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Made For Each Other by VeeKAY
Chapter 17 : Announcing
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Draco walked up to the owlery, lost in thought. He would definitely regret this in the morning… Draco opened the door silently and slipped inside. His handsome eagle owl soared down to a low branch and waited for Draco to finish writing the letter.



Dear mother and father,



I wish for you both to know that I have found a girl who I plan on spending the rest of my life with. She is not exactly the type of girl you will approve of, and you will hear more of it tomorrow, maybe in the daily prophet. Father, you will most definitely disapprove, but I beg for you to understand that I am ridiculously in love. Nothing you say or do will change how I feel. This letter is just to prepare you for anything you might hear in the coming days.



Best wishes,






When he was satisfied, Draco folded the letter neatly and attached it to his owl, before sending him flying out the window. Draco walked slowly down to breakfast, hoping Hermione was already there, along with the rest of the school.





“Draco…you look sick. Are you alright mate?” Blaise watched Draco carefully, for he looked slightly uncomfortable, constantly glancing around the hall.



“Oh…yea, I'm going to regret this…but I have to do it”



“Regret what?” Blaise shouted, as Draco suddenly took off towards the Gryffindor table. Hermione had just walked in, and sat herself as far away from Ron as possible. Ginny joined her quickly afterwards. Draco reached her, just as most of the students eating breakfast turned to see why a Slytherin was at the Gryffindor table. Draco took Hermione’s hand and pulled her to the front of the hall.





“Draco…what are you doing?” Hermione whispered, alarmed and embarrassed that everyone was staring at the pair of them.



“Doing what I was too afraid to do, and what I should have done when I realised my feelings for you”



Draco smiled reassuringly at her, and squeezed her hand gently, before turning to face the rest of the hall.



“I want everyone here in this hall, to know that I, Draco Abraxas Malfoy, am desperately in love with Hermione Jean Granger, and that she feels the same way about me too. I have recently done something horrible, that is, cheating on her with Pansy Parkinson, when I was drunk and it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Pansy means nothing to me, and I want Hermione to know that. We hid our relationship because none of you would approve, and especially my parents, but I don’t care anymore, because I love her more than anything.” Draco shouted to the wide-eyed students of Hogwarts, before turning to Hermione, smiling at her awed expression.



“I love you Hermione Granger, and everyone should know that.” Draco leaned down to kiss her fiercely on the lips, which was received with shocked silence. Professor Dumbledore had been listening to Draco’s speech, and he now stood up and clapped, followed by  a stunned Professor McGonagall and a few students. Most of the Gryffindors were angry that Hermione would go out with a Slytherin, and the Slytherin were disgusted that Draco would dishonour them and fall in love with a Gryffindor muggleborn. The Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws didn’t seem to care, so they applauded quietly, before returning to their food and friends. Ron was livid, and he was shaking with undiluted anger. Pansy was sobbing unashamed into her plate of food, and Harry was just looking dumbfounded.



Draco smiled, and took Hermione’s hand, and they walked out of the hall together. Hermione was in awe of her boyfriend’s bravery that she did not speak for a while.



“Draco…I can’t believe you just did that! I mean, what will happen when your father find out? Aren’t you afraid of what the Slytherins will do…?” Hermione began, but Draco silenced her with another kiss.



“Hermione…didn’t you listen to what I said before? I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore, I love you and I want everyone to know that. I’m not going to hide our relationship anymore” Draco said.



Hermione was silent, and tears of joy brimmed her eyes. “Draco…I love you too. Thank you.”



“As I love you, and there’s nothing to thank me for.” He replied simply. They walked happily along the corridor, in no rush at all, but eventually Hermione asked Draco where they were going.



“Library of course…we need to study if we want to pass out NEWTS…” Draco smirked, his platinum blonde hair falling loosely into his innocent looking blue grey eyes. Hermione laughed and rolled her eyes.



“Let’s go then….”





For the rest of the week, Hermione and Draco spent their time either in the library (studying of course…) or in the head’s common room, with Blaise, Ginny and Harry. Harry and Draco had been working on their relationship, attempting not to insult or injure one another when they met. Their efforts were mainly for Hermione’s sake, but Harry also discovered that Draco Malfoy wasn’t all bad…he could at least understand why Hermione liked him, at least. Draco still wasn’t entirely convinced about the potterhead, but he was willing to try anything for Hermione….



Ginny and Harry had decided that they couldn’t continue dating each other, for unknown specific reasons, so they had broken up, but still remained good friends; unlike Hermione and Ron. They hardly talked to each other anymore, but Harry said that Ron was deeply regretful and sorry for hurting Hermione so many times. He had also broken up with Lavender.



Though they had denied it, Hermione had suspected something going on between Ginny and Blaise…



“Seriously Ginny…I've seen you two, you guys blush and act all embarrassed when you’re in the same room!” Hermione confronted her best friend, but Ginny insisted that it was nothing.



The next few weeks were spent devoted to studying for the NEWTS. Harry told Hermione that Ron was struggling without Hermione’s notes to copy, and she felt strangely satisfied… Ron deserved to see what life was like without her…



Draco and Hermione did not have to study too hard, both being the smartest and brightest students in their year. Hermione tutored Draco with Arithmancy, which was his worst subject, and Draco helped Hermione with Potions, his best subject.






The rest of the school did not take the matter of Hermione and Draco lightly. Many Slytherins had tried to hex Hermione during the corridors, but only ended up being punished severely by the head boy. Draco and Hermione had ignored all the jeers and taunts from the Slytherins, and the mutters and glances from the Gryffindors. But Hermione didn’t care; she was happy with Draco and she didn’t care what anyone thought of their relationship. That was, until word from Draco’s father arrived at breakfast the following morning.






I am furious that you have dishonoured our family by trashing the name of Malfoy in such a manner. You will end your relationship with the mudblood this instant, or you I will take matters into my own hands. I will not have you risking the generations of pure blood in our family, and your idiocy will not cause any disruptions in our blood line. You will end things with her today.



Lucius Malfoy



Draco had ripped the letter from his father into tiny pieces, and set it on fire with his wand. Hermione was worried for Draco, despite his constant reassurances that his father will eventually accept her.



“Draco, I don’t want you and your father fighting…” she had told him one afternoon, to which he had replied, “do you want me to end things with you?” Hermione’s eyes widened and she shook her head quickly, and Draco had pulled her into a hug.



“Sorry, you know I won’t ever end things with you right? I love you, and my dear old father will just have to learn to accept that it’s my life.”



The matter had been rested, for Hermione saw the upcoming NEWTS as a bigger threat. She spent most days in the library, and she did not have much time for Draco, since she spent so much of her available time studying. Draco had grumbled about this, until Hermione had given him a kiss to shut him up.



One night, it was just the pair of them in the head’s common room, and Hermione was studying for transfiguration. Draco was taking it easy with a book, but he wanted Hermione to be snuggled up next to him. He slowly reached over and snagged Hermione’s notes from the table, and she jumped up, flustered and shocked.



“Draco! Give me my notes back!” She complained, leaping forwards and trying to wrestle them from his grip, but he held on tighter.



“No…kiss me, and I’ll give them back…” He teased, dancing backwards out of Hermione’s reach.



“No! Give me my notes back!”



“Kiss me” Hermione groaned, and gave up. She leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, but he gave her a look as if to say ‘is that the best you can do?’ and she sighed, before pressing her lips firmly to his.



She twisted her way closer, and he wrapped his arms around her waist, moaning slightly. She twisted her fingers in her hair, and Draco closed his eyes.



Suddenly, Hermione had vanished from his arms and had snatched her notes back. She was grinning at his scowl and he glared at her.



“I’m going to make you pay…I was enjoying that!” he whined, stepping closer to his girlfriend, who took a step back.



“You stole my notes in the first place!” She protested, backing away as he advanced.



“Put the notes down. They don’t need to get hurt” He said, playfully growling at her.



“What are you going to…ARRGHHHH” Hermione yelped as Draco attacked her, his hands closing in on her waist and tackling her onto the sofa. He tickled her as she writhed underneath him, tears of laughter trickling down her cheeks. “NO…NO...DRACO…STOP!!” she yelled, in between fits of laughter. He released her from the torture, but put his hands on either side of her body, preventing her from escaping.



He smirked, and leaned in to kiss her again. He kissed her ferociously, his tongue dancing with hers, and she slowly melted. “I think that’s enough studying for today…” He murmured, and slowly pulled away, before scooping her into his arms. The sudden movement caused Hermione to shriek with surprise, but Draco ignored her and carried her into his room.


A/N: Hellooo :D How was this chapter? I updated with my few hours of internet! But I can’t guarantee the next chapter will be up here soon  :/ sorry! x) Also, thank you guys for the so many awesome reviews you gave me, they make my day :) 165~ whoo!

Just for anyone who is curious- there’s 7 chapters left- including epilogue :/ I’ll be posting a next generation story (Albus + OC) when this is done, so if you guys are next gen lovers too-go check it out! :D if you aren’t, read it anyway, I promise next gen is amazing to read :3

Also check out the gorgeous chapter images for chapter 1 – 5, and 7 :)

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