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Just A Game by TearsIMustConceal
Chapter 2 : I tell my love to wreck it all
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Disclaimer - I own nothing to do with the Harry Potter World, JK gets all the credit. I only own what you don't recognise.

Fantastic chapter image by ladycobra @ tda!

Chapter 1
Watching as the scarlet train entered the platform, I turned to my parents, who were stoic as ever.

“Well, this is me. I’ll see you at Christmas.”

My Father nodded, not even bothering to look at me. Instead, he was focused on my twin brother Pedro, or Peter, as he prefers, talking in a hushed voice as my brother stared off into the distance, an unreadable look on his face. My Mother hugged me tightly, telling me to have a good time and not to cause too much trouble. Giving a swift kiss on the cheek, she turned to my brother too.

“Where’s Lola?” I asked, to no one in particular.

“She’s here.” I turned to see my older sister Flavia, dressed up to the nines, alongside her fiancé Michael and Lola trailing behind.

“Come on Lola, we need to get on the train.”

She smiled excitedly, giving mother and father a quick kiss and hug before taking my hand and getting on the train. After looking for about 10 minutes, I found an empty compartment and walked in, immediately making myself at home as I kicked off my shoes. Turning to Lola, I smiled brightly.

“Now, this year, I want you to be good and I want no boyfriends, understand me?” She rolled her eyes but giggled when I tickled her ribs. Laughing along, I pulled her into a hug, kissing the top of her hair. “Okay, now go find your friends. Love you sis.”

“Love you too Gigi. I’ll see you later on.”

I watched as she walked down the carriage, waving as she finally left my sight and returned to the compartment, sitting down by the window and putting my feet up.

I should probably explain who I am. My name is Gisela Martinez, 17 and I am currently in my last year of Hogwarts, my house being Slytherin. I have a twin brother Pedro and a younger sister Lola, who I adore with all my stone cold heart. I have another sister but to be truthful, she really isn’t worth talking about, unless you want to be bored to death. My Mother and Father are your typical pureblood parents; cold, calculated and pretty much obsessed with material things and the status of your family. My Father however, takes being a pureblood to the extreme. When I turn 18, I have to pick out of 4 families, someone to marry. The reason why there is only 4 families to choose from? Because everyone else is not good enough for the Martinez Family. We Martinez’ can only socialise with the best and anyone else is beneath us. He’s the definition of cold and hates all muggles and mud-bloods. To the point where I worry that he would not even blink if he killed one. His humanity is slowly slipping away and there is nothing any of us can do about it. My mother on the other hand, as cold as she looks, isn’t all that bad. She cares for us enough and loves us enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I do hold similar views, muggles are strange creatures and mud-bloods, well sometimes I do wonder whether they do deserve to be here but my Father’s views are ridiculous and now that there is some sort of wizard who wants to rid the world of all muggles and mud-bloods, as every other Slytherin calls them, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is first in line to become a follower.

But I shouldn’t know about that.

The door banging open brought me out of my thoughts and I looked up to see Pedro, smile on his handsome face. Being twins, we do have similarities, like being brunettes and being pretty heartless.

Both admirable traits in my opinion.

“Where have you been?”

He shrugged, carelessly sitting down opposite me. “Around.”

I scoffed.

“Now that I do believe.”

He glared in my direction before giving me a charming smile. “Does my sister think I am a whore?”

I nodded. “Don’t even have to think about it.”

He laughed a little before reclining on his seat, the length of his lean body far too long for the covered benches we had to sit on. Talking away about everything and anything, an hour had surprisingly passed before our compartment door opened again.

“G!” I found myself pinned to the seat as a body embraced me tightly. Catching a flash of blonde hair, I knew instantly who it was.

Rayne Harrington. Best friend and resident nut case of the Slytherin House. With blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she was known as being adorable but she was far from it, as she took pleasure from hexing the Gryffindor’s in the corridors among other things forbidden in Hogwarts. And she was also soon to become my sister in law, especially if my mother had anything to do with it. She had, for some unknown reason, took a shine to my brother in third year and have been a ridiculously unbearable loved up couple ever since. Their PDA’s disgust me but I can’t help but smile at the fact it’s my best friend that will my sister in law and not some pure-blooded whore. Although I will never admit that to them. Ever. After finally releasing me, she kissed my brother before sitting down next to him.

“How was your summer?”

I rolled my eyes. “Well you should know considering I saw you every single day.” I replied, dryly.

She shrugged and smiled. “Very true.”

I was about to ask her how her family were when the compartment door opened once again. This time, it revealed Evan Rosier. Now, Evan Rosier is completely and utterly delicious. Honey blonde hair, baby blue eyes…need I continue? He had everyone drooling, including those that weren’t in our house. I dare say a few Gryffindor’s had the hots for him.

“Peter, Rayne, Gisela.” He greeted us all with a smirk and sat down next to me. “How was summer?”

I let Pedro and Rayne answer, considering we pretty much shared the same summer. I continued to look out of the window, a bored look on my face as I watched the green countryside rush past.

“Gisela, how are you dear?”

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. He was a charmer; I’d give him that but there was no way I would go there.  I was pretty much immune after growing up with him.

“I’m fine Evan, how are you? How was your summer?”

“I’m delightful and my summer was, boring to say the least. If you had been there it might have been different.”

I glared at him. “Well I wasn’t and I am sure you coped pretty well without me.”

He said nothing else and after giving me an infuriating smirk, struck up with Pedro about the Quidditch season. I didn’t even bother to join in, knowing that I would get all this talk as soon as I got back to Hogwarts from Lucius Malfoy.

“Why hello, my fellow Slytherin’s.” Turning, I smiled at seeing Rabastan Lestrange standing in the door, Regulus behind him.

“Bas, Regulus.”

I greeted cooly, although I wanted to get up and greet them properly. But that wouldn’t be very Slytherin like of me so I stayed seated. Smiling when they both took a seat next to me. I glanced sideways at Rabastan, who was looking devishly handsome. He moved his hand ever so slightly over mine and squeezed it lightly before letting go.

“So, has anyone hexed any Gryffindor’s yet or are we waiting to get back to the castle?”

The conversation started up again and I sighed contently knowing that this year was already looking good, no matter what the threat outside the castle walls held.


Upon entering the Entrance Hall, we weaved in and out of all the younger years, the badge on my cardigan making those that were Gryffindor sneer and glare. I ignored them, lifting my head high as we entered the Great Hall, walking over to the Slytherin table, were the students seated were as murderous and hard faced as per usual.

Taking my usual seat, I watched on as one by one the new first years came into the hall, terrified and nervous. Diverting my attention elsewhere, I scanned the tables of the other houses, not finding anyone interesting until my eyes met grey ones and I smirked.

Sirius Black.



Blood traitor to the Black family name.

Also Regulus’ brother, which was a shame. Although the two didn’t speak, I had sworn to Reg I would not seriously harm his brother, however much as I wanted to. I smirked at him, getting pleasure from seeing him go from nonchalant to absolutely fuming. Obviously his anger was great, as his idiot of a best friend, James Potter noticed. Glancing this way, he narrowed his bespectacled eyes at me.

I had to laugh.

To get this kind of reaction when I only looked at them was pure pleasure. Just to make things worse and give myself a good laugh, I waved at them, blowing them a kiss before turning away, my attention focusing back on Dumbledore and whatever nonsense he was spouting.  Glancing sideways, I could see Sirius being held back by both Potter and Remus Lupin, the only one I actually could tolerate out of them all. Letting out a small laugh, my brother glanced at me, eyebrow raised but I shook my head, giving me a look that said “mind your own business.” He nodded and turned back to Rayne, who was completely engrossed in Dumbledore’s speech. I hadn’t at all been listening but one name caught my attention.


The whole room quickly silenced as Dumbledore continued on.

“Voldermort has become very much a threat to our world. As many of you will have heard, there have been muggle and muggle born killings throughout the summer and I am afraid that Voldermort is indeed responsible. He and his followers have an idea of ridding the world of those who are not deemed worthy of magic. Although some of you may believe in these ideas, I ask you to think before you act.”

That was a comment specifically for us at the Slytherin table. I could see Evan, Lucius, Bellatrix and a couple more of seventh years smirk at each other, obviously knowing something that the rest of the table did not. I had a fair idea though.

“Fear not, my dear students, as Hogwarts is the safest place you can be. And no harm should come to you while you are here.”

The hall erupted into claps from the other tables while we sat motionless. Once the clapping had died down, the food appeared and the atmosphere in the hall was restored again. Quickly eating as much as I could stomach, I left before the others, needing to clear my head.


Walking through the deserted corridors, I knew instantly I was being followed and I had my wand I my hand, ready to pounce if I had too. Stopping, I turned around, facing the empty corridor.

“You’re not as stealthy as you would like to believe.” I drawled. “Might as well come out; see if you really live up to your house’s trait.” I heard a growl and out stepped Sirius Black, which didn’t surprise me in the least.

“You think you’re so clever, don’t you?” I shrugged at his question. “You and the rest of your house. Wouldn’t surprise me if you are already following Voldermort, like the obedient, pure-blooded children you all are.”

He spat the last part out. My eyes widened slightly before I regained my composure.

“You forget that you are also a pure-blooded child. It’s only recently that you decided to disobey so you can’t really judge, can you?”

“Don’t you dare tell me that I am like you Snakes!”

I smirked, knowing I had touched a nerve. “Aww, is family a touchy subject? If I recall correctly, you grew up to be one of us ‘Snakes’”

I sneered back, not impressed with the confrontation I was having. Usually it was comedic, on my part anyway but this was different. We had skipped the comedy value and headed straight for the drama.

Within an instant, I had a wand held at my throat and for the first time in the presence of Sirius Black, I was pretty much at his mercy. Eyes slightly wide, I tried to subtly search for my wand, fumbling in my pocket before the hard feel of wood was in my fingertips. Looking at Sirius, I smirked, feeling a lot more confident.

“What are you going to do, oh brave Gryffindor? Hex me?”

Despite looking like he was about to kill me, his usually cool, grey eyes gave away the fact that he didn’t know what the hell he was doing and he looked, dare I say, scared?

Instead of answering me, he backed away, lowering his wand with every footstep. Before he had a chance to disappear, I had him against the wall, as hard as I could, my anger now replacing the nervousness I had felt just moments ago. He did nothing to stop me; he didn’t even bother to fight back. I wanted to frown but instead I sneered, like a true Slytherin, my cold side now in full view to him.

“If you ever, ever hold your wand to my throat again Black, then I swear to Merlin that you will never walk these corridors properly again, got that?”
He looked past me, his eyes trained on the wall behind me. Growling, I backed off before turning my back and heading back down the corridor.

"Watch your back Martinez.”

I stopped mid step, turning around, watching as Black made his way down the opposite corridor. I should have been pleased with a threat like that but for once, he didn't sound like he was threatening me and that scared me. He was beginning to seriously unnerve me and we hadn’t even been back at Hogwarts a full day. Shaking my head, I continued back towards the common room, glaring at a couple of third years who met my eyes.

“Where have you been?” I had literally just stepped into the green and silver common room when Rayne pounced on me.

“For a walk, like I always do on the first day back, you know I need to walk off the amount of food I usually eat.”

I lied smoothly, hoping that Rayne would take that as a legitimate answer. She raised an eyebrow, giving me a look that meant  ‘you will tell me later’ but left it, sitting back down next to Pedro. I smiled gratefully before sitting on the sofa opposite, next to Regulus and Rabastan.

“Well, look who decided to grace us with her presence. Welcome back Princess.”

Lucius Malfoy was a slimy git who just happened to be our Quidditch captain, meaning I had to spend time with him. Glaring at him, he chuckled before sitting in ‘his’ seat and beckoning the other Slytherin players around.

“So here is the plan for the year…” I tuned out as soon as he started, having heard the same plan 4 years in a row. Letting my mind go blank, I could help but think about Dumbledore’s speech about Voldemort and then Black’s manner. Where they connected? I wasn’t sure but something must have rattled Black for him to back away.

Just what was happening this year?

A/N - Another chapter is here. Hopefully this helps you learn more about Gisela and her life before all the drama starts to take over! Thank you for those who read the last chapter, and i hope you like this one too!

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