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#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors by Serena SeaAngel
Chapter 27 : Welcome to Hogwarts
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Chapter 27: Welcome to Hogwarts

A/N: Back again and at last our characters will reach Hogwarts. On thinking about it, I may have been way too optimistic when I said we were halfway through the story, maybe more like a third. So moving right along, Read, Review and Enjoy!

Harry listened as Lupin listed the dangers Luna had forewarned about the ring. He didn’t care that his friend was requesting that he not use the stupid thing as much. Since being able to speak to his parents, Sirius, George and Neville he had reached a sort of peace within himself, as if knowing that he could contact them was enough. After all, none of them had been in his life for long so adjusting without them actually present in physical form wasn’t as hard for him as he knew it to be for everyone else. So making a promise to not abuse the ring’s power wasn’t difficult. No, what bothered him is that the conversation directly reminded him of the fight he and Luna had gotten into days before. Nothing was resolved between them and while he wasn’t entirely sure why either of them was mad at the other, he knew for a fact that being on the outs with Luna, was the worst feeling that he’d ever experienced.

He felt both disappointed and disappointing as if their illusions of each other had finally shattered. He’d always viewed her as this sort of mythical sprite, playful, delicate and innocent, almost fragile in a way- a creature unlike any other being. He also knew that Ron had looked upon her in a similar fashion and he absently wondered if there was veela blood somewhere in her line. Despite the off-putting weirdness, Luna certainly had a way of drawing people in; even Draco had warmed to her before he did with the others, except Ginny of course. But all summer she had proven that she wasn’t all that delicate, that she was strong, capable and determined and it had only made him think more highly of her and their friendship. But lately, watching her deteriorate before his eyes into an ordinary girl who happened to also have extraordinary powers he’d felt helpless, wanting to maintain that image he had of her. As it turns out she was just as easily manipulated by her emotions as Hermione, Ginny or any other girl he’d come across. She wasn’t the wise and stoic oracle, she could be broken and she didn’t know everything. He saw her as human now, no longer some idol on a pedestal that he stood in awe of. He felt strongly that it was his fault, that somehow he’d been the one to break her. He just wished he knew how. And what’s more, he wished he knew what he’d done to finally make her look at him as she had that day they’d fought, a look that silently asked him why she had wasted her time befriending him. That look had hurt him more deeply than he cared to admit, as had her words. They’d never spoken harshly to each other before, other than his threat to bind her when she’d threatened to tell Hermione and Ron about his plan for Hogsmeade last year. And even then they had made up quickly as he hadn’t had much force behind his words. So what had changed? Or perhaps the better question was, what was in the process of changing?

"Harry?" Lupin had reached out and grabbed his arm to gain his attention, knocking Harry out of his hectic thoughts.

"Sorry, what where you saying?" He shook his head to bring himself fully into the present moment.

"I was asking if I could trust you if I gave the ring back, but maybe you just gave me the answer." Lupin looked at him in concern.

"No, its- I was thinking of something else entirely. Sorry, there’s a lot on my mind lately. Which is why you can trust me and give it back. I understand the danger and I can discuss it with Fred, Ron and Ginny too, so that we can all still use it, but responsibly. I’ll make sure Luna’s warning doesn’t come true."

Lupin still looked unsure, but he handed it over none the less. "Okay, but I will be checking in with you regularly about this. I don’t like having one more reason to worry about you. But as I said, after a long conversation with Arthur, we decided it’s best to trust you with this ring, now that you know the danger."

Harry assured him that all would be well before excusing himself, suddenly anxious to get back to the others. Apparently, Ginny had lowered her walls enough to send him a message, they needed his assistance. He had known it was a bad idea to leave Draco alone on the train and silently cursed himself under his breath as he hurried down the hall.

As he approached their car, he saw Ron and Hermione through the door as they shooed away Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle and an unfamiliar boy. He was tall, with dark hair and extremely pale skin and he was smirking at his friends in a manner that Harry definitely took as threatening. He threw open the door and hurried his pace to a run.


Draco held his ground as the other boy glared him down. "I’ve made my choice. I’ll stay here." He knew he had just drawn his line in the sand and hoped he had the fortitude to stand behind it.

"I see. I find that very disappointing."

"No one cares. Get out of here!" Ginny demanded, rising to her feet.

Draco saw the boy take a step forward to tower over her and scrambled to his feet to get between them and diffuse the situation before it got bad. Corralling Ginny behind him, he found that he stood eye to eye with the boy; he hadn’t realized he’d grown so much over the summer. Luna rose to also stand behind him, somehow sensing that was the safer place to be.

"She said get out." He repeated Ginny’s words in a strangled growl, trying to control the beast swirling beneath his skin. From the moment the other boy had made his threatening move toward her, Draco had been fighting himself, holding back the new animalistic instincts he’d recently gained. The human side of him knew that he was probably no match for this guy if it came down to a fist fight, but the wolf in him knew that if he had to, hell, if he wanted to, he could tear the kid’s throat out.

"What’s going on here?" said a cool, stern feminine voice, breaking into the intense staring contest the two boys had been engaged in. He looked past his adversary to find Granger and Weasley, both holding Pansy and the goons back.

"Nothing at all. Just introducing myself to the son of a family that is good friends with mine. I was hoping to find a friendly face in a new school." The boy shot them a charming grin.

"So sorry to disappoint you, but you’ll find no friends here." Draco spat out, still trying desperately to keep from reaching out to end this threat before he had a chance to do any damage. But that wasn’t the way they did things on this side, he reminded himself.

"Get out of here before we report you." Weasley said angrily. "You’ll be out of here in no time if you insist on causing trouble before we even get to the school."

With one last evil look at Draco, the boy turned and exited the compartment. "Nice to meet you, Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley." He smiled at their surprised looks before glancing past them and grinning wider. "Ah, Harry Potter! And now the picture is complete. Lovely to see you all!" and before Potter could reach them, they retreated back down the train to their own car.

They all gathered in the compartment and after settling themselves, they turned to stare at him. "Who was that guy?" Potter demanded.

"I’ve never met him before, only heard about him, but I believe that was Tristan Macnair, new transfer student from Durmstrang." Draco answered with a sigh.

"Macnair… As in Walden Macnair?" Granger asked.

"He was Tristan’s uncle."

"Well what’s he doing here? And why now?" Ginny wondered.

"I don’t know, but it’s not for anything good." He answered miserably.


Luna sat in silence, letting the others discuss this new potential enemy. She had been shaken to her core when she’d first seen the boy, as he had been in many of those disturbing dreams she had told her father about. Since no actual vision had come to her, she hadn’t paid much attention to the terrifying image of the horrid person she now knew as Tristan. Now she wished she had told someone about it, had given some warning as to what they could all possibly be in store for. It seemed that even Draco, who had heard of the boy, didn’t seem to be fully aware of how scared he should be, considering that even had they not been on opposite sides of this war they would be natural enemies now that he’d become a werewolf. Well, it wasn’t to late, she could still speak up. "Tristan Macnair is a horribly dark creature." She blurted out.

"What are you talking about?" Ron asked.

Draco answered for her. "She’s probably heard the rumors about him." He explained, glancing at her nervously. So maybe he did know something.

"What rumors?" Harry pressed.

"That he’s a vampire." Draco said with a small laugh, as if making it a joke made it untrue.

"Even if he was, what difference does it make? Vampires don’t hold the same stigma as werewolves since they have control over themselves. Draco would be considered more dangerous out in society." Hermione pointed out.

"I’ve known some wonderful people who also happened to be vampires." Luna interjected. "And I wasn’t just referring to the fact that he was a vampire. Draco was wrong; I’ve never heard any rumors about Tristan because before today I’d never heard his name. But I’ve been seeing him lately… in my nightmares. He was always this dark, shadowy figure, with the smell of death and decay about him, and I was always scared, terrified as soon as I sensed he was near. It was the same every time and I was expecting a vision about it any day. But he showed up first."

"So what does that mean?" Hermione asked.

Luna shrugged. "That it was only ever meant to be a warning that he was coming, that nothing has been decided yet where he is concerned."

"Great, werewolves and vampires." Ron groaned. "Why not throw a demon or two on for good measure?"

"Bite your tongue!" Ginny scolded.

Luna ignored them both, turning to Draco anxiously. She was happy to learn that he knew something about this mysterious boy. "So what have you heard about him?"

"That he is the first pure vampire in the Macnair family. Apparently both his parents had been turned long before they met each other and both were from pureblood wizarding families, so their union wasn’t as problematic as it should have been. So when Tristan was born he was a full blooded wizard and Vampire." Draco answered.

"Great pure vampires are more powerful than normal ones." Hermione groaned.

"Have you been reading ahead in our school books again?" Ron teased.

"Of course!" She answered seriously. "And in Defense we’re going to learn, in more depth, the abilities and rights of all non-human creatures and human-like beings."

"Great, learning more about things they’ve already made me learn." Ron grumbled. "Next time keep the lesson plan to yourself."

Luna tired of the exchange and once more captured Draco’s attention. "What else do you know?"

"Just what I’ve heard. Apparently he and his family have spread terror among the muggles for years, taking all the silly things from their literature and showing them that vampires do exist. While I don’t think they’ve ever turned anyone, I know they are responsible for countless muggle deaths. The good news for us I guess, is that they don’t hunt their own. It’s even been said that except in battle, they never attacked wizards or witches no matter what side of the war they were on."

"Well, at least they seem to have some kind of morals." Luna said hopefully, not wanting to connect the somewhat dashing boy she’d just met with the horrible thing that haunted her at night.

"Are you kidding?" Harry asked her incredulously. "Even if they don’t use us as prey, he said they do go after muggles with no remorse."

"It could be argued that it’s all part of the food chain." Draco debated on her behalf. Apparently she wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to believe this new person in their lives was as threatening as he seemed. Of course, the others hadn’t seen what she had or heard the things Draco obviously had.

"A lot of things can be argued, it doesn’t make it okay. From the little we have studied about vampires, I remember that there were several options available to modern ones. There are vampire run blood banks all over the world, wherever they are en masse. Right?" Harry turned to Hermione to confirm what he thought he remembered.

"Right. But not all of them chose to use donated blood. Just like not all werewolves take wolfsbane and seclude themselves away for their change." She answered, giving a nod of acknowledgement toward Draco. "I think what we can all agree on it that is doesn’t matter if you’re a witch, wizard, werewolf, vampire or any other being- some are good and some are just bad."

"So the question is how bad is Tristan?" Ginny asked.

"Well, if his family likes to go muggle hunting I can’t imagine they’re the greatest people in the world." Ron said snidely.

"Okay, everyone relax." Luna said. She felt trapped in the compartment with them all arguing, like she was suffocating. "It’s silly to argue about it now. The best thing to do is watch him closely and make sure he doesn’t have the chance to prove what a bad guy he is."

"Agreed." Ron said quietly.


Harry felt a bit sad as he got off the train with the others. He had half expected to hear Hagrid calling out to the first years, but instead Lupin stood before them, corralling the young students into the boats that would take them to Hogwarts as the older students filed into the carriages. He gave a heavy sigh as he climbed in after Hermione; not having Hagrid waiting at the station was just the first in a long line of ways that this year would be different.

Although as they approached the castle, his heart leapt a little and he enjoyed the moment of childlike awe that spread over him. It was how he had felt when he was younger, escaping from the Dursleys into this world of magic, Hogwarts being the ultimate symbol for his transformation.

"Well, I guess this is where you guys leave us." Ginny said regretfully as they all stood in the entryway.

"We’ll see you again soon." Ron promised as they left her and Luna to follow the other students into the Great Hall. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco all made their way to McGonagall’s office as their letters had instructed.

Hermione knocked lightly on the door. "Ah, Miss Granger, keeping the others prompt as usual." McGonagall greeted them as she opened up. Gesturing them in she urged them all to sit for a moment. "We just have to wait for the other students."

"What other students?" Harry blurted out.

"Albus didn’t tell you?" she looked surprised. "Well, unfortunately word leaked out of the testing office about what we had set up for you four and in order to keep things fair, we’ve had to offer the accelerated program to other students whose academic record met the requirements."

Harry felt disappointed. He had sort of liked the idea of his classes consisting of just the four of them. "From all the houses?" he asked, shooting a glance at Draco.

"To be fair, we had to." McGonagall grumbled. "We’re waiting on one more Gryffindor, six from Ravenclaw, three from Hufflepuff and two from Slytherin."

"Professor?" A pair of voices called from the doorway.

"Ah yes, Misses Padma and Parvati Patil. Come on in." she invited them in and they sat next to the others with friendly smiles. Harry felt relief that the twins had taken up two of the spots, they were familiar and what’s more, they were friends.

Slowly other students filed in, some he knew and some he didn’t. Finally they were only waiting on the two Slytherins and knowing his luck, Harry had a feeling about who one of them was going to be. Sure enough, Tristan sauntered in, followed closely by Millicent Bulstrode. "So kind of you both to join us." McGonagall glared at them. "You are new here Mr. Macnair, but rest assured that tardiness will not be tolerated in this program. That will serve as a reminder to the rest of you as well. This will be a fast paced course of study and to be late to class is to forfeit your chance to be in class that day as we cannot stop everyone else’s learning to accommodate those who are unable to read a clock."

They all stared back at her in silence waiting to see what other restrictions were to be placed on them all for the privilege of graduating early. "Alright, here’s how this will work. A private living quarter has been set up for you all and while you will maintain your house status you will each have your own rooms and share a common room with each other. This is not an invitation to argue, fight or cause problems for each other. You are all expected to act like mature young people. Remember, being in this program is a privilege, not a requirement. If you cannot maintain appropriate behavior or good grades, you will be kicked out and sent back to normal classes."


Ginny was miserable sitting by herself at the Gryffindor table. She couldn’t wait for the others to get back as she felt very exposed, being the only member of her group to be there, she felt all eyes were on her. Then she remembered, she wasn’t the only one. Looking over to the Ravenclaw table she met Luna’s gaze and both girls smiled, comforted by the other’s presence, even if they couldn’t be near each other.

"Well, if it isn’t my favorite person in the whole world." Said a quietly amused voice behind her.

She whipped around and her mouth dropped open in shock. "Charlie!" she threw herself in her brother’s arms and they held each other tightly for a moment before pulling away to take a good look at each other. "What are you doing here?"

"All will be revealed in good time baby sister." He grinned his charming lopsided grin and she felt truly happy, not realizing the full extent to which she was missing her two older brothers.

"Is Bill here as well?" She looked around eagerly, hoping to see him.

"No, I think he’s still out looking for Snape." Charlie answered quietly. "So, any idea when they’re going to get this show on the road?" he glanced at the Head table where the professors were assembling. Still no Dumbledore and no McGonagall.

"The first years will be here soon." She answered. "I assume it’ll all get going in a few moments."

"Charlie?!" Ron came running up to them at that moment, followed closely by Harry and Hermione. They all greeted each other warmly but Ginny was unconcerned with them any longer.

She caught Draco’s eye as the other students filed into the Great Hall and he shot her a look of misery as he joined the Slytherin table, sitting far from the others. "Why can’t he sit over here?" she angrily demanded of Harry, as if he could fix this.

"McGonagall said that outside of class we maintain our house status. He’s a Slytherin Ginny, we can’t change that." Harry said regretfully, also glancing at Draco in concern. 

"It’s stupid." She grumbled as she sank back into her seat.

"I agree, but it’s not like they’ll be able to do anything to him with all the professors in the room." Hermione said kindly. Ginny appreciated the other girl was trying hard to get along, but her own misery kept her from responding, not wanting to say something she would regret.

"Well, I must be getting up there. Looks like we’re ready to get rolling." Charlie gave them all a mysterious smile before going and joining the professors at the Head table.


"Hey! Look!" Ron pointed to where Dumbledore had just entered with the very familiar form of Healer Drake. "What’s he doing here?"

Harry was startled by the man’s presence. "I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with why Charlie’s here."

"Maybe he’s here to check up on Draco. The full moon is coming again next week you know." Ginny offered as an explanation.

Thankfully they weren’t left to wonder for long as McGonagall took up her post at the front of the hall next to the sorting hat. Immediately the giant doors swung open and the first year students were ushered in, their eyes wide and mouths set in determination. McGonagall cleared her throat and the hall fell silent as the hat began it’s song. Shortly after, the new students were all sorted into their appropriate houses. Harry watched the ceremony with impatience, wanting nothing more than the explanation for Drake and Charlie being there.

At last, Dumbledore rose to address the hall. "Welcome to those of you returning and especially to those new to our halls. I would like to begin by saying that, while we will never forget the tragedy that plagued our school last year, we must put it behind us and move forward. This year, I expect Hogwarts to be a place of enlightenment and peace as any school should be. And so this will serve as notice to all, troublemakers will not be tolerated any longer and punishment for interrupting the peace of this institution will be severe."

He looked out meaningfully at the sea of students in front of him before continuing. "Now, there are a few beginning of term announcements. The Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to all students as is the bit of swamp in our upstairs corridor. The list of items and actions banned from the school can be found in Mr. Filch’s office and will be gone over during your first classes on Monday so that every student understands what they can and cannot do. Finally, as to Quidditch, the entire sport is on probation this term. After the terrible incidents that occurred last year, I warn all players that if anything at all happens on the field other than a well played game, the sport will be discontinued at Hogwarts."

Harry glanced around at all the players he knew and saw they all looked worried. Since he was unable to play this year, he was unconcerned. Besides, without him playing, the pitch was probably safe. Finally, Dumbledore reached the part of this whole speech that he’d been waiting for. "Now, with happier news, I would like to introduce some new members of our staff. Professor Hagrid, while agreeing to come back as our gamekeeper, has recently found other responsibilities that will keep him from teaching Care of Magical Creatures, but I believe we have a very suitable replacement. Charlie Weasley was been working many years with many magical creatures, but his special field of study is dragons." He gestured to Charlie who shot out a brilliant grin across the hall, causing a few girls to begin whispering excitedly. Harry rolled his eyes. "As a former student, I’m sure he is glad to be back and bestowing his wisdom on a new generation."

Dumbledore paused as the students clapped politely for their new professor, a few girls whistling. Harry couldn’t be happier to have Charlie there. He knew it would be good for Ron and Ginny to have him so near when the rest of their family couldn’t be. Clearing his throat to bring the noise down, the Headmaster continued. "Now some of you may have noticed that Professor Snape is not here. He is on assignment right now and cannot be here to teach, therefore I have asked a good friend and very talented potionmaker to take the position until Professor Snape can return. Meet your new Potions Professor, Healer Roscoe Drake." Soft and polite clapping filled the hall and died down quickly as not many of them knew the healer and he certainly didn’t have the charisma Charlie did.

"On a personal note," Dumbledore continued, "I would like to welcome back Professor Lupin for his second consecutive term teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. It appears someone has finally broken the "curse" on that position." Laughs and clapping filled the hall and this time the Headmaster didn’t try to quiet them, instead speaking loudly to be heard over the din, "That is all. Tuck in!"

"Well having Drake here will certainly come in handy." Ron said as he began piling his plate with everything he could reach.


I would like to speak with you privately for a moment, sir.
Luna thought out. She saw the Headmaster look directly at her and nod ever so slightly. As discreetly as possible, she stood and left the Great Hall, the happy voices of her classmates echoing off the walls of the empty corridor as she made her way to Dumbledore’s office. "Fire spritzers" she named off the password that he’d mentally sent her and smiled as she stepped onto the stairway. Those were candies made by Fred and George, apparently the Headmaster had been a fan of their merchandise.

She entered the office feeling nervous and determined under the gaze of the former Headmasters. But glancing at the portraits, she saw that those who weren’t sleeping, were absent from their frames. She breathed a tiny sigh of relief, it was much easier to stand and make a request of one powerful person rather than a whole legion of them. "Miss Lovegood?" She jumped as Dumbledore came in behind her. He smiled kindly and took a seat at his desk. "What can I do for you?"

She remained standing, feeling too anxious to sit. "Well, I know it’s a bit late to ask, but I was hoping you could get me entered into the same program as the others, so that I only have to be here one semester. You know that after they are done, Harry intends to go looking for those coven members we haven’t yet contacted. Well, as a member of the coven, I think it’s only fair that I get to go with. And I would be in my seventh year, if Kane hadn’t been killed, so I am of age and able to decide whether or not to stay in school, but I would like to finish. I have excellent grades, I’m a good student in class and I’ve never really caused any trouble." She let out a breath after unleashing every argument she’d come up with.

Dumbledore merely stared back at her thoughtfully. "And then next year?"

"Next year?"

"Yes, Miss Lovegood. Say it is possible to set this up for you, what happens next year, when Harry and your coven are off doing who knows what? Will you return for another short semester to complete your seventh year?"

"I don’t know. I can only take things as they come to me." She said honestly. "Sometimes I can know things that will happen years from now while I’m ignorant of tomorrow. It’s frustrating. So all I can do is handle one thing at a time and right now, I’m trying to figure out how not to get left behind."

"I understand your plight and the reasons for your request, but I just don’t think it’s possible. I’ve no doubt that next year you will qualify for the program, but right now, accelerated classes are only being offered to seventh year students." He looked at her regretfully. "I have no desire to hold you back, Luna. And I understand the importance of your place in this war."

"Then can’t you figure out something?" she pleaded.

Dumbledore was quiet for a long time. "The main problem I see in accommodating you is that with the small group of seventh year students as well as all their normal classes, the professors are stretched too thin already. I couldn’t ask them to also take on an accelerated program for a sixth year student as well. The second smaller problem is that if I did find a way to help you, I would have to open the class to other sixth year students in order to not be accused of favoritism. The least troubling issue would be getting permission from Griselda Marchbanks this close to the beginning of classes."

"Okay, so what if you taught the classes, sir?" she suggested wildly. She hadn’t expected him to take her seriously of course, she simply wanted to show that she was dedicated to finding a way to make this happen.

Surprisingly, he seemed caught on the idea. "I suppose it could work. Yes, that might just be the answer."

"Sir, I didn’t mean it." She certainly didn’t want him to have to put himself out that much for her.

"I know you didn’t, but it’s a good idea none the less." He smiled at her in excitement. "It’s been so long since I was a real teacher, I think it’s a wonderful plan. I will set this up immediately with the appropriate boards and by morning, I should have this resolved."

"Are you sure?" she asked still feeling bad that she had suggested it at all.

"Positive, Miss Lovegood. It seems we can all help each other here."


Towards the end of dinner, Harry noticed Filch come up and whisper in McGonagall’s ear. It must have been important because she rose immediately and hurried to follow him out of the hall. It was then that Harry noticed the Headmaster had also left. Looking around wildly and wondering what was going on, he noticed Luna was absent from the Ravenclaw table. Turning quickly in his seat, he checked on Draco, but he was sit sitting by himself, far from the rest of the Slytherins who were apparently throwing taunts at him. Harry grew angry; Ginny was right, it was stupid that they made him go anywhere near those kids. He intended to talk to Dumbledore about it, of course, that was if he could find him.

"Hey, what did we do now?" Hermione grumbled as a note appeared at her elbow.

Looking down the table, he saw that he, Ginny and Ron had also received one. Glancing behind him once more he saw Draco reading the one that was in front of him. Reaching for his own, Harry felt hesitant, sure that they hadn’t done anything wrong. Could it have something to do with why Luna and the Headmaster were missing?

Come to my office immediately.
Professor McGonagall

Without a word, they all rose nervously to their feet and joining Draco by the door, they made their way down the corridor. As they passed the Gargoyle leading up to the Headmaster’s office, Harry felt a tug, had caught a sense of Luna’s presence. "You guys go ahead. I have to see Dumbledore about something." He waited for them to round the corner. But rather than head up, he turned off his mind and waited for her to come down, he didn’t have to wait long.

She exited the stairway and began walking away from him, but apparently he wasn’t as good at shielding himself from her as she was at shielding from him. "What do you want, Harry?"

"What’s going on? Why were you up there?" he asked, taking a few steps toward her.

"For reasons that have nothing to do with you, okay?" She answered impatiently.

"What is your problem with me?!" He demanded.

"I don’t have one." She answered crossly.

"Harry! Luna!" Ron rounded the corner, running up to them all out of breath. "You guys have to come see this!" he gasped out.

"What is it?" Luna asked.

"Come on! In McGonagall’s office!" Was all Ron would reply before running back the way he’d come. With an angry look at each other, he and Luna followed.

They ran after their friend but Ron’s long legs carried him faster than they could keep up. Once they reached the office door, Harry’s heart felt like it was going to explode with the mixture of adrenaline from the exercise and anticipation for what he would find. "Mr. Potter, Miss Lovegood. You both have a visitor." McGonagall said as they entered.

Next to Hermione, Ginny and Draco stood a tall, thin woman, with sun-browned skin, long dark hair and deep chocolate brown eyes. "Hola." She gave them a dazzling smile.

"Hi. I’m Harry." He said, taking a step forward to shake her hand.

"Me llamo Gabriella." She said in a lilting voice before shaking her head with a small laugh. "Lo siento que olvidé." Pointing the wand at her throat, she said some strange word in Spanish. "Ah, this is better, yes? I forget that no everybody speak Spanish." She continued in English covered with a thick accent. "I Gabriella Hernandez, you wrote to me, yes?"



NOTE: Sorry this one is a bit shorter than what I’ve recently been cranking out, but I figured better short than not at all. Anyway, coming up in the next few chapters we find out if Gabriella can heal Harry’s mind and Draco’s werewolf curse, Tristan begins approaching Harry’s friends, Harry and Luna get some things off their chest, Dumbledore reveals news important to Luna and Ginny, a tense first day of classes, news arrives about Sarah, Luna has some disturbing visions, Neville makes an appearance again, Draco deals with the fallout of his actions last year, Snape reappears, another strange visitor shows up and oh so much more. Stay tuned.


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