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Expecting by SaritaMalfoy22
Chapter 6 : Chapter 5: Maybe
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                                                               Chapter 5: Maybe

The next week was passing slowly and without event for me. Unless of course you count a huge load of homework. Which I don't. For Sarah, however, things were going in quite the opposite direction.

"Good morning!" Sarah sang that morning as we ate breakfast in the hall on Thursday.

Scorpius and Al were chatting away merrily as they ate their toast a few seats away, and Dom and Becky weren't up yet. In fact I was only up because I was feeling as though I was going to throw up any second and was watching everyone eat with what must be a nauseated expression. James, however, looked up from opposite where Sarah and I now sat, and his eyes lit up as bright as stars. Amy looked up at her from beside him and then a very ugly look appeared on her face.

"It was." She muttered, ripping a slice of toast in half and chewing fiercely. James looked at her in disbelief and indignation.

"Excuse me?" Sarah said uncertainly. However there was a cold edge to her voice that plainly warned Amy not to continue. Unfortunately for her, she either ignored it or didn't hear it.

"Well, you come down every morning, you sit in front of my boyfriend and parade yourself around like you're some kind of a Veela. It quite pathetic, honey and not at all desirable." Amy said in a mock sympathetic tone and patting Sarah on the hand. Sarah stared at the girl for a moment, not believing her ears. My own ears were turning red; I was sure I was going to hit this girl!

"How dare you!" Sarah hissed dangerously, setting down the knife and fork that was about to cut her kippers.

Perhaps it was the word 'Veela' which had particularly touched a nerve with Sarah. Her maternal grandmother was a Veela and Sarah kept her heritage very quiet, since she was not your 'usual' part-Veela, what with having thick dark hair, a healthy tan and hourglass curves. She'd kept it a secret from everyone at school apart from me and James, for fear that if Dom knew it might put her nose out of a joint a little bit. Seeing as Dom was eternally cursing the fact that her Veela bloodline had reached her older sister and mother but not her, it was probably for the best that Dom didn't know. I put a steadying hand on Sarah's arm, which was shaking in rage.

"Well come on, you know it's true!" Amy said, folding her arms and glaring across the table at my friend.

James had taken his own arm from around her waist and was staring at his girlfriend as if he'd never seen her before. Albus and Scorpius had stopped speaking suddenly and were looking between the two girls with apprehensive faces. Albus was openly glaring at Amy.

"Your boyfriend is not my current love interest." Sarah replied icily, without looking at James. "But he's one of my friends, if not my best friend, and not you or anyone else is going to stop me from speaking to him or seeing him."

"You hear that James? She's not interested in you like that anymore. So you can stop pining over her like a disgusting lovesick puppy!" Amy hissed at James, who was looking half hurt and half delighted at Sarah's words. And just like that, she flounced from the table and hall, leaving us to watch her retreating back.

"Well James, you really know how to pick them," I said, still in shock and staring at the place where Amy had disappeared. But James wasn't listening. He was watching Sarah's retreating back as she too stormed from the hall, leaving her breakfast untouched.







After our lessons that day, Albus and I were walking through the library and putting back some books we had borrowed for revision and discussing the strange and unprovoked attack on Sarah that morning. Sarah had been fuming all day, and double potions had been a nightmare, with Sarah and Amy openly glaring at each other from across the table they shared with James, Danny and I. What a brilliant seating plan, eh?

"Did you see the weird look Danny and Amy had the other day when James introduced her?" I asked Albus as we strolled leisurely down the library isles, shoving books back into their places as we went.

"No, I didn't. I think there's something funny about her though; she really doesn't like Sarah and she's been nothing but nice to her!" Albus said, perplexed.

"Well you know girls. They tend not to like Sarah." I shrugged, as if it was obvious. Albus still looked confused.

"But why? I think she's lovely…" He said, as if uncertain that he was right about thinking that.

"She is. But have you seen her lately?" I said, rolling my eyes. Albus pushed up his glasses and shoved a battered copy of 'Famous Goblin Rebellions from 1605-1905' back on its shelf.

"Yeah…" He said, thoroughly confused now. He's a very smart boy, but the female mindset is not his forte.

"OK, what do you notice about her looks?" I asked, trying to help him spell it out without sounding completely patronising. Albus raised an eyebrow as if to ask 'where is this going?'

"Well she's drop-dead gorgeous, but anyone with eyes can see that…" He said uncertainly, before I nodded and threw out my hands.

"Exactly: 'Anyone with eyes.' Well girls have eyes, don't we?" I asked. Albus nodded slowly, wondering whether that was a trick question.

"What's this got to do with why girls don't like Sarah?" He asked as we came to the end of our aisle and began making our way up the next.

"Jealousy!" I said, exasperated.

"Ahhh." Albus said, nodding thoughtfully. "Yeah that would explain it."

And so the knut drops.







The rest of the night passed without event. Sarah had decided not to tell Danny about her run-in with Amy, and the rest of us followed suit. She and Danny were currently over with Albus and Scorpius at the Slytherin table and they were all animatedly discussing quidditch, judging by Albus' excited gesticulation. The rest of us sat with a sulky James and an irate Amy, who stabbed at her food viscously and kept looking across the hall at Sarah and Danny, who were kissing passionately.

"Hey James." Amy hissed in my cousins' ear, so quietly that I could barely hear it from where I sat opposite them. James looked up from the food he had been half heartedly pushing around his plate.

"You want to see some proof from earlier?" Amy said, grinning evilly. My hands tightened on my cutlery; what a cow!

"Not particularly." James said, looking back down at his food miserably. Dom kicked me hard under the table as I made to throw my fork in her eye.

"Look." Amy said, leaning towards James and pointing to where Sarah was characteristically laughing merrily at something Albus was saying, her hand on Danny's leg. Just as we all watched, Danny turned towards his girlfriend and kissed her full on the mouth as she smiled and kissed him back. James stared for a moment as if in a trance and I could see something inside him break.

"You see? She'll never love you again, you'd be wasting your life and love if you kept pining for her like this…I'm the only one who will ever need you back…" Amy was crooning into James' ear soothingly, stroking the back of his neck and not realising I could hear them.

"That's enough. James, bed!" I said commandingly and stood up, scowling down at Amy, who looked up rather shocked. James still hadn't torn his sad eyes away from Sarah and Danny, who were grinning at each other. James took my hand and I hoisted him up, as he stared after Sarah.

"James, she's just awful, why are you with her?" I said in disgust as we traipsed up the stairs towards the common room.

"Because when I'm with her, it pisses Sarah off." James said honestly, turning towards me with expressionless eyes.

"Well - hang on, what? You don't like Amy at all?" I asked, nonplussed. James shook his head.

"It's still Sarah, Rosie. It's always been her, since I first saw her standing at the station when I was twelve, and it'll be her until I'm one hundred and fifty seven or however long I live." James said as I gave the Fat Lady the password ('Periwinkle') and entered the common room to find it practically deserted. We took refuge in the squishy armchairs by the fire and James rubbed his temples.

"So you're with that girl to get back at Sarah?" I asked incredulously.

"Yep. After all, that's why she's with Danny isn't it? To make me jealous?" James asked.

Oh God, how the hell was I going to break this to him?

"No, mate. She's with him because she likes him. You're just a very possessive, jealous little fuckwit." I said. I would have tried to tread carefully, but boys don't pick up hints. James looked at me.

"I prefer to look as it as 'a man in love'" James sighed. "Essentially yes, though. But she hates Amy…that must mean she still loves me, right?" He asked, confused. The Potter boys are not blessed in working out women and their reasoning.

"I don't think so. She hates Amy because Amy as good as called her an attention seeking slag this morning." I said simply, pointing my wand randomly at the fire and turning the flames blue, then pink, then green.

"See, I didn't understand that this morning. I thought Sarah had provoked Amy into saying that stuff. But at least my explanation was an explanation…what's Amy's excuse for being a bitch to Sarah?" James asked.

Was I really going to have to explain this again to another of the Potter's in less than five hours? Uncle Harry will be flooing me soon trying to find out all the teenage drama.

"Girls don't like Sarah generally do they?" I asked. James shook his head.

"She gets all the best lads." He said winking. I love it when that happens; even when he's really upset he's always being cheeky or cracking jokes.

"Well yeah but other than that?" I prompted after a quick chuckle.

"She's beautiful? And smart and funny and good in b-" James spluttered hurriedly.

"Whoa. OK well you hit the nail on the head: She's beautiful. Now if it's one thing that's threatening to other girls then its real beauty. Come on, you've seen how many heads turn wherever she is." I said exasperatedly. James nodded slowly.

"So Amy is jealous of Sarah because she's a knockout, but if I shower Amy with affection and all that jazz, then Sarah will be jealous and come back to me?" James asked, his eyes lighting up. Oh crap he really doesn't understand this. I looked into his eyes.

"Maybe. Maybe!" I stressed as James jumped to his feet, kissed my cheeks and did a sort of victory dance.

"Now I have a plan! Thanks Ro!" He said, bounding off to his dormitory without another word. I sat with my head in my hands for a bit, and then with a twinge in my stomach and a wave of strong nausea, I decided an early night was a good idea for me as well and slouched up the steps to my warm, inviting bed.







I didn't have time to think at 6.30 the next morning. I just ran into the bathroom as quick as my tired legs could carry me and next thing I knew, all the food from the previous day was coming back up the way it came. I retched for a further ten minutes before Dom padded into the en suite quietly in a pair of nana Weasley's homemade socks (which were so thick they could almost stand up by themselves.) She squatted down next to me and expertly scraped the hair away from my face and tied it into a bun at the back of my neck as I threw up the contents of my stomach once again and she muttered soothing words and stroked my head. About twenty minutes later, eyes watering and having been joined by Sarah and Becky, who were bleary eyed and tousle-haired, I was sent back to bed by Becky, who said there was no point me even trying to go to lessons today and while they got ready, I got back into bed, completely exhausted and fell instantly asleep. I was woken up at about midday by Scorpius, who had somehow gotten into our dorm and was carrying a tray laden with food. Now that I'd been sick I actually realised I was quite hungry and sat up quickly and decided that after lunch I definitely wanted a shower.

"Hey Ro, you all right? Sarah told me you were sick this morning, you're OK now though?" He asked, perching on the end of my bed and handing me the tray. He had given me all my favourite foods; four sausage sandwiches and six rashers of bacon loaded with ketchup.

"Yeah, I'm better now. I can't walk very far now though because I feel so weak, and I'm in desperate need of a shower so I'll have to wait until one of the girls comes up later." I said thickly, picking up a whole rasher of bacon and shoving it into my mouth.

Scorpius pinched one of my sausage sandwiches and dipped it in my ketchup, and I didn't bat an eyelid as I reached for one myself. I could hardly begrudge him a bit of food since he was giving up his lunch break to come and see me.

"Well…No, never mind." Scorpius said, chewing thoughtfully and waving it away with a gesture of his hand.

"What?" I asked. It probably wasn't healthy to wolf down this much food so fast but I didn't realise quite how hungry I was; I only got through two mouthfuls of dinner last night and this morning I had brought everything up so I think I was probably well within my rights to feel a bit peckish.

"Well could help you to the shower if you wanted?" Scorpius asked, smacking his lips and grabbing a rasher of bacon.

"Yeah OK." I said, pushing my tray towards him. He finished off the last bit of bacon and with a vague mutter of 'Scourgify' the grease was gone.

"Come on then, you." Scorpius said, as I sat up. He the grabbed me and carried me bridal-style to the en suite and set me down on the closed toilet seat, ignoring my spluttered protests.

"I said help me, not carry me!" I protested.

"Oh shut it, pukey." Scorpius said with a grin, turning on the shower and handing me a towel.

"I can get dressed by myself, thanks." I said quickly, in case he got ideas.

"Yeah I know." Scorpius said, looking into my eyes searchingly.

"Thanks, though." I said, hoping he'd take this to mean 'I'm going to shower now, please leave.'

"Bye Rosie." He said, hugging me. Before he let go he brushed the hair away from my ear.

"It wasn't a mistake for me. I hope you know that." He breathed softly.

My spine was tingling and my knees were beginning to buckle at his combined touch and breath on my neck but in a moment he was gone, without looking back and I was left feeling more confused and alone than ever.







The rest of the day passed quickly and once I had showered I found that I felt much better. Becky joined me the quickest after tea (which Lily had brought up to me), looking grumpy.

"Hi Ro. You still puking?" She said, throwing herself onto her bed.

"Nope, I feel fine now." I said brightly. I hate being ill, and missing a day of school and lessons was actually painful. I have more of my mother in me than I thought.

"Good." She said as she pulled on her pyjamas and got straight into bed.

"Why are you up here so early?" I asked, checking my alarm clock, which read 8.30.

"I just felt like coming up here." She shrugged. I had the feeling she wasn't being entirely honest.

"Have you and Rich had a fight?" I asked timidly. She sometimes stays in his dormitory on the weekend, and it was Friday night.

"No." She said shortly. "It's just…complicated with him at the moment." She said swiftly, probably having noticed her last answer was overly defensive.

"Oh right." I said, not wanting to pry. She was one of my best friends; she'd tell me when she was ready. Becky looked as if she was going to say something else on the subject, but then Dom clambered into the dormitory.

"Hey Dom." I said. Becky closed her mouth quickly and smiled somewhat falsely at Dominique.

"Hi guys. God it's bedlam down there." She said moodily, sitting on her own four-poster bed.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Well for start, Sean and that girl and all over each other like dragon pox, and then there's Sarah and Danny…" Dom said as she picked out some pyjamas.

"Uh oh, is James down there?" Becky asked.

"Yep. That's why it's so bad." Dom said grimly.

"What are they doing?" I asked quickly.

"Oh nothing too bad, he was just tickling her and they ended up kissing." Dom shrugged.

"As you do." Becky said with a slight smile.

"What did James do?"

"Well he acted like a total Victorian. Told her she shouldn't be snogging left right and centre." Dom said.

"But I suppose it was OK when she was snogging him," I sighed.

"Oh of course. Anyway Danny got involved and told James that she could kiss whoever she wanted to, and so now the shit's really hitting the fan."

"Uh oh." I said. A strong sense of foreboding was creeping over me now.

"Exactly. It's getting pretty ugly down there, most people have already evacuated. Sean and his whore were just leaving." Dom said bitterly.

"Christ, James is kicking off about this? Imagine what'll happen when he finds out that Sarah and Danny are soon going to be…doing the mattress mambo" Becky said.

I snorted with laughter and Dom was doubled up for at least five minutes before she wiped her eyes and straightened up.

"In all seriousness, though, that is one conversation I do not want to be a part of…" Becky said.

"Merlin, no." Dom said fervently.

"What do you think James'd do?" I asked.

"Well I'm pretty sure he'd make sure Danny lost his favourite addendum, put it that way." said Dom with a grim face.

"Can you imagine if he caught them at it?" Becky asked shuddering.

I imagined Sarah and Danny fooling around under the covers, and a livid James standing in the doorway, slowly changing different shades of red and I shuddered too.

"Now that's definitely a conversation I don't want to be part of!" I said anxiously. The girls nodded too and I hoped, for Danny's sake if nothing else, that James never, ever found out about him and Sarah…





Saturday morning started off very much like Friday, with the contents of my stomach now swimming in the toilet. I was currently slick with sweat and knelt on the floor, retching violently. Sarah was the first to join me today, in one of James' old oversized T-shirts. She tied my hair up and patted my back sleepily.

"Come on Ro." She said blearily after I had thrown up, leading me to the sink so I could brush my teeth meticulously. Afterwards she sat with me on the edge of one of the baths.

"What do you think is causing it?" I asked Sarah. She was staring straight ahead and took a deep breath while she thought. Maybe she was ticking off the possibilities of flu, the first symptoms of Vanishing Sickness etc.

"Now Rose, I don't want you to panic, but when did you last have sex? And I know your period is late because you haven't been stealing my tampons since you usually run out of yours." Sarah said slowly, turning to face me with deep oceanic eyes. It was as if someone had swung a heavy weight into my stomach.

"Four weeks ago tonight, at James' last party." I said after a few moments' thought, accepting the period comment. I hadn't even noticed I was late; I'd had quite a bit on my plate recently. But I wasn't stupid; I knew where she was going with this. And I knew what it added up to.

"With Scorpius?" She asked quietly.

"Yes. And I can't tell you whether we used contraception or not, because I was a little bit pissed." I said nervously, biting my nails.

"Well being sick in the mornings doesn't necessarily mean that you are…" She trailed off, rather than say the word 'pregnant'. "But I'll come with you into Hogsmeade today, OK? Me, you, Freddie and Danny can double date. And we can get a test at the apothecary there." She said calmly, patting my hand gently and leading me back into our room and setting me down on my bed, where I was left to consider the terrifying possibility that I could be pregnant…






Thanks for all the reivews, please keep it up! :D
-Sarita x


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