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It's Called Summer by applesugar33
Chapter 3 : The Beach
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 The group was down in Hermione’s second living room in the basement playing games in their pajamas. They were all laughing and joking when Aubrey had the great idea of playing never have I ever.


“What is that?” Asked Draco.


“Well everyone gets a drink or use clothing, someone will say something like, Never have I ever eaten a slug or something and whoever has takes a drink or takes of a piece of clothing!” Emily explained excitedly.


“Sounds fun, let’s go!” And so the group embarked on a game of never have I ever.


“Never have I ever kissed or slept with a close friend and been disgusted after,” Josh said. Hermione, Mike, and Emily all took of a piece of their clothing.


“Never have I ever punched someone in this room.” Hermione was the only one to take a piece of clothing off and everyone looked at her with their eyes bugging out, except Draco.


“She throws a good punch too,” Draco muttered, “Still have a scar on my nose.”


The next morning everyone woke up in strange positions with strange amounts of clothes on. Hermione woke up half of the couch with a bra and shorts on, Emily on the floor with a tank top and just her panties; Draco was in just his boxers and was lying on the couch. At around 11 o’clock everyone woke up groggy from the events of the day before. Hermione went upstairs to make breakfast for everyone and get stuff ready. Draco came upstairs to use the bathroom and saw Hermione, now adorned in a tank top and shorts, throwing cereals on the kitchen table along with some fruit and silver wear.


“Granger, I do have to say you surprised me.” Draco said cheekily.


“Well, you took all this better than Harry and Ron would have, they would have passed out!” She laughed. “They only know me as the bookworm.”


“It’s kind of cool to see this side of you. I actually had fun yesterday.” He smirked his famous smirk.


“You surprised me, acting so natural around all these muggles, you knew exactly how everything muggle works.”


“I’ve been hanging out with Josh for a while, he kind of figured out I was something not muggle so he explained everything to me. My parents think I’m spending the summer at Zabini’s and don’t care enough to check in with me,” Draco said answering a few unasked questions.

“Well, I have a feeling you and I will be spending a lot of time together this summer, so let’s start by calling each other by first names, its Mia now.”


Draco nodded, “And it’s Drake or Draco now.”


2 hours later everyone was full and changing to go to the beach. Everyone had ran home for a half hour or so to grab some stuff before coming back to Mia’s.


Once again they all squished into Hermione’s car and were on their way. They arrived at the beach where they all ran towards the shore throwing off their cover clothes and flip flops on the way.


They all fell into the water laughing as they toppled over one another. Mia fell on Draco laughing. Josh helped them up and the group of 6 went deeper into the water. Emily splashed at Mike who tried to splash her back, but instead got Aubrey, who shrieked and splashed back, hitting Hermione. Soon they were all in a splash war. After about ten minutes of splashing Mia found herself in Draco’s arms while Josh grabbed Emily and Mike grabbed Aubrey. The girls all struggled against the strong arms holding them back. Hermione took one look at Aubrey and started laughing hysterically. Aubrey’s normally well done blonde hair was wavy and her makeup coming down her checks.


“What?!” Aubrey asked worried as Mia laughed at her.


“YOUR MAKEUP!” She laughed out. Aubrey then went to wipe it up laughing as well knowing it had to be bad and pretty funny.


Hermione then realized she was still in Draco’s arms even though the other guys let go of the girls. Hermione then realized she didn’t care and just looked back to Aubrey.


They all sat on the beach on towels trying to get some kind of color on their pale skin. After about 15 minutes though everyone decided tanning was to boring of a way to spend their day and decided to go into the shops by the beach. They weaved in and out of the small casual shops, Draco observed Hermione who looked really nice in her orange crouchet bandeau bikini. Draco laughed in his head at where this summer was going. Everyone, as a joke, bought matching shirts in different colors that said “Sorry brah” they all agreed the shirts were stupid but necessary. They laughed as they walked until they hit the end of the walk way where a small carnival was centered. They all excitedly bought tickets and ran to the carousel. They then passed by a booth where there was a huge stuffed dragon, Mia gasped and said, “I need that!”


“I’ll win it for you,” Draco stepped up to the booth where the man had 3 balls and 6 pins stacked up. Draco took the first ball and hit the bottles down on his first try! Hermione clapped her hands happily as the man passed Draco the dragon. Draco handed it to Hermione who hugged him and kissed his cheek. By 10 0’clock they had done about everything and were all tired. They loaded in the car, Hermione’s dragon on Draco’s lap. By the time they were halfway home everyone but Draco and Hermione were asleep. Hermione decided it was just easier if everyone crashed at her house.


“Hey Draco,” Hermione said quietly as not to wake their friends.


“Yeah?” he asked.


“Can we just forget everything that’s happened before at school? I’m really enjoying this and it would just ruin it with all the school shit.” She said shyly.


“I’ve been meaning to apologize for all that but never had the time. I really am sorry, I hope you can see I’ve changed, I never meant all the things I’ve said to you, it was jealousy really,” He looked down. “It would be really nice to get over it all.”


“Well then it’s decided,” Hermione grinned. 



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