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The Love Potion by WildCat
Chapter 1 : The Beginning Of A Serious Problem
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                                                   CHAPTER ONE:
                                 The Beginning Of A Serious Problem

“Harry, I still don’t see why you have to keep that Godforsaken book. I mean, in my opinion it is not worth it. You should hand it over to Dumbledore right now!”
“Just drop it Hermione, ok. I’m keeping it” said Harry for what he thought was ten millionth time.
“Yes, but.....”
“Hermione, give it a rest” Ron moan “you’ve been at Harry all day.”
“Fine but don’t blame me when something bad happens” Hermione retorted.
Harry sighed, couldn’t you get any peace around here.
It was Friday evening at Hogwarts, and Harry, Ron and Hermione were just entering the great hall for dinner. Hermione had been nagging Harry all day, and he was fed up.
They sat down and Harry was just about to have a sip of Pumpkin juice when Ron nudged him.
“Hey Harry, look at Pansy Parkinson”
He looked, and what he saw amazed him: Pansy Parkinson was staring at Zacharias Smith with a very ugly, dreamy expression on her face.
“She looks like she’s fallen in love or something” said Ron, sniggering.
“Yeah she does” said Harry “What do you think Hermione?” Harry asked turning to her.
“Hermione, Hermione? Where are you?” He said, for Hermione had disappeared from sight.
“I’m here, Harry my darling” said Hermione popping up and speaking in a very un Hermione like fashion.
“What did you call me?” Harry asked her in bewilderment.
“What do you mean, all I did was call you my darling!” Hermione said, batting her eyelashes.
“Hermione, what has gotten in to you?” said Ron, shaking his head “since when is Harry your darling?”
“What do you mean?” Hermione snapped at Ron, in a completely different tone of voice “I have always called Harry Warry my darling.”
Harry stared at her trying to make sense of what she just said. “Ron, did she just call me Harry Warry?” he asked in amazement and turning to him.
“I think so” said Ron, in the same dumbstruck sort of voice.
Just then Hermione flung herself at Harry, kissing him full on the lips.
“What the.., Hermione get off” Harry gasped. And then to Ron “Let’s take her up to the hospital wing, something’s not right.”
“Yeah, good idea” Ron agreed.
“Wait for me, Harry Warry” cried Hermione “You’re not going without me are you?”
“No, where not going without you” Harry sighed.
They each took one of Hermione’s arms and dragged her out of the Great Hall, People staring in their wake. By the time they got up to Madam Pomphry’s office, they were both winded and out of breath. They had had a hard workout trying to keep Hermione from hugging Harry all the way to the door.
Harry and Ron dragged Hermione in to the sick bay and over to the door of Madam Pomphry’s office, which Harry knocked on three times before it was answered.
Madam Pomphry opened the door to find three students standing there. She was annoyed she was just getting ready to go and see her one and only true love, Professor Slughorn.
“What do you want?” she snapped in irritation.
“I am sorry Madam Pomphry” Harry said taken aback “But could you possible take a moment to have a look at Hermione here, she is acting very strangely.”
“No I couldn’t, Mister Potter, I am currently busy at the moment, I have to go and see my darling Horace.” She retorted sharply.
“But…” Ron said.
“No buts Mister Weasley.” She said pointing her finger “ Out.”
“Since when has Madam Pomphry and Professor Slughorn been going out?” asked Ron as they left the Sick Bay.
“I don’t think they are” Harry replied “did you see Madam Pomphry? She was holding a goblet of wine.”
“And” said Ron
“And” Harry said impatiently “wasn’t Hermione drinking Pumpkin Juice in the Great Hall”
“Yes, but you had Pumpkin Juice as well” Ron retorted.
“No” Harry said in exasperated “I was about to, but you told me to look at Pansy Parkinson, so I didn’t have any.”
“OHHHH” said Ron, catching on “so you think it is in the drink.”
“YES” Harry shouted, completely frustrated.
Just then Hermione came running hurrying after them.
“Harrrrry” she called, in a babyish voice. “Harrrry, wait for meeeeee.
“No” Harry retorted “Go and see a docter, you’re sick.”
“Oh Harry” Hermione wailed “I see it all now, you don’t Love me! You want to get rid of me.”
And she burst into tears.
“I shall leave you then and never look at your Handsome face again.” As she said these words her tears turn into great sobs and she suddenly ran at Harry and hugged him.
“Oh Harry, I have been a beast” she said “Can we love each other again.”
“What?” Said Harry in utter amazement.
Ron had been watching these strange events, trying not to laugh, and now he turned to Harry. “Come on Mate, it’s no use arguing, we might as well have breakfast and then go to Professor McGonagall.”
“OK” Harry sighed, catching hold of Hermione’s sleeve “Come on then.”



I hope you enjoyed this. I have never actually written this type of Story before. They have all been adventure ones. So I am going to try to add a little adventure.

Comments always welcome!




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The Love Potion: The Beginning Of A Serious Problem


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