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Three Absolute Nutters by Willow_Lupin
Chapter 1 : chapter 1
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  "Lily!!!!!!!! I heard as I was saying goodbye to my parents. Only one person could yell that loud to be heard over the train and all of the people and that was my friend Skye.

  My parents chuckled and let me go, my sister wrinkled her nose and turned her back away she could barely stand to be in the same room as me, with Skye here then she would explode or something. I'm not exactly what would happen because I always made sure that Skye was always away from my family because of my fear she might spill what I've done at school and trust me it's a full time job as Skye is almost always at my house which I don't know why because her parents seem so nice and she loves them but she probably gets lonely as her dad is a big quidditch star.

 I saw her Blonde hair with her green in the front through the sea of people she had a tall person in front of her clearing the space. Trust Skye to find a way through this crowd. As she got through she ran around the boy and then ran to me and tackled me.

 I was of course expecting it but it still caught me off guard. She buried her face in my shoulder and hugged me tight. “I’ve missed you Lils” she said into my shoulder. “Skye I just saw you a week ago” I gently explained. She immediately let go of me and blushed.

“Sorry it felt like a lot longer…” “It’s fine I missed you to, now onto important business” she looked confused. “Why are you EARLY?” I questioned her.  She blushed even darker. “I told you I missed you I thought you would be here early and I wanted to see you” she said quietly so no one would hear her, AHEM my parents and Sister, she may hate us but she is very nosy.

 I smiled in response. Skye acts tough and she is but she is a wonderful caring friend once you get past her barriers. “All right that was sweet of you, let’s go get a compartment.” “I’ll go get it you can finish up here.” She said the blush disappearing. She turned and left while I turned around to complete my goodbyes.  “Well this is it…I’ll see you guys at Easter” I said. The thing is our goodbyes aren’t as mushy as a lot of family’s because with me a t a boarding school and the relationship with petunia and I our family wasn’t as close as it used to be and for some reason I was okay with that.

 I mean it’s not like we hate each other but we aren’t some family like on the television.  I turned to my parents and smiled “I promise I’ll make you proud, I have to go and make sure nothing bad happens to Skye…I love you mom and dad…petunia.” I turned and walked away before I had a fight with my sister.

 I really don’t like having a fight with her but sometimes she gets on my nerves and being a muggleborn in the wizerding world and having Skye as my best friend made me gain confidence and I guess I’m proud of being a muggleborn.

 I had reached the train and was looking around for her when yelling had reached my ears and I quickly realized it sounded like Skye and Sirius Black.

 Urg...I hate him, he’s best friend of Potter who annoys the hell out of me. I pulled my trunk along behind me and found the source of the yelling. I opened the compartment door and the yelling stopped immediately.  Skylar was red in the face and her hand was raised so it looked like she was about to slap Black.

 I’m glad I came when I did otherwise she would get detention and she gets way to many of those for violence. They both turned and looked at me and Skye put her hand down quickly and Sirius looked pissed though he was trying to calm down.

 “Hey Lily, how was your summer?” Sirius said obviously trying to get me to step in and stop Skye. “Hay is for horses Black.” I heard laughter behind me and there was Remus Lupin another friend of Potter and Black.

 Lupin was right behind me and was leaning against the doorframe. “Remus if James catches you that close to Evans then he will hex you”. Black stated.

 Skylar snorted. “Very lady like Skye.” I said. She grinned “now Lily if I was a lady what would you and Alice be?”.  I thought about that and realized if Skye was a Lady then Alice and I would be High class Prisses.

 The two boys in the room looked back at Skye and I trying to understand but then again the two of us always seemed to understand each other Alice as well. “Skye what are you and Black doing in here anyway?” “Well Evens you just interrupted Jackson’s and mine passionate snogging.

 Skye Turned to look at black and looked about ready to slap him and was about to when someone cleared their throat. “Hey Moony, Padfoot where are you guys?” Remus and I moved into the compartment and there was Potter ,Pettigrew and Alice!!!!!!

  Alice came in too and tackled Skye and I into a bear hug somehow considering we were five feet away, she was stronger than she looked. We separated and I realized this was the first time I had been with Potter, Skye, Alice, and Black since first year.

 Skye usually stayed away from Black because she hated him with passion because he had earned her a lot of detention, well she did deserve them but he was the reason she got them.

 After all they did not get along after potter had asked me out for the first time. When he asked me out the first time we were all so innocent... yes even Skye and Black. It was in first year around Valentine’s Day [yeah I know seriously we were eleven and he was asking me on a date?]  

And I was chatting with Alice and Skylar about potions class which Potter and his mates Black and Lupin and this boy named Pettigrew had gotten detention for messing with some slytherin potion.

 They all had a notion that all of them where evil just from a few bad eggs in the group. Well potter came up to me with a swagger in his step and I knew something bad was going to happen but I didn’t know how bad.

 “So Evans just admit that you like me and then you and I go on a date. My first reaction was…what is going on did he just ask me out? 2nd how rude and so arrogant of him to think I liked him!!!! So Alice being the peace keeper in the group stood up quickly after I had [I still don’t remember standing up] and Skylar practically the opposite well she just wanted a fight. Potter’s smile had dropped a bit and said “well Evans come on I don’t have all day so just need three little words...

 I smiled sweetly and stepped closer to him and then I kicked him in the shins. I could sense my mates reaction [yes we were that close already] Skylar was probably trying to hold back her laughter and Alice was obviously secretly pleased I had taken him down a notch.

He hopped around on one foot while his best friend Sirius Black rushed over trying not to laugh for the sake of his friend.

 “Evans what was that for?” he exclaimed.  Potter straightened up and he looked angry...uh oh. Before I could answer Skylar came to my aid. “YOU HONESTLY DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT WAS FOR? HE CAME ASSUMING SHE WOULD SAY YES IN THE MOST ARRAGANT WAY POSSIBLE AND YOU’RE ASKING WHY SHE KICKED HIM.” Black quickly stepped back.

 In the short time we had been here many people had been afraid of Skye’s temper.  After all she had stood up for me against a 4th year Slytherin our first day of school she had insulted him and had broken his nose.

 I think his name was Malfoy or Malloy or something. “Whoa, calm down Jackson” he said using the international sign of calm down at her. “HEY BLACK DON’T DO THAT I’M NOT SOME ANIMAL  YOU CAN CONTROL!”

 “Obviously otherwise you would be a normal person, you’re an insane person!”

 “Well at least I’m a person you cold heartless prig!” Skye shouted drawing the attention of the common room.

 Everyone was quiet at that Sirius looked shocked and so did everyone else I saw the older people looking shocked and some with raised eyebrows though others were laughing. Alice quickly stepped in “ look why don’t you guys calm down and Skye go upstairs so you don’t get in anymore trouble.”

“Yo Lily are you there?” I was brought back to the compartment and there was Remus looking at me concerned. “ Did you just say yo?” I questioned Remus it extremely weird for him or really anyone but Skye she picks up weird sayings from traveling.

“Is there something wrong with that?.” “It’s really weird” Alice said looking at him “ just forget it okay.” I looked around and the rest were looking at us weirdly

“You guys are weird.”  Pettigrew said. “How, all we did was talk?” I questioned confused.

Black answered “Alice had just sat down and started reading, You had spaced out , and Skylar-“grr stop calling me that its Skye, the teachers just think that that’s my name cuz its all fancy but its Skye.” Skye had interrupted glaring at him. He sighed and continued. “Skye he said pointedly looking at her and she grinned at him. Skye had started dancing and then jumped on the seat and had continued dancing.”  Alice and I looked at her. She looked back. We just kept staring at her, the boys had joined. I think we kept this up for ten minutes.

 Then the speaker on the train turned on. “Hello Students we are an hour away from the destination” then the intercom turned off. “Okay boys get out.” Skye said.

 “Hey we were here first.” Sirius said. “ Hay is for horses  and nuh uh I was and then you came in so get out!”

 “No we are staying here.” “Lilyyyy” Skye whined looking at me.

 I sighed. “Can you please get out.” I asked as nicely as possible. James had stood up. “Yah sure we’ll leave now.”

He said looking at me.”Oh come on Prongs  just because Evens asked doesn’t mean we have to go, you aren’t even dating her and you’re whipped.”

 “That isn’t why he leaving it’s because he’s a nice person unlike you.” Skye said bitchily if that’s a word at Black.

 He opened his mouth to reply but his friends were leaving so he left glaring at Skye and her being her she had winked at him, and he looked shocked but had blushed anyway.

 Alice and I both looked at her and she shrugged “what? He got really hot over the summer.”

 “Skye you were just in a fight with him and then flirted?” I questioned very confused. “Oh Lily its actually not really a big shock because he is hot and Skye is just a flirt she never acts on it and won’t right?” Alice questioned her.

 She rolled her eyes “Of course I was just joking.” We believed her and had pulled out our uniforms and as I was tying my tie, Skye asked a question that made me wonder how she’s gotten through four years of Hogwarts schooling.

 “Hey Lils, can you tie my tie please I got it in a knot?”

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