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Paradox by GirlOnTheSidelines
Chapter 6 : Fire
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Chapter Six - Fire






Shoving my way through the pressing crowd, I hop onto the train. My mind is in a tumult. Fred is still not talking to mum and dad; yesterday at Lily’s birthday get-together, Ted and Victoire announced they are getting married and then Al punched James in the face; the prospect of seeing Malfoy again today scares me for some reason and OWLs are looming in the near future. So all in all I have a lot to think about and these excruciatingly slow First Years are not helping.



Heaving my trunk up and knocking a frightened looking Ravenclaw out of my way, I begin the search for an empty compartment. As I am one of the few already on the train, this does not take long and I slam open the door and pull my trunk in. Casting a silencing charm, I collapse into a seat and let my mind wander. Without my permission, it wonders straight to Malfoy. I do not even have the energy to be angry with myself.



A gentle cough notifies me that someone has come into my compartment. My eyes lid flutter open and I am greeted with exactly the same face that had just been hovering in my mind. Scorpius Malfoy.



He looks slightly unsure of himself and I suddenly feel embarrassed.



“Um… hey,” he mutters.



“Uh… hi?”



“LookIjustwantedtotalktoyouaboutwhathappenedtheothernight,” he rushes out, not stopping for breath.



“Excuse me?”



He takes a deep breath before starting again.



“The other night… At the ministry… What happened?”



“Nothing happened,” I say stubbornly. His eyes narrow.



“Yes it did… Don’t tell me you didn’t feel it too, I could see it in your eyes and the way you looked at me.”



“Nothing happened,” I repeat.



“Oh, I think you’ll find it did Roxanne,” he says, his uncertainty fleeing and being replaced by smugness. The anger returns. At last.



“No it bloody didn’t Malfoy! Stop trying to fuck with my head!” I scream. “What is your problem? Have you got some kind of death wish? Do you really want me to snap Malfoy? Because I can tell you now, it will not be pretty… or a least, you won’t be pretty when I’m done with you!” Jumping to my feet, I shout right in his face. To my extreme annoyance, he does not even flinch.



“Oh Roxanne,” he smiles. “I was beginning to think you were losing your touch.”



“Fuck off Malfoy! You are such a bastard!” I cannot seem to hold the insults back; they continue the stream from my furious lips until I run out of breath. He does not seem fazed. Before I can draw more breathe to continue my rant, my lips are suddenly stopped with kiss.









“Get the fuck off me you fucking asshole!” I screech, shoving him roughly in the chest.



“Roxanne, Roxanne, Roxanne,” he mutters smugly. “You really are beautiful when you are cross.”



“Listen to me, Malfoy,” my voice lowers to a whisper and I step threateningly closer. “To you, I am Weasley and I swear to Merlin, if you ever kiss me again-”



“You’ll what? Rip of my clothes? I know you’re dying to Roxanne and to be honest, I don’t think I would mind too much… in fact, I think I would rather enjoy it.” His eyes are glistening with anticipation.



“Never in your wildest dream Malfoy!” I yell in horror at the thought before my hand comes up from my side and swings back to slap him. Instead, my hand grabs him by the back of his head and force him down to that my lips can crush against his. I can feel him smile.



What the hell am I doing?



Pulling away, I slam open the door and storm out of the compartment, startling several students as I do so. What is happening to me? What did I just do? What is wrong with me?



“Hey, Roxie,” someone calls, jumping on my back. Spinning around, I come face to face with Lara, Nina standing right beside her.



“What the fuck is your problem?” I yell. She starts backward in shock. “Can’t you just leave me alone for a while? Do you not understand the meaning of personal space? Fucking hell, Lara, just piss off!”



“Sheesh, Rox, what’s wrong?” Nina asks.



“None of your effing business!” the anger Malfoy awoke in me is exploding from every inch of me and I cannot seems to stop it. “Just leave me the fuck alone!”



“Roxanne, we haven’t seen you for most of the holidays!” Nina protests.



“Do I look like I give a crap? I just want to be alone right now!”



“Fucking hell, Rox, we were just saying hi,” Lara says edgily.



“Well, bye,” I reply before storming off down the corridor.










The castle halls are buzzing with students and I cannot stand it. Shoving past them, I storm off to my dorm, startling the House Elves who were depositing our trunks there. So far, not a great start to the term. I have already argued with Malfoy and I have managed to piss off my dorm mates because of it. Great.



Flopping down on my bed, I try to sort through the problems in my head but frustration overcomes me and I get up and start pacing. I cannot stay still. Knowing everyone else is in the Great Hall, I decide to take a walk around the castle.



As predicted, the corridors are empty, only the distant sound of voices floating towards me reminds me there are other living creatures within these walls. I do not recall every seeing the castle so quiet except at the dead of night.



So… the anger had returned. But had it really? Was it anger?



A cough behind me sends a shiver down my spine. I should have known.



“Malfoy,” I hiss without turning around.



“Uh… Weasley,” he sighs. Good to know he was paying attention earlier.



“What are you doing here?”



“I was going to my dorm… I wasn’t in the mood for the crowded Hall.”



“Aren’t you hungry?”






“Starving,” he says at last. I giggle and turn to face him.



“Well I was just going to get some food from the kitchens…”



“You know where the kitchens are?”



“Of course I do… I know everything Malfoy.”



“Of course, how could I forget,” he smirks. We stand awkwardly in silence.



“Well…?” I ask at last, not really sure what I am doing. “Are you coming?”



“Coming where?”



“To the kitchen, you idiot!”



“Oh, right… yeah,” he smirks again before following me down the passageway. When we get to the still-life fruit bowl, I grin at him over my shoulder and start tickling the pear. He raises an eye brow at me, sending another shiver down my spine. Pulling the painting away, I step through into the most delicious smelling room I have ever come across… other than Grandma’s kitchen obviously. The House Elves are running frantically around, making sure the next course for the feast is ready on time. Slipping quietly into corner, dragging Scor-Malfoy with me, I grab a slice of freshly cooked bread from one of the waiting baskets.



Blushing slightly as I release Malfoy’s hand – which I didn’t even realise I had been holding – I take a seat in front of the fireplace and warm my damp clothing. I hate rain. Actually, that’s a lie, I love rain but only when I’m in the mood for it. Malfoy sits down next to me and I offer him a chunk of bread.



“Why do you hate me?” he asks out of the blue.



“Uh…” I should really have an answer to that; he is after all my arched enemy. “Because you’re Malfoy,” is all I can come up with.



“That’s a crap reason,” he laughs.



“Yeah…” I sigh, defeated. “I guess I just hate that you… I don’t know… You just… I don’t really know. I just do.”



“I don’t hate you.” He looks at me with his endless grey eyes and my stomach flops… I need more food. “I know everyone thinks I do, but I don’t…”



“Uh… thanks?”



“Mistress Weasley!” Dippy squeals when she spots me at last. “And you have brought a friend,” she grins wildly and bows to Malfoy. I forget to correct her use of the word ‘friend’. “We are very busy with the feast but Dippy will get lovely Mistress and her friend some food!” she squeals again and runs off, returning shorty with a tray full of delicious food. Malfoy and I nibble at it in silence for a while.



“I’ve never hated you.” Okay, I got it the first time, you can stop now Malfoy, it is getting creepy. “In fact…” Seriously? “…you’ve fascinated me since the first time I saw you on the train back in First Year.” I snort at the memory. “You were so eager to get on the train, you practically mowed me down with your trunk,” he laughs. “I had bruises for days!”



“You were in my way!” I protest, choking back laughter.



“Well I’m sorry!” he snorts. “Can we call it a truce?”






“Us… can we call a truce?”



“In what way?”



“No more arguments?” I raise an eyebrow, mimicking his earlier action. “… And I won’t kiss you again,” he sighs somewhat reluctantly.



A truce with Malfoy? Could I really do that…? And he wouldn’t kiss me again? But give up the arguments and insults?



“But I like arguing with you…”



“And I like kissing you… so that would make us even. We would both have to give up something we like.” There is only one flaw in his reasoning… but he cannot know that, I would rather him think his logic was perfect than know why it was flawed… I cannot believe I even think it is flawed.



“Fine, truce,” I mutter darkly.



“Do you really hate me kissing you that badly that you would give up arguing and insulting me?” he asks, somewhat too amused for my liking.



“Yes,” I lie. No, I tell myself, it is not a lie. He shrugs and begins to push himself off the ground.



“Well thanks for showing me this-” he indicates to the bustle of the kitchen. “And I guess I will see you around…” he pauses, his head inches from mine. I can feel his breath on my face. If we hadn’t just made that truce… I wonder what he would have done. “Bye,” he whispers before pushing himself fully off the ground and making his way out of the kitchen.



I feel oddly disappointed. I enjoy arguing with him and we hadn’t argued. We had just talked. That was it. Talked. Sighing, I push myself up and head towards my dorm… to a bunch of girls I pissed off earlier. Malfoy’s face swims in front of my vision and I have an inexplicable urge to go and find him again… just to talk.



Shoving the thought to the back of my mind, I leave the warmth of the kitchen feeling… empty.








“Hey, Rose, pass a sweet,” Madison mutters into the silence. Rose throws her one. For the last few hours, we have all been sat in here, saying nothing. This is normally the time when we catch up on the gossip of the holidays…



“So, did you have a good holiday? Anything interesting happen?” Rose asks the dorm in general. I sigh and continue staring at the ceiling. I never noticed that crack… right there. I should fix it. I cannot be bothered. I just continue to stare at it.



“I found out one of my best friends thinks it’s okay to flirt with my ex-boyfriend,” Lara replies.



“I wasn’t flirting with him!” Madison squeals. Ha. That’s funny. Madison and Luke Cowls? Please, don’t make me laugh.



“Sure you weren’t… you were just giggling and tilting you head and making soppy comments… Because that’s not flirting.” Oh, Madison, really? You can do better than Cowls. He such a dick.



The room falls into silence again… even more so than it was before. Thank you Madison.



“Malfoy caught me crawling on the floor with Charlie,” Rose splutters randomly. I turn my head to face her. What is her problem? Why? Why would she bring up Malfoy? Why would she do that to me? Why can’t everyone just forget about him already? Why can’t I just forget about him?



The familiar burning sensation swoops into my chest and I have to get up. I cannot stay here. I need to move. Glaring at Rose one last time, I push myself up off the bed and vanish out the door.



Heading straight out of the common room, I quickly find myself in front of a bowl of fruit… or rather, a painting of a bowl of fruit. Tickling the pear, I am greeted with the now silent kitchen… silent but not empty. There, in the corner by the fireplace, is a mop of white-blonde hair…



My insides do something funny. I frown.



“Mistress Weasley!” Dippy squeals loudly when she sees me, preventing me from making an unnoticed escape. “Would Mistress like some butterbeer?”



“Yes please,” I sigh and head over to Malfoy who has turned his head towards me and is watching me approach with a vague look on his face. “Hello again,” I mutter.



“Hey… wasn’t expecting to see you again so soon,” he gives a half-smirk.



“You forget that I have been coming to this kitchen far longer than you have.”



“True… but that still doesn’t explain why you’re here now.”



“I could say the same about you.”



“I was thinking.”



“So was I – or at least I was going to.”



“What about?”



“About how half my dorm is pissed off with me. You?”









“I was thinking about you.”






“Why are they pissed off with you?”



“Because you made me mad and I took it out on them.”






“You should be.”



“How was your holiday?”



“Alright I suppose,” I shrug, hoping he doesn’t bring up the Ministry Ball. “Yours?”



“Horrible… well most of the time,” he gives me a sideways glance and I have an unsettling feeling that the ‘other time’ was at the Ministry.



“How come?”



“Because Aunt Daphne is a cow.”






“You must have a lot of Aunts and Uncles.”






“Are they nice?”



“Most of them… some of them are a bit boring. Like Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey.”



“They even sound boring.”



“Mmm… What is with this interrogation anyway?”



“Like I said earlier… you fascinate me and I want to know more about you.”



“Oh. Well?”



“Well what?”



“What have you concluded about me?”



“That you are nothing like I thought.”



“Oh… you’re not an awful lot like I thought either.”










The next few days involved me trying to lessen the awkwardness in the dorm, trying to get my head around the amount I have to learn for OWLs, trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my family and trying not to look forward to the evenings. Unfortunately, I seem to be failing at most of those… especially the last one as I am now heading down to the kitchens even earlier than normal.






“I think I told you to call me Weasley,” I mutter as I tickle the pear. “What are you doing here anyway?” I ask again, I ask this question every night with the same response.



“I’ve come to see you of course,” Malfoy smirks. We go to our usual spot by the fire and Dippy brings us some leftovers.



“You’re friends with Vivian Nott aren’t you?” I ask after a while.






“Do you know what is going on with her and James? Because one day they’re kissing in front of the entire Great Hall at breakfast and the next they are avoiding each other completely.”



“It was more than a few days and yes, I do know… or at least I know her side of it.”



“Well…?” I ask when he doesn’t continue.



“It’s really not my place to say… Vivian just has some, uh, issues she needs to sort through.”



“Oh… okay.” We fall back into silence; somehow, silences with Malfoy are not awkward like they are with most people. “What are you doing this tomorrow?”



“It’s a Hogsmeade weekend right? I’m taking Vivian out; she needs a bit of a break I think.”



“Oh.” Somewhere deep inside me, something sinks. “Right.”



“Why… planning to ask me on a date were you?” he teases.



“Not a chance in hell,” is my response.



“Sure, sure,” he chuckles.



“I mean it Malfoy.”



“Of course you do,” he grins. The blinding rage consumes me once more and without thinking, I lift my hand and strike out at his cheek. The sound is oddly satisfying. “What the hell was that for?” he hisses. “Oh Roxanne,” he croons, his face transforming from anger to delight, “you are just dying for me to kiss you again aren’t you?”



“No. Chance. In. Hell.”



“Oh but Roxanne… you cannot hide it, it is written all across your beautiful face.”



“I told you to call me Weasley,” I screech.



“And I will go on calling you Roxanne.”



“You are such a bastard!” I scream, jumping to my feet. He follows and I find myself pinned against him and the stone wall of the kitchen. “Get off me!”



“Say please Roxanne, did no one teach you manners?” his face is barely inches from mine, I can feel his warm breath on my face and my stomach flips. “Roxanne… I want you to beg.”



“I will never beg for you Malfoy,” I spit out his name.



“Very well…” his face comes even closer. My heart beats erratically. His lips barely brush mine. I can hardly breathe. He flicks out his tongue and runs it very lightly over my bottom lip. I let out an involuntary gasp. He smirks. “That’s more like it,” he whispers against my neck, placing the faintest kisses on my burning skin between each word. His left hand is place on the wall by my head. He is pinning me still with his muscular body. His right hand is running down my body. Gently stroking down my sides… down my leg. Another gasp escapes me as my vision begins to cloud over. “I’m going to make you beg Roxanne,” he murmurs into my hair. His body is very gently moving against me, pressing me harder to the wall, then releasing me for a split second before closing in on me again. I cannot even form the words to tell him that I could never beg for him.



“Scorp-” comes the choked gasp from my lips as he slips his hand under my robes and runs his fingers along my bear flesh. “Please,” I whisper. Please stop.



“You see Roxanne… you are already starting to beg,” I can hear the smirk in his voice. Oh Merlin. I cannot seem to control my body. My hands have found their way up to his hair and I have entwined my fingers deep into it. He continues to press against me... harder than before. A little faster. My face is tilted upwards as he runs his tongue against my neck. Occasionally stopping to either plant a small kiss or to suck a little bit of skin into his mouth. I know I am going to have little marks there tomorrow.



“Fuck,” I gasp as he slips his hand down between me and the wall, hoisting me closer to him. “Urgh,” I choke as he begins rubbing himself against me. “Scorp- please…”



“You asked for it Roxanne,” his voice has become rough and horse with desire. It seems I am not the only one who is falling apart here. His lips come up from my neck to find mine; they are not gentle any more. Forcing my mouth open, he shoves his tongue in and bashes it against my own. I response just as desperately. Oh fuck. Oh Merlin. His roaming hand has slipped back under my robes and is moving down… down… down, between my legs. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! His hands are tender… gentle… searching. There is a fire in my body I have never felt before as he continues to brush his finger against me.



“Scorp-” I gasp again before pulling him closer and lifting my legs up, around him. He slams me back against the wall. I can feel his desire pressing against me as he thrusts backwards and forwards. Oh shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. “Scorp… please, please, please.”



“Oh Roxanne,” he breaths against me, his skin is hot. So it mine. “Rox-” he chokes out in a similar fashion to how I had said his name earlier. “Oh Roxie… Roxanne.” His breath is coming in short gasp as well now as our mouths merge into one again. Every particle of my body is on fire. “Rox- Rox-Rox,” he grunts. As I run my fingertips down his spine. “I love you.”



His words are no more than a whisper. My entire body freezes. He suddenly realises what he said and pulls away. I stare at him. The fire drains from me into the cold, stone wall at my back. I continue to stare at him. He didn’t mean it. How could he? He hated me.



“Roxanne, I-”he begins. I just stand there, stock still. Frozen.



“Don’t- you didn’t mean it,” I mutter hastily. I push him away from me, suddenly desperate to get away from him… as far away as the castle walls would allow me. Running blindly to the exit, I trip over the hem of my robe and stumble. He is still standing where I left him. He is staring at me now.



“Actually… I did.” Oh Merlin. I can feel the tears coming, I don’t know why I want to cry but I do… I desperately do. Practically falling out of the portrait hole, I gather my robes up in my arm and stumble blindly through the dark corridors, hardly caring where I am going. He does not follow me.










The following few days pass in a blur. I avoid the kitchens and anywhere else near the Slytherin common room as well as any place he might be. Rose thinks I have gone insane, I refused to tell her who gave me the lovebites, even going so far as to deny they were there at all… of course, that didn’t help seeing as they were clearly visible for her to see. Luckily, she found a spell that would hide them – I have never been more grateful in my life. Nina is still pissed off with me but Lara is more distracted by the ridiculous relationship that is blossoming between one of her best friends (or ex-best friend now) and her ex-boyfriend. Even I think Madison has gone too far this time.



Potions is the worse. Zabini insists that Nott stays on our table and the awkwardness is almost unbearable… not to mention the fact that I can feel his eyes looking over at us constantly. I am so glad I am not taking Potions next year because I already know I am going to fail my OWL due to the fact that I can no longer pay any attention to what Zabini is saying.



Saturday morning comes as a relief and I get up early to have a quiet breakfast without him being in the same room. As I wander down the deserted corridors I can make out the faint sound of running footstep. They are getting closer. As I round the corner, someone comes colliding into me. He begins to mutter an apology before he sees who I am.



“Uh…” he trails off. My body has frozen again, I cannot get my legs to work, to take me away from him. “Bit of a random question,” he starts – shit, what does he want now? “But have you seen Potter anywhere? As in Albus Potter?”



“Uh…” okay – that was a random question. I think for a moment before replying. “Yeah… he left to common room just before me, you should probably have run into him… why?”



“Its… um… Vivian,” he stutters, clearly in two minds about answering me.



“Vivian? What has Vivian got to do with Al?”



“Oh Merlin… this is going to sound crazy but… well, Vivian just left.”



“Left? Where?”



“With a portkey… I don’t know but I have a feeling…”



“You have a feeling what?” I ask impatiently. “Malfoy, Al is my cousin, I have a right to know.”



“Ithingtheymightbegettingmarried,” he mumbles.



“Excuse me?”



“Please don’t think I’m crazy,” he takes a deep breath. “But I think Vivian and Albus are getting married.”



What?” I splutter.



“Look… let’s take this somewhere I little more private,” he grabs my arm and steers me towards the kitchens. Either that was my imagination or I just heard running feet. “Okay…” he begins again one we are safely out of reach from any prying ears. “Vivian had some arrangement with her father that required a portkey. She wouldn’t tell me what it was and she wouldn’t let me come with her. I was just having breakfast with her and she pulled out this portkey… it was a small golden ring.”



“Right… and you just assumed that meant she is getting married to my cousin because…?”



“She’s, uh… pregnant… with Albus’ kid.”



I snort. This guy has lost the plot. Completely and utterly lost it. Laughing, I look up at him, expecting him to join in and admit he’s joking but my eyes met his grey ones… they are entirely serious.



“You’re joking right?” He shakes his head and my laughter subsides. “But- but-” I can feel a panic coming on, my breath comes too quickly and my hands are shaking. “She- She can’t… Al- Al wouldn’t… How- I-”



“Shh, calm down,” he reaches out to me. His hand strokes my hair softly.



“This can’t be happening… they’re only sixteen. You can’t get married at sixteen!”



“Actually… Vivian is still only fifteen.”



What? She- she can’t get married at that age.”



“With her parents’ consent she can.”



“But- but- Al…”



“Al is a man… those laws only apply to women, we’re not muggles.”



“They’re so young… their whole lives…”



“I know,” he murmurs comfortingly. “I know…”



The shock is still coursing through my body. I just cannot believe it… Al wouldn’t do something like that, he is far too sensible… Besides, he hates Vivian Nott, I have witnessed that enough during the last few Potions lessons. Or have I? I mean he has never actually said he hated her… it was just assumed because he never spoke to her. But he hated Scorpius and he still spoke to him. Maybe it wasn’t hate… I shiver slightly and it is only then that I realise I am leaning against Malfoy and he has his arms wrapped around me… his face buried somewhat in my hair.





Thank you very much for reading, sorry about the wait on all my stories. Hope you enjoyed, please leave a review,




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