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Shattered by iLuna17
Chapter 20 : Because Someone Needed to do Something Stupid and Heroic . . .
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A/N: This is definitely the climax of the story. After this there will be another chapter, and a short epilogue. (which I haven't written yet) But now . . . I present the chapter in which EG is finally named! (and you can go kill him mentally)

Also, BKL8008, look out for something you've been suggesting for quite a while. :) I think you'll like it.

I don't own HP, and enjoy!

“Who wants to get our mate back?” Rose asked, gesturing to the fireplace.

“I’m in,” Al said immediately, but the others looked a bit more sceptical.

“Are we just going to waltz in there, wands blazing, and hope this wizard, who seems to be very powerful, doesn’t realize we’re there?” Laurel asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Concealment charms, my friend,” Louis said quietly, and Laurel smiled.

“All right then. Let’s do this. I’ve been in the mood to hurt someone,” she agreed. Louis, however, looked a little more reserved.

“Shouldn’t we at least notify Uncle Harry, or the Auror office in general?” he asked, always acting as the voice of reason.

“Good point there,” Fred said, who had previously drawn his wand.

“Do you want Charlie back or not?” Al asked, nearly growling. “From what I understand, my father pulled stunts like this all the time in school.”

“Mate, no one’s questioning that. We just don’t know if we’d help or hurt her by going,” Louis reasoned.

“How could it hurt?” Rose asked quietly. “Because I honestly don’t know how this could get any worse.”

“I, for one, agree,” a new voice said. It was Lily, looking very peeved. “How come no one told me we were having a pow wow?”

“No. You’re not coming,” Al, Fred, and Louis said immediately.

“Why the hell not?” she retorted, crossing her arms.

“You’re fourteen!” Al exclaimed. “Not only would mum and dad murder me for bringing you, you don’t even know how to duel! I’m not going to let you get hurt!”

“Oh really?” Lily asked, before drawing her wand as quick as a viper before sending a stunner right at Al. Al, not expecting it, was hurled off his feet and flew back a good ten metres. “Now who can’t duel,” she said smugly while Laurel clapped.

“I vote we let little Potter come. She’s got spunk,” Laurel decreed, but Al looked sceptical.

“I’m not letting you get hurt, too,” he said in a low voice.

“I’ll be fine,” she assured her brother, but she looked slightly touched he was that protective. “Now let’s go!”

“Anyone who doesn’t want to do this can leave now, no questions asked,” Al said, after scribbling an address on a sheet of parchment, before it disappeared. No one left. There were mumbles of ‘hell no’ and ‘yeah right’, though.

“I guess that’s settled, then,” Louis said lightly, but he wasn’t smiling. “So . . . who’s going first?”

There was a long pause, in which no one spoke. Suddenly, Fred grinned.

“I VOTE THE SNAKE!” he shouted, before shoving Al into the fireplace, before jumping in after him.

“Dear Merlin, if they’re her rescue team, Charlie’s screwed,” Laurel commented, before following.


“Ellie . . . Ellie?” Maddy asked frantically, leaning over her best mate. The man had finally left, after at least an hour of torturing her now limp best friend, and punishing anyone who tried to interfere. Both she and James had tried multiple times, but they were met with heated . . . disagreement . . .from both the man and Ellie. “James . . . I don’t know if she’s breathing,” Maddy said, her breathing suddenly faster and shallower. James immediately hurried over to them both, followed closely by Charlie, who almost threw up at the sight of the girl. The man had found a new spell, one that imitated a whip. She kept it down, though, she did want to be a healer after all. But still, none of them had ever seen anything as grotesque as this. None of them could imagine the pain the girl was suffering, as she lay in a pool of red, complete with torn bits of flesh the ‘whip spell’ had ripped off her body. All Charlie could think about was that it would have been her lying there.

“What can I do?” she asked immediately. Ellie had saved her life, and uncovered the man and his plot. Charlie looked at Maddy; it looked like she was using all the strength she had to keep from crying.

“I don’t know. If she’s not breathing . . .” but she couldn’t finish. “Can you find anything to mop up the blood with? I’m not very good at healing, but-”

“You’re her last chance. You can do it,” James encouraged, his face grave. Ellie had saved Charlie, and James could never be thankful enough for that. It seemed that everyone was in that girl’s debt. But they all knew Ellie would tell them to ‘forget it’, though probably using a lot of profanity.

Charlie was dabbing at Ellie’s back with the shirt James had offered, and was fighting to stay calm. It was an almost impossible task, looking at the damage he had caused. Maddy was biting her lip so hard she was drawing blood, though her eyes remained dry, and Charlie knew she was close to breaking. And Charlie knew that she breaking down wouldn’t help anything. What scared Charlie was that Ellie still wasn’t moving. Usually, from what Charlie learned about various torturings throughout history, they would start to stir almost immediately from the pain, if not knocked out using a Sleeping Draught or something of the sort.

Maddy extended her hands, palms outstretched, and started murmuring nonsense. Light appeared and surround Ellie, but nothing happened. “It’s no use!” she exclaimed hysterically, still fighting tears.

“Then we have to get out of here. We need help,” he said, still emotionless and calm. Charlie had an idea.

“Can you unlock the door?” she asked, and James moved to stand up, but his leg was horribly twisted. Maddy looked awe-struck for a second, as that had never occurred to her, and simply waved her hand and the door flew open. James finally managed to stand, ignoring the pain, and scooped up the bleeding girl into his arms. Charlie gestured for Maddy to lead.

“You’re the only one with magic,” she said grimly. Maddy nodded, and hesitantly left the cellar. What she saw was a full-fledged battle.


“Maybe this wasn’t our best idea . . .” Al muttered to Austin as they all stood in a circle, surrounded by people in black robes. They weren’t Death Eaters, but it was still pretty creepy.

“You think?” Austin hissed back, but neither lowered their wands.

“Now, now, put your wands away, children. We wouldn’t want someone to get hurt,” the one in the middle said, and though his face was covered by a hood, Al saw a hint of blood on his lip, and recognized his voice from somewhere.

“Seems you already have,” Al shot back, pointing his wand at him. “Who gave you that bloody lip? I want to send them chocolates, but maybe flowers would be better.”

“You’re so much like your idiot brother. So impulsive, so proud,” he replied, advancing. Al didn’t back down, in fact he felt his temper flare.

“Don’t talk about James!” he roared. “You killed him!”

“But you don’t even know who I am, do you, Albus?” the man taunted.

“Then show me. Charlie knew who you were, and once we beat you sorry lot she’ll tell us,” Al said, not missing a beat. The man lowered his hood.

“The Healer?” Rose exclaimed. “You’re supposed to help people!” She looked ready to slap him. Rose was very much like her mother in that way; she always stood up for humanity.

“Quite ingenious, if I do say so myself. You would be able to ensure that James died; if we did somehow find another antidote . . . you could just slip him some more poison. But why Charlie?” Laurel engaged, which was probably the smartest thing any one of them could do. Keep him talking. Then maybe someone would come up with a plan.

“Good question, Miss Hales. Charlie was an unfortunate accident; the Montague boy was too idiotic to get it directly to a Potter or Weasley, so I had to settle for her,” he explained, smiling.

“But why Rhys and Maddy? Why Ellie?” Al asked, his voice cracking. Everyone had forgotten that Al was in the same house as them; he knew them better than anyone here.

“Well, the Montague’s parents practically forced them on me; it seems neither of them wanted to be part of another revolution. I, of course, would not allow that, and so I had them choose between dying or giving up their children. As for the Finnegan girl, it seems her mother was rather dissatisfied with her marriage. She and I have become . . . acquainted, and I learned about her youngest child. She had quite the expectations for Elyse, and was quite disappointed and bitter towards both her daughter’s detentions and rather lacking looks. After a bitter fight with her daughter, I offered to . . . tame Elyse for her.” Dabney said all of this with a sadistic smile.

“You’re the one who cursed her?” Lily said in a quiet voice. “You’re horrible.”

“Is this the baby Potter? You’re not like the others, not so brash and rude. I could use a witch like you, Lily Potter,” Dabney said.

“When hell freezes over,” Lily said coldly, and Albus filled with pride. “Stupefy!”

And the battle began.

Al and Lily took on Dabney, while Rose fought off two of his minions at once. The rest managed to occupy themselves, and no one realized when the group of prisoners snuck in.

Fred and Austin soon defeated five others, and many more fell around the pair. Laurel was holding her own, and it turned out she knew a fair bit of useful, but controversial, magic. So far, no one was hurt.

Then everything started to go downhill. One by one, the kids began to fall, starting with Lily. Al had screamed in rage, before having to focus all of his attention on staying alive. It was then he caught sight of his brother. It couldn’t be, Al thought, but beneath the bruises and cuts he clearly recognized James. But he dismissed it as a trick of the light, and had to duck as another jet of green light came at him.

Only a little while later, Laurel screamed in pain as she was hit with a Cruciatus Curse, and when the wizard or witch was done with her, Laurel couldn’t move a muscle. Then the same person turned on Austin, who was already duelling two wizards. He was overpowered, and was incapacitated after three stunners found their mark. They were starting to lose.

Maddy stepped into the battle, immediately defeating all of Austin’s duelling partners by simply raising her hands and closing her eyes, while Charlie picked up a wand from a fallen ‘bad guy’. At the same time, Fred’s wand flew out of his hand, and Scorpius jumped in front of a curse for Rose. She screamed his name, but turned back to her battle, knowing what he had done.

They were failing. If the Aurors didn’t come soon, they would find what was left of ten Hogwarts’ students. Al, Rose, and Skye managed to survive a little longer, until Skye fell, and Charlie was thrown into her battle. It was probably the scariest moment of Charlie’s life.

Luckily, the Aurors had arrived, and were trying to take over for Al and Rose, but they didn’t register that more people were even there; they were too focused on the duel.

Maddy sent a look to Charlie as she advanced on Dabney, and Charlie trained her wand on the bloke trying to take out Maddy from behind. She nodded, saying that she had Maddy’s back, allowing her to focus fully on Dabney. Maddy raised her hands and sent a huge ball of flames at him, which he had trouble deflecting. From there she created tidal waves, sand storms, even a miniature thunderstorm, until he landed a blow that knocked her into the wall. Charlie screamed, but everyone was too concentrated to hear it, except for James, who was just about to leave with Ellie. Instead, he ran over. He vaguely heard his father and Al exclaim his name in surprise, but ignored it.

“TAKE HER AND GO TO ST. MUNGO’S! I’LL HOLD HIM OFF!” James shouted above the din, grabbing the wand from Charlie’s hand.

“NO! I’M NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU AGAIN!” she screamed, tears streaming down her face.

“WELL, I’M NOT GOING TO LOSE YOU HERE!” he yelled, before pulling her in, willing his fire into her. Eventually they broke apart. “Go. Please . . . for me,” he begged, pressing his forehead on hers, and Charlie nodded.

And then, because someone had to do something completely stupid and heroic, James faced the man who’d tried to kill him, who tortured him to the point of driving James insane. His vision started to cloud with red, and with a roar they were duelling. James let his anger take control, thankful that DADA was the class he was actually passing.

Eventually, mainly due to the Auror’s, the good was starting to will out. Not one student remained standing; Al and Rose had just been struck down as they duelled back to back against no less than five others. The remaining cloaked figures had created a ring around the duel, not allowing help from the Aurors in. As soon as the last children were defeated, they opened their circle, and Ron and Harry stepped in with a roar to defeat what remained of the enemy within seconds. Eventually the only duel that remained was between James and Dabney, and two Aurors held Harry back as he fought to enter. But they couldn’t, unless James started losing, as it might give Dabney a chance to flee. They let him go, as eventually it was clear James’s rage could not make up for his weakened body, or his inferior skills. Dabney forced James was forced to his knees, where he cried in pain as he put pressure on the twisted leg. Just as Dabney landed another blow to the already injured shoulder, James raised his arm (the one connected to the shoulder he just hit) to punch him in the nose, and was satisfied when he heard a crack, and heard Dabney cry out. Harry moved to disarm the man who had caused his family so much pain.

“NOT MY SON, YOU BASTARD!” James vaguely heard who he thought was his dad yell before a blast came that knocked James a few feet. Dabney was clear through the wall, but standing there, her face bleeding, was Maddy, her arms outstretched. His adrenaline fading, James saw black dots swim before his eyes before he completely lost consciousness.


“Get them all to Mungo’s,” Harry ordered. “Rigsby, Clark, your team, get these to the Ministry.”

“Harry, have a look at this,” Dean said, his face pale and his voice hollow. “Dabney was going to take Hogwarts during the match. He has the plans and everything.” Harry walked over to Dabney, who they had handcuffed long ago.

“Mr. Silas Dabney, you are under arrest for conspiracy against the Ministry, two accounts of attempted murder, and no less than eleven cases of child abuse, four first degree, and at least seven second degree. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the Wizengamot. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you,” he droned, before side-along apparating him to the Ministry. From there, he quickly apparated to St. Mungo’s, where his wife was waiting.

“He’s alive?” Ginny very nearly whispered. She was crying. “James is alive?” Harry just nodded, and Ginny broke down. She just sobbed, and Harry held her, though he shed tears as well. He never dreamed James would still be alive. “And Albus and Lily? Are they all right?” she asked once she had gotten over the shock and joy.

“They’ll be fine. Right now the Healers have patched most of them up, and just have them under a Sleeping Draught for monitoring as well as traumatic stress and such,” he replied, before smiling. “I guess our children inherited our streak for . . . trouble,” he said, kissing his wife’s forehead.

“Wait . . . you said most,” she realized, and Harry sighed. “Who’s really hurt?” she asked worriedly.

“Well, Rhys Montague is suffering from effects of the Imperius Curse; he’s still not quite sure what reality is. His sister, too, is thoroughly exhausted from using her magic, they think she’ll sleep a few days, but she is probably one of the most powerful witches I’ve ever seen,” he explained, but something was off.

“What is it you’re not telling me?” she said, her eyes filled with fear. “Is it James?” Harry sighed.

“He’s pretty bad, Gin. The month we all thought he was dead he was being tortured. They’re still working on him. But . . .Ginny, a girl died tonight, before we got there,” he said quietly. “It’s Seamus’s girl, the one Lavender screamed at him she hated when she left.”

“Oh, Harry, you couldn’t have saved her. What killed her?” she asked, embracing her husband, reading his thoughts. Just then, Charlie exited the ward, looking tired, her hair a mess.

“Me,” she said simply. “I figured out who he was, so he was going to kill me. She . . . she told him to punish her instead,” Charlie managed through her tears. Having evaded the battle, she hadn’t been injured, and therefore wasn’t a patient.

“Oh, Charlie,” Ginny said, before standing up and wrapping her in a hug. “It isn’t your fault. You just have worst luck since Harry,” she said as the girl she watched grow up since the age of eleven openly sobbed. That got a tiny laugh, but she still was crying. “It’ll be okay.” Ginny just kept comforting her, knowing this was the first time Charlie truly had a mother figure. Finally, after a good five minutes, it stopped.

“Thank you,” Charlie whispered, wiping her eyes. Ginny smiled weakly.

“Just promise me you’ll stay with us during summer holidays,” she said, and Charlie nodded.

“It’s a deal. I’m going to go check on the others, for some odd reason they said I could go come and go, but they won’t let any of the family members in. They’re planning to release most of them in the morning. I haven’t seen James, Maddy, or Rhys, though,” Charlie informed them, and Ginny let out a sigh of relief for two of her children. “I can probably sneak you in if you want, though.” She said, smiling slightly. Ginny laughed.

“Let’s do it.” She said, partly because she was worried for all three of her children, but also because Charlie offered. That child had so much emotional damage, from her parents to what she and James went through, it would seem wrong to deny her that. Also, Charlie was like Al’s twin, and therefore she saw her as her honorary daughter.

But Ginny hoped all that was behind her kids. She didn’t want them to go through what she and Harry had when they were young . . . isn’t that one of the things she’d fought for? But it still happened.

At least, though, she could say it was over. For them . . . lord knows the next generation of Potters, Weasleys, and Lupins would wreak havoc soon. It was in their blood.

A/N: First off, I need to offer major kudos to I Heart Fictoinal People for figuring out who EG was.

On the subject of Mr. Silas Dabney . . . did anyone else suspect him? If not, who did you think it was?

What did you think of Ellie's back story? The battle? Lily Potter?

Tell me in a review!!!!!! I would write more, but I really have a paper I need to write. Next update will come eventually . . .


EDIT: I forgot my own canon, so I had to make an edit. 


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