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What they don't know by xxJazminexx
Chapter 3 : Chapter 2
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A/N: I want to thank all readers for reading this story and reviewing, I appreciate it! The picture is Lily Potter portrayed by Ellie Darcey-Alden (Yes... The girl who played Lily Evans in the HP films)

The Hogwarts express moved at a steady pace along the tracks towards its destination. Dominique knew it had not been long but she was already bored. Everyone seemed to be busy doing their own things. Lily and Louis were fast asleep, lily was leaning on Louis’ shoulder and Louis was dribbling on his lap. Rose was sat deeply involved in a muggle book called ‘The Witches’ which confused Dominique because she could swear Rose was reading an ancient runes book just minutes before.

Dominique swivelled in her seat, trying to amuse herself; she couldn’t read because it made her travel sick. She couldn’t sleep because she felt too awake and she couldn’t talk because no one would listen.

“Sweets? Sweets from the trolley?” Dominique heard as an older women walked down the aisle pushing along a trolley full of colourful food. In that moment Dominique felt a pang of hunger. She stood up and turned towards the aisle, looking out to see that the lady was only inches away from her. Dominique took a quick glance out of the window looking as the sun set behind the hills before going to buy some food.

Dominique walked back into the compartment, her arms full of all sorts of sweets but mostly chocolate. Rose looked up from her book and almost dropped it on the floor when she saw how much food Dominique had hold of.

“Who are you feeding, an army?” Rose gaped, placing her book back into her bag.

“No. I’m just hungry!” Dominique defended sitting down to eat. She grabbed hold of a chocolate frog that had jumped out of the box and stuffed it in her mouth.

Dominique sat stuffing item after item into her mouth before there was a knock at the compartment door. Dominique looked to see Diana, a Gryffindor and best friend of Dominique.

“Hey Dom... What is that on your face?” Dominique looked at her reflection and noticed it was covered in chocolate. She rubbed it away turning slightly red.

“Hey Di” She replied, trying to move the conversation along. Dominique patted the seat next to her which Diana noticed and sat down next to her. “Soo...” Dominique said awkwardly, she hadn’t spoken properly to Diana since school broke up “... How was your holiday?”

“So so,” Diana replied picking absentmindedly at her nails. “What about you, still crushing on that muggle boy?” That stung, Dominique forgot she had told Diana about the muggle boy. She regretted ever saying anything.

“What can I say, it wasn’t meant to be,” She smiled, trying to look as convincingly happy as possible.

“Aww, no. Well that’s disappointing, I wanted gossip,” Diana giggled picking up her small, bald cat from the floor.

The rest of the journey was uneventful; Diana and Dominique talked about trivial things, Dominique trying to get back what she used to have, the small things that made a teenager a teenager. But deep down she knew, life would never be as simple, never be the same again.

Dominique climbed off the train, proud that she had managed a whole journey without being sick. She didn’t want anyone to think she was ill, that would just result in her going to the nurse, being told what she already knew, leaving school and being judged by everyone, including her parents and that was a stressor that she knew she wouldn’t be able to cope with.

She watched protectively as her brother, Lily and the rest of the first years walked off towards the boats before Diana grabbed her wrist, pulling her towards a carriage. Dominique took one last glance at the first years before stepping on the carriage sitting down next to Rose.

The short trip to Hogwarts went past unnaturally slow, Dominique was stuck. Stuck in her own world, away from her friends, her family, she couldn’t escape the constant nagging in the back of her mind, reminding her of her misfortune, telling her that it was all her fault.
I was stupid enough to trust him, I let him manipulate me, it was all my fault. Dominique thought, glancing down at her flat stomach, imagining it bloating out. How will I hide that? Another thought added another worry to her quickly increasing list.

Weight gain
Back ache

She went over the list again and again; her friends would soon notice she wasn’t herself. They would ask questions and how would Dominique answer them? Would she answer them or avoid them until it became inevitable that someone would find out?

“Dom, you alive? We need to get into the hall! The sorting ceremony will be starting soon,” Diana smiled, poking the unresponsive Dominique in the arm. Diana was always smiling, even if she was hurting inside you could count on her to light up the room.

Dominique let Diana pull her towards the hall; it was no different to before. She was always being pulled around by Diana; out of the two Diana always knew what to do so Dominique just followed along.

They sat down at the Gryffindor table, Dominique crossing her legs and slouching against the wooden table top. She looked across the hall at the teachers all conversing between each other. She imagined their disapproving faces as they found out her dirty little secret. The last girl to get pregnant was quickly shoved out of school, her wand taken away from her and any memory of her kept quiet until it was almost forgotten, like rubbish chucked into a bin, disappearing from anyone who once had use for it. And the worst thing was, Dominique knew she would be no different, she would just be another piece of rubbish.

Maybe I should have told Mother? Dominique found herself thinking as Flitwick stood on his platform, signalling the beginning of the Sorting ceremony.

Then I wouldn’t have to go through all this. But I can’t tell her, she would be so disappointed, disgusted. But she’s going to find out sooner or later. Maybe I can hide it, I could try and hide it at least till the end of the school year? Then I can have the baby during summer, no wait when is the baby due? Oh maths was never my strong point! Umm June, the baby is due in June... I think? Well that’s too early, I need the baby to be late. Is there a spell to make a baby late? Maybe there is, I should check the library, yeah I will check... Or abortion, NO! Why did I even think that? But it would make everything so much simpler, get rid of it before it's too late? Oh, my head hurts, I should stop thinking, yes! Take a nice break, rest my...

“Oh, oh, look. Lily!” Diana giggled pointing towards the stage where the little red head and knocking Dominique back into the real world. They watched as the hat spoke, unheard by everyone but Lily. Waiting to find out which house she would be placed into. “I bet she will be a Ravenclaw!” Diana spoke and Dominique didn’t disagree, Diana always had a way with getting those predictions right. She just sat silently, smiling reassuringly towards Lily.

“RAVENCLAW!” The hat shouted, a roar sounded from the Ravenclaw table as Lily walked over to them and sat down, a bright smile on her face. “See, told ya,” Diana smiled “Bet your little brother will be a Claw too, he is just like Victoire,” Dominique just nodded in agreement even though she hoped Louis would be a Gryffindor. Sure enough though he was quickly placed into Ravenclaw, he sat down next to Lily, waving towards Dominique, showing his pleasure in being placed in the Ravenclaw house.

Dominique sighed, she could always count on her brother to be there but him being in a different house made it seem less likely that he would be there as often.

“Now, now. Quiet, quiet!” Flitwick shouted through the hall “Before the feast can begin we have one more person to sort, now he is not a first year but I would like just as warm a welcome from all of you” Flitwick kept on talking, gaining the halls attention (Including Dominique's).

“Marcus Romaine, please come and be sorted,” And that’s when Dominique's world went from complicated to one big mess. Her mind exploded as the boy walked onto the platform.

The same dashing smile,
The same ruffled hair,
The same chocolate eyes,
The same first love,
It was him, the muggle

It was Mark.

A/N: Hope I went the right direction with this story and my many apologies for taking so long. I have Chapter 3 phobia xD

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What they don't know: Chapter 2


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