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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 26 : The Sequel
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 I know who the Potter’s are. Let’s be serious, everyone knows who the Potter’s are. Harry Potter defeated you-know-who when he was just a baby. But I never knew that the Potter’s knew me. I absolutely never knew that my Mum was Lily Potter’s best friend growing up. Maybe it made sense, why my Mum was so quiet. I mean, Dad was in jail, her best friends murdered, all before she was twenty.  And me, her only daughter, before she was even seventeen. Yet none of this explained why every time I told her about our history lessons or what my friends said about you-know-who or Harry Potter, she failed to mention that she was Harry’s godmother. No, I found out the summer before my sixth year.

I was walking towards the carriages with my best friend, Bridgette, when I heard loud banging footsteps behind me. Bridgette and I, like most of the Ravenclaws, were trying to get a glimpse of Harry Potter before he and the younger Weasley clambered in. Potter had apparently faced you-know-who and Professor Quirell and a three headed dog in the undergrounds of the castle. If he wasn’t celebrity enough, now he was larger than life. And everyone wanted to get a peak of the wonder boy. “Too bad he’s not older, huh?” Bridgette said with a wink towards me. “I would love to have me a famous boyfriend. Kid could write a book and make more galleons than Gringotts.”

“Well, Bridgette, you know what they say. Age isn’t anything but a number.” I laughed with her, before we both turned at the call of my name. “Oh, hello, Hagrid. We were wondering what that racket was.” I sent a grin over to Bridgette. Hagrid was a bit of a joke to the older Ravenclaws, who had been around long enough to know that he wasn’t allowed to do magic. However, he was nice enough to me and Bridgette, so we tended to lay off him if we could. 

“Yeh, was jus’ seeing ‘Arry off. I ‘ave this letter for yer Mum though! Mind makin’ sure she gets it?” I nodded and accepted the letter from Hagrid, heading off staring at it. Bridgette voiced my own thoughts.

“Why the hell is Hagrid writing to your Mum?”

“Good question.” I replied, flipping the letter over. Then a wicked grin crossed my face. “Lets open it and find out.” Bridgette and I always had a bit of a disregard when it came to the rules. My Mum barely talked to me, let alone punished me, and Bridgette’s parents were socialites who were going through a nasty divorce. The last thing either of them wanted was to tell Bridget what to do. I tore open the parchment as we reached a compartment.

“Wait. Where’s our luggage?” Bridgette’s question stopped my hand as I looked around. Where, indeed, was our luggage? Bridgett stuck her tall blonde head out of the compartment, looking around. “Fred, George darling do keep up!” She stuck her head back in as she started to giggle madly, and I had no choice but to join. Bridgette was gorgeous, absolutely every guy’s dream. Tall and leggy, and blonde. Not to mention the Keeper of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. It seemed like the boys who played Quidditch bowed down to her. Including the Weasley twins, who were two years below us and Gryffindor Beaters. They each entered the room, panting, dragging their own trucks plus two more. 

“Thanks, boys.” I said with a wave in their direction. Bridgette leaned against the door, looking at them.

“So, are you going to sit with us?” The two boys faces light up as the scrambled into the cart. I rolled my eyes at Bridgette, with a grin on my face. Sure, sometimes she was a bit of a tease. Smiled at boys and convinced them to carry her luggage or do her Charms homework, but she always repaid them with a bit of Bridgette time. Or so, she told me. 

As soon as the two boys sat down, however, the compartment door burst open once again. I looked up to find the dark eyes of Oliver Wood staring back at me. Bridgette hated him. Something about rival keepers or such. I didn’t really understand it, but I knew better than to question Bridgette. “Oy! You two!” Oliver said in the deep Scottish accent that he was known for. “What’re you doing? Quidditch meeting in five minutes. Go find ‘Arry!” And suddenly it was just me and Bridgette again as the twins went off mutter swears about their captain. However, I was used to this. Bridgette had long chased off other girls with her rude comments and dirty stares. I didn’t mind much though, Bridgette was the best friend I could have.  She stood up for me and took care of me. Always gave me a date to Hogsmeade. Without her, I’d spend my days in the library. 

Bridgette threw herself down in the compartment seat, a pout appearing on her perfect face. Probably over the fact that her admirers had been whisked away by her enemy. She looked at the parchment in my hand however, and brightened right up again. “What did it say?” 

“Oh, yes.” I said, having forgotten about the letter. I finished opening it, before reading it allowed.


Writing to let you know that Harry had a good first year. You’d never believe what happened between you-know-who and him though! I’m sure Rory wrote to you all about it. Wanted to say thanks for the pictures you sent of James and Lily. I’m sure he’ll love them. Have a good summer and I’ll send you more updates come September.


I paused, looking over to Bridgette. "Why is Hagrid writing to my Mum about Harry Potter?"


A/N: Hello all. Yes, I am back with a sequel. This is just a preview! Want to hear more? Head on over to All At Once, and read and review. Lovely to be back with all of you!

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How To Save A Life: The Sequel


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