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Star Crossed by weasleytwins123
Chapter 1 : History of Magic Class
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So, new WIP! I'm really excited about this one, it'll be a longer project, and I have a lot of ideas! I hope I can do the Marauders era justice, I usually just stick to fluffy stories, but this plot came to me in a dream (literally!) after I'd begun thinking what a brilliant character Regulus Black actually was, and after scouring HPFF I found literally no Regulus/OC that I liked (if anybody has any, please do tell!) Anyway, so I'm dedicating a lot of time and thoughts into this, and I hope everyone enjoyed the little Romeo and Juliet themed title, I figured after studying the play for three years in English classes I might as well put my knowledge to use. The ending of the story's pretty clear, and it's not exactly happy, but knowing me and my need for happy endings I'm already planning how to put a happier spin on it... Anyway, without further ado: I give you the first chapter! Please do leave your comments in a review and I hope I haven't put you off with this MASSIVE authors note!



“Be careful” Marlene frowned, her hands around my shoulders as her eyes glittered with worry.



“I know, Marls, I’ll be fine” I promised, grasping her hands in mine and kissing her on both cheeks.



“Just… don’t go looking for any trouble, alright? Keep your head down and behave” she paused to give me a sharp look when I smirked. “And don’t you dare go anywhere near the dungeons, or go running about at night, do you hear me Adrienne?”



“Yes, mother” I groaned, rolling my eyes and tucking my hair behind my ear. Marlene’s expression dropped slightly, and I hastily plastered a small smile on my lips. I always seemed to make little slip-ups, always forgetting how my words affected her in ways I’d made myself immune to. “Marls, I’ll be good, I promise.”



“I know, I know” Marlene nodded, anxiously wringing her hands together. “You’re my little sister, that’s all.”



“And you’re my big sister” I smiled gently. “And you’re the one out doing all the dangerous stuff” I lowered my voice. “Please, don’t be too risky, Marls. Don’t forget you have Grace at home.”



“As if I’d ever forget that” she scoffed, pulling me in for another tight hug. “Don’t get involved with any Slytherins, Ade, or there’ll be trouble.”



“Why would I get involved with any Slytherins?” I laughed wryly. “I’ve only ever spoken to about two in the whole time I’ve been at Hogwarts.”



“I know” Marlene sighed. “But just… keep going out with Gryffindors or Ravenclaws? Or even Hufflepuffs, seeing as you’ve probably gone through all of the other boys in your year already…”



“Oi!” I snorted, shaking my head with a giggle as I dug my sister in the side. “I have not!”



“Lily and James told me how many times they caught you in broom cupboards during rounds, Adrienne” Marlene shot me a condescending glance and I rolled my eyes at her.



“You can’t say much, Marls, you were pregnant at the age of nineteen.”



“Yes, but I was in a serious relationship.”



“But you weren’t married were you?” I raised my eyebrows at her, winking elaborately and relishing in how deeply my older sister blushed.



“Oh, just get on the train” she groaned, pushing me in the direction of the Hogwarts Express.



“Marls…” I turned around to face her, running back to give her one final hug goodbye. “I’m going to miss you loads.”



“Me too” she sniffled, her words muffled as she buried her face into my hair. “I’ll write every week, Ade, to make sure you’re safe.”



I nodded quickly, sniffing back any oncoming tears and blinked furiously for a moment. “Be careful, don’t make yourself easy bait, Marls” I whispered as I kissed her cheek, jumping as the whistle blew to signal the train’s departure.



She propelled me forward to the train door, blowing me a kiss and waving with a few tears in her eyes as I glanced back to her with a fleeting smile. My eyes widened in panic as the train began to move out of the station, my arms stretched out before me as I tried to get a good footing on the train doorway.



Before I could even cry out, a hand shot out of the door, grasping mine, and wrenched me onto the train. With a grunt, I caught my foot on the edge of the door and fell flat on top of the person who had just helped me.



“You should get on the train earlier next time” the boy underneath me shifted as he spoke, and with flushed cheeks I scrambled off him, my back hitting against the wall as I stood up.



“I’m sorry for falling on you; I’m not normally clumsy…” I stopped talking when I looked up and saw who’d just helped me onto the train.



Regulus Black was not the sort of boy you’d expect to help someone like me onto the train.



I gaped at him, and he stared back at me with an emotionless expression that made me blush even harder.



“Not even a thank you?” he asked coolly as he raised his eyebrows at me.



I narrowed my eyes at him then, fighting off my blush as I raised my chin to regard him with what I hoped was a superior look. “Thank you, but I didn’t really need your help.”



“And I thought it was meant to be Slytherins who didn’t have manners” he tutted. “I suppose you’re a half-blood aren’t you? It’s not as if you were ever taught how to behave.”



“That’s rich” I spat with a withering glare, stepping away from the wall angrily. “Coming from a Black.



“And what do you mean by that?” he replied with a satisfied smirk, he was enjoying winding me up, waiting until the moment I’d draw my wand so he could retaliate. Slytherins liked playing games, I’d always known that much.



“Everybody knows what sort of family you are” my eyes flickered to his left forearm, and he flinched when he followed my gaze. “Everybody knows what sort of things you were brought up to believe in.”



With one final glare in his direction, I turned on my heel and marched off down the corridor, my fist curled around my wand as I tried my best not to turn around and hex him.



Stupid, idiotic Slytherin.



People like Regulus Black were the reason I couldn’t wait to leave Hogwarts.






“You alright, Addie?” Lucy Flynn, one of my closest friends whispered into my ear. “You’ve been acting weird all day.”



“I’m fine, Luce” I shot her a quick smile before turning around on the bench to face the first years, watching them each anxiously await the Sorting hat’s predicament. My gaze followed a small, dark haired boy as he joined his new house, Slytherin, and I caught sight of a familiar smirk halfway down their table.



What was Regulus Black doing smirking at me?



With a frown, I turned back to where Professor Dumbledore was addressing us at his position at the front of the Great Hall, the Sorting having finished with the young Slytherin boy.



“I hope that this year each of you students will learn the value of inter-house unity” Professor Dumbledore’s eyes flicked between the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables, the feud between the two houses was common knowledge and had been for centuries.



“And I would like to remind you of our most esteemed school rules…” his blue eyes twinkled against the candlelight and I took a moment to admire the length of his white beard as he reminded us about ‘no duelling in the corridors’, and how the ‘Forbidden Forest was out of bounds’, as usual.



“Addie” Lucy nudged me and I was shocked out of my daydream, blinking rapidly as I turned to face her. “Seriously, what is wrong with you? You didn’t even notice all the food arrive!”



I turned to face the table, eyeing the mounds of food warily and shaking my head. “I’m not actually that hungry.”



“What? Why not?” she raised her eyebrows at me as she piled potatoes onto her plate. “Addie, if something’s wrong you can tell me…”



“I know” I shot her a grateful smile, she was my closest friend after all. “But nothing’s wrong. I’m just tired, that’s all. Grace kept me up all night last night, she wouldn’t sleep.”



“Oh” Lucy nodded understandingly. “How’s Marlene by the way? Still loving being a mother?”



“Yep” I grinned. “Grace has reached her ‘terrible threes’ now though, so I’m not sure how well she’s going to cope without me helping out.”



“So is that what you were doing all summer?” Lucy laughed. “Babysitting?”



“Pretty much” I laughed. “I hung out with Marlene and all her friends a lot too; Alice and Frank got married over the summer.”



“Really?” Lucy gasped. “Straight out of school?”



“I know” I smirked. “Marlene was pretty pissed, she said Frank was showing David up, seeing as they have a child together and he hasn’t even proposed yet.”



“Was it nice, then? The wedding?”



“Oh, yeah” I nodded, picking at a few chips. “Alice looked beautiful. It was pretty small, but all of the Order was there” I added, lowering my tone.



Lucy nodded, munching thoughtfully on her food for a moment. “So has Lily ditched James yet?”



“No, surprisingly!” I laughed. “They seem very much in love, it’s pretty disconcerting actually.”



“And, erm… how about Remus, is he still…?”



“As uninterested as ever, Lucy” I smiled gently, patting her hand. “Marls said his reason for not being with you is a proper one, it’s not that he just doesn’t find you attractive or anything... I think it’s an Order thing actually.”



“Trust me to go for the uninterested one, right?” she smiled ruefully, her eyes downcast.



“There are other boys in this world than Remus Lupin, Lucy” I grinned supportively. “Peter Maynard still seems interested” I nodded towards the Hufflepuff table, where Peter was glancing over at Lucy every so often. Honestly, the boy had been in love with her for years, he was fast becoming Hogwarts’ new James Potter.



Lucy blushed as she spotted Peter watching her and looked away hastily, muffling a giggle behind her hand. “He is looking quite nice this year” she admitted and I smirked, shaking my head at her vain reasoning, but glad she’d cheered up all the same.






The next morning Professor McGonagall handed out all our timetables during breakfast, and I groaned into my morning cup of tea when I read mine.



“Luce, look at this!” I winged. “History of Magic, first thing on Monday mornings!”



“It’s your fault” she sniggered, as she waved her timetable triumphantly in my face. “I have Herbology, now that’s a decent subject to take for NEWT.”



“I happen to like History of Magic, it’s interesting” I pulled a face at her, and she rolled her eyes and resumed scanning through this morning’s Daily Prophet with a frown. “What’s up?” I bit my lip, leaning over and reading the front page over her shoulder.



“Muggles… a whole town of them” she mumbled.



“Death Eaters?”



“Who else?” she replied bitterly. “Listen to this, ‘by the time the Ministry had arrived on the scene at least seventeen Muggles had been murdered.’ …It’s just fun for them, isn’t it? It makes me sick.”



“I know, Luce” I murmured, patting her hand cautiously.



“I’m just so worried” she turned to face me with tear filled eyes. “It’s only Mum who’s there, one wand against however many might come snooping” her bottom lip trembled. “My whole family, at risk…”



“I get it, Luce, I really do. I know my family aren’t Muggles, but there’s a lot of danger… it’ll be over soon though, I know it.”



“I’ve made a plan already” she whispered under her breath. “About what I’m going to do when I leave” she looked at me seriously as I ducked my head, watching her anxiously, waiting for her next words. “Mum won’t let me leave Hogwarts, she says it’ll be suspicious, and just attract trouble…”



“She’s right” I interrupted, and I closed my mouth as Lucy shot me a firm look.



“When I’m finished, this summer, we’re moving somewhere, far away… Russia somewhere, Australia… someplace where we can hide” she murmured. “We can’t stay, and what much good am I going to do for the cause?” she blushed. “I’ve always been useless at Defence.”



“You don’t have to justify it, Luce” I smiled gently. “I understand why you want to go.”



“What’re you going to do? Because you can come, it’d be…”



“Lucy” I bit my lip. “I couldn’t… Marls wouldn’t ever leave, and I think I’m going to stay and fight, for the people I love, you know?”



“You’re such a stereotypical Gryffindor” she rolled her eyes, before glancing at me with a frown. “Do you think I’m a coward, Addie? For running?”



“No, Luce, I don’t” I flashed her my best supportive smile. “I think you’re brave, sweetie, for never once considering to leave your family behind.”



“You are seriously one of the best friends a girl could have, Addie” Lucy smiled, and I kissed her cheek quickly, brushing toast crumbs off my lap as I stood up.



“I know, darling” I winked, slinging my satchel over my shoulder and brushing my dark hair back from my face. “Well, I’d best be off, Professor Binns is calling my name.”



“What? Macmillan or whatever he’s called you for the past six years?” Lucy sniggered, walking with me to the Entrance Hall.



“Oh, just go and strangle some Mandrakes or something” I teased, pushing her in the direction of the grounds as I headed up the main staircase to my classroom.



I kept my head down as I passed a group of Slytherins. They were sixth years, but they’d curse you if you stared too long, so I mingled within a group of cheery Hufflepuffs and didn’t get spotted. I wasn’t really very popular with Slytherins at the moment, considering they all knew that I spent my life in the company of the majority of the Order of the Phoenix.



Upon entering my classroom, I headed for the back corner, that way I could keep my eye on everyone in the class. I knew there were one or two Slytherins in my class, and I didn’t want to be the object of their pranks when they got bored, as I was the only Gryffindor in the group, and therefore the most attractive target.



I watched as the remainder of my class entered: a smattering of Hufflepuffs who eyed me warily before settling themselves down a few rows in front of me, and a larger group of eager Ravenclaws who headed straight for the front rows, their quills at the ready. I frowned as Professor Binns came floating in, and yet none of the Slytherins had arrived yet. Not that I worried about them, but seventh year Slytherins can cause trouble around school when not accounted for, and I hated to think of some poor little first year stranded whilst they cackled around them or something.



“Wondering where I was, McKinnon?”



I jumped in my seat, straightening up and turning to face the source of the sarcastic comment.



I frowned, wrinkling my nose in distaste and turning to face Professor Binns once more as he greeted the Ravenclaws at the front. “What are you doing here, Black?”



“Oh” he chuckled quietly. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know we took History of Magic together?”



“I knew some Slytherins took it, not that it was you” I picked up my quill and vaguely began to scribble down a title for today’s notes.



I turned my head to narrow my eyes at him suspiciously as he sat himself down beside me. “What are you doing, sitting beside me?!”



He shrugged, a small smirk twitching at his lips. “This is my usual seat.”



“Your friends won’t like it much, you sitting next to a half-blood.



“Better than a Mudblood” he replied in a low voice, ignoring my violent glare. “And anyway, they don’t take this subject anymore, McGonagall has them in remedial Transfiguration instead.”



I smirked, noticing the amusement in Regulus’ voice at his fellow house-mates misfortune and glanced over at him, tucking my hair behind my ear cautiously. “Why are you sitting with me though?”



“I’m not sitting with you” Regulus replied coolly. “I’m sitting in my normal seat that I’ve sat in for years, beside a very rude Gryffindor.”



“Very witty” I remarked sarcastically, shuffling away from him slightly and putting my quill to parchment.



“I didn’t know Gryffindors knew how to write!” he whistled under his breath, smirking wider as I gritted my teeth and attempted to stop myself from throwing my quill at his head.



“I didn’t know Slytherins could do anything but grunt.”



“Oh, clever” he whispered. “Some of them are like that, but you’re lucky enough to have met the more educated side of Slytherin.”



“More idiotic side too.”



“You really don’t like me do you?” Regulus chuckled, leaning back on his chair and doodling on the edge of his parchment.



“No, I don’t.”



“Pity, if you weren’t a filthy Gryffindor I’d probably admire your spite” he said casually, and I pursed my lips, edging further away from him and ignoring him for the rest of the lesson.



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