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Just A Game by TearsIMustConceal
Chapter 4 : God knows what is hiding in this world of little consequence
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Disclaimer - I don't own anything you recognise, only Gisela and her family!

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Chapter 3
I awoke in the morning to find the dormitory empty, apart from Rayne, who had taken it upon herself to literally smother me as soon as I opened my eyes.

“What do you want, Rayne? It’s a Saturday and I would like to sleep.”

Rayne laughed loudly.

“For one, it’s Friday and you are already running late and second, am I not allowed to sit with my best friend?”

“Not if said best friend is still asleep. The action almost borders on stalker-ish.” Sitting up, I wiped my tired eyes before getting out of bed, stretching like a cat before actually realising what Rayne had said to me about being late. 


“Shit.” I heard her laugh again as I ran to the bathroom, hexing her before I shut the door.


“So, what’s with you lately?”

Rayne and I were walking to Charms when she spoke up. I glanced sideways at Rayne before answering.

“Nothing at all.”

“Don’t lie to me, Gisela. I know you too well.” I heard her sigh. “I don’t understand why you have to be so cold all the time.” I ignored her last comment.

“Look I’m fine. Just stop bugging me.” I walked away, entering the classroom on my own and taking my seat at the back, like usual. 

Rayne was my best friend, had been since we were little but Merlin, she couldn’t let things lie. She always had to know what was going on. She lived up to the reputation blondes had for being perky, that’s for sure. We were the oddest match for best friends but it worked…usually. I knew I had been harsh to Rayne but I couldn’t stand it when people went on about me hiding something. I mean the cheek of it, seeing as everyone seems to be hiding things yet I’m called out on it. Talk about being hypocritical. I knew she knew what was going on, Pedro would have told her. But for her not to tell me; it actually hurt, not that I would admit that fact to anyone. So to say I was annoyed would be understatement.


As the other students came into the classroom, I noticed Rayne entering, alongside Pedro, who had obviously met her outside. Pedro smiled at me but Rayne didn’t even look in my direction. I watched as she guided Pedro to the other side of the classroom, away from me. He had a confused look on his face but he didn’t push whatever he was thinking and instead, he sat next to Rayne, offering me a small smile. I glared at him in response. So much for family loyalty. Glaring straight ahead, I didn’t notice the body next to me until I saw movement.

“Is it okay for me to sit here?"

I looked up to see Remus Lupin looking at me, a pleasant smile on his face. I nodded and he sat down, getting his quill and parchment out.

“Why aren’t you sitting with your brother and Rayne?” I turned to glare at him. So that’s why he was here. Obviously spying on me.

“What’s it to you Lupin? Do Potter and Black want to know?”
He shook his head. “No, they don’t. I was only trying to be civil.”

I sighed. My bitchy side was out in full force. “I’m sorry, I’m just in one of those moods.”

He nodded, giving me a small smile. “Well at least now I can say I have suffered Hogwarts’ Ice Queen’s wrath and survived.

I laughed quietly, not wanting to draw attention to myself by people who would instantly think it was strange for a Slytherin to be laughing with a Gryffindor, a Marauder no less, then laughing at them. But to be honest, it actually was. 

“That’s an achievement. And to answer your question, my brother has no family loyalty and chose to sit with his girlfriend after we may have had a little falling out.”

We said nothing else and I was grateful. I couldn’t talk to him while I was in front of witnesses and I think he knew that too, by his lack of pushing conversation. We happily worked side by side through Charms but as soon as we could leave he was up, and with a small nod, he was gone. I sighed in relief that I now had no one to talk to and could actually have some peace and gathered my things up quickly. Leaving Charms, I was about to take off down the corridor when an arm stopped me. Seeing Pedro, I glared and tried to get free but he held on firmly.

“What’s with you and Rayne?”

I scoffed. “If you want to know so badly, then go talk to her. I’m not telling you.”


“You need to tell me what has got you so worried that you have fallen out with your best friend. Meet me in the Common Room tonight, just me and you and you will tell me everything.” Pedro was looking at me for confirmation. I just nodded before yanking my arm away and carrying on the way I was going.


Night time approached quickly and before I knew it, I was sitting in a chair opposite my brother, who had an unreadable look on his face. We sat for 5 minutes in silence before he sighed.

“It would help if you said something."

I let out a dry laugh. “This was your idea so how about you go first.”

“You’re so petty.” I rolled my eyes. “Fine then, I’ll get straight to the point –“

I interrupted him before he could finish. “Please do brother, I have other things to do.” 

Pedro growled, making me smirk. “What the fuck is going on?”

His raised voice made me raise my eyebrow. He sounded stressed, which I knew meant he had heard all the things Evan had told me the other day.


“How about you tell me, little brother, seeing as I think you know exactly what I know. And by the sounds of it, it has you just as stressed out as it does me.” I folded my arms across my chest and waited for his reply.

“So you know? Everything?”

I nodded. “I got the low down off Evan a couple of days ago. So, what are your opinions on the matter?” 

He took his time answering, as if he wanted to get the words right. Inside I was hoping his answer would be like mine but I had this nagging feeling that I would be the only one in the whole house who actually seemed to have a consciousness, which seemed to have only developed over night. I cursed it for making an appearance after all these years.

“I don’t know what I think at the moment.”

My head jerked in his direction as I looked at him, wide eyed. Did I hear him right?

“What about you?”

I shrugged. “Same.”

We sat in more silence before Pedro stood up, faking a yawn. I frowned at this but said nothing, letting him get on with it.

“Well I’m getting an early night, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I nodded and let him kiss the top of my head before I watched him climb the stairs to the boys’ dormitories.


It wasn’t even an hour later when I heard voices coming down the stairs. Sliding down in my seat as not to be seen, I watched as I saw my brother, Malfoy, Evan and Rabastan come into the dim light of the fire.

“So?” Asked Malfoy, eyes glistening. “What did she say?” He sounded gleeful and menacing at the same time.

I heard my brother sigh.

“She said she didn’t know what to think, but I think that is only because I did.”

“So, what?” Pressed Malfoy. “You think if you would have said it was disgusting, she would have also said that?"

I didn’t hear my brother answer so I assumed he nodded with Malfoy’s reaction being what it was.

“I want her agreeing with this and before her birthday! The Dark Lords wants her and she better co-operate, Martinez.” 

“Are you threatening my sister? Don’t you fucking dare Malfoy!” I smiled at my brother’s protectiveness then frowned when I realised what I had just heard.

Pedro was involved, deeply and our conversation was a plan to see whether I was going to become a traitor or not. I was hurt that he went behind my back and all for Voldemort, who I was beginning to hate more and more. I didn’t hear anymore of the conversation as they disappeared back up to the dorms, albeit Malfoy, who stormed out of the Common Room, slamming the portrait door behind him.

Waiting a couple of minutes to make sure the coast was clear, I stood up and quietly went up to my dorm, sneaking into bed and pulling the drapes around so I could sleep.

Tomorrow I had to do something. Something that would get them all off my back and buy me some time to think of an escape to this dreadful situation. Turning onto my side, I closed my heavy eyes and drifted into a restless sleep, my mind swimming with thoughts of hurt, betrayal and most of all; survival.

A/N - Thank you for everyone who has read this story! i'm really glad people seem to be enjoying it! Next chapter should be up soon :)

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Just A Game: God knows what is hiding in this world of little consequence


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