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(Angel & Their Halos) by javct
Chapter 1 : Death—Lily.
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Pain. You feel pain. Pain fills your veins. You can feel death calling your name. You didn’t realize that death would be this painful, you thought it would be a simple, painless death. One moment you’re here and the next you’re not sort of death. You fall to the ground, the searing pain has taken over your body. You have no control over your body anymore. Your hands are twitching as the poison takes over and you’re crying. Then it dawns upon you: you died for her son and now she’s the only thing that is keeping you alive. You want to see her eyes one last time. “Look… At… Me.” You rasp. The boy who lived, Harry Potter—even the sound of that word makes you shudder, even when you are an inch away from death—turned his head and faced you.

Pain—green eyes.
Pain—red hair.
Pain—that smile.
Pain—that laugh.

The pain you felt is gone. You don’t feel anything and you don’t see anything. You are surrounded by black. Your mind is racing: is this Heaven or Hell? Or none of the above. You’re unsure, for the first time in many years you’re unsure of what to think. You are so used to knowing everything, you like perfection and precision it’s why you chose to become the Potions teacher. You look around, trying to find something: a light, a torch, just anything, but it’s no avail. You wish you had your wand with you but you can’t seem to find it. The blackness suffocated you until you can barely breathe. You try to scream but your mouth fails you. Is this how you will spend eternity? Your cheeks feel wet, you’re crying. You don’t bother to wipe them away, what was the point anyway? As far as you know you’re dead, crying is not a sign of weakness anymore.

You see a light. It’s only a small flickering light at the start but slowly, the light creeps forward and stops at your feet. A black blimp appears and you squint your eyes. No matter how hard you try you can’t make the blimp out. Slowly, the blimp becomes a figure and within a few short seconds you can make it out. It’s a person; a person with gleaming green eyes and ginger hair. Oh, those eyes. You had almost forgotten just how green they were. Her name rolls off your tongue easily, as though you’ve been saying it every day. You purse your lips together and wonder how such a simple word can mean so much.

“Lily.” Tears are falling down your cheeks. You can’t remember the last time you’ve cried like this.

Thankfully, your memory has served you well because she is still as beautiful as you dared to remember, if not even more beautiful: her red hair still fell over her shoulders in the same fashion it used to (on that rare occasion when used she wear it out), her green eyes sparkled even in the darkness, her face was perfect; not a flaw had dared to touch her and her smile still completed her. You had forgotten how contagious Lily’s smile was because within a few moment you find yourself smiling along with her. She takes another step forward and takes ahold of your hand—a gesture she hadn’t done in years. Chills run up your spine and it’s then that you realize just how much you’ve missed her and her touch. “Hello, Severus.” She says simply. You want her to say your name again. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too.” You say. She smiles and pulls you into a hug. You embrace her, your face buries itself in her hair, it smells of Lavender and honey, ‘it’s beautiful,’ you muse. “Is this real, I mean, are you real?” You ask, unsure of what to think. She smells real and she feels real, you want her to be real more than anything in the world.

Lily smiles. “Of course I’m real. Did you ever doubt that I wasn’t?”

You ignore her rhetorical question and take a deep breath and smile. You’ve never felt happier. “I love you,” You’ve been wanting to tell her since the day you met on that Hogwarts train.

Lily didn’t reply in the same fashion. That’s so Lily you think. Instead, she gave you a peck on the cheek and entwines her fingers through yours. “Welcome to Heaven,” she whispers into your ear. Tugging on your hand, she pulls you toward the light from which she came from.

It was in that moment that you knew that you were in Heaven; in Heaven with Lily Evans.

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at a Snily :) I've recently started to ship them (though I still ship Jily!) This is also my first attempt at writing in second person so I hope I did it right.

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