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Too Perfect for Words by MalfoysBabe
Chapter 3 : Hanging Together
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Everything was going great for Cloe. She was really excited to be in Gryffindor with Harry. It was Saturday and Harry was looking forward to practicing Quidditch and hanging out with Cloe. Cloe and Harry walked to the Quidditch field. Harry was talking to Cloe till Oliver came over. "No time to sit on your behind Harry get up there." he said looking angry. Harry got up their and started playing Quidditch. Oliver sat next to Cloe and she smiled. "Hi, I'm Cloe." she said blushing. "I'm Oliver, nice to meet you." he said smiling. "You have a thing for Harry?" he said looking at her."Well, kinda, sorta, maybe, I can't help it." she smiled. "Well, you know pretty much everyone likes you.....even me." he said blushing. Cloe put her hand over her mouth. "You do?" she said red. "Yeh, do you have a boyfriend?" he said looking down. "No, no I don't." she said touching his hand gently. "Well, I was thinking if you don't have a boyfriend maybe, you would want me to be your boyfriend?" he said puting her hair behind her ear. "Oh, yes I would love that." she said softly. He softly leaned in for a kiss. And she put her arms around his neck, lips locked. Harry saw this and fell off his broom. Oliver was distracted and went to go see Harry and so did Cloe. He was unconcious and was being brought to the hospital wing right away.

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