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Nobody Breaks My Heart by KatDaniels
Chapter 14 : Before the Dawn
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I woke up by the castle shaking horribly. It took a while for my to realise something wasn't right. The earlier night I'd chosen to sleep in my old dorm. Not quite sure why, but it's what I'd chosen. That certainly wasn't it, though.

I threw the covers off me and ran to the common room, where I met several housemates. "What's going on?" I shouted over the loud thump, but everyone shook their heads.

I pushed my way through the crowd and out into the corridors. Just as I did, an arm hooked around my waist and pulled me back as a large rock fell down right where I'd been standing moment ago.

I swirled around and saw the ginger hair owned by the one and only Ronald Weasley hanging in front of his blue eyes.

"Ron," I breathed out, only now realising I'd been holding my breath. "You're welcome." He looked at my face, his face stern and serious. He definitely wasn't in character at the moment.

"What is going on?" I asked as he dragged me with him, and I stumbled barefoot over rocks that once belonged to the castle walls or ceiling.

"Death Eaters," Ron said as he scooped me up in his arms instead. He started to run instead, and I held onto him for dear life. "They're attacking the castle."

I felt my heart beat pound against my chest. "What? Why?"

"Gee, I don't know. Maybe they got bored doing nothing." The sarcasm dripped off his words, and I felt sort of stupid for probably the first time in my life.

"Sorry, just stressed," Ron apologised, but I shrugged it off.

He sat me down by the Great Hall and pulled the hair out of my face, and placed a hand on each side of my face. "Get inside with the others, and don't come out. Not for anything. You'll be as safe as possible in there, which is why I don't want you putting as much as your foot outside. Understood?"

I nodded, and he gave me a smile. "Good."

Then he ran up the stairs again and disappeared.

I felt bad as I ran down the corridor, but I couldn't do nothing. It wasn't in my blood.

I kept left at every turn, not really thinking of where I was going. I just didn't want to sit on my bloody arse and do nothing.

I halted to a stop as I spotted three Death Eaters in front of me, one having a very young boy – possibly a 1st year – thrown over his shoulder and the other had his arm around another boy's neck, this boy looking about a couple of years younger than me. The third one had his eyes fastened on mine. The eyes were a perfect grey deep with mystery. Draco gave me a hard look, which clearly said, 'run!'

I turned on my heel and ran as fast as I could, but unfortunately I managed to kick a little rock. Of course it made a loud echo and I instantly heard someone shout at Draco to get me. His footsteps were close for a long time, and I ran as fast as my legs allowed. Then suddenly I felt an arm once again hook around my waist, but this time not to save me.

I tried to fight him off, even though part of me didn't want to and the other part of me knew it was a waste of energy considering he was ten times stronger than me.

I leaned my head back and whispered, "I'm a dead man, aren't I?"

He didn't say anything, just wrapped his arms tighter around me and dragged my back to his fellow Death Eaters.

He changed his grip and instead grabbed a strong hold of my wrist, forcing my arms behind my back in an extremely uncomfortable position.

"Such a pretty face," sneered a voice from my left, and as I turned, eyes so vicious that just looking at them made the hair all over my skin crawl, stared into mine.

I'd always said blue eyes were my favourite. I'm taking it back.

Draco pulled my a bit away from Greyback, and gave him a hard stare. "You've got your student, I've got mine," Draco snapped, and for some reason Greyback shrugged his shoulders and stepped back. Draco pushed me to walk, and dragged towards the Great Entrance.

"Where are you taking me?" My voice was low and trembling, and I bit my lips.

"Just shut up and walk," he hissed, and I did as he said.

It took my a while to realise the fighting had stopped. "What happened?" I asked, ignoring Draco's former request.

"The Death Eaters are having some fun, making them think it's all over. Just wait, they'll strike pretty soon," he whispered, the tip of his wand boring into my back.


Draco reacted before I did, and sent Ron flying backwards into a wall. "Try that again, Weasley, and I'll kill her right here."

Draco moved his wand the pressed he tip against my throat now, holding Ron at a safe distance. Draco's warm breath in my ear had butterflies go mad in my stomach, despite the situation. Backing out, I looked at Ron who now had Hermione and his sister at his side, and he gave me such a frightened glance I closed my eyes as Draco ducked outside with me.

"You could have hurt him!" I cried as he dragged me away.

"I had to."


"Do you really want to get into more trouble, Kaya? Be happy it was I who took you and not Greyback," he hissed so fiercely I cringed. "If he'd gotten his hands on you, you'd be dead by now! Is that want you want?"

I shook my head, not even looking at him. "Figured."

Then he apparated.

We landed outside a great manor, and I craned my neck to look all the way up.  "Where are we?"

This time Draco ignored my question and pushed me inside and up a staircase. As he pushed me through yet another door, I fell to my knees on the hard marble.

"Well, well," a high-pitched, female voice chimed. I knew it before I even looked up.

The black mess of curly hair hang around her face like cobweb and her eyes filled with such menace I didn't even dare glance into them.

"Nicely done, Draco," she giggled, and I heard the sound of a knife being withdrawn.

Was she going to kill me, just like that?

I closed my eyes, my dark hair falling to cover my face.

One swift movement, and I felt something warm on my cheek. Then the pain came, and I gasped. I realised soon the warm liquid was my own blood.

The high-pitched giggle of Bellatrix LeStrange, and I knew I wasn't ever coming out of this alive.



A/N: I am sorry this took a while to write, but I was in London with friends for a week and just got home, and I've been planning out possible endings etc for this story. At least I hope you enjoy this chapter and please give me feedback. A writer is nothing without their reader's thoughts!

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Nobody Breaks My Heart: Before the Dawn


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