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Knock on Wood by banshee
Chapter 19 : A Weasley Wedding
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"How was the rest of the night at Grandma and Grandpas?" I asked my parents the next morning at breakfast.

"Lovely, we got grandpa to play that dancing game on the Wii," My mum chuckled.

"Well, I’m glad I wasn’t there to experience that."

"Oh, and an owl came for you last night. One of your friends from school must have sent you a present," She added, turning towards the counter where a small parcel wrapped in brown paper sat.

I furrowed my eyebrows, trying to think who on earth would have sent me a present. "I don’t have any more friends than who I saw yesterday, does it say who it’s from?"

She shook her head, "Nope."

"Oh," I sighed, "I guess I’ll open it later."

She nodded and handed me the parcel. As I glanced down to it, my eyes traced the sharply familiar handwriting.

"Err, I’ll be right back," I mumbled, staring at the way he looped the letters of my name together; just like normal, fucking Scorpius Malfoy stole my attention.

I rushed up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom. Once I was safely inside the confinements of my room, I tossed the parcel onto my bed and stared at it. I hesitated for a second, before I crossed my arms over my chest and took a step closer. The golden ink my name was written in hit the light seeping through my window, and when I took another step closer my name illuminated over the package. I let out a thick breath I didn’t realize I was holding and moved to sit on the bed. Reaching my hand forward, I hesitated for a second, before pulling it back to my lap.

He said to expect a gift. I remembered back to the last note I had read from him. The very same day Fred had almost kissed me in the kitchens, Scorpius had told me he would try to visit over the holidays and to expect a gift. Under circumstances I expected he would have forgotten, or just refused now that I was with Fred.

I should have learned by now not to expect anything when it came to Scorpius Malfoy. I reached forward and pulled the parcel onto my lap. I traced the lettering again with the pad of my index finger. The writing was slightly smudged over, as if he hadn’t quite waited for the ink to dry before he had mailed the package. I slid my finger under the twine holding the paper on and slowly untied it. Carefully unfolding to maintain the quiet in the room, I made an effort not to tear the paper as I let the wrappings fall to the floor. I pulled off the note that was attached to the top of the box and slowly unfolded it.



Well, at least I know why you didn’t show up on Monday. You and Weasley, huh? Can’t say I didn’t tell you so. I’m not going to go off on you for snogging him in front of me, because I probably deserve that. I did tell you I would get you a gift so here you go. It used to belong to my grandma (don’t worry, there isn’t dark magic on it) and she gave it to me to give to someone special.


I also want you to know, I’m not going down without a fight.


The one bloody time Scorpius writes an actual letter and spells his full name, is the time I wish it was an emotionless one liner embellished with an initial. His last line lingered in my mind as I crumpled up the parchment and threw it away. I turned back to the small package in my lap; I had to get it over with. The velvety box squeaked as I opened it to reveal a bracelet. Covered in emeralds, I picked it up delicately to admire the way the light hit it. I let out a soft sigh; despite how much loathing I feel towards that letter right now, the bracelet was beautiful. His grandma must have had a hard time giving it up. I didn’t put it on. I wouldn’t. Even if Fred would never know, I could never do that to him. I placed the bracelet back in its box and snapped it back shut. Scorpius Malfoy may not go down without a fight, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fight back.


I enjoyed a quiet few days with my parents before the day of Professor Lupin’s wedding. As much as I love the food at Hogwarts, it was nothing like being home spending time with my parents, who, as insane as they may be, are really endearing. I even took a small trip to the Puddlemere stadium with my dad, where we took an afternoon to work on some flying patterns. He had become the captain of Puddlemere United when I was ten, and was always happy to work on patterns for his beaters with me.

So it came, the morning of Professor Lupin’s wedding. I was awoken by the distant sound of footsteps on the staircase, followed by a soft knock on the door. I pulled the covers over my head to keep a hold on to my dreams as the door creaked open. I couldn’t help but smile as I heard him laugh to himself, followed by two soft thuds—the sound of him kicking off his shoes. I felt the blankets lift a moment later; I let out a small whimper as the cold air hit my back. It was only for a second, until he wrapped his arm around my waist and snuggled his head into my neck.

"I think this is on that never ending list of things I’ve wanted to do since I was thirteen," Fred murmured. I chuckled softly to myself before rolling over to face him.

"What, ruin my cocoon of warm blankets?" I mumbled, smiling. I felt him give a soft chuckle as he adjusted so I could rest my head on his chest. "Did my dad really let you up here?" I asked sleepily, suddenly realizing how wrong my parents would think this was if they walked in.

"I begged my dad to come with, they’re talking. He said as long as in nine months from now there weren’t any more little Weasleys running around, he’d help me." He whispered, chuckling awkwardly. I felt my cheeks grow warm, but I laughed just the same. "You know he loves you, and he’s excited to have you start in a few months."

"I’m excited too," I whispered as I wrapped my arm around him. I pressed my lips softly to his and shivered as he ran his hand down the small of my back. Thankfully, he ignored the movement and only smiled to himself.

"So, do you need to start getting ready? We have to be at The Burrow in a few hours," He asked after a few more moments.

"My dress is right over there, It’ll take me ten minutes to throw my hair up all cute. I want to sleep some more," I murmured as I rolled over, pulling his arm around me. I whispered, "Keep me warm," before falling back into my dreams.

What felt like mere seconds later, I snapped awake to a loud banging on the door. It was quickly followed by a happy voice calling, "Freddie I’m not going to tell your mother what I don’t see, but thirty minutes. Hannah— your dad’s a nutter."

"I know Mr. Weasley!" I groaned. I heard him laugh, followed by footsteps leading away from the door. I started to laugh as I felt Fred wrap his arm tighter around me; he must have fallen asleep as well.

"We can just stay here; who wants to go to some outdoor winter wedding anyway?" Fred whispered against my shoulder, sending a shiver down my spine. This time, he didn’t pretend not to notice the effect it had on me as he whispered, "It doesn’t look like you’d mind either."

"Come on. We can throw the fancy silverware at Al during the speeches," I said reluctantly, throwing the covers off us. I looked down, suddenly remembering the hippogriff pajamas I was wearing; more specifically, the ones I had insisted my mom magically expand when I outgrew them years ago. "Err—"

"Classy," Fred smirked, leaning over to kiss me. He was already wearing his dress robes; along with his new haircut he looked all grown up.

"You know, I know the charm that makes hair grow faster," I smiled as I ran my fingers through his short hair, "when we get back to school I can help you grow it back out if you want."

"Can you do it after the wedding?" He begged, sighing thankfully. "My head’s been cold for two days straight."


"You’re the best," He grinned as he kissed me on the forehead. He stood up a moment later and headed for the door; still smiling he added, "I’ll be downstairs."

I nodded, and pointed my wand at the door to lock it behind him. I rolled over onto my back and sighed happily, looking up to the ceiling. Wrapping my arms around myself, I grinned, before letting out a small giggle.

Fred Weasley—my best friend now boyfriend—made me giggle.

I grabbed my wand off my bedside table and concentrated on what had just happened. Pointing it towards the ceiling, I cleared my throat and whispered, "Expecto Patronum." I watched for a few seconds as the silvery penguin came charging out of my wand, and swam around my room. I grinned with delight as I sat up and watched it land on my desk, waddling over the papers before fading into wisps of light.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts before running over and grabbing the dress I picked out. It was a cute purple one— although I’d be wearing a coat for most of the time, so it didn’t really matter if I had decided to go in my hippogriff pajamas. I grabbed a few pins as I sat in front of the mirror, and quickly fashioned my curls up into a cute updo. After putting on a little mascara, I summoned my jumper and shoes; with one last check in the mirror, I ran out the door and down the stairs. Taking them two at a time, I tried to pull my coat on at the same time. I caught my untied shoelace as I hit the last step, and stumbled down the rest of them.

I heard Fred snort, so shot him a look before glancing over to my parents. My mum was smiling, no doubt resisting every urge in her brain to rush over screaming while we had guests over. My dad was flailing his arms in the air explaining some crazy quidditch number he had invented. I cleared my throat to get my dad to stop talking, only to have my mom rush over and hug me seconds later. I knew it. After a minute of asphyxiation, I shook her off and turned to George; He nodded, and cleared his throat.

"Well Ollie, it was… something." He said, holding out his hand. "We’ll take good care of Hannah, bring her home almost certainly in one piece tomorrow," He chuckled, shaking my mum’s hand as well. "I’ll see you at The Burrow, Freddie."

"Bye dad," Fred said just before George dissaparated back to his house. The silence of not having Fred’s dad there grew awkward quickly. After saying another quick goodbye to my parents, I grabbed Fred’s hand and let him apparate us to The Burrow.

"I hate apparating," I moaned as we landed in the snowy field outside The Burrow. I clutched my stomach for a second, and closed my eyes. He ran his hand over my back, comforting me like always.

"Come on, Grandma will have something for you." He said, squeezing my hand tighter as we walked towards the cozy house. As we walked inside, I instantly forgot my stomach aching as I was greeted with a mass of hugs. Apparently weddings brought out the love in the Weasley family; when I finally emerged, I said hello to Lily, Ginny, Molly, and Louis—I suspected Louis just got caught up when the other women pounced.

I felt Fred’s arms find their place securely around my stomach as suddenly he pulled me closer to him. I turned around to smile at him, but he had his eyes fixed on the door. I quickly realized why he was holding on to me so tight; the door had just opened and Hugo, Rose and Scorpius had just followed their parents inside.

"Let’s go find Al and Sophie." Fred whispered after feeling me tense up, and I nodded before following him up the narrow staircase. I tried to shake the last line of Scorpius’ letter as I held Fred’s hand tightly and followed him. He began opening doors, hearing various shrieks from his cousins as he accidently walked in on a few of them getting ready. He also found where the bridal party was getting ready, and his Aunt Fleur began shouting at him in French before he slammed the door shut. "This house is too big," He complained, dragging me up the last set of steps. He pulled open the door to the small room, and I instantly heard a familiar scream. As Fred shut the door, he grinned wildly to me, and nodded his head.

"Found ‘em?" I asked, grinning back. He nodded again, and after doing a countdown on his fingers, reopened the door. We took a seat on the empty cot across from where Al and Sophie were sitting on the orange bed, a very far distance between them.

"Grandma didn’t really let you share a room, did she?" Fred smirked.

"Naw, Sophie just got here, I was, err, giving her the grand tour," Al grinned. Sophie’s cheeks flushed and I started to laugh. We talked for a while about our Christmas holiday so far, until we heard a loud voice amplified through the house; presumably the eldest Mrs. Weasley, shouting for everyone to get in their seats outside.

The ceremony was lovely, despite it being so cold. Besides family, only a few close friends attended. On the grooms side James stood up; whereas Victorie had her sister Dominique. As James and Dominique walked up the aisle, they seemed to be seeing who could squeeze the other’s hand the hardest, as they were both cringing. After Victorie walked up the aisle accompanied by her father to meet Professor Lupin, we were able to sit. Instead of the normal sandy blonde color Lupin usually wore at school, today his hair was an electric turquoise. In a way it looked more natural on him; Victorie ruffled it affectionately as she grabbed his hand and smiled in the front of the small crowd.

Fred wrapped his arm around me to keep me warm as the old wizard began to talk about internal love, loyalty, all that jazz. A cough came from behind me, and I subconsciously turned around to a glower from Scorpius. I kept my face emotionless, as I turned back and rested my head on Fred’s shoulder. I knew I would have to say something to at least thank him for the bracelet, but not in the middle of a damn wedding.

As soon as the ceremony ended, we were all ushered into a tent that had a warming spell on it. I sighed in relief as I was finally able to take my coat off.

"Bullocks," Fred suddenly mumbled from behind me.

I turned around to ask what was wrong, as his eyes ran up from where he was much too obviously staring at my arse. I punched him in the arm and he started laughing, before pulling me close to him. "Where has that been all my life?"

"Oh please," I said, rolling my eyes, "don’t even try to tell me you’ve never looked before."

"You caught me. Pretty much every day since third year, to tell you the truth." He shrugged, and cringed as I punched him again. He pretended to act like it didn’t hurt, and said, "You’re abusive."

"You like it," I retorted. He simply shrugged, and took my hand. I followed him over to a table along with Sophie, Al, Roxanne, as well as Lily along with (much to Al’s displeasure) her date, and Hugo. I took the chair in between Sophie and Fred as we watched Professor Lupin and Victorie share their first dance.

A loud sigh from next to Sophie told me to look in the direction of Lily Potter. As I expected, her new boyfriend had just wrapped his arm around her. I snickered as I heard Sophie try to shush Al’s overprotective side.

"Roxanne, where’s Tobian? You two were cute at the ball." I leaned over Fred and whispered. The color rushed up to her dark cheeks as she gave me a shy smile.

"He couldn’t make it," She whispered back, before turning and shooting Fred a look. "He wanted to be here though."

"I didn’t say anything!" Fred defended himself, but Roxy continued to glare. "He’s flaking out on you Roxanne; he’s not good for you," He then added under his breath. I looked over to her and gave her a small nod, before the both of us hit him simultaneously.

After the dance between the newlyweds was over, Fred grabbed my hand and pulled me out onto the dance floor.

Fred’s hands found their place on the small of my back as I placed my hands around his neck. He smiled affectionately as he pressed his forehead to mine. I couldn’t help but smile as I recognized the situation I had been admiring on other couples at the Yule Ball now happening to me.

"You’re too protective of her," I commented.

"I’m the perfect amount of big brother for her!" He laughed, glancing back over to her. I swear he almost gave a nod of approval to see she was only dancing with her Uncle Harry.

"Fred, we know Tobian! Would you rather have her date someone you didn’t know?" I challenged.

He laughed, shaking his head. "I don’t want to talk about my sister right now. Do you want to go get something to drink?"

"Sure, a butterbeer sounds good," I smiled.

"Hannah, we’re at a wedding," He chuckled, "You’re seventeen; do you want something to drink?"

I loosened my hold around him as he gestured over to the little makeshift bar. "I’ve never drank before," I admitted truthfully.

"It’s not that bad," He explained, "James made Al and I try it once a few years ago—besides it takes a few drinks before you feel any different." He smiled for a second, before pressing his forehead back to mine and whispered, "I’ll take care of you."

"Is this why your dad told mine I wouldn’t be home until tomorrow?" I rose up an eyebrow, becoming nervous. He nodded his head, so I continued. "So—I’m going to try Firewhisky for the first time with you, I’m not expected home for the night, and you’re going to ‘take care of me’?"

The color flew up his cheeks when I put things into my perspective. "Err, well I mean—just one or two, Roxy already said you can sleep in her room! We can set up a cot—you can bring Sophie too!" He stuttered through a few more excuses as his cheeks flushed deeper.

"Fred, stop talking," I interrupted, laughing a little. "I trust you, I’m just nervous," I admitted.

"It’s not bad," He repeated, "It mostly just makes you loud, and say everything that you think;" He started to smirk for a second before adding, "pretty much it’ll keep you normal."

"You’re a jerk," I laughed, "But sure, I’ll try it."

"Wicked," He smiled as he took my hand and led me over to the little bar. He pulled me towards the far end, explaining how his Aunt Muriel would start shouting at him if he got close enough that she could see him. "She thinks I’m my dad’s brother," He chuckled after he told the bartender our order.

"So—" I looked down to the brownish liquid, swirling the small glass for a second.

"Drink it quick. It’s going to burn; don’t breathe when you do or it’ll go down funny," He warned. "Watch me." I nodded, watching him bring the glass up to his lips. With a quick wink, he tilted his head back and swallowed the liquid in one drink. I watched him try to keep a grimace off his face as he gestured for me to do the same.

"Well after that performance I’m sure I’ll love it." I rolled my eyes before looking back down to the glass. I took a deep breath, before bringing the cup to my lips. He gestured for me to continue, so I closed my eyes and poured the liquid down.

Oh hell, did it burn. "Fire"whiskey, I get it now. I forced myself to swallow before I started to cough. Fred instantly turned around to the bar and asked for a glass of water, being that I couldn’t talk. I quickly drank the water, easing some of the burning sensation away from my throat.

"Not that bad," I gasped, setting the cup down. He started to laugh, before pulling me into a hug. My stomach started to feel fuzzy in a combination of the warming of the drink and his hug.

"You did great. The first time Al did one, it came back out his nose." Fred said, laughing in remembrance. "Do you want another?"

"Why not?" I chuckled, shrugging my shoulders. "We should get Al and Sophie in on this."

After we each drank another one together, Fred ordered four more and we ran off to find Al and Sophie. They were hiding off together at a table in the corner, doing that adorable Al and Sophie thing.

"We have drinks!" Fred cheered as he set the glasses down and took the seat next to Al. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me quickly onto his lap, laughing as I nearly fell off. "You aren’t drunk already, are you?"

I giggled as I wrapped my arms around his neck, "It’s your fault! You almost dropped me!"

"I would never," He laughed, pressing his nose to mine. I could feel a wave of warmth running through my system as he pressed his lips softly to mine. Several cheers from around the tent told me we were being a bit louder than expected. Before we could gesture for Al and Sophie to grab some glasses, the lead of the band announced the throwing of the bouquet.

"Come on Sophie!" I laughed as I tugged at her arm. The fuzzy effects of the Firewhisky were starting to sink in as everything started to become humorous. I linked arms with her as we skipped out to the floor together. Victorie grinned as she turned around, and after a quick countdown she threw the bouquet over her head and towards the group of unmarried females. I watched as it flew over me and directly into Molly’s arms. She grinned as she waved it around happily; I snuck a look at her father, Percy, to see him pressing his fingers to the bridge of his nose—presumably he was dreading holding a wedding for his sixteen year old daughter.

The singer then called for all the unmarried guys. I winked at Fred as Sophie and I passed him and Al on our way back to the table. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw all of Fred’s male cousins surrounding his still single Uncle Charlie. Sophie and I linked arms as we stood and watched the boys push eachother out of the way. After Professor Lupin had removed the garter from Victorie’s leg, he laughed as he watched his new family members push and shove eachother out of the way in hopes to grab the small piece of fabric.

"You do realize," He laughed as he watched James shove Al onto the floor, "For most of you this was around your cousin’s leg, right?" He continued to laugh as his words seemed to have no effect on the competitive male Weasleys. He stretched the fabric out like a rubber band before shooting it towards the sea of red-heads. I watched as little Louis was about to grab it, only to be shoved out of the way by Charlie, who grabbed it in a one handed catch. He started to laugh in pity of his nephews as he swaggered off the dance floor to flirt with some of Fleur’s cousins.

As Fred and Al arrived back at our table, Fred gestured for Al to give Sophie the same ‘pep-talk’ about the Firewhisky. While they were talking Fred interrupted as much as he could, telling Sophie all about Al’s first experience with the drink. Al turned to me after the third disturbance, so I slid back onto Fred’s lap to distract him into a kiss.

"Are you having fun?" He grinned as he kissed me on the nose.

I nodded as I wrapped my arms back around his neck to hold on. "I don’t feel that different," I commented as I looked towards the new glasses of Firewhisky. "It is warm in here, though."

"You have to be patient," He chuckled. When we noticed Al reaching for the drinks, we too grabbed our glasses. After the four of us clicked our glasses together we each threw the burning liquid down our throats. Sophie cringed for a second before patting Al’s back; he must have not listened to his own lessons because he was coughing harshly.

In order to excuse himself from coughing up a lung on us, he left to the bar to get more drinks and a glass of water. After a few moments my stomach and head started to feel fuzzy; it was either the Firewhisky, or the fact that Fred had wrapped his arms tighter around my waist and kissed my shoulder.

"How do you feel?" I asked happily after kissing him.

He laughed, "I’m fine; I have a bit more muscle than you so I can drin—"

"Fred, don’t," Sophie suddenly interrupted, shooting me a knowing glance. "If you finish that sentence she’s going to try to beat you."

"Beat ‘em in what?" I turned to Sophie and laughed. However she never got to tell me because Al had come back with more drinks.

"We’re going to wait a little bit," Fred gestured between myself and him, refusing the glasses.

"Freddie," I leaned over to his ear and whispered, "I like your Quidditch muscles."

He let out a loud laugh, before he too leaned over to whisper, "Hannah, I’m scared of your Quidditch muscles."

The rest of the reception was a blast. Fred and I danced and laughed like no one was watching. It was wonderful; for the first time since I could remember I didn’t give a damn what kind of glare Scorpius was giving me. Sophie and I even traded for a little while so Al and I could show off our waltzing. After the toasts by James, Dominique, Bill, and Harry, Fred’s dad found us. He directed us towards the Burrow to floo back to their house, explaining that alcohol and apparation should never mix. Fred and I held hands and ran, laughing freely as we attempted not to slip on the snow. George and Angelina seemed to enjoy watching us run together towards The Burrow; I could hear them laughing together about ‘young love’. After a small pep talk from Fred how I still needed to speak clearly when using floo powder, he handed me the vase and gestured towards the old fireplace.

After we arrived at Fred’s house, we said goodnight to his parents. George gestured for Fred to come with him into the kitchen and talk, so I gave Angelina a hug goodnight while I waited for him. We talked for a little bit about the wedding and the shop before Angelina made her way up the stairs. I started to grow impatient waiting for Fred; I was about to follow him, but he quickly came back with two large glasses of water.

"Goodnight dad," He waved, before turning to me. "Hannah, please drink this for me, it’ll make you feel better." He asked as he handed me one. I did as he asked, only after making him promise to kiss me after I finished it. Holding up to his end of the bargain, he picked me up and carried me down the hall towards his and Roxanne’s rooms. He opened the door to Roxanne’s room first, letting me know I could use her bed because she’d be staying at the Potters with Lily.

"You took care of me," I smiled as he hugged me goodnight. I was starting to feel the effects of the Firewhisky wear off as he held me close to him.

He let out a small laugh, before whispering, "I promised I would. How are you feeling?"

"I’m not very tired, and I think the fuzzy is wearing off," I chuckled.

"My dad put a few drops of one of his hangover potions in the water; he said that way you won’t hate Firewhisky tomorrow." He explained.

"I’ll have to thank him," I grinned back, my head feeling much clearer.

He gave me a quick smile, before he looked down to the ground. His cheeks started to grow pink as he stuttered, "Err, do you want to come lay with me for a bit?"

I couldn’t help but smile as I gave him a small nod. He waited outside the room to give me a second to change. I quickly pulled on one of my old quidditch shirts and a pair of shorts before reopening the door. He grinned, before taking my hand and leading me away from Roxanne’s room, across the hall to his. I hadn’t been in his room for a few years being that I was out of the country over the summer holiday, but it was exactly how I remembered. Just as messy as the boy’s dorms, he quickly pulled out his wand to send the various articles of clothing towards the hamper.

As he continued to rush around and pick up, I sat on his bed and admired the pictures attached to his wall. There were a few of us, some of Al, myself, and him, and a couple of him and other family members. I stood back up as I noticed a familiar one. I took a few steps closer to the wall as I admired one of us. It was taken last year, right before our last quidditch match of the year. We hadn’t done so well that year so it wasn’t a championship game, but we had our uniforms on and our bats in hand. Fred had his arm wrapped around my shoulder, and we were both waving towards the camera. I watched; as I would look off the frame, Fred would turn and give me the same smile he always gives me now.

I smiled as I felt him wrap his arms around my waist. "I love this picture of us," I chuckled, pointing towards the one I had been admiring.

"I remember that day," He laughed, "I had gotten so good with sneaking glances at you."

I turned in his arms, standing up on my tip-toes to give him a kiss. "Thanks for inviting me to the wedding."

"Thanks for taking Firewhisky shots with me and admitting you love my Quidditch muscles," He smirked back.

I laughed, before moving my hands around his bicep. "What can I say, they’re quite attractive." He only laughed more, before grabbing my hand and pulling me towards his bed.

I heard that voice—the one that sounded like my dad—and I hesitated. "Err, Fred…"

"Hannah, I’m not going to try anything—I respect you," He smiled. I tried to start thank him but he continued. "And your dad scares me too much." He chuckled, getting me to laugh. "If you feel uncomfortable you and I both know you’ll just hit me or something."

"True," I shrugged, sitting on the bed next to him. I looked up and caught eyes with him; I smiled as he brought his hand up and tucked a curl behind my ear, letting his hand rest on my cheek. I closed my eyes as he moved closer, letting all my focus go into his kiss. I felt my heart start to race as he moved his hand off my cheek and rested it on my waist. As he started to push more into the kiss, we adjusted so we could lay under the blankets. I couldn’t help but smile as he pulled his quilt over us; the whole bed smelled like him.

"Sleep here tonight," He whispered, "I’ll set an alarm so my parents won’t know."

"Okay," I smiled, accepting another kiss.

"You looked so beautiful today Hannah," He whispered, resting his hand on my waist. I smiled, bringing my hand up to his cheek, before reaching up and running my fingers through his hair.

"I forgot to grow your hair out," I whispered, chuckling softly. He only laughed, before scooting closer to kiss me again. As he deepened the kiss again, he ran his hand from the small of my waist, reaching down to the hem of my shorts. I let out a soft sigh as I felt the tips of his fingers graze the bare skin on my thigh. In turn, I slid my hand down from his cheek to his stomach. He started to laugh, backing away from the kiss.

"What’s wrong?"

"Err—that kind of tickled," He chuckled. I grinned, moving my hand back towards his stomach and repeating the motion. I laughed as he shivered again, before placing a kiss on my nose. We readjusted so I could rest my head on his chest, and after staying up and laughing about the wedding for a while, I fell asleep in his arms.



A/N: Oh my god, two chapters almost 6,000 words, and you’re still here! For that I have to thank you!

The Firewhisky. I realize Hannah only did three shots. Remember, it was her first time drinking, and Firewhisky is a magical drink—I think it would have a stronger effect on people than regular alcohol. Was it believable?

I also want to thank you for your fantastic support of this story through reviews. I really can’t thank you all enough. I just want to remind you not to say bad words in your reviews. It makes me really sad when I have to report such nice reviews when there is a naughty word in them. I know Scorpius is a… well… ‘Jerk but more colorful’, but remember reviews always need to be 12+ language! (There are staff tutorials if you are unsure!) Thanks so much again!

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