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Curious by EmilySvart
Chapter 1 : "I am... fine?"
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Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me (besides Estelle herself, who is still the daughter of an original character), all of them were made by the wonderful J.K. Rowling.


"Estelle, are you sure you will be okay? I can home-school you," Luna said, walking next to her 14-year old daughter, absent-mindedly pushing a cart, not realizing that she had taken someone else's.

They were slowly approaching platform 9¾, and the woman didn't even hear the security man running behind her and yelling at her to stop. Estelle sighed. "Mom? We are being chased," she murmured, stopping and hoping her mother would notice it.

It took about half a minute for Luna to realize what her daughter had said. "Oh.. what?" she said, turning around, eyes big and innocent. The security man finally reached her, panting. "Ma'm, you're either utterly stupid or a thief. I am suspecting the first one."

Luna looked really interested. "I am?" her eyes shined with curiosity. "How so?" She had never thought about being stupid but now that she thought of it, it did sound like her. And of course, she had always been called looney, so it shouldn’t be that different. Even Rolf called her “my little looney Luna” from time to time, and Luna really didn’t have anything against it.

The security man moaned. Another idiot… “The cart you are holding belongs to a young woman, you just walked away with it and left your own cart to her. She is very disappointed because, as she said, something dear to her is in there.”

Luna’s mouth fell open. “Oh dear, I am so so sorry. I can’t believe I hurt someone just like that. Can you please tell her how very sorry I am? We are in a hurry so I can’t tell it to her myself…”

“Mom…” Estelle sighed. “All my school things are in the cart that she has, we can’t just leave it like that…”

“But look at the time, honey, the train is leaving in 10 minutes! I can send it to you later.”

The girl nodded. With magic, her things can be sent to her quite fast. Fortunately, she had her book and a little bit of pocket money with her in a little bag. They waved to the security man, who looked tired of all the weird people moving around on the first of September, and left for the platform 9¾.


About two minutes later, they had reached the platform. Luna was fussing around because Rolf had gone to the candy shop with the boys and they weren't back yet, even though it was soon the time for the train to leave. Estelle was staring blankly in front of her.

"Honey, maybe it's best if you already go?" Luna carefully asked her daughter. For about a month now, Estelle was more prone to snapping than ever before. She had also had many breakdowns. That's why all her family members were especially careful when talking to her.

"Yeah, I guess..." Estelle answered and got up with a sigh. Half the way, she realized how sad it must be for her mother to see her like this for the last time before Christmas. "Uh, mom?" she turned around and got the best smile on her face she could manage. "Have a nice year."

Her mother stopped cursing her husband and sons for a moment and smiled. "Thank you, honey... you too," she said, looking at her daughter for a second before turning around again.


Finally reaching an empty cabin, Estelle sat down and looked out of the window. She saw her mother arguing with her husband. However, Luna soon had to stop because the Weasley family and the Potter family approached and greeted them. They all talked a little, but because it was only two minutes before the train was supposed to leave, Albus, James, Lily, Hugo and Rose were sent on the train.

Estelle hadn't told her friends anything about what had happened so she did her best to smile for the moment they will find her. After staying like this, alert and smiling for a little, she frowned and opened her book about dung-winged centaurs her mother had given her for light reading.

She did her best to read but kept dozing off. Finally the girl gave up, putting the book back to her bag and closing her eyes.


"Uh… how would you react if I told you that I like you?” Estelle had thought that she would stutter, however like always, when she had decided to do something, even if it was scary, she did it without problems.

The black-haired boy looked at him, showing no emotion. “I actually already kind of knew, it was obvious at times. I do like you, you have a great personality, you are crafty and nice, not mentioning very pretty, but… I only like you as a friend. I’m sorry.”

The girl listened to his monologue. Of course, she had been stupid to think she even had a chance. The boy was a lot older than she was and had never shown any signs of being romantically interested.

“And please… don’t be hurt. I hate to hurt people.”

Estelle forced a smile on her face. “No, I am fine. I actually was quite sure that this would be the answer. It’s okay.”


“Estelle? Estelle! Wake up, sheesh… Are you sleeping for real?” Lily poked her continuously.

“Kind of, yeah…” Estelle muttered, trying to open her eyes but closing the again because the lights hurt her eyes. “Where are Lorcan an Lysander?”

“Oh, they are meeting some girls… they have gotten really popular since the last year, huh?”

Estelle nodded. Last year her brothers, who were in the fifth grade then, had performed with a dance at the end of the year ceremony. They had gotten tons of letters from girls after that, possibly because at some point of the dance, they had taken off their shirts.

“Well, but I am here and Hugo, Rose and James should also soon come. Albus went with Lorcan and Lysander,” Lily frowned at the last sentence. “Honestly, I don’t understand what some girls see in a guy who is topless. But never mind that… how are you?” she added in a cheery voice.

“I am… fine?” Estelle answered. She wasn’t really even sure if she wanted Lily to not know, so her statement came out as a question.

Lily looked at her, her smile fading away. ”It doesn’t really sound like that… what is wrong?”

Estelle bit her lip, looked down, back up and started talking. Lily has always managed to help her through hard times.


A/N: Liked it, hated it? Indifferent but raging about grammatical mistakes? Please let me know, reviews are greatly appreciated. (:

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