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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 4 : Chapter Three
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Stunning chapter image by Lady Took @ TDA!

I wished the summer could have gone on forever. I loved just hanging out and chilling with my friends, but sadly summer came to an end and it was Hogwarts here I come once again.

Its four weeks into September and I've not been feeling all too well. Certain food smells funny to me, I'm throwing up every now and again and I've put on weight. I know I've put on weight because my school skirt is tight on me and just about does up. I haven't been eating all too well either, in other words I feel like complete and utter shit.

Just as I was on my way to Defence Against The Dark Arts class with Amber and Chloe, who are my best mates here at Hogwarts, well apart from Dom and Rose. But they don't really count do they, I mean were related.
Chloe is short with black hair and green eyes. She's really smart but a bit shy and quiet until you get to know her. Amber however is tall, naturally blonde and has blue eyes. She's pretty loud and is also brainy but plays a bit dumb when she's around boys. They are both in Ravenclaw like me.

We were on our way to Defence Against The dark Arts and as were walking up the stairs I felt really weird. I felt really warm and sick, my stomach was hurting and my eyes went fuzzy and I lost my balance. The stairs seemed to disappear from underneath my feet and then everything went black and I heard someone scream.

Everything I could see was dark and my eyes were tightly shut. My head was hurting really bad and my body was aching. I could hear people talking around me and I was very confused not to mention aching. I was lying on a soft bed and my head was on two pillows. Opening my eyes, I was able to see that the room I was in was really bright.

"Wazgoingon?" I croaked.

Someone rushed from next to me and returned with another person. I could see fuzzy shapes of people and when I tried to sit up, Madame Pomfrey held me back. "No. Miss Weasley please lie still. You're in the hospital wing because you fell down the stairs. Do you remember anything?"

I frowned, "Can I have water please?" I asked her.
She poured me a glass of water from the jug next to my bed and helped me sit up a little to drink it. My throat felt better once I had drank and wasn't croaky any more so I sounded normal again.

"I think I was on the way to Defence Against The Dark Arts. I felt really warm and sick, my stomach hurt and my vision went fuzzy. Then everything went black and someone screamed and, and then I woke up here." I told her.

"Hmm, It was lucky that Miss Saunders and Miss Webster were with you when you fell. Otherwise you might not have been brought here until now. That's quite a head injury you have."

"What's wrong with me?" I asked her as my hand went to my head and I felt bandages.

"When you fell and landed, your head the floor with a force meaning that your skull has taken a huge hit, it’s bruised and sore. I don't believe it's broken but you will still need to stay overnight so I can observe you and make sure that your brain is functioning normally."
Since when did my brain function normally, I'm pretty insane especially since I come from the Weasley family and I mean we're all mad as a hatter. Well actually I'd say only Uncle George and my two cousins Fred and James are as mad as me but ah well.

"Do you know why I fell?" I asked eager to know what had happened and why I fell. It's not like I go falling down the stairs, every bloody day.

"Well yes and no," She looked at Amber and Chloe "As you can see Miss Weasley is now awake but need's to take her medicine. You can come back later."

They looked at me, "I'm fine. Go to class, I'll need someone to copy the work off to catch up." They both hugged me and left. Madame Pomfrey had gone to get my medicine. After I had taken it I asked "You wanted to say something else. After I asked why I fell, didn't you?"

"Yes I did. Well you see you passed out as you were dehydrated. You did not have enough food or water in your body to give you enough energy, so therefore you passed out. As you were on the stairs you fell backwards. The screaming was your friend when she noticed you fall. Have you been feeling under the weather lately sickness, tiredness, food not tasting right?"

How did she know?, I thought. "Well I haven't been eating properly as most foods smell funny to me and make me feel sick. I have been sick a few times and I've put on weight, but yet I'm not eating a lot."

"Miss Weasley is there any chance that you could be pregnant?"

"What! No I don't think so."

Could I be pregnant, the thought ran through my mind. Shit when was my last period, I hadn't had one for a few months now. I couldn't be, could I? I've slept with six boys including Kyle and I can't remember if we used a condom or not. Not once have I caught anything or became pregnant.

"Umm," I started to say regaining my voice "I haven't had my period for ages and I'm not sure when I was last on."

"I can confirm if you are or not. Would you like me to a test?" Madame Pomfrey offered.

I nodded. Seriously I couldn’t be pregnant could I? She disappeared into the back room and came back with a potion bottle containing clear liquid.

"I need you to urinate in here please. Cork it and then bring it back to me."

She helped me up very carefully and slowly to the bathroom. I took the bottle with me and did my stuff, corking it and then made my way back to her. She helped me back into bed and told me to keep still and rest. I watched her shake the bottle and then she left it on the side. I watched it for five minutes, five whole minutes until it started to change colour, it went from yellow to orange to red - what did that mean?

Madame Pomfrey came back out and looked at the bottle. Pulling out her wand, she came over to me. "I can confirm that you are pregnant Miss Weasley. But I need to perform a spell that will tell me how far you are and to check baby is healthy. Since you've had a nasty fall we better check, do I have your permission."

I nodded and she started to mutter spells that I had never heard of over my stomach.

I closed my eyes. Oh my god, am I really pregnant. Seriously after sleeping with six boys I get pregnant now. And in my seventh year, my N.E.W.T year, my parents are gonna kill me especially my mother. I can see her face when I tell her I slept with someone from the estate (she hate's them as she thinks they're all drug dealers and criminals).

Then suddenly this noise filled the room, interrupting my thoughts. A really fast rhythmic beating, my eyes flew open and I looked at Madame Pomfrey who smiled at me.

"Yes that's the baby's heartbeat. He or she sounds perfectly fine to me and you will be exactly ten weeks tomorrow. I am going to arrange for you to come back in two weeks so that I can do your twelve week scan ok."

I nodded as I was trying to take the news in. There's a little person inside me with a heartbeat, this is insane. After Madame Pomfrey went I closed my eyes, thinking about it and fell asleep.


I awoke the next morning and yawned. I must have been really tired and hitting my head couldn't have helped.

"Ahh I see your awake," Madame Pomfrey said as she saw me stretch. She came over and took off my bandages and checked my head "You still have some bruising, it will go down eventually and you have to take this potion whenever you feel pain in your head. It's perfectly safe to take while pregnant."

"So I can go then?" I asked eagerly. I just wanted to sleep in my own bed in my dorm and be with my friends, is that too much to ask?

"Not right this minute. You have to rest all day and then if you are feeling better then you may leave tonight. I advise you not to walk anywhere alone, in case you pass out again and no one is there to get help. Also take it slow when walking, try and eat something even if it is toast. You need food in you and also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated."

I nodded, "Can I have a book or something to read at least?" I asked her since I was bored and having to stay in bed means there isn't a lot I can do, except read.

She went onto her office and came back with a thick book, called Hogwarts A History. She handed it to me and went back into her office. I sighed, I've already read Hogwarts a history, only twice in my life but when Rose knows it off by heart I don't really have to read it. Auntie Hermione also know's it off by heart as well. Like Mother like Daughter is all I can say.

If this was all I was gonna have to read, then I suppose I might read it. I Spent the whole day in bed (apart from getting up for the loo and taking my medicine) reading Hogwarts A History.
Madame Pomfrey came over to me when it was dark outside. "Right then Miss Weasley, you can go. But you have to remember take your medicine whenever your head hurts and get lots of rest. Don't walk alone in the corridors and try to eat oh and there's someone to see you."

The door then opened and in walked Rose. "Oh Mol's. What happened?" She said as she rushed over to me.

"I wasn't feeling too well and I passed out. Which lead to me falling down the stairs and hitting my head."

Should I tell her that I'm pregnant, I pondered, I mean she is my cousin after all, but would she tell anyone else. I mean I've just found out myself, should I wait a while or tell her now. Should I tell Kyle before I tell anyone else? What should I do? All these questions were swirling around my head and I no clue as to which I wanted to answer first.

"Mol, are you there?" She said waving her hand in front of my face.

I shook my head a little but stopped as it hurt, "Yeah I'm here I just phased out."

"Good. Come on then let's get you back to your dorm."

"I'm allowed to go?"

"Yes, come on then Mol. Get your stuff together."

I grabbed my stuff and put it into the bag that she handed me and took Hogwarts A History back to Madame Pomfrey. She smiled, "Eat, drink and rest Miss Weasley."

"Yes ma'am."

Myself and Rose left the hospital wing. She was talking to me and holding onto my left arm tightly. I wondered if she was afraid that I was gonna fall again. She walked me all the way to the Ravenclaw tower and waiting outside was Amber and Chloe.

"Hey guys." I greeted them as we got closer.

"Hey and Thanks Rose." They said in unison.

Rose hugged me and whispered in my ear "Take care Mol's, don't go passing out again please. You scared me." She walked back down the corridor and waved goodbye.

"You ok now Mol?" Amber asked me.

"Yeah, can we go in and sit down please. I need rest."

"No probs." Chloe said and turned to the door that takes us to our common room. The door has no doorknob or keyhole; you have to answer a riddle correctly to enter.

'If you feed me wood I live and if you give me water I die?'

"Are you a fire?" I asked.

'Correct you may enter.'

"Thanks." We all said.

We went up to our dorm and I put my pyjamas straight on before curling up in my own bed. My thoughts were of the little baby that was growing inside of me and how I might not have known if it wasn't for the fall.


I managed to slip out of bed and made my way to the Hospital wing. It's been two weeks since I found out and I still can't believe that I'm pregnant, it seems mad. I still haven't told anyone yet, so here I am all on my lonesome at half-eight on a Saturday morning walking to the hospital wing.
It didn't take long and I entered, the ward, walking past the empty beds and knocked Madam Pomfrey's office door. She answered straight away "Ahh Miss Weasley. If you would like to take a seat on one of the beds, I shall be over in a minute."

I went and sat on the bed furthest away from the main doors. Madame Pomfrey came out bringing a machine with her. She stopped with it at the side of my bed. "Can you lift up your top please." She asked as she closed the screens around the bed.

Thank god she closed them, I thought, I didn't need anyone knowing I was pregnant just yet. I lifted my top up, so that my little bump stuck out. I hadn't noticed before because I thought that I was just gaining weight but now there was a definite bump shape.

"Right, I am going to do the same thing that I did last time. But I will need to put some gel on first, it may be cold. I will find baby's heartbeat and then once I have said a special spell, a picture of the baby will appear on this screen," She pointed to the monitor "Ok."

I nodded and she placed some sort of jelly stuff onto my stomach and I gasped. She was right it was cold. Then she got out her wand and muttered the same spell she used last time and the room was filled with a rhythmic beating. Madame Pomfrey then said another spell and the screen on the monitor, turned on. On the screen was a black background with a lot of white inside, in what looked like a little oval was a small alien shaped thing.

Madame Pomfrey pointed inside the oval, "There is your baby, Miss Weasley."

I stared at the screen. Wow the tiny little person I had heard the other week was real. I have a little person inside me. Wow, just wow, this is real and this is happening.

"Would you like a copy of the picture?"

"Yes please. Can I have two."

"Of course. Is the father around?" She said as she pressed a few buttons on the machine. She wiped the gel off my stomach; I sat up and rolled my top back down.

"I, well I haven't told him yet. So I'm not sure."

She handed me both photos, before saying "You do know that he needs to be told Miss Weasley. As do your parents, and his as well as the headmistress."
I nodded, "I will tell him but I don't get to see him until half-term as he's a muggle."
Madame Pomfrey just nodded and then said, "I am going to prescribe you some pre-natal vitamins. They will need to be taken once a day, you will have to stop by in the morning to pick them up. I suggest that you do not play Quidditch or do any heavy lifting. If you come back in two months’ time, I will be able to do another scan and you may find out the baby's gender. If you have any questions or worries come straight to me ok."

"Thanks Madame Pomfrey."

I left the hospital wing, the pictures in my pocket and made my way down to dinner. This sure felt a lot more real than it did two weeks ago that's for sure.


It seems really weird to think that I'm going home tomorrow as it's half term. I can guarantee I'll probably spend all my time over The Burrow or with Lauren and Katie. I've been back here nearly two months and I'm three months pregnant. There's a little baby inside me and I'm going to be a mother.

When I planning on telling Kyle I have a bun in the oven and the bun belongs to him, I have no idea. I also don't know when I'm going to tell my mates, I know Lauren will be supportive. Laurens' mum had her eldest sister Lana young and she and Lauretta one of her other sisters have children and they're only nineteen and fifteen. I'm not too sure about Katie though, and as for Amber and Chloe knowing only time will tell.

A/N I know Hogwarts doesn't have half-terms but it is kind of necessary for this story as a lot of things happen in them.




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