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Wounded Vexation by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 3 : Purebloods and Mudbloods
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Amelia was just getting her things out of her bag when the door to the opened and her eyes directed themselves to the movement of it. Her greenish blue eyes met an uncomfortable sight that made her heart ache. Draco and Mr. Lamport entered the room with a very thin and frail Narcissa supported between them. Her arms were splayed over a shoulder of each of the men. They walked her swiftly, but cautiously over to the bed and Amelia helped get her comfortable.

Mr. Lamport was pulling Draco away by the elbow towards the fireplace. There was a look of sadness on his face as he took in the features of the younger man.

"I know that this is difficult for you Mr. Malfoy, but I assure you that this is for the best."

Draco just simply nodded. His eyes were still on his mother's frail frame lying on the bed as Amelia moved about.

"Look Mr. Malfoy," Mr. Lamport stated as he moved in front of Draco to get his full attention, "your mother would only allow Ms. Shaw here," he gestured back towards Amelia who was taking Narcissa's vitals, "to help care for her."

Draco's eyebrow was arched as he looked disbelieving at Mr. Lamport.

"Here," he said reading his expression and handing him a folder, "these are something I think you may be interested in. You and Ms. Shaw did attend Hogwarts together am I correct?"

"Yes." Draco spat the word out quickly.

Amelia hearing the tone of his voice, looked up from what she was doing, and a frown slid onto her face.

"Well then I'm sure you'll have loads to talk about." Mr. Lamport said a little too cheerful. His voice was so overly cheerful it made the hair stand up on the back of Draco's neck. "I better be off. Lots to finish up today." he finished as he walked over to the fireplace and grabbed a handful of sparkling, green powder. He stepped into the fireplace cautiously making sure that he wouldn't bump his balding head before he threw the powder down and shouted his destination.

As Draco watched the flames die down, he turned around to find that Amelia was sitting next to his mother on the bed, holding her hand. He slowly made his way over to them and cautiously looked down at his mother's face which held an indifferent look upon it.

Amelia said, "Here , I'll move so you can sit here and talk to her if you'd like."

He stood there looking at her with a perplexed look upon his face as he watched her greenish blue eyes sparkle in their sockets from the sunshine billowing into the room. He nodded and sat down as Amelia packed up her equipment and started to leave the room.


Amelia turned around slowly to find that Draco was looking at her.

"I do know you. Weren't you in Hufflepuff?" he asked with a bit of a smirk on his face, "what year were you in? Did you fight in the war?" he couldn't stop the flood of questions once they started.

"I know you know me or at least you should. You and your mates use to make my life a living hell when we were in school. You were always teasing me about being a Hufflepuff and pulling on my hair. What did you need my blonde hair for by the way?" she asked sharply.

He ignored this question as the thoughts of that year replayed through his mind. The year that he was pushed by his mother and his lunatic aunt to do something; anything to rectify the Malfoy name and family honor. He remembered exactly why he needed her hair. He employed his two cronies to stand guard for him while he mended the cabinet in the Room of Requirement. She provided the perfect cover and looked a lot younger than he suspected she actually was.

Amelia rolled her eyes. "To finish your questions Mr. Malfoy," she stated putting a lot of emphasis on his name before continuing, "I was in fourth year when you were in your sixth year. No, I didn't fight in the war because my parents pulled me from school soon after Professor Dumbledore was murdered. I spent another year at another school before I returned to Hogwarts after the war ended."

Playing with the duvet in his long, pale fingers he glanced up when she was done talking.

"What is your parentage?"

"What's my parentage!?" Are you for real!?" she gave him a look of deepest loathing.

"I know you're a Mudblood. I just wanted to see if you would admit it." he stated.

"Well for your information, your mother hasn't once been displeased with that fact that I'm a Mudblood. In fact I know what role you played in the war and I'll tell you that your blood maybe pure, but your heart is filthy!" she exclaimed as she turned to walk away when a sweet voice called out her name.


She turned around to find Narcissa looking at her and holding out her hand. Draco's eye brows rose as he looked at his mother like she had gone off the deep end.

Amelia again walked back towards the bed; back towards the woman who she had come to know and love. A set of fresh tears filled her eyes as she looked upon Narcissa.

She took Amelia's hand in one of hers and Draco's hand in the other.

"Life is too short to fight about blood, houses or trivial things." she said looking back and forth between each of their sets of colored eyes.

"What matters now are the choices we make," she squeezed both of their hands and continued, "there is no need to cry Amelia. I am to blame for Draco's upbringing. I am to blame for his intolerance and annoyance towards others. I was disillusioned by fear and it makes us do stupid things. Remember that and you will grow to be a better person then myself."

Amelia nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes. Draco sat there saying nothing. In truth Draco was more stunned that his mother was more or less reading his thoughts than anything else. Never before has she given him the idea that she could do that. 'Maybe she does understand my pain' he thought as he looked into the eyes that were so like his.

Amelia cleared her throat which pulled Draco out of his stupor. "I think we should probably let your mother get some rest. It's been a long day for her."

Draco gave her a curt nod, stood up from the bed, and walked towards the door. With the folder in his hand he closed the door softly behind him. A loud 'crack!' sounded in the hall as Gibby appeared to take a tray into Narcissa's room. Her head bobbed up and down as she carried it through the room. The water in the pitcher swayed and licked the edges of the top threatening to spill over as the glass next to it wobbled dangerously. Amelia smiled to herself as she watched Gibby walk towards them and place the tray on the night side table.

"Gibby," Amelia whispered softly as she glanced at Narcissa who was slowly drifting off to sleep, "How do I get to the gardens?"

"The gardens misses?" Gibby asked.

"Yes, I just want to go and visit the gardens that Mrs. Malfoy had talked so much about while she was at the hospital. The way she would describe it was so beautiful that I would love to go and see them for myself."

"We can goes there right now misses, if you'd like." Gibby replied.

"Great. Give me a couple of minutes to put this stuff," she held up her bag and cloak , "into my room and I will be right back so we can go okay?"

Gibby nodded and her ears waved rapidly nearly knocking her off balance as she bowed. Amelia checked to see that Narcissa was asleep before she gently put down her hand onto the bed, stood up and quietly made her way to the attached, hidden door. A few minutes after she disappeared behind the door, she reappeared with a small smile as she walked over towards Gibby. They quietly walked out of the room  into the hall before Gibby snapped her fingers and they appeared in the middle of the garden.

Surrounding them were flowers of all colors. There were blues and reds, violets and vibrant oranges and yellows. The perfume that radiated from them was breath taking. A trickling sound of water met Amelia's ears as she looked around and saw a simple, yet elegant fountain gushing out water. The water danced in the sunshine as Amelia continued looking over the garden and drinking it all in when out of the corner of her eye she saw someone sitting on a bench in the small courtyard; Draco.

She stood as still as ice watching him as he sat there with his head bowed down, eyes closed, and his hands in his ruffled hair. Her intrigue pulled at her even though she knew he was a self-obsessed jerk who cared more about blood status than anything else. After a few minutes of watching him, she noticed that he was muttering something to himself and playing with a ring on his finger. Then suddenly without warning he let out a yell and slammed his hands down on the bench. Looking up he saw Amelia frozen there in shock. He stood up, glared at her and stalked off back towards the Manor.


Author's Note: Well here is Chapter 3. I have been waiting for this one to fully form before I decided it was ready to be posted. What did you think? Do you like Amelia? What about Draco and this folder? Thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts!

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Wounded Vexation: Purebloods and Mudbloods


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