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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 17 : It's cold in Hogsmeade
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“oooh I like these , I’m going to try them on to” Jasmine had found a pair of denim jeans, put them in the pile with the other clothes she was going to try and walked over to the changing cubicle with Amanda who already had a selection of items to try. Rose and Penelope were in two other cubicles trying on clothes whilst Tonks sat or rather lay across the sofa outside the cubicles munching on some Bertie botts every flavour beans.

“More clothes, seriously don’t you have enough already” groaned Tonks is disbelief at her friends arrivals.

“Yes more clothes and no I do not have enough, the clothes I have enough of are for autumn but it is nearly winter so I need more practical clothing” complained Jasmine, putting her clothes in the cubicle.

“Oh right that makes sense, that would explain why there are two pairs of shorts in that heap of clothing, real practical” sniggered Tonks as she watched her friends close the curtains of the cubicles before giving her what she liked to call ‘the look’ whenever she make a complaint about clothes or makeup.

Rose opened up the curtain of her cubicle and stood in front of Tonks

“soo?” Rose stared down at her friend

“Huh?” she mumbled back

“What do you think?” she twirled around.

“bout waat?” Tonks asked during a mouthful of her sweets.

“About the Goblin rebellion of 1352, what do you think I’m talking about, the jeans Nymphadora seriously” she complained giving her friend a look that defeated the one she got on return of using her friends forename.

“Oh those! To be honest they look the same as the others”

Rose nearly shouted at her friend “But these look nothing like the others they are a completely different shade of blue!”

“Oh someone’s stressed then” she sighed

“I’m not stressed” she pleaded back

Tonks opened her mouth to retaliate but before she spoke there was a voice from behind as Penelope put her head round the curtain “You are a little bit stressed”

“Err whatever; I’m getting out of these jeans!” Rose declared before marching back into her changing cubicle.

Tonks remain laid across the sofa outside the cubicles eating her sweets when, a sales assistant approached her “Excuse me” her high pitched voice broke the peaceful shop “But could you not put your feet on the furniture and refrain from eating inside the store, thank you” she sarcastically sighed, as Tonks put down her feet, and she strutted away. Not noticing the boogie flavoured bean that Tonks had just thrown into the tightly twisted hair.

“I’m bored” Tonks yawned “Time to leave!” she shouted, jumping up and opening Rose’s cubicle “Come on Rose the clothes here look crap on you” whilst pulling Rose out and giving a glare to the sale assistant.

“I guess will’ll catch up with you guys later then” Rose mumbled as she got pulled out of the shop.

“Have fun on your date!” Amanda shouted.

Whilst Jasmine laughed “Now, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

Once outside the shop, Tonks pulled her deeper into the small town of Hogsmeade that was overfilled with the large amount of students, in the start of winter. “Ohh Zonko’s!” Tonks literally jumped up in delight with her hair changing to orange, blue then back to its normal bubblegum pink at the sight of the shop. “Come on we’re going in” she demanded marching ahead of her friend.

“Well you better be quick, I’ve got to be in the Three Broomsticks in fifteen minutes”

“Yeah sure, just a quick look around to see any new stock” Tonks mumbled before nearly sprinting into the shop.

Rose followed her into the cramped shop “You said that last Hogsmeade visit and we still ended up in there for nearly three hours whilst you ‘tested the new stock’”. She walked into the mass crush of students, finding Tonks in the place where she would least like her to be. The dungbomb section.

“Hey Rose, do you think I could slip some of these under Parkinson’s chair”

“However much I think that’s a good idea, you tried it before and they exploded in your bag before you got back to Hogwarts”

Tonks grimaced at the memory, pulling the dungbomb back down although nearly dropping it and stinking the whole cramped shop out. And in the next minute was at the other side of the shop looking at the nose-biting teacups.

Rose looked at the clock of the shop wall and saw it was five to and said go bye to her friend who was completely engrossed in an array of products before leaving the shops after purchasing a small bag of sugar quills.

Soon after she quickly reached the three broomsticks which was toasty warm upon entry. For a quick moment she couldn’t see Charlie and her heart dropped a beat but she then noticed him waving at her by a small table in the corner.

“Hey Rose, I got you a butterbeer, hope that’s okay?” he smiled

“Hey yeah thanks, my favourite” she returned a smile and sitting down before taking a long refreshing sip from her drink.

“Got your shopping done then?”

“Not the most productive of shopping trips, I was dragged off to Zonko’s pretty quickly”

“So Tonks hasn’t quite grasped the concept of clothes stores yet”

“Afraid not, apparently yours not allowed to lie across their sofas eating”

“Well that could be potentially problematic”

“Potentially” Rose signed sarcastically “But how’s your day been”

“Can’t say it’s been as fun as yours” he laughed “Came down with the guys left them looking at the quidditch gear whilst I met my brother for a quick drink at the Hogs head then came over here to see you”

“Brother? Is that Bill he’s the year above isn’t he?”

“Yep fancies himself a curse breaker. He’s planning to run off to Egypt, bet that’ll break mums heart although she’s still got another six kids to keep her going.”


“Six boys, one girl. There’s me and bill obviously. Percy, he’s at Hogwarts, Fred and George they’ll be starting next year although I’m dreading it, Ron and the it's Ginny whose the youngest and the only girl.”
“Blimey” Rose gobsmacked.

“Yeah can get quite, crowed. So do you have any siblings?”

Rose sat there contemplating the question, she watched Charlie he was quite oblivious as he drank his butterbeer. She didn’t know when she said it but it fell out and when it did she felt her heart sting.


In the next moment she found herself running out of the pub as quick as possible. Without her bag or coat she needed the winter weather to numb the loneliness in her heart. It made her feel real again.



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