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Fallin' by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 14 : Promises
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Woo!! Here it is, chapter 14! :D
I hope you all enjoy reading it.

A huge thanks to all the reviewers from the last chapter: We Are Padfoot and Prongs, slytherindraco, Brookeweasley23, Slytherinbabe, Bella_Bug, GrangerDanger76, Avanell_2, hedwig13, Olivia, newi, maytheodds62442, and of course miss Gin-gin06. I love you all and you keep me going. Thank you a million times over.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter the wonderful world these characters live in, that all belongs to the incredible JK Rowling. All that's mine is the plot.

Enjoy. That is a request. Mwuahaha. Just kidding, but I hope y'all enjoy. Here it is, CHAPTER 14!!!!


Rose’s POV:


“Young lady.” I heard in the back of my mind. Odd. I was having a dream that Scorp and I were on a magic carpet. I smiled before I heard it again, “young lady!” This time it was a bit louder. Why was someone yelling at me in my dream?


“Ten more minutes, dad.” I said, mumbling but knowing he would understand.


“Umm. I’m not your father.” The voice said and I suddenly woke up and slowly rose to a sitting position, taking in my surroundings.


I was in a hospital room and there was a tall, dark-haired, male Healer standing at the foot of the bed, eying me cautiously. I tried to remember why I was hear and suddenly remembered… Scorpius.


I looked down and was surprised to see that there were no longer any stitches and that he had hair once more. My eyes grew wide and I heard the Healer chuckle.


“We always wait until after their first night to remove the stitches and use all the healing medicine and hair re-growth serum if it’s necessary.” I was still staring at him skeptically when he continued, “Sorry I had to wake you, we’d done our best to not wake you when we were removing the stitches and everything, but we wanted to run a few tests and need to move his bed.” I nodded and slid off the bed, wrapping the blanket around myself and grabbing my shoes before going to the door.


“His father is still in the waiting room,” he said I was leaving and I turned to ask him how he knew, “the Healers from the last shift told me everything.” I gave him a quick smile and nod and exited into the hallway.


I made my way across the hallway and spotted Mr. Malfoy almost right away. I shuffled over to him and plopped down, yawning and stretching. He massaged his neck and turned to face me.

“I hope you slept better than I did” he said between yawns, “It was a nightmare out here.”


“It took me a while to fall asleep, but once I did I managed to sleep like a baby. Not quite sure how.” I nearly whispered, I didn’t trust my voice today.


“Mr. Malfoy?” I said suddenly, seeming to catch him off guard, “Would you mind apparating me home for a bit? I need to shower and change out of these clothes.” I gestured to my shirt and pants still splattered here and there with Scorpius’s blood. He nodded and stood up, offering his hand to me. I took it and felt the familiar sensation.


We were now outside the Burrow, he took a glance at his watch. “I’ll be back here in about an hour, 9:30 or so, to pick you up if you want to return to the hospital.” I nodded and started back towards the house, hearing the crack from behind me letting me know he had gone.


I immediately collapsed to the floor, dissolving into tears. I hadn’t wanted to break down in front of him. I’m sure he was suffering as much as I was and it wouldn’t be fair to him. After what seemed like ages, I stood up and made my way inside, hoping to avoid everyone.


I managed to sneak up the stairs and into the bathroom, locking it behind me. I showered as quickly as possible, wrapping the towel around me and tossing my dirty clothes into the hamper. I cracked the door open and saw the coast was clear. As silently as possible, I made my way to ‘my’ room and shut the door behind me.


I threw on a change of clothes, jeans and a comfortable top, and tossed the towel aside.


“ARGHHH!” I heard someone shout from behind me and I jumped two feet in the air. Dominique was lying on my floor, balling up the towel I’d apparently just thrown at her face. “WATCH IT ROSE!” She shouted. Dom was NOT a morning person. “BLOODY HELL!” She shouted, jumping up and wrapping me in a hug.


“Everyone is worried sick about you.” She said quietly in my ear, refusing to release me from her hug.


“Me?” I asked, shocked that they weren’t worried about the right person, “what about Scorpius?!” I nearly shouted, feeling fresh tears threatening to spill over.


“Oh, don’t get me wrong, they’re all worried for him. But they’re all worried about how you’re handling all this. How you’ll continue to handle it.”


“I can handle myself just fine, thanks.” I hissed at her, pushing her away and making my way out of the room.


I was beyond angry at this point, and I stomped my way downstairs, not caring if I woke anyone. Grandma Molly was already in the kitchen, cooking up some pancakes, eggs, and bacon. It smelled heavenly. I inhaled the aroma and let out a sigh, causing her to turn and look at me.


“Oh, Rosie!” I wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but she was the only one I didn’t mind calling me Rosie. She embraced me in a hug and I felt like crying all over again.


“Grandma.” I whispered in her ear, wanting nothing more than to stay here.


“Everything will be just fine, you wait and see!” She said, pulling back and giving me a reassuring smile before returning to her food.


I glanced at the clock and saw that it was nearly 9:30.


“I’d better get going. Mr. Malfoy is supposed to be picking me up any minute now.”


“Nonsense! He can stay for breakfast.” She said, stirring the eggs. “We’ll make it a quick one.” She winked at me and returned to the pancakes. I sighed. There was no arguing with Grandma Molly when it came to food.


I hiked back upstairs, wanting to grab a few things since I wasn’t in a rush any longer. I brushed out my hair and brushed my teeth before returning to my room to find a distraught looking Dom, who quickly shuffled and put something behind her back.


“What was that, Dom?” I asked, growing even more angry with her.


“Nothing! I swear!” She said, completely unconvincingly.


“Hand it here, now.” She pouted, but held her hand out, revealing a small box. It was the promise ring I had picked out for Scorpius. I was always a sucker for muggle traditions, something I got from Grandpa Arthur, and had always wanted to give someone a promise ring. To prove to them that I was theirs and they were mine and nothing would change that.


“I swear, I was just looking!”


“God damn it, Dom! Hand it here!” I ripped it out of her hands and stormed out of the room. I pulled the ring out and slipped it into my pocket, throwing the box as hard as I could and hearing it bounce its way downstairs.


I made my way down to a breakfast I wasn’t ready to face.


I arrived downstairs to find Mr. Malfoy already sitting at the table with Nana Weasley fussing over how skinny he was, as was typical. He was smiling slightly as she kept loading his plate with more and more food.


I came into the kitchen and silently grabbed a plate, sitting down and grabbing myself a few pancakes, drenching them in syrup. I began to cut the pancakes without really paying any attention and heard my Nana clear her throat.


I looked up to see her looking down at me with concern, “are you going to eat the pancakes or just mutilate them?” she asked, her left eyebrow raised questioningly. I tried to shoot her a glare but found that I couldn’t, she really was impossible to be angry towards.


“I’m gonna eat them.” I grumbled, more to myself than to Nana. I dropped my knife with a clatter and attempted to stab a pile of what was now mush onto my fork. Fair warning: stabbing at a pile of mush and hoping to get a pile onto the fork is much easier said than done. I threw the fork in frustration and went to shove my face into the pile before Nana grabbed it away from me.


“Why don’t I just give you some bacon? Or a biscuit?” she asked, bustling around the kitchen and bringing me a plate full of eggs and bacon, a biscuit on the side.


“Because, I’ll just kill that too.” I said, picking up my knife and attempting to stab the biscuit as Nana pulled it away from me as well, causing me to stab the table.


“Oh love, hand me the knife. You’re lucky that table is used to that kind of abuse.” She said, holding out a hand. I begrudgingly pulled it out of the table and placed it in her hand, slumping back into my chair and crossing my arms over my chest.


“Eat. Now.” She said, cautiously placing the plate back in front of me. I shook my head, no longer wanting the food and attempting to hold back my tears. “Rose Nymphadora Weasley, you eat your food, now.” She said firmly, placing her hands on her hips and staring at me.


I stared back at her before surrendering, “fine.” I mumbled, picking up my fork and stabbing a tiny piece of egg, putting it in my mouth before dropping the fork on the plate again, this time causing Mr. Malfoy to flinch back and Nana to glare.


“Now, young lady, I don’t think you want me to treat you like a child, but I will feed you myself if you don’t eat. Behave yourself, pick up the fork, and eat.” I rolled my eyes but knew she was being completely serious. I picked up my fork and tried my best to behave.


She walked off, muttering to herself and I felt a tear slide down my cheek. I didn’t quite know why I was acting the way I was, but I couldn’t help it.


Mr. Malfoy gave me a sympathetic look but returned to his food, obviously knowing I wanted my privacy.


After several minutes, I’d managed to make a sizeable dent in my food. I stood up, pushing my chair back into place quite loudly and startling Nana and Mr. Malfoy. My father walked into the kitchen at that moment and I suddenly felt overwhelmed. I ran from the room, ignoring the calls of my family from behind me.


I ran blindly from the house, unable to see from the tears now coming with more ferocity as I continued to run until I couldn’t anymore. I slumped onto the ground as a wave of tears came over me.


I must’ve been there for a few hours, completely soaked to the bone. The ground was still covered in a few feet of snow and I’d landed in a pile of it. My clothes were stiff and I was completely numb as I came around.


Voices sounded around me suddenly and I tried to look up to see who it was but didn’t have the strength to do so.


The voices were muffled but I felt strong hands lift me and before I knew it, I was waking up in my bed, my mother sitting in a chair across from the bed and my father pacing the floor.


My mother saw my eyes open and jumped from her seat, running over to me.


“Oh, Rose. You had us so worried!” she said, grabbing my hand and putting it to her face. Her face was hot to the touch and I nearly pulled it back. “Your hands are still freezing.” She noted, rubbing my hand between both of hers.


“What were you thinking, Rosie?” my father said, now standing over me looking concerned.


“I wasn’t.” I said truthfully, closing my eyes again and slumping back.


“Oh, love. If it weren’t for the fact I acted the same way when I was in love, I would be so mad at you right now.” My mother said, her eyes filling with tears as she brushed my still-wet hair from my face. “Let’s get you a nice, warm bath. Nothing too hot, I don’t want you to get sick.”


I nodded and allowed my mother to lead me to the bathroom, suddenly wanting nothing more than to be back at the hospital with Scorpius.

GAHHH!! Sorry it's been so long. *duckes under table and uses chaira as a shield* but I love you all and figured it was about time for an update. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and where the story is headed/ where you would like to see it head. I do take all suggestions into consideration. :P

I respond to all reviews and would LOVE to hear from all y'all even if it's a few words. You gyus have been incredible, thanks for sticking with me. S2

Until next time,

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Fallin' : Promises


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