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Out of the Blue by vengeance
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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The next morning Mildred woke up before any of the other girls in her dorm, so she decided to take advantage of it and have a long, hot shower. When she got out, the other girls were still sleeping. Putting on her robes, she glanced in the mirror. She wasn’t the prettiest girl at Hogwarts, but she wasn’t the worst looking. She had long red hair, and it wasn’t the gorgeous fiery shade of red that Miss Perfect Lily Evans had, but more a ginger or even bronze colour. She never bothered too much with her hair; usually just throwing it into a ponytail and off she would go. Today she decided to do something different with it, so she cast a few charms so it would sit perfectly and was braided down her back. After that she glanced at her eyes, they were blue but under certain lights you could see brown or grey flecks throughout them. It was a mix of her parents’ eyes. She had ghostly pale skin, and freckles splashed across her nose and cheeks.

She started to hear some of the other girls waking up, so she grabbed a book from her bag and headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast. A lot of the younger students were already at breakfast, excited for their classes but many of the older ones were trying to get as much sleep as they could. Mildred sat at her usual spot at the Ravenclaw table and filled her plate with bacon and sausages. Scanning the hall, she noticed that Potter boy pestering Lily Evans. She couldn’t believe that he still hadn’t given up on her. I mean, sure, she was good looking but anytime she was around Mildred she seemed very possessive and controlling and she didn’t see what was so attractive about that. She had heard nice stories of Lily, such as her helping lost first years and apparently she tutored third years in Potions last year but Mildred had never liked Lily. Everything came too easily to that girl.

As Mildred continued eating her breakfast, more and more people were making there way down. She heard a bark like laugh, and looked up to see prankster Sirius Black howling over some form of prank he had played on that poor Pettigrew boy. Typical. Either Pettigrew had forgotten to wear pants to the Great Hall, or Sirius was involved. However, she also noticed a fluffy cat curled up around Remus Lupin’s feet – she couldn’t quite tell from the Ravenclaw table, but it appeared that Jinx had made a new friend. Not wanting to go near the Gryffindor table, she finished her breakfast and went to the library. Jinx would find her way back to Mildred soon enough.

The sixth years didn’t have classes today. They would each be meeting with their Head of House to discuss the results of their OWL’s and which classes they would then be taking for their sixth and seventh years. Mildred had done rather well in her OWL’s, passing everything with an O, except Defence Against the Dark Arts, only getting an A due to her practical performance. Tonight she would have a Prefect meeting to see when she would be patrolling, and whom she would be patrolling with. She hoped she wasn’t with a Slytherin, they always made doing rounds absolutely awful.

At the library, Mildred went to the very back where their were two plush armchairs located. Not only were these the most comfortable chairs in the entire library, it was the one place that Madam Pince would very rarely come to check. They were nice and snug, and hidden away from everything. She settled down into the comfortable chair and pulled out one of her favourite books, “Hairy Snout, Human Heart”. As the day went on Mildred continued reading, completely undisturbed and occasionally munching on a chocolate frog. Mildred loved chocolate, and always had a stash. She kept some in a drawer near her bed, some in her trunk, some under her bed and always, always had some in her robes.

Mildred spent the rest of the day in the library, even skipping lunch since she had filled up on chocolate. Eventually the time came for her meeting with Professor Flitwick and she made her way up to the seventh floor to his office, knocking on his door she heard his squeaky voice telling her to enter.

“Ah, good afternoon Miss Finlay! So good to see you, please sit down,” he said, gesturing at a chair opposite his desk. As Mildred sat down he continued talking, obviously wanting to finally get all of these meetings done for the day. “I’ve seen the results of your OWL’s, congratulations! I’m not surprised though, us Ravenclaws aren’t really expected to do anything better than O’s!” chuckling, he still continued. “Now, you’re allowed to take any classes you would like with those grades, except of course, Defence Against The Dark Arts... an A just wasn’t quite good enough to allow you to take it at a NEWT level I’m afraid.”

Mildred had already decided which classes she wanted to take for the next two years. “Professor, I’d like to take Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Herbology, History of Magic, Arithmacy, Astronomy and well, I’d really, really like to take Defence… especially with everything that’s happening outside these castle walls.” Professor Flitwick grinned; proud that another Ravenclaw student was taking so many classes. “Miss Finlay, I’m unsure as to if you’ll be able to take Defence… Professor Mead’s cut off was an Exceeds Expectations, however I will speak him and see if he will take you with your Acceptable. I think, considering the current circumstances, he may be more inclined to let more students take his class.” Mildred thanked him and left his office, knowing that was the end of the meeting. She hoped Professor Mead would allow her to take Defence. She was excellent at the theory side, just not so much the practical side – and that’s precisely why she needed to take the class. It was getting more and more dangerous outside the castle walls over time, and she wanted to be prepared.

By the time Mildred made it back to her dorm, it was almost time for dinner. She freshened up a little, avoided the girls in her dorm as best she could and made her way to the Great Hall. Dinner that night made Mildred feel more alone than she had for a while. As usual, she sat away from people but when she looked down the table she noticed Alexis and Oliver were cuddled up together, focusing more on each other than their meals. Mildred’s heart ached, not because she still liked Oliver – but because she missed having friends. She’d had a few other friends when she was with Oliver, but ever since they broke up, none of them had spoken to her. All taking Alexis’ side. Losing her appetite, Mildred pushed her food around her plate waiting until it was time to head to the prefect meeting. Apparently, time decided it was going to slow down considerably and Mildred felt like it was the longest half an hour she had ever experienced.

As soon as Mildred noticed Lily Evans leaving the hall with Remus Lupin, she left too. She hadn’t wanted to be the first there, so had been waiting to see other Prefects leaving. When she arrived Lily and Remus were there, as well as the fifth year prefects from both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw – none she remembered the names of, and her fellow sixth year Ravenclaw, Jace Cast. Remus smiled at her when she entered, Lily looked shocked that she wasn’t late and Jace sent her a scowl. After all, Jace was Oliver’s best friend.

Eventually everyone arrived and the meeting was under way. There were boring notices about when Quidditch trials would be, which items the prefects were suppose to confiscate and a quick discussion on when it was acceptable for them to take points away or hand out detentions. Then it was time for all of the prefects to find out who they’d be patrolling with. It was a simple matter of picking a name out of a hat, but it was the most stressful part of the meeting for Mildred. The fifth years had their turn and Mildred wouldn’t be patrolling with any of them. Lily Evans pulled Amos Diggory’s name out, blushing slightly and smiling at him. He was a seventh year Hufflepuff, and may have been on the Quidditch team. He seemed very pleased that he would be with Lily. Next was Remus Lupin’s turn. He reached into the hat, pulled out a small piece of paper and opened it up. “Mildred Finlay” he read aloud, smiling politely towards her. She sank in her chair with relief. Remus was very polite the few times she had spoken to him, so she wouldn’t mind patrolling with him. Occasionally he had to visit home to help his mother with an out of control rabbit or something, but she was just glad it wasn’t a Slytherin. Or Lily Evans. She didn’t know which would be worse out of those two.

The heads announced the prefects would receive their patrolling timetable the next day and dismissed everyone. As Mildred made her way back to the Ravenclaw tower Claire, the Head Girl, came jogging up behind her. “Mildred! I’m so glad I caught you, I completely forgot about one thing at the meeting; Professor Dumbledore needed to see you straight after this meeting. Lily told me earlier today, because she thought I’d see you before the meeting, but I completely forgot. The password is Chocolate Frog!” Claire was another Ravenclaw, probably why Lily passed the message onto her. Mildred thanked her, and made her way towards the Headmasters office instead of her common room.

Truthfully, Mildred was worried about meeting with the headmaster. Claire had said that Lily told her about it, which probably meant Lily had complained about her being late to their meeting on the Hogwarts Express. Feeling worse than she did at dinner she arrived at his office. Stating the password, the gargoyle guarding it leapt aside allowing Mildred to step onto the stone staircase. When she arrived at the top of the stairs, she noticed that the Headmaster’s door was open. Knocking on the open door, she heard no response. Thinking that if he’d wanted to see her, it would be better if she stayed, he was probably just late. She went to sit down on one of the armchairs, however the Sorting Hat on a shelf caught her eye. She remembered her sorting, how scared she had been over this silly little hat. “You’re really not that scary. You’re just a little hat” she spoke to it as she picked it up, as if it understood her words. Putting it on her head she chuckled, not believing how scared it made her back in her first year.

“Oh, I do remember you” she heard it say, and jumped a foot high in shock. “You have the brains, but I fear that Ravenclaw was not where you were meant to go. You are courageous and brave. Smart yes, but that is not what defines you. You would’ve done so well in Gryffindor, you are ever so brave. Hmmm,” it continued “yes, definitely better as a Gryffindor.” Mildred was, once again, horrified at this little hat. Why had she put it on? Why did she think that it wasn’t that bad now? Why had she even walked into the Headmasters office without his permission?

“You know I can’t hurt you, I’m simply here to tell you where you ought to be” the hat said, snapping her out of her thoughts but not her fear. She knew not to take the hat off when it was sorting, it could do bad things if you did – but she wasn’t being sorted, was she? No, impossible. She had already been sorted and you couldn’t be sorted twice... Could you? No, she was a Ravenclaw and she would know if you could be sorted more than once. “Oh I’ve definitely made a miscalculation with you, hm, I think, wait, I know – you’re a Gryffindor!” the hat said.

A Gryffindor? No. She was a Ravenclaw. The hat had gone quiet, so she hastily took it off her head and threw it back on the shelf. She heard someone clear their throat behind her and turning around, she saw Professor Dumbledore standing there with a grin on his face, eyes twinkling. “It seems Miss Finlay, that you are no longer a part of Ravenclaw. I’m afraid that what the hat says is indeed true and even though I never thought it was possible to be sorted twice with different results, there are always things that are a part of Hogwarts that astound me. Miss Finlay, you are a Gryffindor now.”

Mildred eyes were wide at what he had just said. “A G-G-Gryffindor? But… I’m a Rave-Ravenclaw!” she managed to stutter, just as the world around her went black.


A/N: Thank you to anyone who reads this. Here's one reason she's "Out of the Blue" ;) I hope you like it, leave a review if you like :)


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