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What Means Most by Owlpost68
Chapter 9 : Not the usual thoughts
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A/N: Sorry it’s been so long, but real life has been speeding up, I’ll be getting my degree sooner than I thought Yaay!! Annnyway, here’s the next chapter! I got on a roll writing, and when I finished I haaad to post it. Oooh, just realized, it's my first chapter with one POV let me know how you like it :) So even though it's midnight, here it is! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Everything you recognize is JKR's


Chapter 9

Not the usual thoughts





Your brother is the sweetest yet clumsiest man on the face of the planet.

After I made myself presentable, like I hadn’t just thrown up, Ron came back with a bunch of groceries so he could attempt to cook us nice special meals. The problem was he wouldn’t let me help at all. He’d start off well, but it ended up like he was in Potions class again, not being able to handle multiple things going on all at once. So after the place stopped smoking, and the sprinklers (muggle device similar to using Augamenti when food burns) stopped, and we dried everything off, we went out. The food we had was great, but Ron was so nervous he kept spilling things on himself. We had gone to muggle restaurants so he was a mess by the time we got back to the flat. He wasn’t explaining why he was doing all this today, so I finally came out and asked him when the day was over.

What he said just made the entire day just the sweetest thing ever.

He told me the other night he had this dream where I left him ‘cause he wasn’t appreciating me. He said I was yelling at him, after all I did for him and he couldn’t do one thing for me once and a while. He was red as a tomato, but he told me that it both scared the hell out him, and made him want to show me how much he loves and appreciates me.

I had to jump him after that… I mean wouldn’t you be all over Harry if he did that?? Haha. Anyway, I promised Ron I’d keep this quiet, so maybe tell Harry, but don’t bring it up to Ron when we come back.

…We still haven’t heard anything from the A.M. (Australian Ministry) but I’ve sent them an Owl with some ideas I had, so maybe they’ll listen to those.

Give Sirius James a hug for me, and tell everyone we’re doing fine. I miss you guys, we’ll talk again soon.

Love, Hermione.’



Ginny’s POV  

My mouth hangs open. Harry’s trying to get a response from me, but I just stare at the page in bewilderment. I didn’t know Ron had it in him to be that sweet. It definitely makes sense how clumsy he was. And what exactly did she mean by ‘I had to jump him’?? does that mean she… ‘cause she wouldn’t really want that to be in the letter.

Impatient, Harry snags the letter from my hand, and the owl who delivered it starts pecking my head for payment. I waive my hands over my head to get him to stop and grab my wand.

About to use the summoning charm, I stop.

“Darn it.”

I get up to grab my purse. I can’t wait ‘til I’m 17.

“HAHAHAHAHA… Ron, I can’t believe it… He must have been a mess leaving that restaurant with the way he normally eats,” Harry continues to chuckle to himself.




The next morning turns a little chaotic. Mum’s currently coaching poor Harry on some babysitting tactics, and I’m hurrying around the house trying to get everything we’ll need for a day out. Almost one more month and I’ll be 17. Try to be patient Ginny.

Dad’s practically jumping off his walls with excitement of watching his first movie. I mean, spending the day with Sirius James. Dad leaves excitedly, kissing mum on the cheek. When dad gets there Cora can leave, and meet us here.

Professor Trelawney’s sister is apparently named Cynthia, she owled this morning telling us to be there at 11. It is now 10:50.

Yeah, like I said. Slightly chaotic.

Luckily Dad was more than happy to leave earlier. Harry on the other hand is a different story.

“I thought you were going to be here for a bit ‘til I got the hang of it!” He says frantically.

“Harry dear, don’t worry so much, just do what I told you and you’ll be fine.”

“But what if I--?”

“Harry, that’s quite enough. If you carry on like that you’ll make us all late for this brunch Ginny set up. You don’t want to mess up her plans do you?”

“Of course not but—“

“Then all we need is Cora and—“


Cora opens the door and peeks in, “We don’t need anything else. I’m here! Come on now, we’ll be late!”

I run over to Harry and give him a peck on the cheek. I don’t blame him for not giving me one with that dumfounded look on his face. “Harry, you’ll be fine. Just relax. Remember how good you were with him when you first met him? And you’ve been fine all the times since then too.”

“I haven’t been alone though!”

“You’ll never learn to be alone with him if you’re not alone Harry. Good luck, I love you,” another kiss and I rush after mum and Cora vaguely hearing Harry saying he loves me too. Vague or not I still smile.

Gazing at the magnificent hotel the three of us stand outside the doors.

I can’t believe it. I thought it was going to be a dump. I thought I had doomed us today from running into the Professor yesterday. Apparently I was wrong.

“Miss Weasley, it’s good to see you again. Thank you for coming to The Falmouth Hotel, and Trelawney Restaurant. Come in!”

We walk up the stairs as a young couple walk down. I hear them mutter “Worst place ever, it’s such a dump.”

“Ms. Trelawaney?”

She leans close to us as we arrive at the top of the stairs, “They’re muggles, we have to share ownership with some, unfortunately they don’t keep the place as well as we do, so they see different things. They have no idea though.”

Brunch is delicious. It’s Hogwarts quality with some style. Apparently the muggle menu, though named the same, Trelawney Restaurant Menu, is a lot worse. Cynthia told us again, that magic affects the taste of the meal so muggles can’t taste it the same. I can clearly tell by the other customers which are magic, and which are muggle.

Even the room is spectacular. The floors are a dark rich color, like black coffee, no scratches whatsoever, and the drapes framing ceiling to floor windows enhanced the beautiful view of the sea hitting against a rocky shore… It would be a depressing view if it was cloudy, but today is a bright blue sky and shining sun that reflect in the waves crashing into the rocks. It looks like the waves and the rock together create goblin made diamonds as the sunlight hits the water and sprays over the cliffs. I would have started a conversation but my mouth is full of the best French toast ever

After we pay the bill Ms. Trelawney comes over again. “Is everything alright over here dears? Any more plans for today?”

“Besides adjust the size of my pants, I don’t think I have the energy for much else,” Cora tells her.

“Well, if you get the chance, there’s a lovely strip of sand that muggles don’t go near since it’s enchanted. I suggest going there before you leave. It was lovely serving you; feel free to drop by anytime loves. Have a good day now!”

We thank her and start getting up to leave a little slower than usual with Cora bringing up the rear. Well, she did eat more than we did.

For the second time mum and I are speechless at the beautiful view. I look at her and run to the waves, hearing footsteps behind me I expect Cora’s behind me, finally catching up. I reach the water, bend down, and splash as much water as I can behind me.

“Oh am I going to get you missy!!”

You know, after so many jaw dropping moments I’m surprised it hasn’t dislocated.

“Mum, wait, I thought you were--”


“—Cora.” Wet hair flops over my eyes, making me sputter.

The both of us are now dripping wet and mum starts laughing so much she doubles over. I hear the twins’ laugh in hers, I didn’t think I’d hear it today, but it seems my plan worked.

“Okay mum, you asked for it…”

We splash, and run, and play for a full half hour before we drag ourselves to shore. Seeing Cora we head for her.

“Cora, just because I whipped Ginny here in splashing doesn’t mean you couldn’t have joined in. I wouldn’t have gotten you as bad.”

“Really mum, you don’t have to rub it in,” I say, rolling my eyes and wringing out my hair.

“Were you really that full Cora dear? Or is something wrong?”

“Oh no, nothing’s wrong,” she says, but she doesn’t look up from the sand she’s staring at.

“Cora, you know you can tell us anything right? You might have been alone for a while, but you’re not anymore,” I tell her, and I put my arm over her shoulders.

I see a tear roll down her cheek which she tries brushing away.

“No, I don’t want to spoil your day.”

Mum conjures up a blanket for us all to sit together on, Cora scooches over to join us.

“Impossible. This day was meant to be about healing and being able to talk, if we have some fun on the way all the better.”

“Well, Sirius and I, we used to go down to the beach a lot before he had to leave. The last time we got to was when we talked about a family for the first time. Now, he’ll never know.”

Mum puts her arm around her and guides her head to her shoulder. It the spot where I’m most comfortable with my mum, and I’m glad it can help Cora too, as she starts crying softly. I reach out to hold her hand, and we sit on the beach with the wind blowing salty sea mist onto our little group. It’s almost as if the beach is crying with Cora.

A few minutes go by that seem like hours, but also like seconds. I guess that’s what happens when comforting a friend, time doesn’t have much of a meaning when there are more important things to think about.

Cora lifts her head up and kisses Mum’s head, “Thanks Molly, I needed that.”

“It’s no trouble dear. We all need a shoulder to cry on sometimes, and as a mother, I’m very practiced,” she says with a small smile.

“A mother. Wow, if you told me I was going to be a mother about 5 years ago I would have said you were nuts. Now, I can’t see life without little Sirius James. Now I realize, I wouldn’t do anything different. I miss Sirius more than ever, but if I had tried to find Sirius earlier, I might have messed up a lot in the events that lead to Harry defeating Voldemort, and who knows if me or Sirius James could have been used to get to Harry or any of you. I wouldn’t change anything that happened really. I just wish it could have been different.”

“Yes, I miss Fred so much, it’s like losing a part of me, my family is part of me so I guess it is. As hard as it is to remember, I know I couldn’t have told my whole family not to fight or do their part. All of my family did have their own part to do and help. Fred or anybody wouldn’t be satisfied knowing they could have made a difference and didn’t. Arthur and I couldn’t have survived all that if we didn’t all work together as a family, then what would have happened to our children? Even though you’re all getting to be of age, the family could have broken apart. We needed to be together during the fight. Losing Fred hurts more than I ever thought possible, but it would have hurt a lot more if we lost to Voldemort and we did somehow survive. It’d be like we were all dead anyway. But yes, I wish it were different too.”

Amazingly, mum turns to me and rests her head on my shoulder, “Thank you Ginny for today, we all had something we needed to get out.”

I rest my head on top of hers, “you’re welcome mum.” I can’t really think of anything to say, but I let tears slip out of my eyes while I stare at the ocean. Mum’s always known when I need to talk and when I just need to sit silently with my own thoughts. Looking out at the sky I see clouds start to cover most of it, with rays of sun bursting its way through the holes in the clouds. It seems very fitting to how I feel.

Never one to make something about myself I change it to someone else, “You know, Hermione must have been feeling so conflicted about all this since she left last year. Having to leave her parents, get them to Australia, and fight with Harry. She must have felt she couldn’t go into hiding with them when she knows she can help. I hope she finds them soon.”

“Oh the poor girl, this is why I wanted to be there for her right after the battle. She looked so weary and tired, like all she needed was her mother’s hug. Of course I could only do so much, but I hope it helped a bit.”

“I’m sure it did” Cora and I say smiling at each other, our arms around the strongest woman we know.




“Harry I’m baaaack!!!”

“Ginny, what if Harry had Teddy down for a nap, now he’ll be up,” Mum scolds me.

We left Cora at her place with Arthur and Sirius James who were still having the best time watching their mooov or whatever it’s called, so we’re back without Dad.

I look around the house, and don’t see or hear anything.

I guess we’re back without Harry or Teddy either.

“Mum, do you see a note anywhere?”

“Why aren’t they here?” She asks with her eyebrow up.

“Why would I ask if you see a note if they were?” I ask smirking.

“Well I don’t see one dear.”

“That’s strange, if they went out they’d probably leave a note… Especially since it’s almost Dinner, I told Harry we’d be back by then.”




It’s 10PM and I’m nervously pacing the floor.

We flood Dad at Cora’s and asked if they knew where Teddy and Harry were, but they didn’t know.

We flood everyone else, and either they didn’t know or were out.



I’m freaking out here.

What if something happened to them??



“Ginny, try to calm down, I’m sure he’s fine,” Mum tells me, even as she wrings her hands herself.

“Mum, if Harry doesn’t show up in another minute I’m going to—“

“Ginny??!! I’m back!”

“---- Jinx him so much he won’t recognize himself!”

 He’s not even acting like anything’s wrong!!


Darn it I can’t even use my wand to jinx him yet…

… So I do the next best thing and start punching his chest.


“Ginny, listen. I’m sorry.”


He backs up a bit.


His back hits the wall near the kitchen door.


At this point Dad’s behind me holding my arms so I won’t hit Harry’s chest anymore, but now I’m completely exhausted and the day’s events crash down on me. I cling to Harry’s chest and cry.

“Shhh, shh… Ginny I’m fine, really… Everything’s ok now… shh.”

I’m still mad, but all I can do is snuggle more into his chest, and cry more. A few moments later I squeak out, “where were you?”

“Gringotts,” he says, still calmly rubbing my back. “Right before Andromeda got here Kingsley emergency flooed me and told me I had to be there. The Goblins were going up in arms practically. So I had to tell her I couldn’t babysit, and she said she’d find someone else. I assumed she’d go to Cora’s and have Arthur watch them… He wasn’t there huh?”

I sniff and wipe my eyes a bit, and calm down, “No, he said he went to the park for a little so Sirius James would tire himself out and watch the voomie calmly. She must have missed him.”

“Hmm, I wonder who’s babysitting then” Harry says thoughtfully.

“What happened at Gringotts? Is everything ok?” asks mum.

 I look up at Harry, he looks grim.

“Harry, what happened?”


A/N: I now know why it’s so much fun to write cliffhangers! Please don’t be too mad, but I just wanted to leave it at a point to motivate me to write. It works both ways you know, keeping both readers and writers interested.

Anyway, please tell me what you thought, what you think could happen???

I love responding to reviews so don’t think you’re just writing to no one. Oh, and Thanks to all of you reviewing, you know who you are :) once I have time I'll mention names lol right now I should be sleeping :P See you soon!

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What Means Most: Not the usual thoughts


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