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Lessons and Love by itswonderland
Chapter 10 : Realisation
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Two weeks passed, I had more tutoring sessions with Louis and Emily did more stalking of Scott. Louis, Zoe and I began to spend more time together while Emily was doing aforementioned stalking. Breanne hadn’t brought her knowledge of the plan yet but I did catch her staring at me once or twice at the Hufflepuff table. She was barely ever in the dorm anymore.

The plan wasn’t making progress but it wasn’t failing either. In fact, it was going much better than I could have ever expected. I thought Emily and I would have given up after a few days but we were persevering. Sometimes I wondered about why Emily bothered helping so much but then again we were friends and that was what friends did for each other: they helped them. That was more than Breanne had ever really done for me.

My grades were improving as well. Louis and I had done a total of eight tutoring sessions which while not always full of tutoring – sometimes we just talked…or he talked and I listened and blushed – benefited me. I was no successful at a Conjuring spell but that was really it. I had improved on Charms theory though which was good for me because I was terrible at that.

Maybe, at the rate this was going, I’d be able to get at least an A or (if I wanted to go wild) an E. Louis was a really great tutor but then again he was Louis Weasley so it was kind of to be expected. He was good looking, funny and super smart so why wouldn’t he be a good tutor? Not to say that all good tutors have to be good looking and funny but what I meant was it was just another thing to add to his never ending list of perfect qualities.

I wasn’t shallow, I promise. Or maybe I was but only when it came to Louis because I wasn’t ME when I was with Louis. I didn’t know whether that was a good thing or not so I decided it was because, well, it was Louis.

Also, Louis and I had two more sessions of fun which were completely wild (by my standards anyway). But Louis had said that wasn’t the craziest of it so I was slightly scared and excited for what he had in store for me later on. Hopefully nothing to get either of us in serious trouble or any trouble at all but I didn’t think Louis was like that.
“Hi there.” I looked up at the sound of the voice which I assumed was addressing me as the Hufflepuff common room was more or less empty so unless they were addressing the two third year across the room, then it had to be me.

That in itself was quite shocking actually because nobody ever just started talking to me. It was almost unheard of because I was Loria and who wanted to talk to shy, boring Loria? Nobody, that was who.

I looked up from my Potions revision textbook in which I had been reading up on Draught of the Living Dead going over in my head: wormwood, valerian roots, sloth brain, asphodel and…what was that bean again?

Slightly panicked, I scanned over the page and found the list of ingredients. The ingredient I was looking for situated second to last on the list. It was a single sopophorous bean. I let out a sigh of relief and replayed that in my head along with the others. I had to get the ingredients before I started on anything else. I wasn’t Emily, I didn’t have photographic memory.

“Hello? Loria? Anybody in there?” said the voice again; I could vaguely recognise it but didn’t have the brain power available to think of who it was.

When I looked up I was greeted by Alfie’s amused smirking face.

“Oh, er, hi, Alfie,” I said.

He sat down next to me on the orange settee which Breanne always complained clashed with the yellow wall colours. Personally, I quite liked it. It gave a feeling of homeliness and happiness.

“What you doing?” Alfie asked, peering over my shoulder.

Although I was slightly confused about why Alfie was talking to me when Emily wasn’t around, I let him look at the textbook.

“Potions, eh?” he said.

I nodded.

“How’s your tutoring with that Louis fella going then?” Alfie looked around the common room idly and I started to feel awkward.

“Erm, it’s going…good. I don’t, er, mean to sound rude but how do you even know about that? Are you and Louis friends?” I said so quickly even I barely understood it.

“No,” said Alfie almost immediately, “we’re not friends and about me knowing…Emily told me.”

I didn’t know Emily talked about me with Alfie. Just as long as she didn’t mention anything about the plan because it could easily be taken the wrong way. The wrong way would probably have been the right way that Emily and I were choosing to ignore.

There was an awkward silence between us so I went back to memorising the ingredients list. Wormwood, Valerian Roots, Sloth Brain

I was cut off by Alfie speaking again.

“Have you seen Emily?” he asked.

“I think she’s in bed,” I told him.

“Oh…okay,” said Alfie, his head hung low. “Night, Loria. See you…when I see you.” He laughed slightly at the last past, pushed himself off the settee and went through the tunnel that led to the boys’ dorm rooms.

“Night,” I said although it was completely considering he was already gone.

Memorising the ingredients list became much too tiring for me and I was even too tired to go back to the dorm room. I set my book down on the coffee table in front of me and got myself into a comfier position. I was about to do what no Hufflepuff (that I knew of anyone) had done before. I was going to sleep in the common room.

Yes, feel free to bow down at my knees for having the guts to do something so rebellious. Although maybe it wasn’t so much as having the guts as I was too tired to do anything else.


“Now, I’ve been looking over your results for last week’s mock test and it’s shocking how bad the majority of you are at Conjuring spell theory. I can’t bear to think about how bad you all are at actually doing the spell.” The Professor visibly shuddered and I couldn’t help but feel a little offended. I couldn’t have done that bad could I? Louis and I had gone over this more than anything and I thought I had it down to a tee.

Professor Li continued, “Only two students in this class got that section of the test right and I’m pleased to announce that if thy continue the way they’re going, they’ll be on a fast track to scoring an O in Transfiguration when it comes to N.E.W.T’s.”

I watched Molly Weasley as she sat up straight in her seat, flipped her red hair over her shoulder and smiled smugly. Nobody was doubtful that Molly would be one of the two that got the section right because she just got everything right. Much like Louis, actually.

“So for homework, I want you all to read up on the Conjuring spell and we’ll have a mini test tomorrow, except for the two that got it right on the test,” said Professor Li.

The class groaned and I watch as Molly threw a grin Louis’ way, obviously knowing that they were the two to get the section right. For a fleet second I thought about what it would be like if I was one of the people that got it right but then I realised how ridiculous that was. Never would I ever get something right that either Molly or Louis didn’t.

Molly put her hand up.

“Yes, Molly,” said Professor Li.

“Professor,” said Molly, “who were the two that got it right?”

Professor Lil looked at sheet of paper on her desk before answering. “Louis Weasley and Loria Kent.”

Needless to say, I was shocked. I glanced over at Louis and he gave me a wide smile and a thumbs up. “Well done,” he mouthed.

I blushed and smiled at him but soon my attention was turned back to the commotion happening in front of me.

“What?” Molly spluttered after what must have been a minute of silent hyperventilating.

“Is there a problem, Miss Weasley?” Our Professor asked.

I didn't get it right? But I studied hard for this!” Molly wailed, her face going blotchy and her hair coming away from its perfect hold.

“Well, we all get some things wrong in life,” Professor Li consoled her.

“Did I get anything else wrong?” asked Molly, calmer now than before much to the relief of everyone in the class and even Professor Li.

“No,” said Professor Li.

Molly let out a loud sigh of relief and then another. She patted her hair down and composed her face, she looked much calmer now.

“That’s good,” she said and then muttered to herself, “Very, very good.”

Soon enough, the lesson ended and the class literally raced out of the room. Emily and Alfie had chosen to go off together somewhere which left me all alone. I didn’t really mind it but at the same time I didn’t want to be travelling the corridors of Hogwarts alone because you just didn’t know what was lingering in them. There could always be a group of Slytherins ready to attack the poor innocent Hufflepuff.

I left the classroom alone amidst the hustle and bustle. I walked the busy corridors alone and I turned the corner leading to the door that was the entrance to the magical pathway which led to the greenhouses where I would commence my Herbology lesson.

“Hey! Loria! Loria wait up.”

Not long after that had been shouted, someone crashed into me and sent me falling to the ground. Whoever it was immediately stood up and held out their hand to help me, in my now frazzled state, up. Much to my surprise it was Louis.

“So sorry about that,” he apologised before bending down to tie the laces on his shoes into the perfect bows, “shoelaces were untied.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at him.

Louis pouted. “Shut up,” he snapped but then a huge smile spread across his face indicating that he was joking. “Well done on the test,” Louis congratulated.

“And you,” I replied.

“Thanks,” he said.

We walked in a comfortable silence before my curiosity got the better of me.

“I didn’t know you took Herbology.”

“I don’t,” said Louis.

“Then, um, why are you walking with me?” I giggled awkwardly because I feared that I’d made everything awkward.

“Free period,” Louis told me.

For some reason, I thought that made sense but it really didn’t. In fact, it made zero sense. Just because he had a free period didn’t mean he had to walk with me to Herbology – a lesson he wasn’t even in. Not to say I didn’t appreciate it because I did, it was just weird.

“Oh,” I said bleakly.

Another silence commenced and I was relieved to finally be at the greenhouses. While the silence wasn’t awkward it was still a little bit strange and unlike usual I didn’t enjoy it, not one bit.

“Well, bye.” Louis waved.

“See you.” I waved back.

Louis walked away and I turned to the greenhouse door. Through the glass I could see a handful of students already there who hopefully wouldn’t notice my appearance. I had a rule that I had to be first or at least early to most lessons because I just hated the stares people got when they walked in late or later than everybody else.

While opening the door I had a strange thought. For once, I hadn’t thought about how perfect Louis was while I was in his company. I didn’t miss him even a tiny bit right then either.



On the way back to the Hufflepuff basement after Double Potions I began to overthink. By overthink, I meant my brain really went into overdrive. I had Emily next to me chattering away but I just couldn’t pay attention. My brain was going wild.

I was sure it had something to do with my thoughts earlier that day but whether it did or it didn’t, inside my head I was going made. It was like a party of thoughts in there and it scared my slightly. I didn’t think I’d ever thought so much. One minute I was going over what Draught of the Living Death did and then the next I was thinking about Louis, then the plan, then Zoe and then somehow it got onto Breanne. Were these things connected? Well, yes they were but I’d never thought about them all at once.

“Loria, are you alright?” Emily tapped me on the shoulder and looked at me with her concerned face which she only used in situations that really worried her.

“Yeah,” I lied, “I’m fine…really. Just fabulous, fine and dandy, you know…all that jazz.”

Emily rolled her eyes at me. “I can tell you’re not but whatever, you don’t have to tell me.”

I knew what she was using; she was using the guilt trick on me. Emily could make a Slytherin feel guilty; I just didn’t know how she did it.

I let out an exasperated sigh. “It’s nothing, Em, I’m just overthinking everything. I’m fine, really I am.”

Emily smiled. “Well, okay, but I’m here if you want to talk.”

And somehow I just knew that she was. I knew that Emily was always there for me to vent to. She told me all her problems and troubles and I told her mine. I didn’t think I’d ever had a better friendship with anyone. With Breanne, she had her on and off days, one day she’d be up and willing to listen but the next she’d make an excuse to leave. Mainly, she just told me all her problems and I had to listen and try and give my advice. Just as a side note, my advice was terrible. I was terrible at giving advice.

When we got to the common room, Emily went up to her room to shower – she’d had Care of Magical Creatures and absolutely stunk. I’d started noticing it after our talk about how I could always talk to her and up and to that point, I couldn’t help but notice it.

I took my Potions book out of my bag and opened it back to the Draught of the Living Dead page which I had found a sparkly book mark for so I didn’t lose it – the page, not the bookmark but I didn’t want to lose that either. It was quite a nice bookmark which never stopped sparkly. What a pretty bookmark.

“Stop right now.”

I looked up, confused - what was this person telling me to stop? My reading? Unlikely, us Hufflepuff’s generally left people reading alone. No, this had to be something else.

Breanne stood opposite me, glaring.

“Stop what?” I asked, I was genuinely confused but she didn’t buy it.

“You know what.” Breanne continued to glare at me.

“I…I, um, don’t know,” I said.

“Don’t get all shy and meek and innocent on me, Loria.” Breanne glared. “You know what I want you to stop! I want you to stop this little…this little plan you and Emily have going on to split up Louis and Zoe. Did it never occur to you that they’re happy? That they don’t need to be split up just so you can go out with your petty little crush for what, a week? Maybe two if you’re lucky. Louis is not good for you. Give up while you’re ahead, Loria, it won’t end well for either of you.”

I hated to say it but Breanne was right. I’d asked myself this before but why was I bothering? It was clear that Louis and Zoe were happy together and I was just selfish. I didn’t want to be, really I didn’t but I couldn’t help it. It was Louis for goodness sake. I’d lusted after Louis since First year and suddenly a chance to maybe even be with him comes up. I didn’t care what Breanne said, nobody would say no to that. Only now was I starting to realise the true nastiness of my actions.

“I’m…I’m sorry,” I said.

Sorry? Why are you apologising to me? Stop now, seriously, otherwise I’ll make sure Louis and Zoe find out. You can be sure of that.” After that last word, Breanne flounced off up to the dormitory leaving me feeling like the worst person on earth in her wake.

I was the worst person on earth. I was a mean, cruel, conniving, bad excuse for a Hufflepuff. I’d worked hard yes, but I wasn’t loyal. I was two faced and neither of them were very pretty.. Zoe thought I was her friend and I guess I was but not a true friend. True friends don’t plan to split up her friend’s happy relationship just because she thinks she’s in love with the boyfriend. That wasn’t true friendship. I was stabbing Zoe in the back and I hated that.

A small tear threatened to escape and I quickly wiped it away.

In an attempt to get what Breanne had said off my mind for the next hour, I tried to absorb myself back in my book. The Draught of the Living Dead is an extremely powerful sleeping potion which sends the drinker into a deep trance similar to that of death.

It was sad that although I’d been reading this since yesterday morning, all I had remembered was what it was and what the ingredients were. I was pathetic, I was really pathetic.

I'm not too sure about this chapter, the end was a bit angstyy but I hope it was alright. Was the whole Breanne knowing and telling her to stop too early? Anyway tell me what you thought! :)

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