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Love and War by starkidpottergal16
Chapter 15 : New Years Eve: Part 1
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"I'm not joking, Izzy, move." 

"Sirius and Maylea sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. " she sang. 

"You've been here almost three days and you choose NOW to make fun of me?!"

"But you guys WERE...."

"NO!! FYI!! I haven't kissed her since you got here!!"

"Oops! We got ourselves a looove triangle. " she smiled, outlining a triangle in the air. 


Isabella was standing in front of the dorm door. Sirius was tempted to hit her, but she looked miserable already. Maylea did Isabella's  now jet-black hair in a bun on top of her head, she was wearing makeup, which Sirius knew she absolutely hated. The dress she had on was entirely too tight for Isabella's comfort but even Sirius had to admit it made her look sexy. On top of all that she was precariously balanced on her high heels. 

"You better get outta my way."

"Make me." she sneered. 

Sirius held up his pointer finger. Isabella tilted her head, not knowing what he was doing. Sirius quickly poked her shoulder. She lost her balance and fell backwards screaming. 

Sirius dashed over her but she managed to grab his heel. He fell face first into the hard wood floor. 

She sprang up and dug her two-inch heel into Sirius' back. "MUAHAHAHA!!!" she laughed. 

Sirius wasn't done. He smirked as he made a big deal in looking up her skirt.

He whistled. "Great view down here." 

She kicked his stomach and her face turned a bright red.  

"I win. " he said jumping up. 

"Okay Izzy..." James walked out of the dorms "Rea- woah." 

Sirius stood there as James' jaw dropped. He was confused. He thought James  loved Lily. He turned to Izzy, expect it wasn't Isabella. It was Lily. 

"Lily? How did you-" he stopped when he saw her familiar big eyes. "Oh my God, Izzy don't"

"Wait.. That's Izzy?" 

"Come on loverboy... Let's get your girl."

"This isn't going to work..." James said running his fingers though his hair.

"Trust me Jamesie I'll have her snogging you by the new year." she smiled.

***                        ***                          *** 


Sirius turned around. Maylea was standing behind him with a big grin on her face. She walked around him to get in front of him. Sirius' hand accidentally brushed her thigh and he felt a shock. Not like a static shock but something unexplainable.  Maylea felt it too because she stopped for a moment. But then shook it away as if it didn't happen. 
Sirius thought Maylea looked absolutely breathtaking. Her brown hair was curled so it bounced every time she took a step. And her sparkly blue dress ever so slightly glowed, lighting up her beautiful face, making Sirius' insides melt. 
"Uhm hey... So Uhm..." she stuttered, "have you seen Remus?" 

"Uh.. No.. It's only ten. He wouldn't be reading yet.. Would he?" 

"Well I'm kinda worried cause Maggie was going all freaky cause she's never kissed a guy and she was wondering what she would do if Remus tried to kiss her at midnight. I mean what if she ran off and broke Remus' heart? Oh what if-"

"Shh..." Sirius said taking her hand. "Do you wanna dance?"

She smiled, and nodded. 

***                        ***                       ***

"I'm having a lot of fun Sirius." Maylea said with a smile. 

"Yeah. Me too..." he drifted off as he saw a redhead sulking in a corner. 


He smiled and pointed to the corner where a redhead sat glaring at James and "Elena Black" (a.k.a Isabella). Next to her sat a bored looking Peter, surrounded by at least three empty butterbeer glasses. 

"It's working..."  Maylea breathed. 

"I know! She has to make a move sometime."

"Make a move... Sirius... Where. Is. Remus and Maggie?"

They both gave each other fearful looks and both bolted out of the common room at the same time. 

The hall was littered with snogging couples. Maylea grabbed Sirius' hand trying to satisfy the desire that was growing inside her. Sirius was glad she did. He was using all the self control he had. 

"Hey!"  Maylea gasped. "I found them!" she pointed to a curtain.


"Those are the shoes I let Maggie borrow." 

They walked up to the curtain. 

"We are probably going to ruin their night..." Sirius said. 

"Depends on what they're doing...." Maylea smirked. 

They both thew open the curtains.

But much to their surprise they weren't snogging. They were cuddled up in the corner of the window... Reading 


"Oh! Hai!"

"Why aren't you guys snogging?!" Maylea asked. 

"Well, LEA. We wanted to read this together instead."

Remus held up his potions book, and smiled. 

"Why don't I have normal friends..."

"Lily is-"

Maylea glared. 

"oh right." Maggie muttered, "She's totally mental now."

"Maylea?" came the voice of a boy behind her. 

"Billy?" she asked. 

Sirius immediately tightened his grip on Maylea's hand. He knew Farnsworth had a thing for Maylea. But she was HIS.  

"An owl came for you," Billy said watching Sirius carefully, "I think it's from Poppy...."

"Oh!" Maylea's face fell. 

"Poppy?" Sirius asked. 

"Poppy is my little sister. The letter might be about my mum. I'll meet you back in the common room kay?"

Sirius kissed her forehead, "Kay." 

She ran off and Sirius turned back to Maggie and Remus. 

"Get going Padfoot." Remus said, "I don't plan on reading all night."

Maggie blushed and Sirius walked back to the common room. He looked to see if Evans was still sulking but he didn't see her or Peter in the corner. He looked around and saw Peter dancing with some Ravenclaw girl, but Evans was no where in sight... 

"Hey Sirius."

Sirius whirled around, Alice was standing behind him looking embarrassed. 

"Hey Alice... What's up?"

"I was wondering if I could take you up on that offer to dance? My friends keep trying to get me to dance with someone, and if it has to be anyone I want it to be you. Only because I know Frank wouldn't object."

"Uhm... Yeah sure." he smiled and took her hand. 

"Thanks Sirius." she muttered.

"No problem." he said spinning her. 


He stopped spinning Alice and looked behind him. Maylea was standing there tears forming in her beautiful multi-colored eyes. 

"What the hell?!? What is wrong with you!!" she stormed out of the portrait hole. 

Sirius stood there. Trying to comprehend that his life should be over. He just lost her. 

"Go!" Alice whispered urgently, giving him a shove. 

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