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Cabin Fever by lazyafternoon
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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 a/n: Hello all! This is an idea I had that I've been steadily adding on to for ages now and wanted to post.  I don't own anything you recognize.  Hope you enjoy!


  Cabin Fever : Prologue

He was old and slow. We figured he might be partially blind because he sometimes ran into walls, but our old dog Mammoth never wandered anymore. He knew better. But tonight he hadn’t come back to the door after I let him out.  Even though it was June, it was still chilly and I did not particularly want to wander about the property, but I had to find Mammoth.  From the row of hooks beneath our family picture, I took my jacket.  I pulled my hair up, grabbed a torch, and stepped off of my parents' back porch and set off into the night to find him.

There was a chill in the late June air, the sky had finally gone dark and I wished that the clouds would clear up to let the starlight keep my torchlight company.  I turned back to make sure Mammoth had not just found his way back to the house, but there was no sign of the big hairy dog.  I trudged on, wishing my dad was home - he would have been able to whistle loud enough to call a whole pack of dogs to the back door.  But no, they were off visiting my aunt - my mother’s sister- and would not be back until the middle of the week.  They were always off calling upon relatives, I did not mind staying home alone.  I would just watch the neighborhood children and occasionally eat with their families.  What I really needed was company closer in my age.  Thirty-six year old parents and their seven year old twin daughters did not count.  My siblings had long since moved out of the house.  And, I had been too unconvinced by my friends’ plans to move to the city upon completing high school.  This left me back into my usual routine. Living at home, nannying anywhere within walking distance, wishing I was anywhere else, but not doing anything to change it because the monotony was safer.  I kicked at the dirt as I took my next step.  I had to stay in the neighborhood, right?  Because who else would watch for the Murray twins and the Ross boys?

I was justifying again.  I held up the torch and made another sweep of what I could see, then continued walking and avoiding my train of thought from before.  

                I called out for him repeatedly but Mammoth didn’t come. I didn’t expect to hear him bark, in his old age the most I heard was a wheezing gasp that ended with a high note- his weakened version of a bark. Our property bordered a large field, which probably was once a farm, and beyond that was a wood. I shined the torch towards the tall grass, hoping Mammoth hadn’t lumbered back there, it would be a pain searching him for ticks later. Instead of seeing a sheep dog in the field, my torch lit up a great deer. Much more enormous then what I usually saw, when I actually saw wildlife. Although we were surrounded by plenty of land, we didn’t see many animals. 

                  It didn’t make sense. Mammoth could still hear and smell- he would have tried to chase the buck. Maybe he wandered into the front garden? I looked around once more, hoping to catch a glimpse of the dog before heading around the house when I heard a very loud bark- one that definitely could not belong to Mammoth. The deer turned towards the forest and instead of running off, it lowered itself, ready to charge. Two hulking shapes came tearing out from the trees. Mammoth couldn’t move that fast- unless he was being chased? 


                “Mammoth! Here, boy! Come on!"

                  I wish I knew how to whistle, that’d be much more effective. I ran up to the back door and opened it, hoping I could get Mammoth inside.   I turned back to look and saw the deer and a dog both attacking another dog. Neither of the canines looked like Mammoth. A yelp echoed across the field as the buck flipped the dog over with its antlers. Scared that these creatures might have hurt Mammoth I grabbed a garden rake from near the fence and ran into the tall grass.


                I hoped just my presence and the large object I was brandishing would be enough to scare the animals away, but it wasn’t. WhenI neared the scuffling trio, I found that neither of the dogs were Mammoth. And then I realized that one of them was definitely not a dog. It had golden yellow eyes and was strangely elongated. Too large to be a dog, it must have been a wolf, but its appearance was unsettling. 

                  I made to back away, but tripped over something that squeaked loudly, eww, field mice! When I fell to the ground I saw its long naked tail streaking away then I looked up and my eyes met the golden eyes of the strange wolf. Blood already was dripping from its jaws- was it rabid? Would it even matter if it was rabid?  Because the proximity of the wolf and the likelihood of its being bloodthirsty made the chances of me surviving zilch.

                 I struggled to stand up and tried to run. I barely made it three steps before I was knocked to the ground. Its claws cut straight through my jacket and its teeth sunk into my thigh, straight through my jeans. I screamed and felt another blow to my legs, this time by a hoof. The deer was once again trying to toss the wolf away. 

Oh please, save me, someone, please.  


A short man about my age suddenly appeared, crouching near my face. He threw me over his shoulder and ran into the forest. This sudden inversion did nothing for my nerves, I knew I had lost a lot of blood and that I had just been attacked by a probably-rabid wolf, but now I was being kidnapped? I had never fainted before, not for anything, but this was just too much, and as blackness encroached on my vision, I let it come and I slipped into unconsciousness.


a/n: I know it is kind of short, but it is a prologue.  I have a bunch more to add! Whether you liked it, disliked it, felt apathetic, or felt anything else please review and let me know what you think! 

 Update (10/2013) : Just added a bit more internal monologue to our main character.  I'll be updating a few other chapters as well before adding my new chapter.

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Cabin Fever: Prologue


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