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Unperfect by Awesome1234
Chapter 1 : It honestly takes one to know one
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Writer wannabe notes: Oh if your reading this thanks for giving my story a chance it means so much to me thanks so much.

Chapter 1:It honestly takes one to know one

Hugo Weasley never ever did look or seem like a Weasley. He didn't have 100 freckles throw out this face or the famous Weasley red hair. He didn't have a long face or a big nose. His ears didn't turn a slight shape of red when he was nervous or mad. The only thing he did have like his Dad was his clear baby blue eyes plus how super tall he was. 

Everybody compaired him to all his red head cusins. He had to play Qudditch, pull pranks, and be funy. He didn't like Qudditch but he love flying feeling the wind in his face and feeling he had fredom. He could go anywhere he wanted to. And he usally did that why so many witch weekly and the anoying news papers would put him as the black sheap of his family. He was the bad boy; the loner; the guy who never seem to fit the Weasley image.

Hugo had his mothers hair color and same face. But sadly not her brain all those gifts went straight to Rose. Hugo never did fit in none of the other blocks wanted to talk about how many tattoos they wanted when they were older or which was better fire whiskey or muggle vodka.

Hugo was a rebel and already the odd ball of the family he hid his love for tattoos and art. Try Quidditch and chess didn't wear the cloths he wanted to. Didn't ride motocycles like he always wanted to. He just tried his hardest to be a Weasley and not himself.

But he got sick of trying to be a picture of the perfect Weasley and not himself. So he gave up for his 5th year at Hogwarts he stop trying to show people he really was a Weasley and just started to show people the real Hugo. Take it or leave it was all he had to say to people if the judge him for being the real him.

Sol never learned to let people see the real her. She let them see the person her Mum wanted them to see. A perfect family with a Mum and Dad who love each other with a burning passion and three beauful kids who never fought and gave each bloody group hugs ever 5 second.

Well life wasn't a picture Sol parent didn't love each other the same. They didn't love each other at all. Sol big brother Jon would act like perfect son but was dying inside to be free and leave and never come back leaving Sol and her other big sister Lana to rotten in this living hell.

Lana was rebelling breaking her mother heart and ripping the perfect image of her family broke. Sol has no choice to be nothing less than perfect. She trys to be the golden kid but her mother sees her nothing more than the child who belongs in a mental house for being a witch.

Sol has to be perfect she has to hide the amazing person she is under the hard shell of perfectionist. 


End of chapter 1

sorry if you dont like it i tried i know it dosent tell you want school house their in or their age but i just wanted you to see the type of person they are so you can understand the story more. Please review. 







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