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Out of my league by ritz97
Chapter 3 : Onto the Hogwarts Express
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 A/N: I had changed the 2nd chapter a little on 7th Feb 2012. Please go and re-read it before reading this. Thank you.



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Accio  wand.”

The wand zoomed out of Hazel’s hand and into my outstretched ones. Louis quickly backed away from Hazel. If looks could kill, Louis would have been lying dead on the floor right now.

“Hazel. Calm down. You’re overreacting.” Bonnie tried to reason.

“More like being a drama queen.” James muttered. I glared at him from my seat.

Hazel got up from beside me. I breathed a sigh of relief. I had been pasted up the window for too long.  She started walking towards Louis with murder in her eyes.

“Louis Weasley, I am in no mood for jokes. I swear to Merlin if this turned out to be another of your pathetic pranks, I’ll hex you into tomorrow.” Each word of her was filled with threat.

“Whoa Goldstein.  Are you off your rocker? Why would I play such a prank? Do you think I want to be patrolling the school with you in nights?” Louis snapped back at her.

“You are always looking for reasons to push my buttons. How do I know this is not another of those times?” Hazel asked Louis.

“And where will I get the batch from then?” Louis seemed to be boiling with anger too.

“You have a habit of bullying young people. Remember third year?” At this, Louis grew red in face and lost his last shred of common sense.

 “Muffliato.”  Fred quickly cast the spell as Louis voice filled the compartment.


“It is not a mistake when your sister is involved.” Louis face lost colour.


“Save it Weasley.” she turned towards me and held out her hand. “My wand?” When I hesitated, she made a feeble attempt at what looked like smiling and said “Really? You want me to wrestle you to the ground for my wand? You know I can take you with my hands tied behind my back.” I grinned and handed her wand back to her.

She waved to Bonnie and then without any word turned on her heels and stormed out of the compartment. Louis fisted his hand at his sides.

“Hey bro, it’s ok.” Fred got up and put his arm around Louis.

“She is still angry at that. She still sees me as a bully.” Louis seemed to be in some kind of mourning. I met Bonnie’s eyes from across the compartment. She gave a shrug.  I was in a kind of a shock, Louis Weasley was sad.

“Leave it Louis, she will come around. Who will be able to resist your veela charms after all?” James wiggled his eyebrows.

“Hazel Goldstein.” Louis groaned. “She’ll fall for anything but my looks.”

“Hazel does not believe in looks.” Four heads turned in astonishment towards Bonnie. She seemed to regret speaking at once. I decided to save her.

“Yeah. Hazel is not one of the girls who will fall on your feet just coz you have veela blood running in your veins.” The three heads turned towards me.

“Yeah. I know that already.” Louis sound defeated.

“Do you really want her to forgive you?” I asked him feeling like a complete fool. What didn’t I just shut up? This was not my place to speak.

“He’s been whining about it for two years so I guess he’s pretty desperate, hey!” James shouted as Louis elbowed him in his ribs. If it was possible, it looked like Louis Weasley was blushing.

“Yeah. He’s pretty desperate for her forgiveness but he screws things up everytime he is near her.”

“Thanks a lot Freddie.” Louis scowled at Fred.

“Are you looking for forgiveness by pissing her off everytime you are near her?” Bonnie asked him mortified. Louis hung his head in shame. James burst out laughing.

“Look Weasley, Hazel is different from other girls. If you want her to forgive you, you really have to work hard.  Just remember she hates arrogance and snootiness, which you so are full off” Louis looked slightly offended “and she respects honesty.”

“Merlin’s beard. Why can’t she be easy as Jenna Wilkins?” Louis growled. I scowled at the name.

“It’s enough to get you started with, Blondie.” James guffawed at his own joke. Fred chuckled a little. Louis just looked mad

 “Well, I think I’d better go and find myself new friends. You two are positively nuts.” With that he too stormed out but turned and paused at the door.

“Just so you two should know” he said looking at me and Bonnie “my friends call me Lou or Louis, I don’t mind either.” He then turned and walked down towards the prefect’s carriage.

Fred collapsed on the seat beside me. James yawned. I stroked Nala’s fur. Bonnie opened her Hogwarts, a History. Everyone was silent.

“Are you two always so quiet?” James asked after a minute of silence.

“Yes. We like peace and quiet.” I told him.

“Typical Ravenclaw, always so quite as if one word and their whole world will explode.” He said with yawn. My blood boiled. One thing that I could not bear was someone insulting my house; even the son of the Chosen one did not hold the privilege.

“Not all are like you bloody Gryffindors, always trying to act like you own the world. Can’t you shut up for five minutes?” I was glaring at him by the time I ended. He was looking at me in a shocked way.

“You’re ferocious. I’ll give you that.” He said with a wink. I groaned and closed my eyes. Why did these boys think everyone would fall on their knees with a little wink of them?

“So, what team do you support?” I opened my eyes to find Fred at Bonnie. It took Bonnie a moment to realise that Fred was speaking to her.

“I beg your pardon.” She replied.

“Which team do you support?” Fred asked again “You know, Quidditch?”

“Oh Quidditch!” Bonnie said with a shudder. “I hate it.”

“You hate Quidditch?”Potter seemed unable to believe his ears. Bonnie nodded. I started stroking Nala’s fur again and juggled the choices I had. What should I do now?

I listened with one ear as James went on and on about Quidditch. Seriously, sometimes I had the strongest urge to cobble these freaks over their heads. Nala purred quietly in her sleep.

“Nighty- night Nala.” I whispered quietly. I got up quietly and opened Nala’s cage. Placing her quietly inside, I shut the door and sat down again.

“-and there is a book in the library “Quidditch through ages”. It is a really good read. You should try it some-”

“Ok. Ok. I guess you have established your point that Quidditch is not bullshit, but can you please stop your lecture?” I interrupted in between.

Fred chuckled.

“Ahh... Finally someone with enough guts to shut him up about Quidditch.” James glared at me. It seems we were not going to be friends. Who cares?

“She does not mind listening to me rattle about Quidditch, what is your problem?”

“As you seemed so interested in your talks, let me remind you that there are two more people in this compartment. And we can listen to your bloody loud voice too.” I said indicating towards me and Fred.

“Then plug in your ears. I don’t care if your brain can’t handle a few pieces of extra information seeing as it is already swelled.”

“Oi Potter. If this is another jab about me being in Ravenclaw, I swear to Merlin I’ll hex you into tomorrow.”

“Blimey, are you all so hot headed? Just coz you’re all so pretty does not mean you can bullshit people all the time!” James abruptly shut up at the end of the sentence. Fred was rolling on the floor, laughing his head off.

“Did you just call me pretty?” I asked, thrown off for a moment.

“It’s no big deal Campbell; don’t let it get to your head.” He retorted. I felt myself going hot again but before I could speak, Fred spoke up.

“You two could give Louis and Hazel a run for their money. I mean, this was awesome. You should totally hang out with us sometime. I mean this type of entertainment you don’t find easily. Especially when the entertainment in question is James Potter being pulled down to the ground. Amazing, simply outstanding.”

Bonnie gave Fred a curious look before turning to both of us, I had not realised but we were both standing now.

“You two are acting like babies. Ally, this is so unlike you. Don’t fight. It doesn’t suit you.” James chuckled at me. “And you have got no rights to talk to her like that. Where are your manners?” I smirked as James squirmed under Bonnie’s gaze.

“Come on Fred. It looks like we’re unwanted here. Let’s go find the family. Roxanne will kill me if I did not meet her up before the feast.”

James got up and slouched off towards the door, the swagger back in him. Just at entrance he turned and glared at me.

“It’s not over. Not by a long shot.” He then banged the door behind him.

“Wow. I have never seen him that angry. I quite like it on him.” Fred got up too. “It’s nice meeting you... Ally, isn’t it? We are going to be seeing a lot of each other this year, I guess.” He scratched his head at the end. He looked towards Bonnie with a twinkle in his eyes.

“And to you ma’am, au revoir.”

Then with a deep bow towards Bonnie, he walked out.

I burst into laughter. You didn’t see a guy in muggle clothes bowing so deep. Except in movies. Which is very cheesy, believe me.


“So, what do you think will happen?” Bonnie asked half an hour later, as she gingerly selected another Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. It was weird looking and grey in colour. She put it in her mouth and made a face.

“I should have never let you talked me into eating them.” She said as she spit in out in the magic basin beside us. This was made by Hazel in our fourth grade due to our constant eating of these beans.

“Choose nice looking ones then, something pink.”

“Pink, please. Your pink ones turned out to be liver flavoured once, remember?” She scoffed and picked up the chocolate frog.

“Uh-uh” I said and chewed my own. Vomit, Ewww.

“I think I’ll pass on the rest.” I said with a sigh and a quick wave of wand. The packet sealed itself. I had had a rotten luck with the beans today.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“What question?” I asked Bonnie.

“What do you think will happen? You know, Louis and Hazel.” She said with worry in her eyes.

I sighed.

“I think we should talk to Hazel.” I said and tied my hair back into a pony. “Redo your braid. Your hair’s coming out.” I said.

Bonnie nodded thoughtfully and pulled open her. The compartment opened with a crash.

“I am spent. Anything left?” Hazel opened my recently sealed packet and popped one into her mouth. “Mmm.... Peppermint.”

“We should be arriving soon. Shall we change?” Bonnie asked as she looked at her watch.

“Yeah. We should.” I agreed. “How did your Prefect’s meeting go?” I asked Hazel.

“It was good.” She replied with a stuffed mouth. She swallowed and continued. “I mean, we dispatched duties and did not fight, much. Weasley was unusually subdued today. So guys chill. We did not hex each other, nor gave each other green heads.” She said with longing in her voice. As if she wanted to do those things.

I and Bonnie exchanged a look. Her eyes told me she did not have enough courage to start. I argued that I was bound to say something wrong.

This did not go unnoticed by Hazel.

“Spit it out guys.” I took a deep breath and started.

“Hazel, Bonnie and I really think you should forgive Louis.” Hazel’s eyes hardened and she opened her mouth but I held up a hand. “No, let me finish I know you are still angry at him for what happened with Hope but I guess he has paid enough. He is sorry now. Why don’t you just move on?”

“I don’t want to talk about this.” She said with a set mouth.

I knew it would be pointless to argue.

“Let’s change.” And we changed our clothes; Bonnie with a silly smile on her face, Hazel angrily and me trying to come up with words bad enough to describe James Potter.



A/N: Please don’t kill me for the extremely long wait! I had exams and all other things.

Anyway, how did you like the story? Please comment! J



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