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I cannot love a Gryffindor by Breeloveyou
Chapter 14 : The pain of reality
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I sat up groggily from the cardboard box i had slept on that night. I dont dare go back to the manor to pick up my things. Lucius or even worse Draco could spot me. My whole life i had been taught to embrace, not fear the past. I however had been doing the opposite.

Courage, deviousness and visciousness, all ran through my viens. But it always felt somewhat different, the thought of me becoming someone im not. The thought of me resolving to something so irregular to my personality.

I stood, my arms outsretched, my back sore from the uncomfortablility of the night before. I have also been thinking about hogwarts. I didnt spend very long there and before long the year will be over anyway. But i miss the simplicity of it, how innocent everyone was. Not a care in the world when prancing about the dazzling halls and stairways of Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry. I only wish things werer the same.

I looked up at the sky, this part of town. Filled with hatred and fear. Dark clouds surrounding the bright blue skies, shops and stalls dreary and grey. No one dare go into allyways or even the streets, it was too dangerous. It was easy to assume that this part of town was run by the deatheaters.

I slowly walked the damp empty streets. Finally reaching a nearby pub, sitting at the bar. I dare not drink as much as last time, considering the trouble i got into.

Draco's Point of view

My eyes squeezed shut, my fathers blade ran up and down my dark mark. Pain coursing through me. Initiation had to be postponed to today, because of Scarletts departure. My father had been quite adjatated about it and was searching for her all night.

My initiation was to be taken alone this morning. It is where the unbreakable vow is made, symbolising that you will never ever betray the deatheaters. Or you die.

Normal Point of view

The liquor that know coursed through my blood didnt make me feel any better. Instead of my vision going blurred and i felt happy, sexual and felt the need to party. I felt cold, miserable and depressed.

I stood up emotionless and left the wieght of the world on my shoulders. I couldnt go through with initiation, i couldnt. Draco would have, even though i am destined to be a deatheater why am i a Gryffindor?

"Because of your Mother" I turned quickly and gasped. The deep whispy voice belonged to a man dressed in black. But had a ghostly edge to it, he was see through and looked familiar to fog.

I stared curiously for a while wondering if the liquor i had just consumed was playing tricks with my mind, or if this man, this ghostly figure was actually real.

His whispy voice spoke again "I knew your mother, she was a Gryffindor!" i tried to find my words.

"I..I who..are you?" My voice shaky and nervous"

"My name is Severous Snape" He paused before speaking once more. "And i know who you are Miss Riddle..."


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I cannot love a Gryffindor : The pain of reality


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