blonde-haired girl rolled her eyes at the last sentence. “It... does sound good,” she said. “Are you going to break the rules again?”

“With the forest? Of course not!” Lorcan smiled and put on his most innocent face. “Why would you think that?” After a small pause, he added: “But alright, let’s go.”

Estelle nodded, running after him, trying to ignore her legs hurting. She really was a bad runner. 


A/N: Okay, I don't really like this chapter... Second chapters are like obstacles on my way that I somehow must pass. It is a filler, but I hope you don't hate it too much... please? (: Reviews are still greatly appreciated!

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