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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 23 : Devious
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A/N: Helloo Everyone! Just a quick update. So I am thinking that now my story might reach 30 chapters, I'm not 100% sure though. I did have it all planned out, but it looks like it might take a bit longer now. But thank you to everyone who has kept with me the whole time! 
Please read and review! -Britt


 George’s P.O.V



Two weeks had passed since Lavender had given birth to Isobelle and Neville had vanished.  Valentine’s Day was in two days and I was worried he might make an appearance. Everyone had gone back to Hogwarts, but since Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday they had a Hogsmeade trip. I was all set to surprise Luna and I had the help of Lavender, Seamus, Ginny, Harry, Hermione and Draco. Luna had no idea what was going on.




Valentine ’s Day came and Lavender, Seamus and I apparated to Hogsmeade with baby Isobelle.  They both wished me good luck as I walked to a secluded part of Hogsmeade, right near Zonko’s. As far as I knew, only Fred and I knew about it, we had never seen anyone else there before. I leaned against the old willow tree, turning the small box in my pocket over and over in my sweaty hand. Now all I could do was wait for Luna to arrive.

       “Fred, I remember the first time we found this place. Please don’t be mad at me for showing it to Luna. She is so special to me and this is the place I need.” I mumbled running my hand down the bark of the tree. I felt some of the nervousness leave me as a gust of warm wind ruffled my hair. I smiled.

       “Thank you Fred.” I thought as I sunk down against the tree.


Luna’s P.O.V


I walked down the path to Hogsmeade by myself. Everyone else had already left in couples and I was meeting George there. I arrived at The Three Broomsticks, but George was nowhere in sight. I looked around to see Lavender and Seamus sitting in one of the booths waving at me. I walked over to them to see Isobelle sitting between them, sucking on Seamus’ thumb.

       “Hey guys, have you seen George?” I asked. Lavender nodded and handed me a piece of folded parchment. On it was neatly written:


‘Luna, my love this is a little hunt

To find me you will have to go out front

Luna, my love you are so sweet

Go to a place that you can buy treats’


I refolded it and turned back to Lavender.

       “George gave this to you?” I asked as she nodded again.

       “All around us are clues to help you find him, have you figured out the first one?” I thought for a second before it hit me. Honeydukes!

       “Thank you Lavender, Seamus! I have to go.” With that I ran out of The Three Broomsticks.

I arrived outside Honeydukes out of breath. I opened the door and was hit by a load of sweet scents. My eyes searched the store and finally found Draco and Hermione at the very back of the store, snuggled together.

       “Hello Luna.” They said together when I reached them.

       “Hey guys, have you seen George?” Hermione smiled and handed me another piece of parchment.


Luna, my love you’re so smart

One of the many reasons you have my heart

Go and look where shrieks can be heard

And get your next clue off of your bird’


       “Thank you guys!” I yelled as I sprinted out the door. I knew what this one meant straight away. I ran through Hogsmeade towards the Shrieking Shack where I found Pebbles sitting on a fence. I was shocked that George had been able to make him stay there. I ran over to him and untied the letter from his leg.


Luna, my love this task was so long

Thank you for coming and being so strong

Go to the place where the jokers shop

There you will find your clue on top.’


“On top? I hope he doesn’t mean on the roof.” I thought to myself as I headed towards Zonko’s. I opened the door and squeezed inside. It sure was packed. I inched through the crowd and walked up the stair to the second landing. I looked around and saw Harry and Ginny waving me over.

       “Hey guys, do you have anything from George?” I asked as I approached them.

       “Sure do Luna.” Harry said cheerfully handing me a piece of parchment.


‘Luna, my love you are so near

You don’t have to listen to what you can hear

Come around the back and find the big tree

That is the final step to reaching me’


Finally! This must be the last clue. I race out of Zonko’s and walked around the back to find a single willow tree in the middle of a meadow filled flowers. I had never seen anything like it before. I walked towards the tree. Stellotaped to it was a large envelope. I pealed it off gently and lifted the seal. Inside were dozens and dozens of tiny hearts and one massive one. I took it out and turned it around. Written on it in large letters was ‘I LOVE YOU’.

       “Marry me?” I gasped and turned around. George was kneeling in front of me, a beautiful ring in his hand. I nodded, tears welling up in my eyes as I jumped on him.

       “Yes…Yes!” I yelled kissing him on the cheek. Tears were running down my cheeks freely now as George slid the ring onto my fourth finger. I lifted it up and admired it. It was beautiful; a blue sapphire surrounded my diamonds. I suddenly realised something.

       “George, is this my mother’s ring?” I asked as I cuddled into him. He nodded and took my hand.

       “Your dad gave it to me just before Christmas, but I had never found the right time to give it to you. Also it matches your eyes.”

       “I love you George.” I murmured before kissing him deeply.


Neville’s P.O.V


I watched as Weasley and Luna sat in the meadow behind Zonko’s. A voice came from behind me and I turned around to see Pansy standing there.

       “Now Longbottom, you know what you have to do.” She said turning me back to face the couple. “Just kill them both and I can lift the imperious curse off you.” I nodded and walked away from her into the meadow.

       “Longbottom!” Weasley exclaimed jumping up and standing in front of Luna. “Stay away from us!” I laughed and pointed my wand at them. I watched as George backed Luna into the tree, shielding her with his body.

       “Any last words?” I sneered drawing closer to them.


George’s P.O.V


I pressed my back against Luna as Longbottom advanced on us. I had been so stupid and forgotten my wand. Longbottom pointed his wand at my chest.

       “Say goodbye Weasley.” He snarled. I put my arms around me holding onto Luna tightly. I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for the spell to come; the one that would end it all.

       “Stupify!” I heard a voice scream and opened my eyes to see Draco, Hermione, Harry and Ginny running towards us. I turned around and took Luna in my arms. She was shaking hard, tears of fear slipping down her cheeks this time.

       “Luna, shhh. It’s okay, I’m here now. No one is going to hurt us.” I stroked her hair, kissing her tears away.

       “How did you know where to find us?” I asked turning to Harry.

       “Ginny and I were leaving Zonko’s when we saw Pansy with Neville. We snuck up to them under my Invisibility Cloak and listened to their conversation. Turns out that Neville here is under the imperious curse and Pansy was ordering him to kill you both. We ran to get Draco and Hermione just in case we needed back up.” Harry explained.

       “The imperious curse, really?” I asked taking hold of Luna’s hand. She had stopped crying now and was looking on intently. Harry nodded and walked over to where Draco was tying Neville up.

       “Don’t worry guys; we will take them to the ministry. Why don’t you head back to the castle?” Hermione said wrapping us in her arms. “Oh and congratulations.” She winked taking Luna’s left hand in her own, examining the ring. I felt my cheeks burning as Luna smiled.

       “Thanks Hermione.” I smiled as Luna and I headed back to the castle.

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