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Meeting Him by weasleytwins123
Chapter 9 : Family
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"Louis, I really don't feel that well" Beatrice moaned, throwing herself face-down onto the bed with a thump.



"It's just nerves, Bea" he said soothingly as he leant down beside her.



"I feel sick."



"You needn't worry, I promise you it'll be fine."



"Merlin, Louis, what do I say to them? It will be so awkward" Beatrice groaned, smacking her hands down into the pillow with frustration.



"How can you possibly be awkward with family?" Louis rolled his eyes, stroking her hair.



Beatrice sat up abruptly with narrowed eyes and glared at her boyfriend. "Easily! But you wouldn't understand because your family has never experienced this!"



"It's not my fault that I actually bothered to stay in contact with my family when I went travelling!" Louis replied angrily. "I came home every Christmas, Bea, it's this thing called commitment."



"I can't believe you just said that to me!" Beatrice shrieked. "Why am I even taking you with me if all you're going to do is critisise me?!"



Louis' expression softened suddenly and he pulled Beatrice into his arms, ignoring her indignant struggles against his hold. "I'm sorry" he murmured, kissing her cheek quickly. "You're right, I don't understand. But I should try to, you're my girlfriend after all."



"Yes, I don't know why though" Beatrice pouted, her lips twisting into a small smile as Louis kissed her again by their own accord.



"Because I'm brilliant?" he suggested as he kissed her again. "Bea, really, I'm sorry."



"I know" she turned to face him. "I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have shouted" she stroked his cheek with her hand and let it rest on his shoulder. "You don't have to come, you know. I know it might be awkward for you."



"As if I would just leave you to it on your own, what sort of boyfriend would I be?" Louis scoffed, pulling a face.



"A pretty rubbish one" Beatrice admitted with an amused sigh. "You're the best, Louis."



He smiled and heaved her up from the bed, shrugging on his smart jacket as he did so. "Are you ready to go?"



"It's now or never, I guess" she smiled unsurely, tugging on the hem of her slim fitting lilac dress.



"You look beautiful" Louis reassured her, stepping forward to catch her lips with a lingering kiss for a few moments.



Sucking in a calming breath, Beatrice took hold of Louis' hand and squeezed her eyes tightly closed, concentrating on her destination: her old family home.



They arrived slightly breathless, the summer breeze ruffling their hair as they faced the large, oak front door.



"Wow, this is your house?"



"Mum and Dad's" Beatrice shrugged. "This is where I grew up."



Louis glanced around the large house, which seemed to previously have been a barn before it's conversion, and his eyes swept the manor-like gardens that were ornately decorated.



"My Mum's a big gardener" Beatrice explained, watching Louis' eyes widen at the huge amount of land. "She spends most of her time out here."



"It's really nice" Louis squeezed her hand. "Shall I knock?"



Beatrice nodded, relieved, she wasn't sure she could summon the courage to do it herself.



Louis tapped the oak two or three times, before stepping back and wrapping his arm around Beatrice's waist reassuringly.



"Bea, darling!" her mother smiled happily as she instantly encased her daughter in her arms. "I've missed you so much sweetheart" the woman smiled, before glancing up from Beatrice and spotting Louis lingering in the background. "And this must be Louis!" Beatrice's mother moved forward to greet him.



"Pleasure to meet you, Mrs Cooper" Louis smiled politely as he kissed her cheek and Beatrice's mother smiled gently.



"And you, sweetheart, and please, call me Anne."



Beatrice took hold of Louis' hand once more as Anne Cooper showed them into the house and into the kitchen.



They were instantly met with a frenzy of excited voices, and even a cheer from one of Beatrice's brothers, most likely Guy.



"Hello sweetheart" Beatrice's father stepped forward to kiss his daughter, with a broad smile. "And lovely to meet you, Louis is it?"



Louis nodded with a charming smile and shook Beatrice's father's hand. "Pleasure to meet you, sir."



"And you, young man" he nodded in reply. "And please, call me William, Louis, I've never been one to be called Sir or Mr Cooper for that matter."



"That's because you're in the wrong sort of job, Dad" one of Beatrice's brothers stepped forward with a tight smile.



"Hello Dylan" Beatrice smiled, stepping forward to hug her brother for a moment. "This is Louis, my boyfriend."



"Good to meet you" Dylan nodded professionally as he shook Louis' hand.



"Dyl, stop being such a Ministry man" his twin groaned, stepping forward to engulf Beatrice in a hug. "I've missed you, lil sis" he said gruffly.



"Missed you too, Guy" Beatrice mumbled, kissing her brother on the cheek with a small smile. "Guy, this is Louis, my boyfriend."



"Good to meet you mate" Guy grinned, shaking Louis' hand enthusiastically.



"And you" Louis nodded with a confident smile.



"I'll tell you, I never expected my little sister would be going out with one of the Weasley boys, I'd stopped worrying about it after Hogwarts" Guy shook his head at Beatrice. "Guess you didn't listen to Rose in the end though, huh Bea?"



Beatrice rolled her eyes and shoved her brother lightly in the shoulder "Oh, shut up."



"Bea!" Penny yelled excitedly as she waddled into the room, clutching her stomach with a large smile plastered across her face. "Merlin, that dress is gorgeous!" she squealed as she kissed Beatrice happily, before turning to face Louis.



"And this must be Louis!" Penny quickly leant over to kiss his cheek. "Wow, just as gorgeous as Bea said you were!"



Guy rolled his eyes whilst Beatrice groaned, a blush painting her cheeks as she frowned at her older sister.



"Nice to meet you, Penny" Louis chuckled. "Bea's told me a lot about you, all of you actually."



"Of course she has, we're the best family going" Penny grinned, patting her stomach contentedly. "Anyway! Come and meet the rest of the gang" Penny motioned towards the door to the next reception room, where Beatrice could hear children chatting away happily.



"Lizzie, Benjamin and David" Penny announced proudly. "Aunty Bea's arrived!"



"Aunty Bea!" Lizzie and Benjamin squealed, having no issues with immediately launching themselves at their Aunt. David, however, was more hesitant, but Penny nudged him towards Beatrice, who smiled kindly at him.



"Hello David, it's lovely to meet you" Beatrice hated the fact that her nephew was two and yet she was saying these words now, as if she were a stranger.



"Hello" he murmured, stepping forward to kiss her cheek sloppily. Beatrice smiled and turned to face Louis with a wide grin.



"Lizzie, Benj and David, this is my boyfriend, Louis."



"Hello Louis!" they chimed with large grins.



"Louis has a niece and nephew too" Beatrice smiled. "They're twins called Jack and Belle."



"WOW we know them!" Benj exclaimed excitedly. "They have really cool hair it's so wicked, isn't it Lizzie?" he gasped.



"Yeah!" she grinned. "Belle's my best friend in the world" she admitted with a small smile.



"Really? How do you know them, then?" Beatrice glanced to Guy and his wife, Anna.



"Oh, they go to the same playgroup in Diagon Alley" Anna smiled to her sister-in-law. "Victoire's quite a good friend of mine, actually."



"Victoire's mentioned you once or twice" Louis smiled to her. "Belle was at your house with Lizzie when I had to babysit Jack a few times, I think."



"So many children, about aren't there?" Cleo, Dylan's girlfriend added. "I don't really understand how you all cope, to be honest. Dylan and I have such peace at home with no children littered about."



Beatrice began to giggle quietly at how pretentious her brother's girlfriend was whilst Guy rolled his eyes and pulled a face at the back of her head. Even Anne looked disapproving, and Beatrice's mother had always been very oblivious to any rude comments.



"Well" Anna's smile was slightly strained and Dylan frowned as he noticed this. "Some people just aren't children people, I suppose. But Guy and I wouldn't be the same without our two, I can assure you" Anna reached to kiss each of her children and Penny's husband scooped David into his arms for a cuddle.



"Dinner's ready everyone!" Anne announced loudly, flicking her wand in the direction of the kitchen and upsetting the awkward silence created by Cleo's comment.






Dinner was delicious, as Mrs Cooper’s cooking was almost as good as Nana Weasley’s was, and it was loud. The adults were chatting away as they caught up with Beatrice and learnt more about Louis, whilst Lizzie, Benjamin and David yelled and shrieked happily as they ate their way through about six plates full of food at the end of the table.



“So, Louis, what is it you do then?” Dylan asked and Louis swallowed his meat and took a sip of Butterbeer,



“Well, at the moment I’m just working at the Leaky Cauldron, but I’ve just re-applied for a job at Gringotts, one that won’t make me travel, obviously” Louis looked to Beatrice, who raised her eyebrows at him. He hadn’t told her he had applied for a ‘proper job’ at all.



“Oh, really? So you used to travel with Gringotts?”



“Yeah, straight after Hogwarts I went into curse-breaking like my Dad had done before me, I travelled for four or five years and then came back to England and ended up working for Hannah.”



“So, what have you applied to do at Gringotts if you’re not going to travel?”



“Oh, it’s just general security work, but I’d be Head of Security if I got it. I’m on eligible for the job purely because of the success I had curse-breaking.”



“Is that good money then?” Dylan asked, ignoring the rest of the family’s groans at his question.



Louis twisted his amused smirk into a patient smile with ease and shrugged slightly. “I suppose so, but I won’t know if I’ve got it for another week or so.”



“Well, I’m sure you will son” William Cooper reassured his daughter’s boyfriend. “You sound as if you know what you’re talking about, after all.”



“Thank you.”



“So, what are you up to then Bea? Got a proper job yet sweetheart?” William teased his daughter, who rolled her eyes and shovelled another forkful of food into her mouth with a shake of her head.



“Well,” she replied thickly, before swallowing the rest of her food. “I’m working at Fortescue’s full-time, so technically I do have a proper job.”



“He means a job that isn’t designed for teenagers, Bea” Guy added with a smirk and Beatrice kicked her older brother in the leg as she pulled a face at him childishly.



“Thanks, Guy” she simpered sarcastically. “Actually, I’m considering going for something in the Daily Prophet, I’m probably qualified to specialise in foreign stuff thanks to all my travelling.”



“I have a friend that works for the Prophet” Anna offered. “I could ask her to get you an interview if you want? They’re opening up a lot of new columns and things to make the paper more interesting, they could be looking for something just like what you suggested, Bea.”



“Really?” Beatrice smiled to her kind sister-in-law. “That would be amazing, thanks Anna!”



“You’d have to repay her in babysitting time, obviously” Guy joked as his wife sent him one of her motherly looks.



“Vic’s always getting me to babysit, I don’t think Bea and I are strangers to having small children running about the flat to be honest” Louis joked and Beatrice shook her head at him with a smile.



“Honestly, if you ever want me to help out I will” Beatrice offered to her brother and sister with a kind smile.



“Aw, you won’t be saying that once I have a squealing new-born, honey” Penny groaned, patting her large stomach once again with a slight grimace.



The dinner finished with tales of the Cooper’s as children, Beatrice constantly being reminded of all the stupid things she had done whilst growing up, causing Louis to laugh hysterically at a couple of tales from her teenage years that involved her, Rose and a crate of Firewhiskey.



“I didn’t even know Rose knew how to have fun in Hogwarts!” Louis had laughed whilst Beatrice shot him an amused glare.



When it reached around eight, Guy and Penny began to round up the children, who were all curled up on the couch yawning or in David’s case, snoring. With flamboyant kisses and hugs to all, Beatrice and Louis said their goodbyes to all before they were alone with Mr and Mrs Cooper.



“Thanks for today Mum, it was delicious” Beatrice smiled as she hugged and kissed her mother goodbye.



“My pleasure sweetheart” Anne smiled as she kissed Louis on the cheek and handed Beatrice a plate of leftover dessert. “Don’t be a stranger now, either of you” Anne shot Louis a glance. “I want to know you two are all right.”



“Why not you come over to ours for dinner or something next weekend? Louis is a much better cook than I am, I swear” Beatrice offered and her parents immediately accepted.



“We’ll see you then” Mr Cooper nodded to Louis as he shook his hand and proceeded to hug his daughter.



“Lovely to meet you, Mr and Mrs Cooper” Louis smiled as Beatrice nudged him out of the door, grasping his hand so they could apparate home together.



Within a minute, they were in their flat, Beatrice muttering a quick Lumos to lighten the room whilst Louis shivered and set the living room fire alight with a hasty Incendio.



“That went well” Beatrice exhaled as she threw herself back into Louis’ arms on the sofa.



“I told you it would” Louis smiled, leaning his head on the back of the couch and enjoying the warmth the fire was emitting.



“They liked you” Beatrice kissed his cheek. “A lot, actually. Penny was saying that Dad was keen to take me down the aisle, actually.”



“Is that a hint, Bea?” Louis snorted, amused and Beatrice rolled her eyes.



“Louis, I’m not hinting at marriage you idiot, don’t worry.”



“I wasn’t worrying” he laughed, snapping open his eyes and kissing her temple quickly. “We’ll probably be there in a few years anyway, won’t we?”



“What?” Beatrice sat up, twisting around to face her boyfriend. “Where will we be?”



“Marriage, obviously” Louis sent her a strange look. “What, has that put you in a panic or something?”



“Well, I just… I didn’t think you’d be comfortable thinking about it, that’s all.”



“Why wouldn’t I be? Bea, I love you, of course I’m contemplating it.”



“You love me?” Beatrice breathed quietly, her eyes softening as she stared at Louis.



“Yeah” he smiled. “I thought you would have guessed that by now Bea.”



“You never said it.”



“I didn’t realise you were suddenly Mrs Oblivious, then.”



Beatrice raised her eyebrows at Louis, but at his amused expression she smiled and leant forward to kiss him softly. “I love you too, in case you didn’t know.”



“I did” he smiled. “But you’re right, it’s nice to hear it.”



“I love you” she repeated with a smile as she straddled his lap.



“I love you” he smirked, sliding his hands around her waist and bringing her lips to his.












A/N- WOOP WOOP the big ‘I love you’ has finally come! Some of you might be like, what? Too soon! But I don’t think it is, it’s been coming for a while now. Anyway, this is the last ‘proper’ chapter left, I’m going to write a short little epilogue and then BOOM I can change this story to Completed. In around a month, which is a pretty good time scale in my opinion! Anyway, thanks for all the amazing reviews so far, please keep them coming, and please offer up any ideas about what the epilogue should feature, I’m still not sure what to write myself! Also, what did you think of the family? They were fun to write!

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