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Hermione needs Strength. by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 5 : Truths. Friends?
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WARNING:This chapter contains hrash subject. Not real detailed but still contains.

After class Draco and Hermione headed for the Great Hall. On their way they ran into Blaise.

“So how was class?” Blaise asked Hermione.

“It was good. Draco’s my partner for the year.”

Blaise looked at Draco and Draco just nodded. Blaise kept his arm around Hermione’s shoulder the walk there. When they go to the hall’s doors Hermione stopped Blaise. He gave her a questioning look. Draco looked at Hermione, getting the hint he walked in the doors.

“Does Draco know about….well you know, this summer?”

“No, that’s your choice to tell him. It’s not really my place.”

Hermione nodded and walked through the doors of the Great Hall. She walked up beside Harry and sat down.

“Hey Hermione, you not feeling too bad to eat?” Seamus asked and looked away hiding a smile.

Hermione gave him a funny look but brushed what was said off.

“What was that about?” Ron asked after swallowing a mouthful of food.

“Don’t know.” She lied taking a bite of grapes.

During dinner Hermione kept throwing looks at Blaise hoping he would get the hint. But all he did was stare at her and whisper to Draco. She slowly ate her grapes and after two things of grapes she stood up.

“Well I’m headed to bed. I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow.”

“Blaise, go on and talk to her. You’ve been staring a hole through her.” Draco said trying not to laugh.

“I’m not, I’m just worried about her that’s all.” Blaise said pushing his plate away.

“Look Blaise, what is going on? I mean, what happen this summer while you were gone?”’ Draco asked.

“That’s her place to tell you. I can’t tell you and feel right about it.” He said.

Draco nodded and hit Blaise on the shoulder. He pointed at Hermione and they watched her walk out.
They both stood up ready to leave when Pansy got a hold of Draco’s arm.

“Drakey Poo, we haven’t seen each other since this summer don’t you want to spend time together?” she asked in her annoying voice that Draco hated.

Blaise hid a laugh and made his way to the doors. Pansy hugging up more to Draco’s arm.

“Pansy look, me and Blaise has something to do. It’s important.” He lied in some way.

Pansy sat down with a frown and Draco took off running. He got down two halls from the Great Hall and seen Blaise talking to Seamus. Draco walked up just in time to stop Blaise from ramming him into the wall.

“Blaise what the hell! Calm down!” Draco yelled.

“Yeah, go be with your sick fat whore Mudblood….”

Before he could even finish his sentence Draco punched him in the nose. The crack of his knuckles meeting his nose filled the hall. Seamus turned around and punched Draco in the eye. Before Draco could go back for him Blaise grabbed him and pulled him away.

“You just wait Malfoy!” they heard Seamus yell from down the hall.

Before they got to the door of the Head’s room Blaise stopped Draco.

“Man you can’t be doing that. You are not a perfect anymore, Seamus is.” Blaise said.

“Well he had no right to say that. He used to be close friends with Granger.” Draco said touching his eye.

“Correct me if I’m wrong. But didn’t you used to call her the same thing?” Blaise asked.

Draco gave him a dark look and Blaise threw his hands up. They walked in the Head’s room common room and Hermione sat there on the arm chair reading a book. She looked up when she heard their feet hit the floor. Her eyes got wide when she seen that Draco’s eye was starting to blacken and blood in the hair of his brow.

“Draco what happen?” she asked walking over to him.

“He got punched, after he punched Seamus.” Blaise said walking up to his room.

“Let me go get a rag. I’ll help you clean up your eye a little bit.” She said.

She walked into the bathroom soaking a rag in warm water. She walked back down to where Draco was left and shook her head.

“What?” he asked sitting up.

“Nothing. I just don’t see why you let them get to you.” She said wiping the blooded off his eye.

He jerked while the water stung the wound and Hermione giggled.

“They were talking about you.” He spat without meaning to.

“That doesn’t matter.” She argued back.

Draco pushed her hand away and stood up.

“Well it does to me!” he shouted coldly at her.

Hermione jumped in fear and was shocked from his yelling.

“If you only knew what was said. You wouldn’t blame me one bit for hitting him.”

“It don’t matter! Your eighteen, grow up!”

Hermione stormed up the stairs and slammed her door. Draco sat down, then stood back up and stormed up to Blaise’s room. He busted the door open to Blaise’s room.

“I can not believe that she is mad at me. They were calling her a fat whore Mudblood. Do you blame me? I mean I was standing up for her. And I don’t’ even get along with that girl.” Draco ranted when he sat down on his bed.

“Blaise looked at him and shook his head,” Dude, Granger has seen enough fighting in her life. She has seen enough anger. Did she storm in her room?”
Draco nodded and Blaise walked out of his room and headed for Hermione’s. He knocked on her door and heard her bathroom door. He opened her door and walked over to her bathroom.

“Granger?” Blaise asked softly knocking on her bathroom door.

He heard something drop on the bathroom floor and water start running. After the water cut off Hermione walked out breathing hard. She pushed past him and he cut her off.

“Let me see.” He ordered knowing already what she had done.

She went to walk by and Blaise grabbed her wrist. He pulled her back and pushed her sleeves up revealing a fresh new cut in her skin.

“Granger you promise.” He scolded.

Hermione jerked away turning around and stopped dead in her tracks. There in the doorway of her room stood Draco Malfoy. He was staring at her with cold hard eyes.

“Is this what Seamus meant when he said sick?” Draco asked Blaise still staring at Hermione.

She looked away from his stare and looked at Blaise with a questioning look. Blaise just shook his head and walked off. Hermione hurried past Draco to go after Blaise when Draco stopped her.

“What’s going on?’

“Draco please. I need to go talk to Blaise.” She begged while Blaise shut his door.

“Granger, tell me why you just cut yourself.”

Hermione looked at Blaise’s close door and sighed. She sat down on her bed.

“It started the summer before our 6 year. I had a teacher at my muggle school that I was helping out with for their last few weeks. We had a fling go on, I didn’t feel right about it so I broke it off.” Hermione started.

Draco moved over to her bed and leaned on the post.

“After I had broken it off he started making comments about me. It got me to the point where I got myself into an eating disorder and started cutting. It kept going through last year, and then I got mad at my father and took off. I ran into Blaise at Diagon Ally. He went with me to my treatments. I self-harmed myself for over a year.” She took a deep breath and wiped her eyes.

“If it wasn’t for Blaise I don’t think I would had the strength to go to my treatments. That’s why you saw me getting books under a fake name. I didn’t want people to overhear that Harry Potter’s best friend has medical issues.”

“That teacher, it was Klump, wasn’t it?” he asked running a hand through his hair.

Hermione nodded, she wiped her eyes again.

“Yes Klump is the guy. That’s why in the hallway early I had you fake being my boyfriend. Thought he might leave me alone.” Hermione said.

“I wondered why Blaise was nonstop worrying about you. He wouldn’t even explain why he was even hanging with you.” Draco said pulling her up.

He pushed back her sleeve and looked at the cut and wiped away what blood had smeared on her skin.

“Are you still going to treatment?” he asked randomly after she sat back down.

“I stayed in a treatment center and woke up in one the whole summer. They told me when I went to the Weasley’s that any time I wanted to they would have a doctor come by and see me.”

“Blaise said that the others don’t know. Why didn’t you ever tell them?”

“You don’t randomly let someone know you cut and have a eating disorder. They then just follow you every second of the day.” She laughed.

Draco smirked and Hermione got up from her bed. She walked across the hall and over to Blaise’s door.

“Blaise please open the door.” She pled while knocking.

Within seconds his door opened and he walked by her in a rush. Hermione turned around and went to lay down on her bed.

“Don’t worry about him. I’ll talk to him.” Draco said walking out of her room.

Soon after Draco left Hermione fell asleep. For once without any worry thoughts from that day.

A/N: Yes I know it’s a little rushed but there is a reason for that. I didn’t want to much details yet.

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Hermione needs Strength.: Truths. Friends?


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