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Just A Game by TearsIMustConceal
Chapter 3 : Past and present they donít matter now
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Disclaimer - I own nothing to do with the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter, credit goes to JK. I own Gisela and the other characters you don't recognise

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Chapter 2
As soon as I woke up, the first day back ritual had already began. Dragged from my bed, Rayne made sure I was dressed and presentable before leading me to the Great Hall for breakfast with the others. If you hadn’t already gathered, I was not a morning person at the best of times but the first morning back was a dreadful affair, for both me and the rest of the group. But the guys had the routine down to an art now. Before nodding off at the Slytherin table, I was picked up by Pedro and taken to potions, where I instantly took a seat at the back and rested my head on the table.

“Now is not the time to take a nap, Miss Martinez.”

Professor Slughorn’s voice filled my ears and I shot up, giving him a coy smile. Earning a chuckle, he continued to walk to his desk at the front of the room, shooting a beaming smile in Evans’ direction. Rolling my eyes at the teacher’s pet that Evans’ was, I shot an amused look at Pedro before straightening up in my seat, ready for the lesson.

“Welcome back class. Now, seeing as this class is only for the ones who have a knack for potions, I expect brilliant results after every potion. And those who do will get a free invitation to the Slug Club, which I know some of you are already members of.”

At the mention of the Slug Club, I groaned. Both myself and Pedro had the unfortunate pleasure of being members and had no choice but to go and socialise with the students Slughorn thought were worthy enough to go on his ‘wall.’ In my opinion, that was pretty much the action of a paedophile and for this reason, Pedro never left my side at these events. But as perverted Slughorn seemed, he was pretty laidback and being our Head of House didn’t hurt matters either, seeing as I never got detention because of him.

“We’ll be brewing the Draught of the Living Death, so turn to pages 210 and 211 and get started.”

Sighing, I stood up, making my way towards the ingredients cupboard only to be pushed out of the way by Evans, who literally ran to get there first.

“Watch it Evans.” I growled.

She said nothing but it was most probably because she never got the chance as Potter and Black were there in an instant.

“Shut your mouth Martinez!” Spat Black. He just couldn’t resist arguing with me.

“What has this got to do with you Black? Why are you defending her? Unless it’s because you fancy her along with Potter?”

I then turned to Potter, who looked dumbstruck and whispered loudly.

“Watch out Potter, looks like he is trying to move in on Evans. Can’t trust anyone these days.”

Watching Black’s face grow angry was a funny thing. I actually wanted a picture of it just to laugh at.

“Just leave it Martinez. Padfoot, Prongs, get your stuff and walk away. They’re not worth it.” I looked behind me at the mention of ‘they’re’ and saw Pedro and Bellatrix standing there, wands and teeth bared. Both Potter and Black looked to argue but in the end, took Lupin’s advice and left, not before snarling in our direction. Lupin gave me an indescribable look before grabbing what he need and also leaving the store cupboard, which now just held us Slytherins.

“One of these days I am going to hex him ‘till he can’t walk.” Growled Pedro, putting a hand on my shoulder in a protective and loving manner.

“Not before I get there first brother.” I laughed a little before walking back to my cauldron, eager to get started so I could leave.

“Excellent Miss Evans, 10 points to Gryffindor.” The teacher’s pet beamed before packing up her things like a good little student. Slughorn then waddled over to me and Pedro. After examining Pedro’s potion, he came to mine and had a smile on his face.

“Miss Evans, I think you may have some competition from a student from my own house. Perfect Miss Martinez, 25 points to Slytherin.” Seeing Evan’s glaring at me, I raised my eyebrow, challenging her to say something but she didn’t as I expected, instead putting her head down. Grabbing my things, I left the room along with Pedro, not bothering to wait for Bellatrix.

“I have Arithmancy with Rayne so I will see you at lunch, little sister.” Pedro kissed the top of my head before strutting down the hall.

“I’m older then you.” I shouted before turning the other way, heading up to transfiguration with the dreaded Gryffindor’s and good old McGonagall, ever faithful in trying to give me detentions for actually knowing what I am talking about. I know she secretly wants me in Gryffindor so that her house would actually earn some points instead of losing them.

“Not so big now that you’re on your own, are you Martinez?”

I rolled my eyes before hiding my wand in my sleeve (I wasn’t in Slytherin for nothing) and turning around to face the 4 boys known as “The Marauders”.

Shit name in my personal opinion.

“You’re very presumptuous, aren’t you Black? Telling me I’m scared before you have even attempted and failed to try and intimidate me. I’m a big girl Black; don’t tell me you haven’t noticed.”

Black’s face dropped as he tried to think of something quick witted to say to me. Not having the time to wait while he tried to find a comeback, I shook my head.

“I haven’t got time for this Black, but when you have finally thought of a comeback, meet me here at around 9 tonight.” I stepped closer to him, smirking.

“If you dare.” Knowing he’d definitely take the challenge, I walked away, laughing loudly, ignoring the strange looks off the students passing me in the corridor.


As I took a seat in the near empty Great Hall, seeing as I had gotten out of Transfiguration early, I took the time to think about what Sirius Black had said to me the night before. I was still wishing that what he said was actually a threat rather than a warning for me to be careful. To be warning me, Black obviously knew something I didn’t and I had a feeling it was about Voldemort. Last night, I was going down to the common room because Rayne was snoring and I was struggling with the urge to smother her with her pillow, when I saw Malfoy, Bella and Evan huddled near the fire, talking in hushed voices. All I heard were the mumbled words ‘Dark Lord’, ‘kill them all’, ‘dirty mudbloods’ and the one thing that freaked me out the most ‘recruiting death eaters’. To say I was worried was an understatement and I even creeped back up the stairs, not wanting to be dragged into the conversation.

“Boo!” I jumped in my seat as hushed voice came behind me. Turning, I saw a smirking Evan before he sat down next to me.

“Don’t do that.”

“Sorry Gisela.”

I nodded. As I grabbed a pumpkin juice, which had just appeared on the table, Evan spoke again.

“So, how did you like the conversation last night?”

I froze, meeting Evan’s eyes slowly as I sat back down in my seat. I gulped, not knowing what to say so I denied it.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have to go.” Grabbing my bag, I went to leave the table when Evan’s hand shot out and gripped my wrist, tightly. I panicked slightly and looked around the room, wondering if I could get out. Instead I was met with a pair of grey eyes, which were now staring in my direction, the eyes narrowing when he saw my position.

“Let me go Evan.”

“Sit down Gisela and don’t make a scene.” Weighing up my chances, I sat back down next to him. “Good girl. Now, I know you were listening. It’s a really good job that neither Malfoy nor Bella knew you were there, believe me. But now it seems that you know more then you should, I guess I should let you know what is happening.”

I gulped again. I didn’t want to know any of this.

“The Dark Lord has a plan to rid the world of muggles and mudbloods.” He spat the words out, like they tasted foul on his tongue. “Half bloods will be tolerated, depending on the purity of their one pure blooded parent but even then, they may still be gone when the Dark Lord has finished his plans. Then this world will be ours to live and control and gone are those who don’t deserve the magic they are given. He’s recruiting followers, people who will help him achieve perfection and I’m proud to say that myself, Malfoy and Bella are already part of the group they call ‘death eaters.’”

He lifted up his left sleeve to show me the disgusting mark that was engraved on his skin. I gasped in shock but he just looked proud of it.

“He wants us to recruit as many purebloods we can while we’re still at Hogwarts and guess who is top of the list?”

I stared at him with fearful eyes. I knew the answer. Me and my family.

“You, along with the rest of your family. And if my information is correct, your Father is already part of it all so it’s only matter time before the Dark Lord wants you on his side. It’s a great honour Gisela, a great honour indeed.”

I nodded, not knowing what else to do or what to say to him. Before Evan could say anymore, the rest of the group joined us and the topic ended. I couldn’t bring myself to join in the conversation, only smiling and agreeing on cue. Taking leave early, I made my way to Defence, not caring if I was the only one there. I needed the space to sort my head out. And I needed to talk to my brother, see if he knew anymore then I did. Walking down the corridor, I spotted a familiar brunette in front of me.
“Oh Lola!” She turned upon hearing her name and her face brightened when she saw me.

“Gigi!” Giving me a huge hug, she beamed at me.
“How are you, little sister?” She groaned but answered anyway.

“I’m good, I finally told Jemima Roberts to piss off or I would hex her.”
I raised my eyebrow. “You would hex her?”

“Okay, so I said that you would hex her if she didn’t stop picking on me. It seems she pretty scared of you. She said something about you being something called a ‘death eater’ and then left me. She hasn’t spoken to me since. It’s great.”
I gulped at her use of the word ‘death eater’. She had already been exposed to it more then she should have. If I had my way, she wouldn’t find out about anything else and I planned to make sure it happened.

“What’s a ‘death eater’, anyway? She seemed pretty scared about it.”

I shook my head. “Don’t worry about it. She doesn’t know what she is talking about half of the time.” Lola nodded, excepting my answer no problem. She was far too innocent for Slytherin.
“Well I have to get to transfiguration so I will see you tonight?” I nodded. “Okay, bye Gigi.” She gave me a small hug and skipped away, catching up with her friends.
Watching her carefree and happy, I knew I had to protect her from everything going on. There was no way she could be part of this war that was meant to be happening on the outside of Hogwarts. And there was no way my Father was going to involve her in any of it. My brother and I were one thing, at least we were old enough but Lola was 15 and naïve. It was lucky that she was attached to me more than our parents. At least this way I had more of a chance of keeping her safe.


Looking at the clock on my bedside table I saw it was 10 minutes to 9 and I remembered my dare to Sirius. After hesitating whether or not to go, I decided to do it. He seemed to know what was going on more than I did so he was the best way to find out things without looking suspicious.
Sneaking out of the Common Room, I made my way to the 4th floor and along the transfiguration corridor, knowing that Sirius would show, just out of pure pride. Seeing a shadow leaning against the wall, I smirked and made my presence known, appearing out of the shadows and into the light of the lit torches along the walls.


He nodded before grabbing my arms and pushing me through a tapestry.
“What are you doing?”

He didn’t answer so I looked around to find we were in a hidden corridor. Relaxing slightly, I put my wand into my sleeve and sat down on the floor, looking up at Sirius.

“What happened at lunch?” I tensed at the mention of the earlier event. I didn’t answer him, finding the floor a lot more interesting.
“It was about Voldemort, wasn’t it?” I finally looked up and saw the worry in his eyes. Nodding, he turned away from me and kicked the helmet of a broken suit of armour.

“So, who are already followers?” I knew I couldn’t tell him. As much as I hated what was going on, I had a loyalty to my house and friends and that was what was stopping me from telling him the names.
“I can’t tell you that.”

“Yes you can!” His shout echoed throughout the small corridor.
“I can’t, okay? I have a loyalty to my house and friends and to my family! You wouldn’t know anything about that!” I stood up, ready to leave when I found myself pushed against the wall, Sirius in front of me, hands either side of my head with a menacing look on his face.

“You don’t know the first thing about me!”
“I used to.” I said, quietly.

It was true. Before he had betrayed his family, we grew up in the same circle. All of us did and we were a happy group, always looking to have a laugh and cause a scene at the annual parties and balls. Sirius and I had been quite good friends. But that was a long time ago. Before he became the blood traitor he was known as today.
“I have to go.” Sirius backed away and as I walked away, I heard his voice.

“He’ll want you next. And if he wants you, he wants Peter and Lola too.”
I left before I could hear anymore of his words, already feeling sick at the fact I wasn’t the only one who knew that Lola could be in trouble too. Making my way back to the Common Room, I was determined to think of a way to keep us safe.

I just needed time.

A/N - A big thank you to everyone who has read this! it'g given me a lot of confidence to keep on writing. Hope you like this chapter and the next should be on its way shortly :)

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