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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 1 : The surprise birthday
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Hermione was quietly reading in the burrows garden when ...

"EXPLOSION!"  blew from the third story window. it had been only a week since the end of the war and  Hermione was still on edge and quickly pulled out her wand and ran to the house.

"is everybody ok!?" she called brushing the purple smoke from infront of her face...purple? laughter eminated from the stairs and Fred emerged laughing while George followed him with purple hair glaring.

"what the bloody hell was that!?" ron asked before Hermione could voice the words herself.

"Fred was giving George his birthday present." Percy said walking by with a thin magazine brushing the purple fumes from his face. Hermione looked at the two.

"but they said their birthday was on April 1st" Hermione said.

"it is, love"  the twins voiced.

"then why are you doing this now?" harry question as he walked in with Ginny.

"because boy-who-lived..." George said

"since the war was taking place and everyone was "busy" we couldnt celebrate yours trulys birthday." fred finished

"so you guys decided now would be a good time!?" Hermione asked angrily

"actually yes everyones still so gloomy! we wanted to hear some laughs." Fred said as george tried getting ride of the purple.

"its permeninent." Fred said laughing. George glared at him with anger but couldnt hold in his own laughter.

"oh ill get you Fred" he said pointing at him. Hermione rolled her eyes as it had nothing to do with her and headed back out to the garden.

Hermione had been staying with them since...the war and she wasnt quite used to all the people yet. so she tended to be by herself. all day prank after prank occurred. until Mrs. Weasley got home that is.

"What is the meaning of all this!?" Hermoine could hear her from the garden. curiousity got the best of her and she wandered in to the house.  the kitchen was completely covered in green slim and living room in yellow...every room in the house was a different color and so were the twins but Mrs. Weasley's was only one

"hello mum..." they both said. Hermione stiffled her laughter. mrs. Weasley pulled out her wand and muttered a spell under her breath and all the colors disappeared the house was restored as were the twins.

"how did you do that!?" Hermione voiced. Mrs. weasley turned to her and smiled.

"quite handy that little spell especially for a house with this many..but ill tell you later Hermione right now i have TWO fishes to fry." she said turning back to the twins.they smiled and nervously scratched their necks as they mirrored each other.

"it was our birthday presents to each other." Fred spoke up. then Mrs. Weasley smiled.

"oh yes your birthday we couldnt celebrate do to the war activities." she mumbled.

"i guess we could celebrate it today. but id have to run back to the market for the ingredients for your cake." she mumbed. then she shot a glance up at the twins.

"no more destruction to my house our this will be your last birthday party." she said in a motherly voice.

"Hermione dear your in charge." she said smiling at hermione and hugging her before leaving.

"me?" she repeated but mrs. Weasley was already gone. Hermione could care less about them and their pranks but she wanted to be helpful to Mrs.Weasley in some way after all she had taken her in after..the war so she wanted to prove her usefulness. 'but i know those two wont listen to me.' hermione thought to herself. she looked up at them and watched as they watched her. a grin crossed their faces. 'uh oh' hermone thought

"How is our little bookworm today ?" George walking over and wrapping his arm on her shoulder. Fred waltzed over and did the same.

"no. Mrs.Weasley said no more pranks." Hermione said with authority.

"no she said dont destroy the house." Fred said. correcting her. she traced back the words and found him right. she hated being corrected.

"that doesnt mean you can prank each other." She continued.

"who said anything about each other." George said stepping infront of her.

"oh no...NO! you will not be pranking me or have me prank with you." she refused.

"Hermione we're hurt.." Fred began

"we would never prank you." george continued.

"but pranking is such a ...beautiful thing. and we think your lacking a humor bone." Fred said stepping infront of her.

"just one?" they asked together.

"no." she said simply before walking away.

"Gred." George said.

"yes Forge?"  Fred said. as they watched Hermione walk away

"are you thinking what im thinking?" George said

"what are you thinking George?" he asked as he watched Hermione further.

"im thinking our little bookworm needs a good prank." he smiled and turned toward Fred who returned the look.

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Pranksters world: The surprise birthday


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