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I cannot love a Gryffindor by Breeloveyou
Chapter 13 : Escaping the pain
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Decisions had been made me nor Draco would be returning to Hogwarts. So today Lucius was taking us out. I checked myself in the mirror one more time, i wore a big black bow in my hair along with a Black dress coming to just above my knees, as well as some laced up black heels. Draco wore a charming black suit and Lucius wore the same. We headed down an allyway to Borgin and Burkes where we met several other deatheaters. I shuddered at who we are and what we do. Our purpose in life, our future and our past. All awful and shrouded in nothing but darkness and death.


With the elder wand gone, there was nothing that the death eaters could use to make a comeback right? I sat beside Draco as we both watched Lucius talk, a conference was being held. My name was unexpectedly called, i looked around every glared at me. Draco nudged me and i stood up. Slowly walking to the front with everyone staring at me, eyes burnt through me. I stood at the front staring into the eyes of everyone else, Lucius whispered "Scarlett you must"


I looked at him "no"


"You must!! the new generation of death eaters need a leader and you are that leader! the one we all need its in your blood!"

I sighed my heart racing, this was my time the time had been chosen for me to tell everyone everything. I had to let all the sadness and hurt, pain and sorrow. All the secrets and lies out. Everything.


I took a deep breath in before gaining my courage to talk. "Hello all, as you all know my name is Scarlett Delacourt from Buerbaxtons school of witchcraft and wizardry, im here today to tell you this is not my name" I looked over at Draco a questioning look on his face.

I held back the tears and began to speak again. "My real name is..." I couldnt speak my throught was dry, Draco would never talk to me again.


Picking up my courage again "My real name is...."

Draco's Point of view


She stuttered so much, her real name? she had been lying to me the whole time. We all sat arrogantly awaitng her final words. Yet she stopped again and ran out of the room, my father went after her and i followed.


Normal Point of view


"I..i cant do it Lucius.i just cant" He sighed looking at me. Before he headed back inside. Love, hate, sorrow emotions that are so explanatory, yet so uncertain of their purpose. I stood from the swing in which i sat and started to walk off. I hoped that this time attempting to run away from my past would work. Draco, Draco would be the hardest to escape from. Those short moments of time spent together, so hard to forget.


Nobody wants to be forced into something, but sometimes its for the better. I spotted Draco exit from the hall searching for me. He looked at me and jogged over, i took a deep breath out and continued to walk. Nobody was the one i wanted to talk to at the moment, nobody was the one i wanted to share my feelings with. I envyed aloneness, but not forever. I just needed time to think, a solution to rearrange my way of life. Fix the wrongs.


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