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Illusions of a Perfect Marriage by alicia and anne
Chapter 22 : Feel so rough.
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A/N: I promise I will get around to responding to reviews, I'm a bit busy at this moment but I wanted to update for you all, because well to be honest I love you! There I said it outloud :-D

She still couldn’t sleep.

It was nearing four in the morning and she was still wide awake staring at her ceiling. She knew that it would be impossible to try and attempt to sleep as she would have to get up for work in little over two hours. Why she agreed to go in early was beyond her! Although it wasn’t, it was getting her mind off of James.

She knew the reason why she couldn’t sleep and that was because she was too scared she was going to dream about him. Not that she didn’t think about him all the time, but in her dreams she would make believe that everything was ok and they were playing happy families because nothing had gone wrong between them, only to awake and feel the cruel pain stabbing at her heart when she realised that it was just a hopeless impossible dream, and nothing more.

She let out a sigh as she sat up and pulled her tired weary body out of bed and wrapped a dressing gown around herself. Shivering slightly from the chill in the air she made her way quietly out of the room and towards the kitchen, knowing that she was going to need a few cups of coffee to keep her awake for her shift today, which was thankfully only a short one.

After she had made her coffee she walked slowly into the front room, sipping on her drink as she moved. She stopped when she reached the doorway to see her brother laid out on the sofa, an arm over his face and the other dangling off of the sofa. She gave a small smile as she backed out of the room. She didn’t know what she would have done if her brother hadn’t have shown up. She was entirely thankful at having him here and reminded herself to thank Mariah and Albus for owling him later on.

She chose instead to go back into her bedroom and sit on her bed, placing her cup on the side and picking up her book as she stifled a yawn. She really needed to get some sleep soon; she was beginning to run on empty. She looked back over at the time and let out a groan, not long before she would have to have a shower, she really couldn’t be bothered with today.


James was staring ahead of himself; he seemed to do this a lot since Amelia had left. He kept replaying the situation over and over in his head and he could do nothing but blame himself for everything that had happened that night at the party. As it was, most of his family seemed to blame him for that night too, thankfully today they hadn’t told him how much of an idiot he was or lecture him on what had happened and he was thankful for that.

He had tried apologising to Dom about ruining her birthday but all she wanted to know was if he had talked to Amelia yet and fixed everything, to which James responded by walking away from her, which resulted in Dom calling him a few not nice things. She would have followed him around the house if it wasn’t for Albus coming to his rescue.

Albus was a whole different story, not once did James think that Albus would be serious about anything and here Albus was, one of the only people who would talk reason with James and actually listen when James opened up to him. No one was more surprised about this then James.

It had been almost two days with Albus being serious and helpful and it was starting to freak the family out slightly, no one had seen him run around in his boxers or less. And he hadn’t been heard making sexual innuendos at anyone within touching distance; James’s wasn’t sure whether he should be pleased about this? He also wasn’t sure if he liked grown up Albus? For one Mariah didn’t seem to mind either way, they were still somewhat disgusting together when they thought they were alone. James supposed some things were never going to change.

“You’re coming back home with us” came his mothers soft voice from next to him. James nodded his head slowly not answering her or responding. He hadn’t been very responsive since he left his room and his family were starting to notice and avoid him as they tried to get back into enjoying their holiday but he knew that no one was up for celebrating anything.

“I’m not having you waste your money at the Leaky cauldron when you have a perfectly good room at home.”

Once again James nodded.

“Would we need to go to the room you had and get your stuff?” Ginny asked, referring to the Leaky Cauldron.

“No, it’s all upstairs in the bags I brought,” James stated, shifting in his chair slightly to turn and look at his mother.

Ginny could see just how broken her son was by the look in his eyes, and even though she thought that what he done was a terrible thing, she couldn’t bring herself to yell or scold at him. He knew what he had done, could feel the pain he had put Amelia and himself through.

She reached forward and pulled her son into her arms. He clutched hold of her tightly and buried his face into her shoulder. She rocked him slowly and rubbed the back of his hair, instantly reminded of when he was younger and had hurt himself, how he would always run to her so she would hug him and tell him that everything was ok until he felt better. But this was something more than a motherly hug could fix, no matter how long she wanted to keep hold of him.

“We’re here for you James. Don’t ever forget that.” She told him, she felt him nod his head against her shoulder.


“You got more letters,” came Adam’s voice as Amelia walked into her front room and kicked off her shoes, before sitting down on her sofa. She looked around the room as she heard Adam walk away from the kitchen and towards her, noticing that Adam had tidied up for her. She looked up at him with a thankful smile as he handed her a cup of coffee and placed what looked to be a dozen letters onto her table.

“I don’t want to read them,” she told him simply. “I don’t want to have to deal with them asking me how I am and that I should try sorting everything out with him.” She shook her head as she sipped on her hot drink.

“Do you want me to send them back?” Adam asked her, as he sat on the armchair adjacent from her.

“If you wouldn’t mind,” she said with a smile. “What would I do without you Adam?”

“Fall apart,” he told her.

Amelia let out a small scoffing laugh. “You don’t know how close to the truth you are.”

Adam looked at his sister intently as she put her cup down on the table and rubbed her eyes tiredly, she looked so tired and pale and he didn’t like it.

“Have you slept yet?”

Amelia shook her head sadly before she rubbed her eyes again, stifling a yawn.

“I can’t Adam,” she admitted. “I’m just too scared that all I’ll see is him.”

Adam put his cup down on the coffee table and stood up from his chair, moving over to the sofa that Amelia was sitting on and sat down next to her. He put an arm around her and pulled her into a hug. She leant against him and let out a low sigh.

“I know you are, but there’s always the chance that you won’t and you need your sleep Amelia, you can’t afford to be tired, especially at your job.”

“I know,” Amelia mumbled still hugged up to her brother.

“Do you want to listen to the radio?” he asked her, he felt her nod against his shoulder and he reached into his pocket for his wand and waved it at the radio across the room. Music soon filled the room and they both listened quietly.

After a while Adam was getting tired of the music and wondered if there was a Quidditch match on another station.

“Hey do you mind if I try finding a Quidditch match?” he asked Amelia who hadn’t moved from where she had hugged up to him. When he didn’t get a response he looked down at her and saw that she had fallen asleep.

‘Finally’ Adam thought with a smile as he moved her gently off of his shoulder, attempting to get up and lay her down on the sofa without waking her. Once he had managed to stand up and Amelia was now laying on the sofa he placed the blanket he had been using at night over her and left the room quietly, waving his wand at the radio as he left so it turned itself off.

A loud knocking filled the flat after Amelia had been asleep for about an hour, Adam raced to the door annoyance filling him wonder who on earth was going to wake up his sister. He pulled the door open before the person could knock again and risk waking up Amelia.

“What the hell is with....” he stopped as he saw that James was standing at the door, looking at him slightly shocked. “What the hell do you want Potter?” he hissed.


A/N: So James and Adam come face to face in the next chapter! Who wants to guess what'll happen? :-D

Not many more chapters to go now *sniff* and the Sequel is in the planning stages as we speak, well more as I type. The prequel is all ready to go. Question is do I start posting it now, or do I wait until this one is over? I'll let you all decide for me.

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Illusions of a Perfect Marriage: Feel so rough.


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