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Blind by CooperTowne
Chapter 7 : The Van
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Ready. Set. Go!





“How’d you get that scar?” Dom asked Isa running her hand along the dark red scar that ran up her arm. Isa yanked her arm away from Dom’s touch.

“No where,” she said pulling on a sweater. Secret scars. Not for other’s eyes.

“Is that why you wear sweaters so much?” Kate asked. I don’t like this conversation.

“Erm—yea. I’d really rather not talk about it,” Isa said. Isa sat down on the couch in Pandamonium. The girls were in Dom’s room preparing for the Ball at the Potter residence that night.

Dom had been the sensible one and dressed them all to not look ridiculous: jeans, heels, and a nice shirt for all except for Isa who wore sneakers instead of heels. The silver sweater Isa was wearing complimented her perfectly. It was a v-neck with sleeves that stopped before her wrists. The silver made the red in her hair pop even more and the black jeans showed her curves without being too obvious.

“Oh come on. Tell us,” Anna said jumping on the couch next to Isa. Isa shook her head. “If we guess can you tell us?”

Isa shook her head again.

“Why not?” Dom asked sitting on the floor in front of them. “It can’t be that bad.”

“She doesn’t want to tell us,” Kate said from the mirror where she stood fixing her hair. My hero.

“Fine,” Anna said. “Tell me later,” she whispered to Isa winking.

Get me out of here. The last thing I want to do is answer questions they have no business asking.

“Isa?” Taylor asked poking her head into the room.

Isa looked up from her place on the couch. “Yea?”

“I need to talk to you,” Taylor said. Thank Merlin. Taylor crossed the room and grabbed Isa’s hand. They left the room and stood in silence for a couple of moments.

“You know, these silences are happening too often,” Isa observed. Taylor leaned on the railing and let out a huge breath.

“You look really pretty,” Taylor said smiling at her sister.

“So do you,” Isa said crossing her arms. Taylor rolled her eyes.

“Thanks. Your blunt honesty thrills me,” she said sarcastically.

“What do you need?” Isa asked. “We were just in an amazing conversation talking about my mysterious scar.”

“I’m sure you’re dying to get back to it,” Taylor said laughing. “I’m just nervous.”

“About Louis?”

Taylor sat on the stairs and guided Isa over to where she was. “Yea,” she whispered. “I think maybe something will happen tonight,” she said with a small smile.

“It’s New Years! It’s the perfect time,” Isa said. Mission nearly accomplished!

“But—” Taylor started to say before a small crack was heard behind the door. Taylor sighed.

“He likes you,” Isa said grabbing Taylor’s hand and holding on to it tightly. “You’re an idiot for not realizing it.”

“I am not an idiot!” Taylor protested.

“Took you this long to realized that he fancied you, so yea, you kind of are an idiot,” Isa said.

“Rude,” Taylor said. The door burst open and James came out of the room.

“Ignoring me Isa?” James said.

“Yea,” she said nonchalantly.

“What you don’t like me now?” James teased smirking at the sitting girls.

“Sorry,” Isa said smiling sweetly. “Was I too obvious?” James’ smirk fell off his face while Taylor laughed at him.

“Not funny,” James said.

“I don’t know mate,” Charlie said throwing his arm over James’ shoulder, “that was pretty funny.”

Taylor stood up and slowly Isa rose also. “I’ll see you at the Potters later, yea?” Taylor said. Isa nodded and Taylor started down the stairs.

“Wait Taylor,” Isa called suddenly remembering something. Taylor stopped and turned. She grabbed onto Isa’s arm. Isa leaned in and whispered, “Good luck. You know with your friend.”

Taylor smiled and gave Isa’s hand a quick sqeeze before walking down the rest of the spiral stairs. Someone looped their arm around Isa’s shoulders and pulled her back. “I’m going to make you pay for that comment,” James said.

Isa laughed and pushed away from him. “I’d like to see you try,” she said. Anna grabbed Isa’s arms and pulled her back into Pandamonium where loud music was turned on. Anna swung them around and hopped from pillow to pillow. “What are we doing?” Isa yelled over the music.

“Dancing darling!” Anna said letting go of Isa’s arms and spinning around. Isa stumbled backwards and was caught by Dom.

“What’s up with her?” Isa asked. Anna has been acting strangely for a couple days. At first it was just happy chatter, but it slowly progressed.

She’s skipping around singing, talking to everyone very animatedly, and she’s really into hugging now. When Anna was leaving yesterday, she grabbed onto me and wouldn’t let go. We were just holding together and I was unwillingly swaying back and forth listening to her compliment me.

Not that I hate the compliments; it was just weird.

“It’s her break up with Freddie,” Dom whispered. “This is how she deals. She just gets overly happy to try to disguise her pain over the break up.”

“Judging from how much she’s talking and laughing,” Charlie chimed in, “she practically dying inside.”

“Let’s go downstairs,” Dom suggested. Charlie nodded and followed Dom and Isa out of the room. James and Kate stayed up in Pandamonium with Anna who was now recounting the story of her first magical encounter very theatrically.

They left the room and closed the door behind them. “So how’s Freddie?” Dom whispered as they started down the stairs. Since Anna and Freddie’s break up, Charlie and James had rarely been seen. They spent their time at Freddie’s house trying to keep him company without becoming too depressed themselves.

Charlie frowned. “Not good. Rarely goes out of his room besides the bathroom. His mum brings him food because she doesn’t want him to starve,” Charlie said.

“Poor Freddie,” Isa sighed.

“Yea. James and I have spent nearly a week trying to cheer him up, but he’s just too distraught. Wasn’t even in the mood to watch the Puddlemere-Falcons game,” Charlie said. “Has Anna said anything about it?”

“You know how she gets,” Dom said. “Happiness and sunshine for about 2 weeks, then she crashes.”

“What do you mean crashes?” Isa asked.

“You’ve probably witnessed them Isa,” Dom said. “One day she very talkative. And then the next she won’t say a word and she looks at the world with dead eyes. When she does talk it brief and harsh.”

“Oh yea,” Isa said as they reached the bottom of the stairs. I once bravely asked Anna if she saw my hairbrush, and she said ‘Why do I care?’ and stomped out of the room. That was the last time I tried talking to any of them.

“Do you think he’ll make an appearance tonight?” Dom asked as she and Isa sat on one of the couches. Charlie shrugged.

“He could,” he said. “His mum might make him. But it would be good for him to get out of his bedroom.” It was silent for a few moments. “He’s just being so pathetic!” Charlie yelled startling Dom and Isa. “He is still completely in love with Anna and Anna is being torn apart because of a small disagreement.”

“He was practically ignoring Anna,” Dom pointed out.

“He was not,” Charlie protested.

“‘Small disagreement’ is something like which colour the curtains are,” Isa said. “Freddie was avoiding Anna.”

“They never talked about it—” Charlie said.

“You know they are—they were—very private,” Dom said. “We didn’t even know they shagged until 2 months after it happened.”

“Kids!” Bill yelled coming into the room. “Oh hello,” he said when he noticed them on the couch. “Since you guys are ready, you can take the portkey. Leaving in,” he looked at his watch, “one minute. Frying pan.”

They nodded. They got up and walked to the kitchen, they spied a frying pan on the counter and they grabbed hold of it. In a short time, it started glowing bright blue. “Wait! Wait, wait!” James cried. He lunged for the portkey and grabbed it just in time.

A few seconds later, Isa hit the ground solidly on her two feet. She wasn’t on the snow but on the stone porch of the house. “Made it!” James cried throwing his arms into the air.

“Barely,” Isa said. “You nearly missed the portkey.”

“That’s half the fun,” James said smirking. “The thrill of the chase.”

“Right. I’ll make a note of running to catch every little thing,” Dom said standing next to Isa. “Let’s go inside. I think I already hear powerful people getting drunk. It’s only 8 o’clock too.”

They walked into the house and saw the party that was in full swing. The foyer, kitchen, and sitting room were full of people.

“Impressive Potter,” Charlie said to James who smirked back at him.

“Welcome!” a loud voice boomed. A tall, dark skinned man stood in front of them with his arms wide open. He had a broad smile on his face and a glass in his hand.

“Kingsley,” James said unsure of what to do. He didn’t have time to think before Kingsley picked him up and a great bear hug. “Please—put—me—down,” James struggled to say.

“Sure thing m’boy!” Kingsley said. “Welcome to the party you little rascals. Now I know there are going to be certain pressures here. You know to drink and all,” he said with a wave of his hand. “So just remember that,” he paused briefly, “This is a party!” he said loudly. “Go and have a drink. What’s the worst that can happen?”

“Death?” Dom muttered as Kingsley walked away and slung his arm around a nearby woman.

“Hasn’t stopped you before,” Charlie said. Dom shrugged. “Oi! Freddie!” He’s here after all. I wonder by choice or force. Probably the latter with how he’s been treating his friends recently. The group walked away from the door and weaved their way through the crowd. Dom clutched onto Isa’s hand to keep her by he side.

“Hey,” he said when they reached him. He’s definitely not in the best mood. His voice is cold and unfeeling. It’s making me depressed just being around him.

It was silent as they took in his appearance as well. He didn’t look healthy. Eyes looked tired and dark circles surrounded them. His hair was flat and unwashed. His clothing was rumpled and hastily thrown on.

“So,” Dom said breaking the silence.

“Where is she?” Freddie said interrupting Dom. “Anna. Is she coming?” His voice changed to something more hopeful and desperate.

“Yea. She should be here soon,” Isa said shifting uncomfortably.

“Me,” he coughed and shifted his weight to his other foot. “Me and her need to talk.”

“You want to get back together?” Charlie asked. Yes! Please.

Freddie smiled slightly. “I need to get back together with her.”

Isa and Dom both sighed happily. “Yay!” Dom squealed. “I can resume planning your wedding!”

Freddie rolled his eyes. “Of course you’re planning our wedding.”

The five of them left where they were standing and walked further into the party. The kitchen was bursting with action. Nana Weasley was cooking with the assistance of her daughter and three house elves.

“Oh good James you’re here,” Ginny said walking over to them. She kissed her son on the cheek and smiled at the rest of them.

“Hi mum,” James said dramatically wiping his cheek.

“Well,” Ginny said clapping her hands together. “There are refreshments and food in the dining room if you would like some.” Charlie made a loud whooping noise and ran out of the room dragging Freddie behind him. “Dom dear make sure they don’t choke from stuffing too much food in their mouths.”

Dom laughed. “Sure thing Aunt Ginny. Isa, do you want to come?”

“Definitely,” she said smiling. Dom and Isa walked out of the kitchen leaving James to deal with his mother and grandmother.

“This is mental,” Dom said.

“What is?” Isa asked as they weaved their way through the guests.

“This entire party—ball—whatever. They just know so many freaking people!” Dom exclaimed.

“They are the most famous family in the wizarding world,” Isa said.

“Details,” Dom said. They reached the large buffet table where Charlie and Freddie were piling food on their plates. “This is revolting.”

“Everyone has got to eat love,” Charlie said sticking a chicken leg in his mouth.

“Yes, but Charlie,” Isa said, “if I can tell that you have too much food without someone telling me, you have too much food.”

“How can you tell?” Freddie asked spooning mashed potatoes onto his plate.

“It doesn’t sound like you’re putting food on a plate. It sounds like you’re putting food on top of food,” Isa said.

“Well that would be because we are. Ha ha ha. In your face,” Charlie said.

“Mature,” Dom said crossing her arms.

“Isabelle!” Oh shit. “Isabelle!” I know that voice. Isa turned to the voice and smiled weakly.

“Hi mum,” she said.

“Oh shit,” Dom said.

“My thoughts exactly, but there was no need to verbalize it,” Isa snarled at her friend. “Mum, what are you doing here?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Potter invited your father and I. Are these your friends?” Marcella Hellswind said. She was tall and very beautiful. She had dark red wavy hair that was tied up in a messy bun. Her blue eyes were stunning and looked very excited to see her daughter.

“Er—yea,” Isa said. “This is Dom Weasley.” Dom stuck out her hand and shook Marcella’s hand.

“Pleasure,” Dom said politely.

“And Charlie Turner,” Charlie was still in shock over Isa’s mother showing up and just stared at Marcella with wide eyes and a mouth full of mini pies. “And the last one is Freddie Weasley,” Isa said.

“Well it was all very nice to meet you. I have heard all your names from Taylor, but it’s nice to put names with faces,” Marcella said with a smile. “Isabelle,” she then said.

Oh no here it comes. Why am I not at Hogwarts? Well funny story actually—

“Why are you not at Hogwarts? Taylor owled me saying that you would stay there,” Marcella said crossing her arms.

“Err—Is dad here?” Isa asked.

“Yes, but he’s currently debating with the coach of Puddlemere over the merits of off season betting. Now Isabelle,” she said in her ‘I’m your mother, now talk’ voice.

Isa sighed. “It’s not my fault, really. It’s just that Dom’s brother fancies Taylor and—”

“And we just wanted them to spend some time together,” Dom finished.

“So if you see Taylor just say you got back from Greece early,” Isa said.

Marcella sighed. “Isabelle. I don’t like this. Not one bit.”

“I know I’m really sorry mum,” Isa said.

“I’ll let it go this once,” she said. Isa smiled widely and Dom let out a sigh of relief.

Charlie managed to swallow his food and shout, “I knew you would be a cool mom!”

“Charlie!” Isa said harshly. Charlie shrugged and shoveled more food in his mouth as an excuse not to talk.

“I’m going to go find your father and explain. But don’t think you are not off the hook for lying. I also want you to tell Taylor,” Marcella said.


“Tell her.” Isa sighed and nodded. Her mother turned and walked away.

“Great,” Isa said.

“Could be worse,” Dom said.


Dom shrugged. “I don’t know. But don’t worry; Taylor won’t hate you forever. Maybe for a while, but not forever.”

“You really know how to make her feel better don’t you,” James said coming up from behind them with Polly, Pierce, and Kate.

“Where’s Anna?” Freddie immediately asked.

“She saw you and ran the opposite direction,” Kate said. Freddie cursed under his breath, put down his food, and ran in the direction they came.

“So who was that you were talking to?” Polly asked eating a chocolate covered strawberry.

“My mum,” Isa said.

Their eyes bugged. “You’re actual mother?” Pierce asked.

“Yes my actual mother,” Isa snapped. “I don’t have a pretend mother.”

“But—but—” James sputtered, “why is she here? She supposed to be at home. You know, not here!”

“Thank you for that,” Isa said. “Your actual mother invited her.”

“What if Taylor sees her or your dad?” Kate asked.

“We already told her to say that they got back early,” Dom said.

“And she being the cool mum she is, she agreed,” Charlie said. “On one condition.”

“What’s that?” Pierce asked.

“I have to tell Taylor that I lied to her,” Isa said crossing her arms. “Not looking forward to that conversation. Taylor doesn’t take well to lying.”

“She can’t be too mad! I mean because of you lying, she’s going to marry my brother!” Dom said.

“Plus she never said when you had to tell her,” James said. “You could tell her when we get back to Hogwarts.”

“I guess,” Isa said. That would eliminate a scene. Plus she may be well into her relationship with Louis, assuming that it does work out. And that little relationship was because of my meddling. So she can’t be too mad.

“Isabelle,” a gruff voice said.

“Dad,” Isa said smiling in the hopes he wouldn’t be too mad.

“Bovin Hellswind,” James breathed.

“Merlin’s beard he’s even more glorious in person,” Charlie said mouth wide open. Pierce just nodded unsure of what to say.

Bovin gave the three teenage boys a smile and then he turned back to his daughter. “Greece?”

“Sorry dad. It’s complicated,” Isa said.

“Mum already explained. I must say that although I should never encourage this behavior, good job!” Bovin said smiling broadly.

“Thanks,” Isa said smiling. I inherited my troublemaking from my dad. I’m just a little better at it than him. I never get caught.

“There’s Taylor, I’m going to say hi,” Bovin said. “But who is that boy she’s hugging?”

“Blonde? Tall? Might be blushing like crazy?”


“Louis Weasley. The boy in question,” Isa said. Bovin nodded, squeezed his daughters arm and left.

“Your dad is awesome,” James said. “My dad’s boring and really just not cool.”

“Defeats the darkest wizard of all time and is still uncool,” Pierce said. “This family. Merlin.”

A few hours past and as promised James stayed with me the entire night. He introduced me to practically everybody here. About 95% of them asked if we were dating. And before I could die from embarrassment, James answered a calm ‘no just friends’. He forced me to dance even though I told him about 300 times I couldn’t. And by the number of times I stepped on his feet, he now knows why. After that he took me into the dining hall, and we spent a fair amount of time throwing cheese balls at people. They didn’t seem to like it, but they never blamed us because we always pretended it was a vase of a fat baby. The things wizards believe is astounding.

This night wasn’t going as bad as I thought it was. Taylor and Louis stayed together the majority of the night. Polly and Pierce danced, laughed, and acted very much like a couple. Kate and Charlie were the life of the party by teaching some adults a muggle American dance called the Soulja Boy. Sounded amazing. They got a group of about 20 of them to do it. Dom disappeared after about 20 minutes, I assume she found some guy and is now spending all of her time with them. She warned us she might do this. Her justification for ditching us was ‘I live with you wankers’. Love you too Dom.


“If I could have everyone’s attention please! Attention!” Harry’s voice came booming through the house. “Everyone please make their way into the dining room please!”

James and I were in the kitchen telling anti-jokes to one of the House Elves.

Harry’s voice disappeared and there was a great bustle while everyone moved to the dining room.

“Wait one more I promise!” Isa said.

“Go ahead,” James said already laughing in anticipation.

“What’s green and has wheels?”

“What?” squeaked the House Elf.

“Grass. I lied about the wheels,” Isa said smiling. James and the Elf burst out laughing.

“Come on,” James said still chuckling.

James’ grip on Isa’s hand was tight just to make sure he wouldn’t lose her. They found Kate and Charlie near the windows in the dining room.

“Hi,” Kate said. “We found Taylor and Louis.”

“Really?” Isa said shocked. “Where have they been?”

“The basement playing an intense game of spin the bottle,” Charlie said smirking.

James laughed loudly. “Wow. The fifth years really know how to party.”

They laughed. Charlie nodded saying, “As far as we could tell though, Taylor and Louis had not spun each other yet.”

“Sad isn’t it?” Kate said. “But we did spy them coming upstairs together. So maybe it will be a cliché ending of a countdown kiss.”

“Where’s everybody else?” Isa asked.

“Anna is avoiding Freddie. Freddie is looking for Anna. Last time I saw Dom she was with an unknown man. Pierce and Polly are near the center of this room, holding hands, and looking nervously at each other,” Kate said crossing her arms.

Pierce and Polly are so cute together. I wish Pierce just got his shit together and officially asks Polly to be his girlfriend. Dammit.

“Welcome everybody to the countdown to 2022!” Harry boomed from the front of the room. He was standing on a table with his wand jabbed in the side of his neck.

“Look there’s Louis and Taylor!” Kate whispered. Taylor and Louis had shown up at the windows. They didn’t see Kate and the others looking at them though. Louis said something into Taylor’s ear and she giggled. Their fingers were intertwined and they were looking very happy.

“I want to thank everyone for coming, and I invite anyone to stay longer if they would like to! Let’s begin!” Harry said. Harry waved his wand and a giant 10 appeared over his head. He took out his pocket watch, looked at it for a couple seconds and began the countdown.

People counted down with each glowing number. “...9...8...7...”

Couples around the room were smiling at each other. “...6...5...4...3...”

Taylor and Louis’ faces were both white. Louis gulped nervously and looked at his feet. “...2...1...”

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” The room erupted. People were hugging and kissing and throwing confetti bombs into the air. James turned to Isa and wrapped his arms around her.

“Happy New Year,” James said smiling.

“Happy New Year James,” Isa responded.

Kate and Charlie were mocking a nearby couple who were drunkenly expressing their love. “I love you the most,” Charlie said in a loving tone tapping his finger on the end of Kate’s nose.

“No!” Kate exclaimed dramatically clutching onto Charlie’s shirt with one hand and fake swooning with the other. “I love you the most that it pains me to be away from you!”

“Darling!” Charlie exclaimed hugging Kate’s head. “Never be away from me again. Never!”

“Stuff it you two!” James exclaimed. “Your fake love is making me sick.” Kate and Charlie laughed. “Oi, look at Taylor and Louis!”

“Is TALARIL a success?” Isa asked eagerly. Three teenagers looked over to where Louis and Taylor were standing. Taylor said something that made Louis blush furiously. Then Louis said something and it was Taylor’s turn to blush.

“Not yet, but soon,” James said. Louis grabbed Taylor’s hand and she looked up. He said something to Taylor and she nodded fast. “It looks like the kiss is about to happen,” James said.

Louis smiled and leaned in and Taylor leaned in as well. Their first kiss was quick and nervous. When they broke apart, they smiled at each other. Taylor, clearly more daring than Louis, grabbed the back of his head and brought him in for another kiss. This one was longer and more eager.

Charlie whistled. “Go Louis!” he yelled. Louis and Taylor broke apart and looked at them horrified. Louis grabbed Taylor’s hand and they disappeared into the crowd.

“You guys need to come outside,” Dom said appearing out of nowhere.

“And whom have you been snogging?” Kate asked smiling at her bright lipped and messy haired friend. Dom immediately tried to straighten out her hair.

“No one,” she said nervously playing with a particularly messing part of her hair.

“Who?” Charlie said.

“Doesn’t matter right now, you guys need to come outside,” Dom said grabbing Isa’s hand and pulling her forward.

“Why?” Kate asked.

“Freddie finally cornered Anna and it doesn’t look like they are going to kiss and make up,” Dom said.

“Shit,” Isa said. “Yea let’s go.” Dom dragged her forward and she grabbed James’ hand for him to follow.

When they got outside, they saw Freddie talking to Anna who was desperately looking for a way out.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” Anna said to Freddie. She spotted Isa and Kate and ran over to them. She threw her arms around their shoulders. The three of them walked over to a bench and sat down. James, Charlie, and Dom walked over after them.

“Please,” Freddie said.

Anna shook her head looking on the verge of tears. “Anna just talk to him. He needs you,” Polly said coming outside. Like Dom, her lips were swollen and hair was messy. A very confused Pierce was in tow behind her.

“He doesn’t need me!” Anna cried.

“Yes I do! Please just hear me out,” Freddie said.

Anna shook her head. “No.”

“Merlin’s pants, just freaking talk to him!” Isa cried. “You’re acting like a child.”

Anna stared at Isa angrily. “Am not!”

“If I say ‘are too’, you’re just going to say ‘am not’ and prove my point,” Isa said. “Now get up and just hear him out. He’s been miserable.”

“Fine,” Anna said angrily. She stood up and crossed over to where Freddie was standing. “I’m listening,” she snapped crossing her arms.

“The truth is Anna,” Freddie started, “is that I love you and I always have. I was acting idiotic and selfish. Merlin, I don’t even remember why I said anything that I did. I was just mad about—err—something I don’t know.” Freddie sighed. Anna glared even more intensely at Freddie.

“We both have a lot going on right now and instead of talking about anything, we fought and stupidly broke up. Ever since then I have been miserable. I should have treated you better and I realize that now.” Freddie smiled. “You never know how good something is till it’s gone, yea? Give me another chance.”

Anna gave no answer. She stopped looking at Freddie. She turned and walked to Isa who was sitting on the side next to Kate and Polly. Anna stood there with her back to Freddie. When he spoke again, Anna immediately grabbed Isa’s hand.

“Please Anna,” Freddie begged. Anna held onto Isa’s hand tightly and watched as their knuckles turned white.

“Anna,” Isa said softly. Anna’s hazel eyes snapped up to look at Isa’s milky grey eyes.

“What?” she asked so softly Isa thought she imagined it.

“Answer the poor boy,” Isa said.

Anna left out a breath and let go of Isa’s hand. She turned and walked over to Freddie. She looked at him confused and scared. When she spoke, even though it was barely audible, the remaining 8 people heard her words.

They were the breaking point. It seemed to the people standing around that it was the end of an era.

“I can’t.”


“This is just a bloody fantastic night, yea?” Freddie said stumbling over the lawn. It had been several hours since the countdown and Freddie’s heartbreak.

And he didn’t seem to be taking it too well. After Dom and Polly walked away with Anna, Freddie seemed to fall off a deep end none of us knew was there. He began talking irrationally and stupidly. He grabbed a drink out of the hand of the Head Editor of The Daily Prophet and drank it all.

When the man began to protest, Freddie gave a loud ‘fuck you’ and stormed away. Kate and I have been given the job of keeping tabs on the boys, and so far it hasn’t been pretty.

“Freddie,” Kate sighed attempting to take the bottle out of his hand. He moved it away quickly and scowled at her.

“Don’t be a fun killer Kate,” Freddie said enunciating the syllables of her name. “I’m a single man!” he said triumphantly. “I’m allowed to have fun.”

James snorted. “You sound like you’re having fun,” he said taking the bottle from Freddie’s hands and drinking some.

“I am having fun,” he said annoyed. “Pierce! I’m having fun aren’t I?”

“You’re drinking yourself into oblivion mate,” Pierce said. Freddie ignored Pierce’s comment.

They crossed over the large field in the back of the Potters house. It was grassy; someone had gotten rid of the snow and charmed the snow that was to disappear before it hit the ground.

James still had his arm around Isa although it seemed James wasn’t able to keep it around her the more he drank.

I felt bad. I did. For Freddie and Anna. We all knew she was miserable and we all assumed that she would just go back with him. Obviously we thought wrong. Something was said during that secret little talk they had that destroyed their relationship. Or what was left of it anyways.

I didn’t want to focus on the past. Past relationships. Past incidences. Past—whatever. TALARIL had succeeded and Taylor and Louis were together. To me, that’s reason enough to celebrate.

Isa took the bottle out of James’ hand and took a long drink. “Alright! Isa’s joining the party,” James exclaimed happily. Charlie and Freddie cheered.

“Well boys,” Isa said taking another long drink, “and Kate, I figured that the meddling plan worked and I think that’s cause for celebration!”

“And I happen to agree,” Freddie said loudly stumbling towards Isa and slinging his arm sloppily on her shoulder. “Celebration! New year, new start!”

James grabbed the bottle and drank from it. “Excellent suggestion dear cousin.”

Eventually they reached a shed in the back. It was old and looked like it hadn’t been used in years.

“Well isn’t this the perfect place to get pissed,” Pierce said sarcastically.

“That’s the spirit!” Freddie said opening the door. “We just wanted to get away,” he said. “You can’t blame us for not wanting to drink with the fifth years.” The room was musty and cluttered with old papers and boxes that looked to have gathered dust over the last decade of not being used.

“Lovely,” Kate said wrinkling her nose. “Really lovely.” She coughed slightly as dust swirled up around her. “Isa, I’m gonna go back up to the house, this place is absolutely revolting.”

“Alright,” Isa said stealing another drink from the firewhiskey bottle. Kate turned and left. She ran back up to the house leaving the rest of them alone.

I feel weird. This feels weird. Isa laughed to herself.

“What’s so funny,” James said from where he was sitting. Isa sat on the floor and took another drink.

She shrugged. “I can’t—I can’t remember,” she said and then she burst out laughing.

“You’re drunk,” Pierce said.

“Hardly. I’ve dranken like what—2 sips? Something—something like that,” Isa slurred.

“Dranken isn’t a word,” Pierce said rolling his eyes.

“Well it should be,” James cried. “Isa I think it’s a beautiful word. Just so beautiful.”

“Someone appreciates me,” Isa said.

“Oi!” Freddie said angrily. “I appreciate you!”

“Why are you so angry?” Pierce said.

“Angry?” Freddie scoffed. “I am not angry. There’s just this box in my way and it won’t move.”

Pierce rolled his eyes. “It’s a box. Of course it won’t move.”

“Hey,” Freddie said pointing at Pierce. “I don’t need your sass.”


“NO SASS!” Freddie yelled and then he kicked over the box. The contents spilled on the floor and Freddie grinned mischievously.

“Cool! Fireworks!” James said lying on his stomach and picking one up. “Let’s light one!” he said his eyes lighting up like a child in a candy store.

“No,” Pierce said taking the one out of James’ hand. “That’s just stupid.”

“Lighten up. It’s New Years!” Freddie told Pierce as he picked up another one. “Matches. Where are you matches? Ah! Found some!” Freddie started waving the firework around and grinning. “Ready?”

“Freddie don’t be stupid,” Pierce said. Freddie stopped waving around the firework and glared at Pierce.

“I’m not being stupid,” he said. “Where’s your Gryffindor spirit? You know bravery and courage?”

“You’re drunk, those are the same things,” James slurred slightly from next to Isa. Isa took the bottle of firewhiskey out of James’ hand.

“No more for you,” Isa giggled taking a swig.

“Don’t light it Freddie,” Pierce said. Freddie struck a match and held it close to the fuse. “Freddie. Don’t. What if something goes wrong?”

“‘What if something goes wrong?’” Freddie mocked. “Mate, it’s fine.” Before Pierce could say or do anything, Freddie lit the firework. It left his hand immediately and flew straight into a pile of old parchment. The firework exploded. The explosion was smaller than expected, but it did the job just the same. The parchment caught fire from the falling embers, and then everyone began to panic.

“What do we do?” cried Pierce running around in circles. Freddie stared at the fire mesmerized by the flames. Soon, however, the flames grew bigger, engulfing the table next to it and soon the banister above their heads were glowing red and orange. “No wands. And majority of the people here are drunk. Err--let’s get out of here!” Pierce yelled maneuvering to the door.

James and Freddie stumbled after him drunkenly. Isa stayed. No one’s here. How am I supposed to get out? Fuck. I’ll just try to find the door on my own.

Isa stood up and walked left. Her arms were outstretched and she felt nothing but air. She walked forward a couple steps and felt a tall stack of boxes in her way. Suddenly the banister to the right of her collapsed, and blocked her path with a wall of flames.

It was becoming hotter and hotter. “Help!” she screamed starting to cry. “Anyone?” I suddenly feel very aware and very sober. So I’m blind. And in a burning building. And I’m trapped. Merlin hates me.

The roof above began to cave in. Flaming wood showered around her as she covered her head. “Please!” she yelled again. She wiped her hand across her face mixing together ashes and tears.


“James?” Isa called.

“Isa are you ok?” James yelled over the fire. “I’m trying to get to you, just stay there.”

Isa heard the crackling of the fire and more wood falling around her. She heard James swear as he hit another dead end.

“Isa!” James cried when he finally reached her. He gripped her shoulder and turned her around. She smiled at him and threw her arms around his neck.

“You came back!” Isa cried into his shoulder.

“For you? Why wouldn’t I?” he said smiling at her. “Come on we have to get out of here.” Isa nodded. James swiftly picked Isa up and carried her through the fire. They were both breathing hard from the lack of oxygen and sweating from the heat. James kicked a flaming box from his path and ran out the door.

Once out, he placed Isa on the cold ground. She smiled feeling relief from the heat.

“What happened?” screeched Ginny. Three tall wizards joined her. They quickly said a few spells and the fire was put out.

“Mum,” James said out of breath. “It—it was an ac—accident,” he stammered.

“It bloody better be an accident! Isa, dear, are you ok?” Ginny said kneeling next to Isa.

“I’m fine now. Thanks to James,” she said squeezing James’ arm. James sat down next to her.

Ginny nodded. Harry came running up from the house. “What happened?” he said in a dangerously calm voice eyeing the glowing embers of the remains of the shed. “Who started the fire?”

“Err—” James said. “I don’t know?”

“James Sirius Potter you tell me right now who burned down the shed!” Harry yelled. Isa held onto James’ arm tighter.


“Isa!” Taylor yelled running up to her sister. “Are you ok?”

“We’ll talk later,” Harry said in a low voice before storming off closely followed by Ginny.

“Yea,” Isa said smiling.

“Oh thank Merlin!” Taylor said wrapping her arms around Isa.

I have to. I have to tell her. I would feel too guilty if I put it off longer. Isa clamped her eyes shut. “Taylor,” she said. “I have to tell you something.”

Taylor pulled away. “Yea?”

“Isa don’t,” James warned.

“Taylor—mum and dad weren’t actually in Greece,” Isa said.

“What?” Taylor asked.

“We tricked you into thinking they were,” Isa said feeling very ashamed.

“Why?” Taylor said slowly. Isa sighed.

“It’s just that, I really wanted to be with my friends and then I found out that Louis really liked you and I thought it was a perfect opportunity,” Isa explained. “So we forged letters from mum and you.”

“You lied to me?” Taylor said slowly.

“No—well yea. But—”

“You lied and then you almost got yourself killed,” Taylor said standing up. “Isa how could you do that?”

Isa shook her head. “I don’t know. Please don’t be mad at me, I was trying to—”

“Trying to what?” Taylor snapped. “Trying to prove yourself as one of them? Trying to prove that you’re not the lame blind one of the group? Trying to ruin our family forever?”

“No,” Isa said slowly, feeling hurt by her words.

“Then what?” Taylor said equally as poisonous as before. “You almost die to get me with a guy? Isa, that’s just—just—fucked up. What would happen if you died? Huh? You know what happen to us when—when—Donny happened. You know how it destroyed our parents! You were there. Mum didn’t leave her room for weeks. Dad didn’t go to practices. They were fighting all the time.”

Isa shrunk back with every word that Taylor said. “The fire wasn’t part of the plan,” she mumbled softly.

“I supposed the fire wasn’t ‘your fault’ either,” Taylor spit. Isa eyes began to fill with tears again.

“Stop,” Isa said as the tears spilled over. Not my fault. Not my fault!

“‘Just trying to make Isa more comfortable’. That’s what mum said. You know it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you. And that scar your friends were asking about earlier wouldn’t be there. It’s your fault.”

Stop. Please. A girl can only take so much heartbreak. Isa started sobbing into her hands. Guilt and shame was ripping through her body and with every wave of tears was a new wave of hurt.

“Isa, what happened?” James said quietly.

“Yea Belle, what happened?” Taylor said crossing her arms.

“Don’t call me that!” Isa snapped through her tears. I’m not Belle anymore. I haven’t been Belle for 5 years.

“Isa,” James said touching Isa’s arm before wrapping her in a hug. He let her cry into his shirt. “Isa what happened?”

“Answer him Belle. What happened to Donny?”

“Who’s Donny?” James asked quietly.

“Donny,” Isa said slowly, “is our brother.”

“Correction,” Taylor sneered. “Donny was our brother. And he was Isa’s—or Belle’s—twin brother.”

“No. He is! He always will be!” Isa said prying herself away from James and standing up.

“Donny’s not here anymore! You know why he isn’t here anymore,” Taylor yelled poking her finger into Isa’s chest. “And if you went too, it would completely destroy our family. Don’t be stupid Isa. You know what happened.”

Taylor turned on her heel and left quickly. Isa sank down to the ground again and cried softly into her hands. James didn’t say anything; he just let her cry. “Donny,” Isa said after the tears subsided a little bit. “Donny is—was Taylor and my brother. He was my twin brother. We were attached at the hip. Wherever Donny was, his twin Belle was there with him.”

“What happened? James asked carefully.

“Do you remember how I was late coming to Hogwarts our first year? And I when I finally arrived I had several broken bones and many bruises?” Isa asked.

“Yea,” James said nodding.

“And how you never heard me talk until about the middle of first year in charms class?”


Isa sighed and sat cross-legged away from James. He crawled over to her and sat next to her. “On September 1st of our first year, me and Donny’s, we were going to apparate to Platform 9 ¾. But I was scared. I hated the feeling of apparation, so I begged my mum to let us drive. Like muggles.” Isa wiped tears from her eyes and continued, “Our dad went ahead just to bring our luggage and my brother Mason went with him. In the car was just me, my mum, Taylor, and Donny. Donny was sitting next to me. I was in the middle; he was on the passenger side of the backseat.

“There was an accident. A van hit our car. Right on the passenger side and directly on Donny. By the time the ambulance arrived, I had a severely broken arm and collarbone and Donny,” she wiped her eyes again as the tears were streaming down, “Donny had died. Right next to me.”

James wrapped an arm around Isa. “That’s not your fault.”

“Yes it is,” Isa said softly.

“No it isn’t Isa. It was an accident,” James said as Isa leaned her head on his shoulder.

“He wouldn’t have been in the car if it hadn’t been for me. He wouldn’t have died. He would be here with me. He was my best friend. And because of me, he’s gone.”

“It’s because of the van. There’s no way you could have known,” James said.

“James,” Isa said smiling sadly and crying a little bit more. “I’m the reason Donny is dead. And thanks to my sister, I’m never going to forget that.” Isa stood up. “Happy New Year James,” Isa said kissing the top of his head.

Isa turned and walked towards the sounds of the party.


Long chapter. Yeaaaaa

Anyways. Tell me what you think. Did you like it? Hate it? Medium hate it?

Are you mad at anyone? I'm kinda mad at Anna, I don't know about you...

And Donny. Yes for those of you who caught the little snippets of Donny in there and wondered who he was, he was Isa's twin brother who died as they were going to Hogwarts for the first time :(

And at that time, Isa was known as Belle. Which is why Taylor kept referring to her as Belle to make her feel worse.

Oh and anti-jokes are hilarious if you haven't heard of them. They're basically jokes that really aren't jokes.

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