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Hermione needs Strength. by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 4 : Classes and Kindness
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“Ok Draco I’m going to class. When you go to wake Granger up, just keep an eye on her.” Blaise said throwing his tie over his neck and heading towards the door.

Draco laid down on the couch and stared at the ceiling. He done everything he could think of from looking over his work and going up to Blaise’s room. When he got to Blaise’s room he started to nose. He went through his clothes, under his bed, he even went through his desk drawers. Nothing good was in there expects for letters he found between him and Hermione. He pulled out the ones that he could find and laid them down on the desk.

“What are you doing?” he heard a voice ask behind him.

Draco turned around slowly thinking it was Blaise but saw Hermione instead. He stepped in front of the letters shaking his head.

“Nothing. I was getting ready to come wake you up.” He lied.

“Oh well I’m gonna go ahead and go to class.” She muttered under her breath crossing her arms.

Draco followed Hermione down stairs. When Hermione got to the couch she quickly put her cloak on and headed for the door. Walking out and down the hall.

“Granger, can you answer something for me?” Draco asked catching up with her.

She looked up at him with a cloudy look in her eyes, “That depends on your question.”

“What happen this summer? Blaise was always worried about you after he came back from visiting a friend.”

Hermione stopped and looked at Draco. She went to open her mouth when Mr. Klump walked by and stopped when he noticed Hermione.

“Hermione Granger, well it good to see you again.” He said like they were best friends.

Hermione stepped back, where her shoulder was behind Draco’s. Draco looked back at her and noticed the fear that flicked in her eyes.

“Hello Mr. Klump.” She said looking away. She looked up at Draco when Klump looked away.

“Play along.” She whispered.

“So Miss. Granger who is your friend?” Mr. Klump asked.

“He’s my boyfriend, Draco Malfoy.” Hermione blurted out taking Draco’s hand into her’s.

Hermione looked up and seen a flicked of something pass in Klump’s eyes. Hermione smiled and looked at Draco. Draco then noticed that something was different with her eyes than they were before. Not that he ever paid mind to how her eyes looked.

“Sweetie, we better get going we only have a few minutes before class.” Draco said.

“Oh but of course, you two get running along. I will see you in class next week Miss. Granger.” He said and walked off down then hall.

She dropped Draco’s hand when Klump turned the corner letting out a breath. She looked up at Draco and he gave her a questioning look.

“What?” she asked heading down the hall.

“What? What was that about?’ he asked catching up with her.

“Nothing, okay.” She said walking into the classroom almost running in to Snape.

“Miss. Granger, I know you are eager to learn, but I’m sure you are not that eager to where you can’t see what is right in front of you.” He said coldly.

She looked at him and nodded whispering sorry. She slid by Snape and took the first seat she saw. Draco followed Hermione to a desk and sat down beside her.

“What are you doing?” she asked eyes wide.

“Well knowing Snape, he is gonna put us in groups by who we are sitting with. And I don’t know about you but I would rather it be someone smart and not lazy.” Draco whispered while Snape walked past.

“How would you know that?” she asked.

Draco looked at Hermione and smiled.

“Now to start off the person beside you will be your year round partner. There is no changing unless I agree and approve it.” Snape coldly explained.

Hermione looked over at Draco and he looked over smirking.

“Now turn your books to chapter one and read until the end of class.”

A/N: yea I know the ending was lame but oh well. Remember tell me what you honestly think. Thanks for reading.

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Hermione needs Strength.: Classes and Kindness


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