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Oblivion by Chesh
Chapter 6 : The Ugly Truth
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I am never leaving this closet again.

Me and Mr Broom are quite comfortable in this dust ridden little hidey hole. I reckon I could get used to the smell after a while.

So far I have been sitting on this stack of forgotten textbooks for three hours, seventeen minutes and twenty-nine seconds.

I’m not leaving, not even if I was offered pancakes smothered in maple syrup and raspberries. Why would I want to when I’m perfectly comfortable right here?

See Mr Broom understands me.

“Can you see her? I thought moony said she was on the second floor.”

Holding my breath I can just see Sirius’s shoes from where I’m sitting. He stops right in front of my cupboard and fumbles around in his pocket for something.

“I’ll go back to the common room and see if Amy has turned up yet.” I can here James walk heavily down the corridor his shoes scuffing on the carpet.

“Where are you love?” Sirius murmurs.

I have to bite my lip from calling out and I frown what is he doing? The soft crinkling of paper is the only sign before the door to my cupboard is pulled open. Blinking wearily at the artificial light that shines from the torches I brush my tears of my cheeks.

“Love…?” Sirius is standing awkwardly in front of me his hands twitching and I can tell that he doesn’t know what to do.

Stepping out of my hiding place my muscles groan as I stretch the cramps out of legs. That’s what I get for sitting still for so long. Rapping my arms around my chest I stare at the floor.

“Amelia…” Sirius sighs and pulls me into his chest, his arms rubbing my back as I begin to sob. Burying my face into his neck I let my tears trickle down my nose.

“Why… she’s dead and now… why did he choose her?” I push myself away from Sirius and scream as I kick the wall.

Ouch, bloody hell that hurts. Holding my foot I hop around swearing loudly as more tears stream down my face. I can imagine what I look like and I bet it’s not pretty.

“I don’t understand, love why did you hide from us I was worried you had hurt yourself.” Murmured Sirius carefully making his way over to my hobbling figure.

I glare at him and point at my foot.

“It hurts.”

Sirius laughs as he shakes his head at me.

“You really are a piece of work.”

He’s laughing at me. I don’t like it.

Putting my foot on the ground I take a step. With a yell my ankle gives way and I collapse.


“You all right.” Sirius crouches down to where I’m currently lying across the ground. His face is pale as he checks my ankle anxiously for an injury.

“I’m fine.” I growl pulling my leg away from him and grimace at the pain.

“I think you broke it.” Sirius mutters looking at me in astonishment. “You must be really angry to break your foot by kicking a stone wall. Well either angry or stupid.”

Pushing myself onto my hands and knees I begin to crawl towards the Gryffindor tower. There is no way I’m going back to the hospital wing, what if that woman is still there? I don’t know if I could handle that.

Behind me I feel Sirius watch me crawl painfully across the corridor. I can almost feel his presence radiating astonishment. I guess I’m the only witch ever born who would chose to crawl across the castle, up a couple hundred of steps with a broken foot then face what may or may not be my new step-mum.

“Oh no you don’t.”

Sirius sighs before scooping me of the ground and into the air. Carrying me bridal style he strolls easily down the corridor towards the hospital wing.

“Put me down, I’m fine I bet you it’s just sprained or something, there’s no need for anyone to fuss.” I wriggle dangerously in his arms.

Why must he carry me.

“Your foot is broken.” Sirius says ignoring the fact that I’m now kicking him with my good foot in the ribs.

“Put me down I can walk, put me down now. “

Sighing Sirius places me carefully on the ground his hands placed protectively on my waist. Testing that my good foot is fine I begin to hop in the opposite direction.

“Where are you going?”

“To bed, I’m tired.” I say waving my hand behind me which causes me to topple over and land on my face for the second time today.

“Well that decides it.” With one graceful movement I am lifted back into the air. This time however I have been draped over Sirius’s shoulder.

Slipping his arm over my legs Sirius begins to walk back down the corridor. A couple of first years begin to giggle as they see us and I glare evilly at them

“I hate you.” I mumble as I lean my head on my hands.

“Keep on telling yourself that Amy.” Sirius says, his shoulders shaking as he laughs.

Although I hate to admit it I’m finding it rather hard to concentrate as from here I have a rather lovely view of his rear end aka a incredibly sexy bum. It is very distracting.

“Oh what have you done now Miss Winters, I swear our visits are becoming more regular?” Clucks Madam Pomfrey. Although I can’t see her from this angle I bet she has a frown on her wizened face and her bony hands on her hips.

“Amy kicked a wall and broke her foot.” Sirius states as he gently places me on one of the hospital beds.

Folding my arms across my chest I look hastily around the room for any signs of devil mummy.

Good the coast is clear.

Madam Pomfrey shakes her head and pulls out a small green bottle out of her pocket. Pouring its contents onto a spoon she bustles Sirius out of the way and shoves the spoon into my mouth as I open it to ask what it is.

“Now Miss Winters it is late so you shall stay here for the night, Mr Black you can leave she is in very capable hands.”

Swallowing the slimy medicine I gag slightly at the after taste and try to ignore the tingling in my foot.

Sirius just pulls a chair towards me and sits leaning back on the two back legs.

“Or you can stay where you are…”Madam Pomfrey mutters as she scowls and turns sharply into her office, slamming the door behind her.

I jump as Sirius brushes his hand across my wrist. Smiling slightly he moves his chair closer and looks at me sadly.

“What happened?”

Closing my eyes I sigh as I try to think of a way to tell him without crying my eyes out.

“I… well she…” I start ignoring the fact that my eyes where welling up again.

“Lily told me that Professor Dumbledore brought your family here for you to meet again.” Sirius says kindly gently rubbing his fingers across my hands.

I nod and watch as he traces patterns on my skin.

“My mum… apparently she died.” I whisper closing my eyes tightly. “My dad didn’t even bother to show up, he just sent some woman who is apparently my step-mum in his place.”


“She’s gone Sirius. I will never be able to see her again.” I stare at him and wait for an answer; maybe he knows what to do.

Sirius doesn’t say anything; he just stares sadly at our entwined hands.

“What’s worse is that I’ve forgotten so much, I just want to go home but that home is long gone. And what if we live in some sort of unit or something where the twenty or so residents have to share the same bathroom and we have to put up with a creepy lady on the third floor.”

Sirius snorts and gives me a look.

What, it is always a possibility.

The door to Madam Pomfrey’s office slams open and we watch as she storms back over to my bed.

“Mr Black, Out Now… My patient needs rest and you are certainly not helping.” She snaps before opening the door to allow him to leave.

Sighing Sirius stands up slowly and squeezes my hand. Pressing a kiss to my forehead he turns to go.

“Well make your own home Amy, you already have us as your family.”

Lying back down on my cot I stare up at the ceiling. Above me a spider slowly spins its web, laying each piece of its web out carefully. Two of its legs are missing and it has to scurry up the web as best as it can. I wonder if it’s happy. You know seeing as it still has six furry other little legs to wiggle around as it makes its home.

It’s kind of like me, taking one careful step at a time.


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I would LOVE to hear what you think, tell me what i should work on, have you any ideas or where would you like this story to go?.... 



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