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Safe & Sound by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 1 : Safe and Sound
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A/N - Hello there lovlies! This story was written for CloakAuror9's No Dialogues Challenge'. :)

 Lily Evans sat in the dim light of the common room, with her hot cheek pressed against the cool glass of the enchanted window. She closed her eyes trying to push away the memories from earlier that night.


Lily walked down the deserted passageway en route to the Gryffindor common room. Thunder cracked above simultaneously harmonizing with the patter of falling rain. Lily looked down at the blisters marking her otherwise unscathed feet. She stopped, looking around the dark corridor. It had an eerie feel to it this night. Lily breathed in deep, stood up straighter, and continued down the hall. She tried not to think of the drum beating behind her skull, or her thick blood slowly making its way down her chin. It took everything she had to keep her hot tears from slipping out, like a stream; current high from a storm, licking the edges as if to taunt the dry bed above. Loud, heavy footsteps started behind her, making Lily’s quiet pit pat of bare feet quicken. A slur profanities and the smell of fire whiskey sounded in the dark hall. Lily’s heartbeat raced; this couldn’t be happening again today. It was too much for one heart to take. Lily stopped in her tracks, and turned around; meeting the ugly whispers of an ugly man, with raven hair. His eyes dancing with rage; his tie slung over his shoulder. Lily couldn’t help but notice the way such a young boy could grow up that fast; yet again she thought; hadn’t she too been forced to grow up fast? She was tired of these silly games. The boy whispered to her, his voiced laced with the dark smell of fire whiskey. Lily closed her eyes; trying hard to be anywhere but here. A warm hand met her soft cool skin.  Laughter roared, and her one true love stammered off down the hall. She felt a tear fall and sting her now reopened wound, laced with the blood of her own heart, bursting at its carefully built wall.

Lily quietly made her way up to the common room. She approached the window, the single ray of light coming from the faint full moon, marking the only happiness in the dark common room of her heart. Her eyes blurred, tears springing to the surface, like fallen rain drops. However, Lily held her head high. She had endured much more than this, petty interference; and she knew she would endure much more. She brushed the tears away from her eyes in time to see a figure down on the grounds, contorting and twisting as if being pulled by a demean within. Lily slipped her shoes back on, retreating back out of the common room and down the main staircase, her heart racing. She raced down the corner approaching a statue, and slipping behind into a passageway. Lily ran; and didn’t stop until she reached the door, falling to the ground in pain. She sat, nearly there, discarding her shoes and picking out the fine shards of glass, with her meek fingers. Standing back up, she breathed in deep, and pushed open the creaky door. Lily met the rain with delight as she stepped onto the soft grass. It was there she saw him. Contorted on the ground, yelling, screaming with all his might, fighting his inner demeans as well as the ones overtaking him in the moment. She approached him slowly, her heart beating to the rhythm of the falling rain, and sporadic thunder up above.

The boy lay there; sprawled out in the pouring rain, releasing his cries into the empty night. A crimson and gold tie lay askew along with tattered robes. Lily kneeled down and stroked his ratted hair, reeking of rain and wilderness. She let her fingers trail down his face; his eyes crying out desperately to her.

The rain started to slow and the once dull moon, cut through the clouds, allowing the boy to look into her eyes, thoughts and words unspoken and the like spilling out of her now clear eyes. 

She said, touching his face, forcing him to look up into her shinning eyes. Lily leaned down and kissed his cool lips; trying to perserve what was left of this dull life.

His fierce eyes bore into her innocent ones, taking her hand he desperetly tried to hold on to the world.

Lily cried as she felt the hand go limp, and the boy's eyes closed one last time.

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