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Knock on Wood by banshee
Chapter 18 : Magic and Glue
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"Honey, sit down."

"Mum he’s going to be here any second, I can’t sit!" I panicked as I continued to pace in front of the fireplace. "What if he hates what we picked out? I’m going to look like an even more awful girlfriend than I already am."

"Sweetheart, its Fred. Haven't the pair of you been best friends for ages?" She pointed out.

"Yeah, but he's only been my boyfriend for four days!" I said in a continued panic voice. After she quirked an eyebrow at me and started to laugh, I sighed. "Mum, you and dad are an old married couple, you don't get it!"

"What do your father and I not 'get,'" She asked, putting up air quotes as she said ‘get’. However I never got to answer as the fireplace erupted in green flames.

"Mum, go away he's here!" I whispered quickly, shooing her out of the room and into the kitchen with my dad.

I took a few deep breaths to calm my nerves as I decided to finally consider my mum's advice after she left the rom. It was just Fred, after all. As he exited our fireplace and started to dust his clothes off, I felt my mouth fall open. I felt my nerves flutter away as looked up to me and gave me a nervous smile. The only way I could respond was by biting my lip and trying with everything in me to contain my laughter at his expense.

"Fuck," He groaned, "She attacked me with the clippers the second I walked through the door! She said Victorie doesn’t want her family members looking like hooligans in her wedding pictures." He continued to argue, dragging his hand up through his buzzed hair. His protesting finally was making my giggles uncontrollable. As I tried with everything in me to stop laughing at his expense I motioned for him to come closer. He pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my forehead before whispering, "You’re a mean girlfriend; Happy Christmas."

"Happy Christmas Fred," I whispered back. I loosened my hug just enough to give him a kiss.

A throat cleared from behind us, causing Fred to jump and drop his hands off me. I turned and smiled sweetly; "Hi daddy. Fred's here."

"’lo Freddie. How’s your dad?" He asked as he moved to shake Fred’s hand.

"Good. How is Puddlemere treating you?" Fred asked.

"Same old," My dad shrugged.

I took that as my cue to bolt. "Well this was a lovely catch-up come on Fred your present's upstairs let us know when we're leaving mum." I slurred out as quickly as I could as I grabbed the sleeve of Fred's shirt and dragged him towards the stairs.

"Hannah dear!" my mum sung in her 'I'm about to be extremely sarcastic and you just have to deal with it' tone. I cringed as I stopped on the first step of the stairs, waiting for the inevitable. "There's no Christmas decorations upstairs, don't be such a Scrooge! Stay down here with the gingerbread and tinsel and adult supervision!"

I muttered some incoherent curse words to myself as I turned to Fred. "Go sit, I'll be right back."

He nodded as he walked back through the living room and took a seat on the couch. Giving an awkward smile to my parents he started to fidget with the bow on the beautifully wrapped box in his hand. I'd have to ask if Roxy wrapped it because there's no way my Fred Weasley could have managed that.

I bolted up the stairs to grab my gifts for Fred, as well as for Al and Sophie. I took a few seconds to shrink my gifts for Al and Sophie and shoving them in my pocket for later, before rushing back down the stairs. I walked back into the living room, and instead of heading straight for the couch I stopped in front of our loveseat. My parents were discussing the morning with my dad's side of the family, trying to drag Fred awkwardly in the conversation.

"Yes dear?" My mum smiled.

"Are you really going to sit in here and make this as awkward as possible on me?" I whined.

"Oh alright," She sighed, standing up and patting my dad on the knee. Chuckling to herself, she added, "We'll be in the kitchen listening to every word."

"I'm seventeen; I can do a silencing charm!" I laughed as they left the room.

"If you want to go to the Weasley's tonight you won't!" My mum called back. I cursed under my breath before I spun around and smiled to Fred.

"I can see where you get all your charm." He chuckled as he patted the seat next to him.

"Thanks Freddie!" she called from the kitchen.

"Muuuuuum!" I moaned.

"Sorry love!" She sung back. "Come on hubby, I forgot one gift for you this morning in our room."

Oh my Godric Gryffindor, why did you curse me with such sexually inept parents? I buried my face in my hands as I shuffled over to the couch and sat next to Fred. He continued to stifle his laughter as I buried my face in his chest and let him pull me into a hug.

"Multiply that by thirteen and that'll be tonight." He laughed as he kissed my forehead. Clearing his throat, he handed me the box he was holding. "Err, here. You open first. Um, if you don't like it we can exchange it on the next Hogsmeade visit. Roxy helped me pick it out... and wrap it."

I simply smiled as I pulled the bow apart and tore away the paper. Under the wrappings was a velvety box; jewelry. I looked up to him and quirked up an eyebrow.

"I know you don't really wear jewl-"

"Oh Fred, it's beautiful," I sighed as I opened the box. Inside was a necklace; the most delicate silver chain held together with a beaters bat. It had to have some sort of charm on it, because the tiniest bludger I had ever seen was floating around the bat.

"You like it?" He smiled as he watched my face go from awe to admiration in half a second. "Err, it's got a charm on it so when we play at school and a real beater comes close, it will heat up." He added.

Instead of thanking him with words, I shifted on the couch and kissed him.

"So, is that a yes?" He chuckled.

I nodded happily as I took it out of the box. Handing it to him I said, "Help me put it on."

He obeyed, and I lifted up my hair to let him wrap the necklace around my neck before he clasped it shut. Just as I was about to drop my hair back down I was greeted with the softest kiss pressed into the back of my neck. I felt a slight shiver go down my spine, but I quickly hid it as I turned to have him admire it. As he gave me an approving smile I handed over his gifts.

The first one was small, I had actually just thought of it this morning. He accepted it with a sweet smile, and quickly unwrapped it.

He looked up at me shortly after and quirked up an eyebrow in confusion. "Galleons?"

"I lost the bet yesterday on the train!" I laughed as he continued to give me a confused look. "This is your winnings."

He gave me one of those ‘you’re a nerd’ laughs as he pulled me into a hug. "You’re cute. I kinda like you."

"I kinda like you too." I chuckled back, squinting as he planted a sloppy kiss on my cheek. "Um, I got this in Poole yesterday." I added as I handed him the second gift, becoming nervous. "If you don’t like it we can run into town rea-"

"Hannah; I love it." He said as he accepted the package from me.

"You haven’t opened it." I pointed out, giving him a small smile just the same.

He simply laughed to himself before tugging open the paper. He ran his fingers over the long box before ripping away the tape on each side and opening it.

"Err, a tie?" He looked up to me.

"It’s a muggle prank. They fill this bit up with water and when someone gets close to admire the details they get sprayed with water. I put an aguimenti charm on it so you won’t have to refill it and another one so it knows if you want to spray someone or not. I wouldn’t suggest letting it go at your mum."

"Wicked," He chuckled, admiring it further.

"You like it?" I asked apprehensively.

"I already told you I love it," He smirked, "but yes, I do love it. Hugo, Louis-"

He continued to tick off more names of his family members he would be able to prank with the tie as my parents walked back in. My mum smiled when she caught that he was going on about the gift she had helped me pick out. "Are you two ready to go?"

Fred and I both nodded and followed my parents out to our garage. Just before we were out of the living room I grabbed the tie out of his hand and threw it back onto the couch. "Good first impressions, Fred." I chuckled as he gave me a pouty face. I took his hand as we walked through the kitchen and into our garage.

"Hannah," Fred suddenly mumbled. Leaning over to me he whispered, "We’re taking a car?"

"Mum’s family are muggles; their fireplace isn’t connected to the floo network," I whispered back. "Come on."

"Err, well—" He started to become flustered as I saw my dad turn to try to figure out what was taking so long. "Uncle Ron always told us this story about how he and Uncle Harry drove this car;" he leaned in so he could whisper, "Hannah, they were almost killed."

"Oh for the love Fred, get in the car!" I laughed, "My mum was raised by muggles; she actually knows how to drive."

I heard my mum laughing to herself as I climbed into the back seat, slowly followed by a very reluctant Fred. "Just buckle up dear, I promise I won’t get us killed." She laughed as she looked at us through the rear view mirror. He nodded as he pulled the fabric strap over his chest and buckled himself in.

"Can you drive?" He leaned over and asked me as we were finally off. The snort that came from my dad’s seat gave him enough of an answer that I didn’t have to.

"I’d rather apparate." I grimaced as I shot my dad a look.

My parents attempted small talk for the ride to Grandma and Grandpa’s. I personally found enough humor in watching Fred panic every time we went around a snowy corner. Apparently his uncle either had a very traumatic experience with a car, or the story had been embellished to scare the small children. I suspected the latter, but Fred was rather cute grabbing ahold of the seatbelt for dear life as my dad reached for the radio dial.

Soon enough (although Fred would disagree) we arrived at my grandparents. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Fred take a deep breath as he stepped out onto solid land. I stifled a laugh as a new flash of panic crossed his eyes; a shrill scream had just come from the house.

"Tom’s family must be here." My dad chuckled as he clapped Fred on the back. "Come on Fred, I could use some help with the gifts."

"Dad, please don’t do that ‘hey son let’s just drag you away from my daughter and threaten you a bit’ thing." I begged as I took a step closer to Fred.

"Hannah, stop being so dramatic," My mum said as she walked around the car. "Your grandma has been threatening me that if she didn’t see you the minute we got here she’d come to Scotland and bring you home herself." She added as she grabbed ahold of my arm. I gave Fred a quick ‘I’m sorry’ look for whatever my dad was about to say, and reluctantly followed my mum into the house.

I was quickly attacked by several screaming children as soon as I walked through the door. My mum was the oldest one of her siblings, so the closest cousin to me in age was thirteen year old Ian. I laughed as I saw him glaring at the Christmas tree in distain; he was going through that ‘wears black despises happy’ stage that no one took seriously. There’s one in every crowd.

"What’s this I hear Hannah brought a boy!?"

Oh good lord, Aunt Kelly is here.

"Hi Kelly," I grunted as she rushed over and hugged me.

"Ooui, he’s cute." She whispered as I heard the door open again. I broke free of her death grip that seemed to run in the family and turned to see Fred following my dad, carrying a stack of gifts. After the pair deposited them off by the tree the four of us found our places in the living room with the rest of the family.

"How’s school baby girl?" My grandma asked as I sat down next to her and gave her a hug. I motioned for Fred to sit next to me as I told her all about what I was learning. I didn’t go into details about the tournament for fear she would become worried, but she was quite interested in our Herbology class.

It only took a few minutes of settling in before my eight year old cousin Amy put herself in charge of passing out gifts. I took the opportunity to lean closer to Fred as I watched all the small children rip through toy after toy. "What did my dad say?"

He laughed to himself for a second before saying, "He told me he wasn’t too upset about his daughter dating because he had expected it from the pair of us for a while now." I relaxed when I figured out that my dad hadn’t done too much damage. Fred only paused for a second before leaning in closer and whispering, "That, and he’d curse my bludgers off if I ever tried anything while we were still in school."

Thank god for grandmas. In the same moment that I could feel my face match the color of the Santa hat Uncle Tom was wearing, my grandma grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the family into the kitchen. Away from all the screaming children and drinking adults, the kitchen was filled with silence and cookies; much better.

"It’s so good to see you Hannah." My grandma repeated as she hugged me again. "We’ve missed you, your grandpa and I."

"I miss you too grandma, is there something you wanted to talk about?" I asked as I accepted a cookie from her.

"Your mum told me you got a wizarding job lined up for after school." She smiled back. "I just wanted to let you know how proud I am. With the news of this boy coming along it seems as if the rest of your family has forgotten."

I gave her a huge smile as I swallowed the bit of cookie. "Thanks grandma; I’m excited for it."

"But anyway," she continued, "This boy, Fred is it? He sure is cute."

I simply laughed, and stifled my grin with another bite of cookie. We quickly left the kitchen with a few plates of sweets as the conversation finished. However when I went back into the living room, I noticed my seat had been taken.

"Can you do magic?" Abby asked Fred.

"Yes," He replied, laughing to himself.

"Like what?"

"Well, I can fly on a broom and make flowers appear," He shrugged to himself. I watched him look up to me and give me a quick grin before turning back to his conversation with the future young witch.

"Did you learn it at the same school as Hannah?" She pestered, pointing over to me.


"And Auntie Marie and Uncle Oliver?"

"Well, yes, they went to Hogwarts too," He chuckled to himself.

"I’m going there someday too. I want to be a fluffilypuff like Auntie Marie," She said proudly.

I watched him use every ounce of will power not to laugh as he said, "Why not a Gryffindor like Hannah and Uncle Oliver?"

"What house are you in?" She pestered, ignoring his question.


"When I come to Hogwarts if I’m in Gryffindor will you be my boyfriend too?"

"Okay Abby, enough questions for one night!" I quickly intervened as I rushed over to the couch and picked her up. I tickled her for a second before asking, "Are you trying to steal my boyfriend? They’ll put you in Slytherin!"

She let out uncontrollable bursts of laughter until I put her down. Quickly losing interest after I took my seat next to Fred, she continued at her pile of presents.

"Starting to rethink coming with?" I chuckled as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Oh you just wait. It’ll be that, but from full grown drunken adults, and much more explicit questions when we get to The Burrow." He laughed as he kissed me on the cheek.

After a while all the smaller children had their gifts unwrapped and toted into the guest bedrooms to play. The conversation turned stale rather quickly as Aunt Kelly began quizzing my mum on the things Abby was doing.

Fred and I joined the quidditch conversation with my dad and Uncle Tom. Ever since my mum married another wizard and Tom learned that his new brother-in-law was a professional sports player, the pair hit it off quite well. Dad never got sick of explaining every nook and cranny of Quidditch terminology, moves, and players to my uncle; whereas Tom never got sick of asking how on earth bludgers ‘know’ to attack people, and how brooms stay up.

Eventually I made the announcement that Fred and I had to leave for dinner at The Burrow. After calming down the protests from my family members to stay and visit longer, Fred and I said goodbye to my parents.

"Nine o’clock?" My dad raised an eyebrow as he hugged me.

"Twelve," I crossed my arms and stated.


"Eleven fifty-nine?" I asked hopefully.

"Eleven thirty and if you’re a second later no wedding," He stated in an overly fatherly tone as I hugged him again.

"Thanks daddy."

After saying goodbye to my mum and the rest of my family I took Fred’s hand and lead him out into the backyard of my grandparents’ house. There, we found a spot hidden incase neighbors were looking. Squeezing onto his hand tightly, I braced myself as he apparated us to The Burrow.

As we landed a second later in the field outside his grandparents’ house, I instantly brought my hand down to my stomach as the familiar post-apparating feeling returned. "I hate apparating, have I ever told you?"

"Once or twice," He chuckled as he rubbed his hand on my back in soothing circles. Fred’s birthday being a few days before mine, he too had learned how to apparate last year. "Are you ready?"

"Mhm," I mumbled as I shook away my nauseating nerves and took his hand again.

"I mean, if you don’t want to be induced into the Weasley insanity, we can just go find a café or something." He offered as a final warning.

"Fred, my six year old cousin asked you out today; I think I can take a few hours with your family."

"She’ll be a great fluffilypuff someday." He chuckled as he started towards the old house.

Once inside we were instantly greeted by the shouts and waves of some of the members of the Weasley family. It looked as if a lot still needed to arrive, giving us plenty of space to snag a spot on the couch. I gave Fred’s mum and Roxy a hug as I saw that the rest of his family was already there. Angelina seemed to hold on for a few seconds longer than normal as she told me how thrilled she was about me and her son. I gave her a warm smile as I moved to greet his dad.

"Hi Mr. Weasley!" I said excitedly as I dropped Fred’s hand to sake his.

"Hannah please, it’s George, even at the shop." He chuckled lightly. "Looking forward to having you, I’ve got some plans for your help as soon as you start."

I grinned as I said, "I’m looking forward to it."

Fred took my hand a second later and dragged me into the living room of The Burrow. I felt his hand tense around mine as we realized Rose’s family was already there visiting with Molly’s family.

Including Rose’s date.

I caught eyes with him as he was deep in conversation with Rose’s mum about the Ministry. While their parents were nowhere near friends, or even friendly acquaintances, Scorpius seemed to understand the interworking of the Ministry of Magic enough to hold a conversation with one of its high ranking members. The smile on his face quickly faded as he made eye contact with me, only to have his eyes fall down a second later to where Fred was holding my hand. After a twitch of his lip told me he wasn’t completely unaffected by it, he put on a fake smile and went on with his conversation with Rose’s mum.

Thankfully Santa decided to give me the gift of compassion for Christmas as Scorpius and Rose left the living room only moments later. After Rose had greeted Fred and I with her usual screaming happy hug, she dragged Scorpius into the kitchen to officially meet her grandpa.

"Grandpa Arthur will love that." Fred chuckled as he sat down on the couch and pulled me on his lap. Leaning forward he whispered, "We have to save seats." I smiled at his ‘excuse’ as he wrapped his arms snugly around my waist.

"You don’t know the half Freddie." A very irritated looking Ron Weasley looked up from his glass of liquor as he gave out an unamused laugh.

"Ron for heaven sakes she’s your daughter, you’re going to have to accept it eventually." Rose’s mum, Hermione Weasley, hit him on the arm and said. Remembering the note from earlier that year when I had first found out about Rose and Scorpius, I figured she must have actually come to an understanding about her daughter dating a Malfoy.

The door to The Burrow opened a few moments later interrupting Ron’s protests about Malfoys, and Al’s family entered. I instantly jumped off Fred’s lap as I rushed over and hugged a very cautious looking Sophie.

"Oh thank god you’re here." Sophie whispered as she hugged me back.

"Happy Christmas Soph," I chuckled. Al’s mum and dad quickly greeted the eldest Mrs. Weasley before heading off to the slowly becoming overcrowded living room. After greeting Al as well, Fred joined me in by the door to greet the couple.

"Hannah Wood?"

Oh bloody hell James Potter is related to these people.

"Hey James," I smiled as he pushed Al aside and came over to greet me. I didn’t complain for one second as he pulled me into a big hug hello. "I heard about your promotion, brilliant job."

"Thanks Hannah," He chuckled back as he dropped his arms off. Instantly, I was pulled back towards Fred as he wrapped his arms protectively around my waist. James cocked an eyebrow up in an absolutely adorable fashion as he gestured towards the pair of us. "When did this happen?"

"Yule Ball," We both smiled towards eachother, before I stood on my tiptoes to give Fred a kiss on the cheek. I felt his arms relax around my waist ever slightly as he realized I was actually here with him.

"It’s about time," James chuckled as he clapped Fred on the back. I laughed to myself as James left our little group a few moments later saying something about nicking some of Grandma Molly’s rolls before dinner.

"Stop staring at his arse, sweetheart." Fred suddenly whispered in my ear.

"Jealous?" I chuckled. He only shook his head in amusement as he took my hand and brought me back into the living room. We took the seat next to Al and Sophie as Fred pulled me onto his lap again. The room was filling up just as Fred had promised; their Uncle Bill was already dictating that children under the age of fifteen were banished to the floor as soon as he arrived. He seemed in a decent mood considering Dominique had brought a boy along as well; I didn’t know his name, but I recognized him as a Ravenclaw from her year.

"Oh for heaven sakes Bill, just because you got here late doesn’t mean they have to suffer." Mrs. Weasley (Fred’s grandma; there are too many Mrs. Weasleys in this family) sighed as she came into the room. However she shot their Uncle Charlie a stern glare until he moved from her chair to the floor.

The ‘Weasley insanity’ that Fred had mentioned made itself apparent as the entire family settled into the small room. Boxes and packages started to fly around the room on their own accord as they searched for their recipients. Between James and Al fighting over who got the last bit of fudge, Ron Weasley shooting death glares at Scorpius, and Ginny Potter arguing with Bill Weasley about who deserved the last spot on the couch, ‘insanity’ wasn’t very far off from accurate.

I was surprised when one of the presents came and landed on my lap. I quirked up an eyebrow as I looked from my name spelled out on the paper, around to the many Weasley members.

"Hannah dear," Mrs. Weasley said happily, waiving my attention over to her, "That’s from Arthur and I; we wanted you to have something to open."

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley," I smiled as I started to tear open the paper. Throwing the paper aside I held up the scarlet sweatshirt with a golden beaters bat knitted in. "It looks cozy," I smiled politely as I looked over to thank her again.

"Everyone gets one." Fred chuckled as he pulled me against his chest again. Removing one arm from around my waist, he reached to his presents and pulled out a knitted gold sweatshirt with a red beaters bat. He also gestured over to where Sophie was currently unwrapping one with a flower on it, and Scorpius was unwrapping a green one with a silver ‘S’. I figured it would go unworn, but he was at least polite about thanking Mrs. Weasley.

"We can match," I laughed as admired his for a second, before turning around so I could kiss him. Several wolf-whistles from around the room told me that some of Fred’s aunts and uncles were more than one drink into the evening. I resettled so I was facing the rest of his family with his arms wrapped around my stomach as the flow of flying presents seemed to slow. I took the opportunity to expand and give Al and Sophie their gifts.

"New keeping gloves? Hannah these look—" Al stuttered as he opened his present.

I held up my hands to pretend I was weighing the costs, "Dad professional quidditch player, only child; they’re the same ones my dad uses and I know yours were getting bad, don’t worry about it." I chuckled.

"Thanks Hannah," He grinned as he admired them further.

"Hannah," Sophie interrupted him, looking up to me. "Did I ever tell you you’re my best friend?"

"You don’t have it, do you?" I chuckled. She held up the new Herbology book in awe as she admired it further.

"No, Hannah this just came out, it’s a first edition." She whispered.

I could feel Fred laughing underneath me so I elbowed him in the chest. "I had to voluntarily go into a bookstore for this, you’d better like it." I grinned. She laughed back before she scooted over on Al’s lap so she could hug me.

After the flying presents all found their owners, Mrs. Weasley dictated her children to various jobs before running out of the living room and into the kitchen. As soon as she was out of hearing distance Al’s mum, Fred’s dad, and Rose’s dad started to fight about trading jobs. After several nearly missed jinxes, and one small fire near Percy Weasley’s shoes, the living room finally started to clear. The couch we were sitting became much more comfortable after Dominique, her date, Roxanne, Louis, and little Lucy all left for outside.

"Fairly uneventful," I commented lightly as turned around to Fred. "I was expecting explosions."

"They must be plotting something." Fred stated as he turned to Al.

"Maybe grandma threatened them," Al shrugged back. He didn’t seem too concerned about it so Fred quickly dropped the topic.

The Christmas dinner that Mrs. Weasley prepared was lovely. If living with my parents didn’t work out in the future I knew where I wanted to move to be fed. According to Fred, over the years the Weasley family has grown so much that they can no longer use the kitchen when all of them are visiting. Instead they set up a heated tent outside so they can all sit together and be comfortable. I was sitting in between Fred and Sophie and enjoying a fourth helping of roasted turkey. Sophie was telling me all about her Christmas morning and afternoon, but had slowly lost interest; Fred’s thumb was unconsciously moving small circles over mine as he talked with his dad next to him. I tried to pay attention to her but all I could do was blush and nod aimlessly at her. I never got this distracted when Scorpius held my hand—not that there was ever anyone around to pretend to listen to when Scorpius did hold my hand—but holding Fred’s hand even felt better.

"You agree?" She suddenly asked, snapping my attention back.


"Were you listening at all?" She chuckled knowingly. I tried to stutter out a response but she leaned in closer and whispered, "He’s holding your hand under the table, isn’t he?"

"Do they always do the thumb thing?" I whispered back. "It’s really distracting."

"Only when they’re thinking about you," Sophie chuckled back. "Al does when we’re studying, but right now he’s eating so—"

"Oi, I’m always thinking about you!" Al butted in next to Sophie, kissing her on the cheek. A round of whistles rang out over the table as Sophie blushed a shade of red that matched the Christmas pudding.

After the dinner was over the busyness of the day started to catch up with me. I could feel myself yawning uncontrollably as I said goodbye to Al, Sophie and the rest of the Potters, as well as Rose’s family. I was lucky enough that Fred was off talking to his dad when Rose dragged Scorpius over to say goodbye. As Rose pulled me into one of her hugs I glanced over to him. I was surprised to find an admiring smile—no really, a smile, not a smirk—as he avoided my glance and watched Rose run around saying her goodbyes. I hated to admit it, but that pang of jealousy happened when she dropped her arms off from around me and skipped back into his arms.

However, it was very quickly forgotten as a pair of familiar hands covered my eyes.

"At least you didn’t tackle me in the snow this time." I chuckled as I reached for his hands.

He laughed to himself as he intertwined his fingers with mine and dropped them around my waist. Spinning me around, he said, "I couldn’t let you catch on to my secret motives of asking you to the ball."

"It worked," I grinned as I stood up on my tiptoes to kiss his nose.

"So, you don’t have to be home until eleven thirty?" He asked. I shook my head and raised an eyebrow for him to continue. "Well, mum and dad want to get going so my dad said you’re welcome to come over for a while before you go home."

I nodded and smiled, taking his hand again as he lead me over to his parents.

"Already then?" George asked.

Fred nodded, and waved goodbye to his parents as they dissaparated. He then looked to me. "I’m going to apparate us right onto our front porch so hold on."

I did as he said and clenched my eyes shut. After the familiar unpleasant feeling of being pushed through a tube of toothpaste, we landed on the front steps of their house in London.

"Any better?" He asked softly as he rubbed my back again.

"No," I grimaced. "It’s bloody awful every time and it doesn’t get better."

"Let’s go inside and sit," He offered, pulling open the door. He placed his hand on the small of my back as he led me through his house to their living room. Plopping down on the couch, he took my hand and pulled me down next to him.

"Your mum and I are off to bed; the shop’s open tomorrow." George poked his head down from upstairs and told Fred. "Freddie, remember what I told you about tha—"

"Alright, goodnight dad thanks Happy Christmas!" Fred shot off the couch and interrupted his dad. I covered my mouth to stifle a laugh as George winked to his son before climbing up the stairs. A few giggles slipped through as he turned around to reveal a pink color dusting his cheeks. He shook his head for a few seconds before walking over to the couch.

"The blushing is a good look on you— very Sophie-esque. What was your dad going to say?" I asked, letting him wrap his arm around me as he took his seat back on the couch.

"Do you ever think it’s the life goal of parents to embarrass their children?" Fred asked lightly.

"Have you met my mum?" I retorted. He laughed for a second, before the conversation fell to a lull. I looked down to my watch and trying to fill the silence said, "It’s only nine, what do you want to do?"

"I have an idea," He grinned, taking his arm from around my shoulder and placing it on my cheek. Before I had the chance to ask what it was, he moved forward and placed the softest kiss on my lips. Pulling back just enough so I could still feel his breath, he whispered, "Happy Christmas Hannah."

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