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Beautiful Sorrow by Beauxbatonsgirl
Chapter 4 : Enraged
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Oh God what just happened! Am I dead? Didn’t she just hit me with a killing curse? It’s supposed to hurt though isn’t it, dying? I didn’t feel a thing. I’m on the ground, in a ball. I know that, but am I alive? Maybe I should try to stand up; if I can then I’m probably still living. So what happened then, if it didn’t hit me? Was she even aiming at me? I’m on my feet, that’s good.

Everything seems normal enough, there’s no one around to have seen it. No dead bodies on the floor, I turn to look over my shoulder and see Hermione on the ground. Oh God, did she cast it at herself. No no no no. I bend down beside her and place my hand on her wrist, feeling for a pulse. I breathe a sigh of relief, it’s there. So what happened then? Why is she on the floor? Was she aiming for me? Why did she miss? Was she aiming for anything, herself? Well for the moment, she’s unconscious and that’s all I know. Would she be freaked out if I took her back to my room in the B&B? Gosh, so many questions and no answers. It seems like the only rational thing to do though, so I carry her back and put her on the bed.

Now what? Okay, relax Draco. You can’t get any answers until she wakes up so stop thinking about it, clear your head. I can’t do it though, I need to stop thinking but I can’t. I think I need some fresh air, so I leave Hermione on the bed, lock the door and step out onto the quiet street. I decide to walk towards the park I can see at the end of the street. It’s a nice day, cool but sunny. Birds are singing and you can hear chatter from people their gardens. What I wouldn’t give for a normal life like those people at the moment. Away from all this hectic weird behaviour and just living a normal, boring life. Is it so much to ask? I need to stop thinking like this, there’s no way to get out of it so I just need to deal with it. The sooner the better. So what do normal people do in a park? There’s pond, I think I’ll go see the ducks.

Half an hour later, I’m back at the house, unlocking my door. Some stupid kid pushed me into the pond while I was looking at the ducks; this is why I hate Muggles. So immature. I’m sopping wet, covered in moss and bits of pond. I need to change but Hermione’s in here, sleeping. It should be ok, shouldn’t it? She’s unconscious and I don’t think she’s going to wake up in the 30 seconds it takes for me to change. Yeah I’ll just change in here. Thank God I started changing when I did because I just have my trousers on, no shirt, when she stirs and in no time has me pinned to the floor.

“What the hell was that Malfoy! Where am I?” She screams in my face, her arms pinning down my elbows.

“What was what? You were unconscious on the floor and you wanted to leave you there!” I scream back. I squirm to free my arms from hers and kick me legs, so she sits on my stomach.

“Yes! I told you to go! Do you ever listen to anyone Malfoy or are you so conceited that you think you always know best? Stop moving or I’ll tie you up”

“I don’t think that, you seriously wanted to lie unconscious on a street full of strangers rather than have me take you back here! It’s my room in this B&B by the way!”

“Did you not just hear me, yes! I did want you to leave me there”

“But why? What happened back there?” Finally a chance for answers, plus my arms are going numb.

“You don’t need to know” She quickly rolls off of me and stands up, turning for the door. I catch her ankles before she can move.

“Yes I do, like I said earlier today you owe me answers at the least”

“Whatever, fine. Just let go of me and stand up” I get to my feet, wary of her running again. I sit on the bed and beckon her to join me. She warily sits and stares at her feet.

“Start from the very beginning, why have you been missing for so long?”

“Ok, it’s not a nice story. Before I start just promise not to tell anyone about this, the only other person who knows the full story is Harry and he’s been really good about it. I don’t need you to ruin it. Promise”

“I know, I do” So Harry knows, great.

“The reason that I’ve been missing for so long and why everyone freaked out when you said that you saw me. It’s because….. I killed Ron”

The door bursts open and a familiar face comes barging in. Here we go again.

Hey everyone, sorry for the late update yet again. A short chapter but the explanation starts here, let me know your theories! Thanks for all being so supportive and I'm sorry for being the suckiest updater ever. Love you all :)

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