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My Gorgeous Boy by Zyii
Chapter 14 : Chapter Twelve - Part Two
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Chapter Twelve – Part Two

Larry Trumble said at a desk in a cold part of the castle thinking to himself. He’d been so excited to get his mission that he hadn’t actually thought about how hard it would be to carry it out. He set about planning his first idea.

Plan One: How to kill a Snake

How do you kill a snake? If it was a small snake you’d just prod it or stab it with something right? But massive snakes like Nagini, what the hell was he supposed to do? Knife it? Stone it? Run it over with some heavy equipment. He could burn the snake, set it in a trap, poor gasoline on it and then set it alight. That would work wouldn’t it?

But someone would notice a great big fire wouldn’t they. Perhaps instead he could chop the snake up into little pieces using a large sword or sharp knife.  But then he’d have lots of little pieces to discard and how would he manage that? Oh this was so hard. He could use the killing curse, that was simple and effective, but then he’d have a dead snake to deal with and the killing curse was a pretty obvious choice of killing method, perhaps it was too easy, perhaps people would suspect him if it happened. No he couldn’t risk being exposed, he’d have to stay away from the killing curse.

Hmm what else could he do? Oh he could set a trap for the snake, set a load of sharp spikes at the bottom on a hole and lure the snake into it. That would create a lot of blood, it would be a messy death. Would a messier death mean that Voldemort would be more upset? It would be a bonus to hurt Voldemort and kill the snake.

Or he could use another animal. What animal eats a snake? No that would take too much time. Burning the snake would be the best thing to do, that would get it does efficiently and wouldn’t leave anything behind. It would all be burnt and the snake would be dead.

Plan Two: How To Lure A Snake

Ok so he now knew how he was going to kill the snake but how was he going to lure the snake away from Voldemort. Ok what did Snakes like to eat, wasn’t it like rodents or something? That could work right, he could leave a trail of dead rodents for the Snake to find. No but what would happen if someone saw one of the rodents, that would be a dead giveaway wouldn’t it. Oh darn, that would have been a great idea and all.

Fine, what else could he do? Did Snakes like to sleep? He could make a luxurious den for the snake and hope it decided to sleep in it. He could, he could. Well this was stupid, how would you lure a Snake away, well you couldn’t really could you. Larry slumped in his seat – one plan failed.

Plan Three: How to Capture a Snake

How could you capture a snake, well the most obvious way would be with a hook. Lasso it around the snakes head and you’d have it captured, but that’s just for an ordinary snake, would it work on a snake the size of Nagini.

Well he could set traps around the castle, like for instance a gilded cage could fall from the sky and trap the Snake, that would work right. Or he could made holes in the floor, then the snake would fall into them, that would capture it for sure. He still liked the idea of burning the snake, but he needed to capture it first. Making a hole in the floor seemed the perfect way to capture the snake, it wouldn’t see it coming and when it did it would be too late.

Plan Four: How to Avoid a Snakes Bite

Ahh but the snake had a poisonous bite, how would Larry avoid that. He could wear a full body suit, that would work. The Death Eaters costume was almost a full suit, he’d only really have to add gloves, or maybe he should wear an entire under layer beneath his robes that would protect him from being bitten. But then if he was asked to remove his robe during a meeting people would question why he was wearing it underneath.

Ideally he could just become really strong and fast then he could be able to avoid the snake if he went to bite, but damn that snake was fast, he’d didn’t have much of a chance of beating the snake when it came to dodging its attacks.

He could drink a steady amount of snake venom antidote daily, then if he was ever bitten the poison would have been removed from his system straight away because he daily antidote that he’d been drinking would rid his system of the poison instantly. That would work, but he’d have to get the ingredients to brew the potion and that would require ingredients that he didn’t have. Then what would happen if someone discovered him making the potion, would they demand to be told what he was doing or would they demand to have some of the potion themselves?

Perhaps that wouldn’t work as well, it was far too risky and didn’t he take this job knowing that he might be struck down at the end and not survive. Therefore would it not be selfish to insure his safety. He was fighting for a freer world without the restrictions of a madman. In the course of everything, what did it matter if he died if the snake was killed first?

So he knew, he was to capture the snake by making a hole in the floor for it to fall into, then he would burn the snake alive, a quick death.

Plan Five: How to Remove a Snake

So once he’d captured the snake how would he remove it? He knew how to kill it but he couldn’t kill it in broad daylight in a corridor. He needed to transport the snake somewhere else so he could kill it in private.

He could petrify the snake, could you petrify an animal? He’d never done it before but he supposed he could. Well he could try to petrify the snake or just cast a body binding curse on it, then he could levitate the snake from the hole without harm or fear of being bitten. That would work wouldn’t it? Perhaps he’d charm the snake invisible as well as a large petrified levitating snake would be very obvious.

Yes, he’d do that. So he now had most of his plan mapped out. Create a hole for the snake to fall into, body bind the snake and disillusion it then burn it to ashes.

Plan Six: How to Hide a Snake

So the last thing he had to do, what would he do with the remains of the snake. Once he had captured the snake and burnt it what should he do with the remains? He shouldn’t keep them on hand for much longer after committing the deed it would be too suspicious.

Perhaps if he got a thick burlap sack he could place the snake ashes in it. Then he could vanish the bag away to a safer place before destroying all evidence. Perhaps it would be good to pour the ashes in the sea. Nothing could return from the sea, it was vast and never ending. Besides nothing could come back from the burning spell Larry would use to kill the snake, but nothing was to be taken for chance.

So when it came down to it, Larry Trumble moved through the castle in the middle of the night. He silently cast a spell to create a deep pit in the middle of a corridor, he then covered it completely so it resembled the rest of the floor. He waited patiently for Nagini to appear, the snake was known for patrolling the halls of the castle after dark, she sometimes installed more fear than her Master.

A deep hiss alerting Larry to the fall of Nagini, perfect, she’d fallen into the hole but to anyone passing by it would look like nothing was amiss. As soon as he removed Nagini from the hole it would close back up as if nothing had changed.

He body binded the snake and petrified it just in case, then he disillusioned it and levitated it from the hole. Moving slowly through the halls he maintained the spell and kept his head down, nodding to any lowly Death Eater he passed. He made it back to his quarters without suspicion and with the snake in tow.

Once he reached his quarters he placed the snake in the middle of the room, still hovering, he wasn’t going to risk burning the floor thus incriminating himself. He placed the burlap sack on the floor below the snake and then enlarged it to catch all the ashes.

“Eternus Incendia” he whispered, pointing to the snake before him.

Nagini was lit alight with a fierce burning light, changing from red flames to blue flames to green. Nagini made no noise as she thrashed under the fire that burnt its skin. It thrashed and swayed as the fire consumed it. The ashes of Nagini dropped below and into the bag, crumbling into darkened pieces of dirty ash. When the deed was finally done the eternal flame disappeared with a blink of the eye, and the remaining ashes dropped into the bag filling it to the brim.

Larry braced himself against the wall breathing deeply at the stress that lifted from his shoulders as the deed was completed. However he wasn’t out of the woods just yet, he still needed to hide the ashes and get them out to sea, as well as trying to find a way out of the castle, not get caught and survive the war.

Eternus Incendia = eternal fire

I finished the story on Easter Sunday, now only 4 chapters to post ~ Zyii 

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