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Drowning Down Under by AussieLottie
Chapter 21 : Chapter 21: Ronald
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A/N: Hi everyone... :) I am really sorry that I haven't updated in ages.. What is worse is that I already had this chapter written but couldn't be bothered to get to a computer :( But I am doing it now... I have been on holiday for Easter and I am back refreshed and ready to get past my writers block on the next chapter! Wish me luck hey? :D As always.. I only own the plot and my OC's. All  other rights go to J.K. Rowling. My story is Beta'd by fellow writer, anythingbutmuggle. Now.. Let's get to the story! :P




My head was thumping painfully as consciousness came to me the next morning. I moaned unhappily and opened my eyes. The sun shone directly into them, my bed curtains wide open… Weird.. I looked around and saw that my shoes were dumped beside my bed, a lump under my pillow was my pajamas, on further inspection, I saw that I was still in my school robes. What had happened yesterday? I had no recollection of the previous evening and everything was out of place. I always put my things away, closing my bed curtains was a habit I never forgot to do. Something was wrong. I just couldn’t remember what it was.. I glanced at the clock, it was already 8:00! I would only have half an hour to get ready for History of Magic! I jumped out of bed, keeling over by a sudden rush of dizziness swam through my head, I waited until the feeling passed and rushed to dress myself, I ran out of the dormitory and collided with Ginny.


“Ginny! Sorry, I overslept-“

“-No problem, I just brought you some breakfast,“ Ginny smiled handing me some marmalade toast. I gobbled it down quickly en route to class, before turning to her.

“Ginny, do you know what happened to me last night.. I can’t remember a thing.. I feel like I have a hangover and-“

“You got drunk.” Ginny cut in.

“WHAT?! On a school night?” I gasped in disbelief, Ginny nodded.

“Yeah, some kids snuck in some spiked lemonade and you didn’t know until about your 10th goblet…” She explained.

“I will take your word for it..” I muttered, I could not believe that I had gotten off my face on a school night. It was so… not me…

“Yeah, I thought you needed the extra sleep so I let you sleep in…” Ginny added.

“Who were the kids who brought it in? I have the right to give them a months worth of detention for bringing in alcoholic beverages as Head Girl!” I muttered.

“Ummm… I don’t know who they are..” Said Ginny lamely.

“Oh.” I said disbelievingly

Ginny and I continued to walk in silence, something was up..

“Um, Hermione, I just want to say that I will support you in your relationship with Malfoy..”

“What brought this on? I mean, thanks! That means a lot to me.” I grinned.

“Yeah, I can tell that you really love him and-“

“Love?! I don’t think I love him yet.” I laughed unnerved. How could Ginny know my deepest feelings for Malfoy? Was it THAT obvious? Did HE know?!

“Yeah.. Of course…” Ginny muttered.

What was up with her?




I was freaking out about Hermione.. What if she found out I drugged her? She would KILL ME! I am so worried about letting something slip.. Now I know how she REALLY feels about stuff.. I don’t know what to do… God. I hope she just buys her drunk story…



Monday went by in a flash, I had spent Lunch in the library, doing my homework, Ginny had offered to come with me but I just laughingly turned her away, I mean really? What is WRONG with her? She is being so odd... Maybe she misses Harry? Oh my GOODNESS! That’s it! All her supportiveness towards me and Draco, her saying I’m in love with him.. She misses Harry and is thinking about her love with him! Poor thing.. I can’t imagine what I would do if Draco and I were separated by more then walls.. Miles and miles away.. She must feel so lonely. Oh gosh, and I’ve been jabbering away about Draco, making her feel worse. I am such an IDIOT! OF COURSE she misses Harry! They love each other… STUPID STUPID STUPID! I shook my head moodily before muttering Gillyweed to get into the common room, I planned to head straight to my room to sleep, I was still exhausted from whatever had happened last night.. Bloody hangover.. I had had a long Heads meeting and had practically fallen asleep. My eyes scanned the common room for Ginny’s ginger hair, I needed to apologise.. I suddenly saw that familiar red Weasley hair! Atop a head, a boy’s head… WHAT THE HELL WAS RON DOING HERE! His eyes brightened when he saw me, he stood, excusing himself from Dean Thomas and ran forwards to pull me into a hug.


“RON!? What the devil are you-“

“’MIONE!” He yelled, grinning madly at me, still not releasing me from his embrace. I struggled to get out, shock and hurt etched into my face, his face a mirror of my emotions.

“Ronald, what are you doing here?” I asked, as calmly as I could.

“I came to visit you.. Hermione? I missed you.” He said unsurely. Surprise flickered through my eyes, I began tearing up. What? No, not here, not with everyone watching!

“Come with me.” I hissed through my teeth, dragging him up the girl’s dormitory stairs. The stairs began to change into a slide but I waved my wand, freezing them. He gazed at surprise at what I’d done, but followed me up unquestioningly. As I entered my room, he followed and sat on Ginny’s bed, opposite me. I settled myself down.

“What are you actually doing here?” I asked moodily.

“I came to visit you, look I know-“

“-Is Harry here too? As well, he wouldn’t have let you come without him?”

“Yeah, he’s with Ginny… He didn’t realize I’d be coming to be honest. But, I had to see you. I, I made a mistake. I thought that Lavender was the one. That she was worth leaving you for, but, I… I was wrong ‘Mione, I was really wrong. I love you, we should be together, I know this is rash and everything. But, I need you. I, I am so sorry to have hurt you, I can’t say anything more then that I’m sorry. I really am.” Ron said sadly. I felt myself shiver at his words. This was what I had been waiting to hear for so long. I loved Ron, no matter how much I tried to deny it, I did. I could not just get over him. My feelings had been there for as long as I could remember we’d been friends. I can’t explain the feelings in me.

“Ron. I don’t know what to say..”  Ron moved forwards and kissed me on the lips, I felt my heart flutter and kissed back, this was even better then our first kiss, I kissed back, a worry at the back of my mind, I kissed him harder, I loved him. The thought wouldn’t go away, I strained my mind. What was bugging me, I felt Ron stick his tongue into my mouth tentatively I opened wider kissing back. I was in bliss, and then. DRACO. I fell off him at that thought and sank back onto my bed, Ron being him, thought I wanted to take tings further and leant over, I pushed him off.

“Ron. I can’t.” I said, I was so confused. What the hell!? How could I forget DRACO?! I shook my head, I was so confused, I felt tears drip down my face.

“Hermione, it’s okay, I didn’t mean to, we can wait. I don’t want to rush you.. I-“

“-Ron. I’m seeing someone.”

“What!?” Ron screamed in surprise.

“Is it that hard to believe? You caught me off guard, I can’t cheat on him. Look, I admit, I have feelings for you. BUT I CAN’T DO THIS! I need to see if things will work out with him. I, I’m not saying I never want to be with you… But I can’t. Not now. Not yet.”

“Are you going to tell me who you are seeing?” He asked moodily.

“It’s someone new. You don’t know him, he is in another house.” I said as blandly as I could.

“Oh… Right, look Hermione, I know I’m not as smart as you.. But that kiss felt right. Okay? I don’t know who you are trying to kid… But.. If you do change your mind before Friday.. tell me, because I am staying until Sunday. I already have holidays see..” he explained.

“Thanks Ron, but if you don’t mind.. I would like it if you left.”

“Course..” he muttered and stood up and left, I crawled into the covers and cried myself to sleep. What the hell was I doing?



I still cannot believe that Ginny and Harry haven’t told me yet. Hell, I am mad that they didn’t tell me in the first place, leaving me blind about Hermione. I am her bloody friend! Just because we shared a kiss doesn’t change that! Hermione needs to get a grip and break up with the bloody ferret! I know she loves me more then him, I don’t want to hurt her by playing with her affections, she just needs to leave him for me, then I will break up with her.. or will I? Hermione.. or Lavender. Nah, what am I saying? There is no question because Lavender is absolutely amazing and we are made for each other. Hermione just has to come to her senses and break up with Malfoy. What does she think she is playing at? Attention seeking much? Hah! I can’t believe I am back at Hogwarts, not as a student though… I don’t know what Lavender is doing back here? I wonder where she is.. I haven’t seen her in forever and I really want to catch up.



A/N: Well, what did you think? Was it worth the wait? Or not? Did you like this chapter? What do you think Of Ron? Too mean? PLEAAAASE R/R!

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Drowning Down Under: Chapter 21: Ronald


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