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Blue Box by SlytherinDraco123
Chapter 2 : Madman by the Lake
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 Disclaimer: Anything Harry Potter related is the property of J.K. Rowling. All things Doctor Who related belongs to the BBC. The "That's not how it works"-"Yes it is"; "Fezzes are cool" and any other quotes you recognize belong to the writers of Doctor Who.


I stand proudly next to Albus and Scorpius, the three of us among our newly graduated year. The whole school is cheering, and I'm just happy that I can finally be free and mark my place in the world. After seven years here at Hogwarts, it's kind of amazing to be finally leaving. At the same time, it's kind of sad. Here are our friends and enemies, all being left behind as we part ways. Sure, there are some of them that we'll keep in touch with, but others we won't see again. Still, it's surreal that it's finally over.


"Can you believe that we've finally graduated?" Al asks. He's one of my countless cousins, and happens to be the one that I'm closest to.


"Yep, sure can," Scorpius, our best friend, says at the same time I say, "Nope." We look at each other and blush. The two of us have been secretly dating since fourth year, because of the fact the neither of our families would approve of the relationship. Only Al, my brother Hugo, and Al's siblings James and Lily know. Scorpius and I told them because we're sure that the four of them won't blab about it.


As the class parts after the pictures, I slip my hand into Scorpius'.


"Do you want to go down to the lake one more time?" I ask. He nods eagerly and we carefully slip out of the crowd. No one notices; everyone's too busy congratulating everyone else and beginning the Graduation Ball. As soon as we step out of the castle, I take off my shoes and throw them behind a bush. I've always preferred being barefoot. Scorpius and I run down to the lake, holding hands and laughing. This is our last night together at Hogwarts, then life gets harder as we try to hide out in the real world.


Scorpius takes off his blazer and tosses it onto a tree branch, and then removes his shoes and puts them next to the tree. After he rolls up his pant legs, he takes my hand and the two of us run on the shore, letting the gentle waves from the lake lap at our feet as we run, laughing. Scorpius eventually picks me up, spins me in a circle, and carries me back to the tree.


As we drop down on the grass, Scorpius hugs me tightly.


"Are you ready to go out and tackle the world?" he asks. I lean my head against his chest.


"Sure am. We can finally make our marks on the world, change what can be changed, and live our lives the way we want to." He lets out a laugh.


"For someone who believes that feelings don't really exist and are just here to spice up life, you do seem to be pretty set on changing the world."


"That doesn't require feeling. It requires humanity."


"I suppose so." A thought occurs to me.


"Scorpius, tell me, why are you with me if you believe in feelings so much and I don't?" I ask. He looks down at me, his grey eyes looking into mine.


"Well, firstly because I love you. Second, because I think that deep down, you know that at least love exists and I'm hoping that you feel that for me."


"Don't you get frustrated sometimes by the fact that I don't think there is such a thing?"


"Not really. I know that one day, you'll know it's real." He leans down and kisses me lightly on the lips. "By the way Rose, I still think you'd make an excellent Healer. You can still apply for Mungo's."


"Why, so you can snog me in the corridors and stay next to me all the time and no one gets suspicious?" I laugh. "I don't know, I might. But I don't really feel as though there's enough motivation in me to look at certain injuries and illnesses. It's just not something that really appeals to me."


"But Rose, just think! Every minute of every day is ours! No one will notice and we'll have an easy way to see each other! Besides, I know you've always been interested in Healing."


"I was interested in Healing when I was five and thought that the worst thing you could experience was a broken bone," I snap. I calm myself. "I'll think about it Scorpius, I'll really think about it." He smiles down at me.


"Thank you," he whispers in my ear before kissing me once more. We lie down and soon are asleep in each others' arms. Suddenly, I'm woken by Scorpius nudging my arm. I slap him and try to go back to sleep. He nudges me again.


"What?" I mutter angrily.


"Uh, Rose, sorry to break it to you, but we kind of have to go back to the castle. It's midnight." I snap up right away.


"Midnight? Crap, everyone's bound to have noticed that we're missing by now!" I start to get up, but Scorpius pulls me back down.


"Relax, the Graduation Ball's still in full swing, and will be until three, at least. We have a bit more time." He kisses me and I kiss him back, enjoying the moment. It doesn't last, however. We break apart as we hear a noise coming from a few feet away.


"What's that?" I ask quickly.


"Don't know," he replies. The noise gets louder, grinding and whirring. Then, we see where it's coming from. A little bit away, a phone box appears to be materializing. It blinks in and out, making the noise each time it gains a more solid appearance. The noise then stops, and no more than 100 feet away from us, on the edge of the lake, stands a blue box that reads- 'POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX'.


"Scorpius, do you see...?" I trail off.


"Yeah," he breathes. He then snaps out of his stupor and pulls me behind the tree. No sooner are we behind the thick trunk than we hear voices, and three people step out of the box. Three people? There can't be room for more than one inside there. Must be rather crowded.


"And where exactly are we, Doctor?" a voice asks. Scottish accent, female. Doctor? I'm unsure of who she's referring to and peek around the tree.


"No idea! All River said was that the TARDIS would take us where we're to meet her. I trust River, you and Rory trust River, we've got no reason whatsoever to be worried!" says another voice. Male, the same British accent Scorpius and I have. So, there's a doctor, a Rory, a so-far-unnamed Scottish girl, and a River, who is yet to arrive. And TARDIS? The word is unfamiliar. This is getting more and more interesting by the minute.


"Doctor, Amy, don't you think that castle looks familiar?" another male voice asks, who I assume is Rory. Scottish female identified- Amy.


"Now that you mention it, yes it does," the doctor character replies. He proceeds to remove something from his pocket, but I fail to see what it is in the dark.


"Scorpius, is that a wand?" I whisper. He shrugs.


"Don't think so. He doesn't look like a wizard. Neither do the others." We stop talking and keep watching them. The device the doctor man had taken from his pocket now has a green light at the end and is letting out an electric pulsing noise.


"Hmm... The sonic's not identifying, but from what I can gather, huge castle, big lake, creepy forest, and teenagers lurking behind the trees, I'd say we're at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." Scorpius and I freeze up.


"He isn't talking about us, is he?" I mouth. Scorpius shrugs and gives me a nervous look.


"Hogwarts? Hogwarts isn't real, it's just a story!" Amy says. "And what teenagers lurking being the trees?"


"To answer your questions in the correct order, no, Hogwarts is not just a fictional place in a story, seeing as you're here. Second, there are two people behind the tree that's about 100 feet north of us." Scorpius and I begin to slowly back away. "Oh, don't bother trying to get away! Come meet us, I promise we won't hurt you! Well, Rory might, but that's only if you threaten Amy. So if you know what's good for you, you won't do that. But come on, I'm here! I'm always a joy to meet!" he says, smiling broadly.


"Sorry to break it to you Doctor, but no, you're not," says Rory. "Sometimes you're fairly frightening, and that was just one of those times." I take Scorpius' hand and we step out from behind the tree.


"Oh, come on, you can come closer than that! I won't bite, promise!" says the doctor fellow. I tug Scorpius closer. Maybe he doesn't want to meet these people, but I'm pretty damn curious as to how the hell they got here.


"Alright then, we're here. You want to tell us who you are and how you got here?" I ask. The doctor man smiles and straightens his bow-tie. Merlin, I'm nearly positive the man's mad.


"Sure! This is Amy Pond, this is Rory Williams, though he's Rory Pond now, has been for quite a while, he and Amy got married a while ago-"


"That's not how it works," Scorpius interjects. The man looks at him.


"Yes it is," he replies. "Anyway, so that's Amy, that's Rory, and I'm the Doctor."


"Doctor who?" I ask.


"Just the Doctor, if you don't mind. That what I go by."


"Yeah, well, what if I do mind? You must have some sort of name, and I sure as hell won't be referring to someone who obviously doesn't have a medical degree as 'Doctor'. So, who are you?"


"The Doctor. I don't go by any other name. And I do have a doctorate, in medicine and cheese-making, mind you, plus a lot more." He steps out of the shadows and into the moonlight, Amy and Rory with him. This 'Doctor' seems to be no more than thirty years old, with brown hair that falls over his eyes. Amy has red hair like mine, and Rory's is brown, much shorter than the doctor man's. They seem about the same age as the so-called doctor. They're all dressed in muggle clothes, but the doctor individual is dressed fairly oddly, with a tweed coat and bow-tie, along with black boots. Yep, definitely mad.


"I'm waiting for a better answer," I reply.


"Well, can't give you one. The name's the Doctor, and I can't do anything about it." Liar. I'm pretty sure his friends don't know his actual name either.


"Fine then, 'Doctor', who, or what, are you?" I ask. "And how did you get here?"


"Well, to answer your first question, I'm the Doctor, I'm older than I look, and I travel through time and space in my Police Box," he says, still grinning smugly. One hundred percent confirmed, he's a madman. "How did I get here, well, that's sort of the question. Well, not really. I got here in my TARDIS, that's the blue box behind us, that T-A-R-D-I-S, Time and Relative Dimension in Space. I didn't ask to come here, my friend organized this. She should be here any minute now. So, that's enough questions from you, now it's my turn. Names?"


"This is Scorpius Malfoy," I say, gesturing to Scorpius. He's just staring at them, not speaking. The Doctor waves happily.


"I like the quiet ones. Well, sometimes. Sometimes I like the ones who won't shut up. Anyway, continue."


"I'm Rose Weasley." He stops smiling.


"Rose? That's your name?" he asks quietly. He looks at me as though he's trying to get someone else out of me.


"Yeah. Is there a problem?"


"No, no problem. I just used to have a very dear friend named Rose-Rose Tyler, her name was. Very dear friend," he says softly.


"Sorry, did I offend you somehow? Or make you remember something you want to forget?"


"No, you didn't offend me. And I don't want to forget Rose. Never." He continues to look at me as though he expects the Rose Tyler girl to come out of me.


"Was she important to you, Rose Tyler?" Scorpius suddenly asks. The Doctor looks at him.


"Yes," he murmurs. "Yes, she was." He begins to smile again, though I can tell he's still slightly troubled by his memories of the Rose Tyler girl. "Anyway, judging by the fact that your surnames are Weasley and Malfoy respectively, I suppose it's safe to assume that we are indeed at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" Scorpius nods. "Lovely! Amy, Rory, I must say- told you so!"


"How can we be at Hogwarts?" Rory asks. "Like Amy said, it's just a place from a story, it can't be real. Maybe you've just left psychic pollen laying around in the TARDIS again. There is no way that this is Hogwarts."


"I can assure you, Mr. Pond, that I've kept my distance from psychic pollen and plan to continue to do so. However, now that you mention the TARDIS, I did leave someone there." He runs back to the box and goes in. A minute later, he returns wearing a red hat and carrying another in his hand. "Fez?" he offers Scorpius and me. I just shake my head, slowly backing away.


"I'm fine, thanks for the offer," Scorpius says.


The Doctor shrugs, tosses the extra fez to Rory (who slowly and ever so slightly reluctantly puts it on), and simply states, "Fezzes are cool." He takes out the odd device he had earlier and points it at us.


"What's that?" Scorpius asks as he positions himself in front of me.


"This? Sonic screwdriver. I'm not going to hurt you, just scanning to see if you've made any alien contact recently. Move over, I've got to scan Rose, too," the Doctor says. Scorpius reluctantly scoots over, and the Doctor points the screwdriver at me. After a couple of seconds, he shrugs. "Nothing at all. There's nothing around here either, so I'm all out of ideas as to why River would want to meet us here. Might just be for the scenery."


"Where is River?" Amy asks.


"Beats me," the Doctor replies. "If she's not here within five minutes, she can walk to us while we enjoy ourselves in 16th century London."


"Wait a second," I ask. "Did you just say 16th century London?" The Doctor looks at me as though he's shocked that I don't find this normal.


"Yes. Is that odd? Don't you witches and wizards have your own means of time travel?"


"We used to, until all the time turners were destroyed in 1996. No one's traveled through time since. Anyway, I've always thought it a bit unnatural."


"Unnatuaral?" he asks. I nod.


"Hey, speaking of years, when exactly are we now?" Amy asks.


"2025," Scorpius says. Suddenly, a gun fires in our direction, shooting the fez off of the Doctor's head and causing Scorpius to jump five feet into the air. I look to see a curly haired woman smiling and pointing a gun at the Doctor.


"Hello, Sweetie," she says. The Doctor breaks out into a smile and goes over to hug her, taking Rory's fez off on his way and putting it on himself.


"River! How charming it is to see you! Now, down to business, what exactly are we doing here?"


"I just wanted a nice place to meet. It's not everyday you find a place from a story," she says.


"Hold on just one moment," I say. "None of you are magical, that's for sure. So, how could you possibly see Hogwarts? To muggles, it's just old ruins. They don't see it."


"Ah, but that's the thing, Rose!" the Doctor says gleefully. "We're not muggles! Well, I suppose we are. But I'm not exactly human, and River here isn't either, to an extent. As for Amy and Rory, and I suppose the two of us as well, the TARDIS is rather useful. It translates foriegn languages to your native language, it travels though time and space, which I'm sure you caught on to by now. And, I suppose, it allows us to see what we would not normally see."


"Sorry to interrupt, Doctor," River interjects, "but who are they?"


"Ah, right, sorry! Introductions first! Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, this is River Song. River, these are Rose and Scorpius. Everyone know everyone else now?" Scorpius and I nod. "By the way, River- we are in our universe, right? Not a parallel one?"


"Last time I checked," she replies, tapping a deuce in her hand. She then turns to us. "Pleasure to meet you both, but now the four of us here have to go. See you around." I step forward.


"You can't possibly be telling me that the four of you are going to squeeze into that phone box?" I ask.


"Bigger on the inside," Amy comments. I don't believe her. A bag like my mum's, yeah, but a phone box? Not possible.


"That's not possible."


"Oh, come one, you're a witch, you'd think that by now you knew that things aren't as they seem!" the Doctor comments.


"Prove it," I say simply.


"Fine. One peek," the Doctor says."One peek, and then you two are going to that party." He gestures to the castle.


"Let's go then," says Scorpius. We follow the Doctor, who unlocks the door to the blue box, or TARDIS, as he calls it, and watch him step in. Amy, Rory, and River follow him. Scorpius and I step in together and freeze, gazing around us.


Speechless, I try to figure out what just happened. I instinctively let go of Scorpius' hand and run back outside to check if the box is really solid. After hitting each side a couple of times, I go back inside and stand next to Scorpius, who is still staring at it.


It is bigger on the inside. Much bigger. A blue box, a phone box, that is at least forty times bigger on the inside. Not forty, I honestly don't know how many times. I can see halls and stairs, so this is surely just the beginning.


"So this is like the console room of this," I finally say.


"Yep," the Doctor says. Scorpius walks up to what I can safely assume is the main console and reaches out to touch it. River promptly slaps his hand back.


"Don't break it. The Doctor's very attached," she says.


"Alright then, I said a peek. Back out now." I look away from the ceiling and back down at the Doctor.


"Back out? You think I'm just gonna leave? I've been talking to you for what, fifteen, twenty minutes? In those minutes, you people showed me something impossible! And I'm sure there's a lot more where that came from!"


"Sure is," comments Amy. "Come on Doctor, look at them," she gestures to Scorpius and me. "One trip for them? You can't just show them this and then ask them to walk out the door."


"I agree with Amy," says Rory.


"Shut up, Rory, you always agree with Amy," the Doctor says. "But I suppose I could give them one trip. One trip, and then I am bringing you back to this night, agreed?"


"Agreed," Scorpius says.


"Agreed," I say. The Doctor smiles, straightening his bow-tie and fez, and looks at us.


"So, Rose, Scorpius- you've got all of time and space. Where to?"



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