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Average Ally. by BlameItOnTheNargles
Chapter 10 : Rule Number Ten: Be Brave And Follow Your Heart.
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Why did I use the name Mike? I could have used the name Phoenix, or Blossom, or even Buttercup, and then he might have left me in peace. Instead, I am travelling to my own torture of going to talk to James Potter after not speaking to him for two weeks, one day and probably like seven or eight hours.

“Here.” He pulled me into a random abandoned classroom. Classy. I couldn't look at him. I think I probably look like a huge tomato right now. Also, my hand is burning from where he grabbed it. I am doomed. He might try and kill me but I don't think that will happen. Well, it might, so don't cross it off the list of a million things which could go wrong for Ally Turner. The girl who runs away.



“Party Girl.”

“Party Boy.”



This could go on all night. Oh boy, are we really doing this?


“Jamieson.” What the hell? Jamieson? Really, Ally? Really?

“Jamieson?” He queried.

“I ran out of stuff to say.” Stupid name for not being shortened. It's all his fault in the first place. I mean, if he just left me alone, I would be happy and he would be happy, and we would both be happy not knowing each other.




“Yep-a-roo.” Why does the stupid stuff blurt out of my mouth?

“Are we really doing this?” He asked smirking while raising one eyebrow. Stupid one eyebrow raise.

“It seems so.”

“You're impossible.” Ermm, ouch.

“Yeah well, err, your mums impossible.” Yeah, I went there. I used the 'mum' card. Feel the burn.

“Hey, leave my mum out of this.”

“Mummy's boy?” I smirked this time and it felt victorious.


Well, I wasn't expecting that answer. Damn it, he doesn't even look ashamed.

“That's nice.” I replied.



“Awesome.” He said quickly.




“Look, stop Ally! I like you.” Queue the birds whistling in the awkward silence. I froze. He likes me. Me- Alison Turner. I can't take this.

“Well, err, I have to go wash my, err, feet. BYE!” I legged it once again with James shouting my name behind me. I am chicken, hear me roar.

On the plus side, I think that went well. Please note the heavy use of sarcasm. I am such a failure. I should just go crawl under a rock, under the sea and befriend the mermaids. Maybe even a crab. Crabs taste nice, so I would feel guilty eating a crab then if I had one as a friend. So maybe not.

I can't believe he bloody likes me. He could have any bloody girl he wants and he picks me. ME! Why lord, why? I can't take this. I had my life planned. Be a loner and I shall succeed. Not have people liking me. I mean like is such a big word, and then like turns into love and love turns into a bomb. A bomb which will explode your heart to smithereens.

On another positive note, I will always have my Hufflepuff bed to stick with me. Well, until I graduate that is. But I will cry that river when it comes. For now I have my bed and my bed has me. Wait, isn't the saying cross? Ahh, but I will cry when I have to leave my bed behind. I know it. Or I could shrink it and take it with me.

So, in my long pondering after running away and being awake the whole night, I have decided. I have decided to become a fool. A FOOL! I like him. I like James Potter. That sounds like torture to say, but its true. For some reason I have fallen for the boy who is way too... How do you put it? Annoying. He has somehow made me like him. I think it's his eyes and smile. I'm a sucker for them. I mean, hello, his smile has DIMPLES!

Anyway, I am now walking to my death. The Great Hall, with a stupid plan. I will not chicken out. I will be brave, and I will also prove Hufflepuff's can be brave. I can think of it as taking one for the team. I will also not think of all the points which could, will, go wrong. It's not like all the girls will hate me. They will just want to kill me and hang my underwear on a flag post. It won't be that bad, and he won't break me or my heart. It will all turn out fine. Well, okay it won't, but I am hoping. Hope is good.

I think I'm going to be sick. I can see him. Sitting there with Fred and Reed. He looks sad, and it hurts to see him looking so depressed. I have to do this.

But what if he hates me?

He won't! You can do this Ally.

He will and I know it.

Stop arguing with yourself and walk over to him.

I can do it. I will do it. Ally Turner will rule the world. I felt like I was walking on hot coals each time I took a step closer to him. The closer I came to him the more determined I felt. I like him and he likes me. It will be fine.

“James?” My own voice spoke when I was in touching distance of him. His head spun around and when he saw me and it showed confusion. He is probably thinking ‘why the hell am I talking to him?’. Shut up, Ally, and do it. His mouth opened to say something, but I didn't give him time to speak. His eyes widened slightly as he saw me get closer. Before I knew it, I was kissing him. I was kissing James Sirius Potter, and boy, did it feel good. I slowly pulled away and bit my lip before standing up straight. I saw the smile which melted my heart.

“About bloody time, Party Girl.” He whispered. Then he stood up, and captured me again. Not before I saw his brother walking out the Great Hall.

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