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Every Star in the Sky by BaileyNicole22
Chapter 1 : Summer
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A/N: Hello!! Wow, I'm so glad you're reading this! This is my first time publishing any of my work. I'm sorry about any mistakes. It's quite late here. Fell free to review. Thank you and Enjoy. (: 




“RORY! You have 2 seconds to get your sorry arse up before I come and beat you!”


I groan, rolling out of bed and slapping onto the hardwood floor. 


Ugh. Why so early? 


“I’m coming up there!” shouts my mum. 


“Alright, alright!” I say, “I’m coming too. Let a girl get her clothes on, for Merlin’s sake.”  


I mutter obscenities to myself as I pull on Muggle clothes. You are probably wondering what the big rush is. Well, the rush for me is nothing, except going to my best friend’s house. Mum, on the other hand, has a portkey to catch, with her new beloved. I roll my eyes. They are going to America, then Tokyo. I’m quite alright here. 


I pack my trunk to go to Rose’s. She has been my best mate since before first year, even.  In first year we had a fight, over some prats spreading a rumor that I was only friends with her because she is a Weasley. Fuck that. I love me some Rose Weasley. 


“AURORA MARIE CAINE! If you make us late, I swear on Merlin’s beard…” 


“Mum! I’m coming!” 


I drag my trunk down the stairs and round the corner, almost bumping into Mum’s latest squeeze. 


“Sorry, Chuck.”


“It’s Charles.”




There was a really awkward silence, so I cleared my throat, gave him a couple pats on the arm and pushed on by. I just can’t seem to take a liking to that bloke. 


Mum is in the kitchen on the phone with the Portkey Control division of the Ministry. She’s asking to make the time a bit later. 


“Listen to me, Stevens! I am a very angry woman right now. I am very influential. Don’t. Mess. With. Me.”  


Uh oh.  Who left the cage open? 


“Thanks so much! Bye bye, now.” She said into the phone. How does she change her moods so fast? 


“Mum-“ I start.


“Shut up. “ My jaw drops. She shoves a muffin into my open mouth, because I can’t quite seem to pick my chin up off the floor. Sorry bout that spot of drool. “Take your trunk to the car.” I start to speak, but she cuts me off. “Rory. I do not have time to listen to you right now. Please go to the car. I will be there in a minute.” 


I sulk off in the direction of the car, kicking at nothing. Now, I don’t want you to think my mum is some sort of monster. She’s hardly ever like this. I think she’s really stressed about leaving work for so long. She works at the ministry, after all. She and I are actually very close. Like best friends, almost. 


I throw my trunk into the back of the car, which has been magically expanded. Then I click my tongue.  I see her, and a smile spreads across my face. 


“Hello, Ebony. My beautiful girl.” I stroke my owl’s midnight black feathers. In the sunlight you can see purple, green and blue hues sparkling under the black. She coos at me. “Give me just a second. Don’t go anywhere.”  She clicks in agreement. 


I open my trunk and grab a piece of parchment and a quill. I start scribbling a note to rose.




I shall be over soon. Waiting on Mum and Chuckykins. 


Not too much longer! 


Love Always,




“Here you are, Eb. Now, when you get to Rose’s stay there. I’ll be there soon. Fly safe, beautiful.” She twilled out of love as I tied the note to her leg. She takes off and I blow her a kiss. 


You’re probably wondering why I love the bird so much. Long story short, my dad got her for me a week before he died. God, how I miss him. 


“Rory. In the car, dear. “Mum sounds much calmer now. I can’t help but wonder if she and ol’ Chuck had a quick romp. Ew. 


The car fires up and off we go. I smile to myself. I love going to Rose’s. 





We turn up the road to Rose’s house, and I’m beaming.  I can see her dancing in the grass. I’m out of the car before Chuck even comes to a full stop. 


We throw our arms around each other and start cracking up. WE are both talking a million times a minute. After all, there is so much to talk about. We had a whole summer apart. 


“Hello Rose. How are you?” my mum asks, coming up hand-in-hand with Chuck. 


“I’m great, Reena. How about you?” 


“Oh. I’m absolutely lovely. I can’t wait to go on vacation.” Mum is beaming and I can’t help but feel a little ashamed that I’ve been kind of mad at her for this whole thing. The Chuck thing. The engagement thing. The vacation thing. But really, it’s all making her so happy. I guess I should be happy for her. So I throw my arms around her. 


“I love you, Mum. And I’m going to miss you. So much.” I feel a tug at my heart and my throat starts to burn. No. No crying. I sniff, and my senses fill up with my mum’s smell. Patchouli, flowers, and something spicy I never have been able to pin. I love the way she smells. 


“Oh, don’t fret, Love.” She said, suddenly soft. “It will be summer again before you know it and we will be back.” She pulls back and smiles at me. I smile back at her and, despite my best efforts, a tear rolls down my cheek. I quickly swipe it away. “I love you, Rory. You’re the world.” She whispers to me, kissing my cheeks. 


“You’re the stars.”  I whisper back. It’s our thing. 





After Mum and Chuck leave, Rose and I grin at each other. We drag my trunk upstairs to her room and then go downstairs. 


“Hello, Ron!” I say happily to Rose’s dad. When I first met Ron and Hermione Weasley, I was intimidated to say the least. They helped defeat Voldemort. Uhh, wicked much? 


“Well, Hello, Rory!! How’re things?” 


I smile. “Pretty great.” 


He nods, so Rose and I move into the kitchen to see her mum. 


“Oh Rory, dear. You’re finally here. “  Hermione loves me. She’s definitely like a second mum. 


“How are things?” she asks, pouring me a cup of tea. 


“Fine, thanks. And for yourself?” I smile at her, hoping to hear about ministry gossip. 


“Absolutely swamped.” She sighs, sliding down into the chair across from Rose and I. “Galley Allens is a new intern and she is God AWFUL. I mean, her hair for one. It’s like she puts a gallon of grease in it every morning. And then, the way she talks. Sounds like a troll-“ 


She gets cut off by the fire place shooting into flames. Then a grubby looking Grandpa Arthur stepped out. 


“Morning, Weasleys! And well, Hello Rory! How lovely to see you.” He said, beaming. 


“You too, Grandpa Arthur!” I reply. I call Rose’s whole family by Aunt, Uncle, Grandma or Grandpa. I love them, and I spend way more time with them than I do with my family. 


“How can we help you, Arthur?” Hermione asks, pouring him a cuppa and pulling out a chair for him. 


He nods his thanks and sits down, then continues, “Well, we are having a little family get together, and I, of course, wanted to let you all know. We are expecting you at 4.” He takes a drink of his tea and stands up. 


“Oh well, Okay, Arthur. Thanks for letting us know. We will see you then?” Hermione seems kind of, apprehensive.    I wonder why… 


The goodbyes are said and Grandpa Arthur floos back to The Burrow. 


Hermione takes a deep breath. “Girls, get your trunks. We’re going to Nana Molly’s. RONALD!!”  She rushes out of the kitchen to collect her husband. 





There is one word for The Burrow- amazing.  We arrive two hours early, incase Nana Molly needs help. There are pans washing themselves in the sink, potatoes mashing themselves, and a Nana Molly scrubbing carrots.  But the minute she sees us arrive, she drops everything. 


“Oh how lovely!” she exclaims. “Rose, Rory! So glad you could make it.” We nodded, both engulfed in her hug. 


“What’s this about, Nana?” Rose asks. 


“Well,  we just missed you all so much…” She said, her eyes starting to well up. “So, we thought maybe a party would appeal to you. Being young and all.” She cough- sobbed, then started wailing. 


Rose and I look at each other, distress evident on both of our faces. Then we each sat down on either side of Nana and started consoling her. 


“Shhh. We all love spending time here.” Rose starts.


“Yeah! It’s brilliant here. You’re brilliant. Everything here is brilliant.” I continue, to the best of my ability. 


It goes on like that for several minutes, until Hermione and Ron arrive. 


“Mum?? Why are you crying?” Ron asks, immediately rushing to his mother’s side. 


“Oh n-nothing, dear. The girls made me f-feel much better. “ She hiccups. 


From there are Rose, Hermione, Nana and I all cook, clean and cook some more until our hands are sore and our feet are on fire. Before we know it, people start arriving. 


Harry and Ginny Potter and their 3 kids; James, Albus and Lily. Albus’ best friend, Scorpius is in attendance. I have seen him around school and when Rose and I are with Albus, but I’ve never seen him and actually thought about him. 


He’s yummy. Tall, lanky, blonde and brown eyes. Those eyes. When they first arrive, Scorpius’ eyes meet mine, and something moves behind my navel. 


What was that? That was weird. I’ve never felt that before. 


Then Bill and Fleur arrive with Dom and Louis. Victoire isn’t there.  Dom is so gorgeous. I’m beyond jealous. Especially after I see Scorpius looking at her. Prat. 




Oh god, no. 


Percy and his wife Audrey walk in with Lucy and Molly. They are both such squares. I blame their parents. 


Rose nudges me and we both snigger. Then we make our way over to the Potters.


“Rory, baby. Your lookin’ good.” James says, leaning in and wrapping one of my loose curls around his finger. 


“James, sweetie. Your breath smells like Troll arse.” I say, giving him a sugary sweet smile. 


“Playing hard to get. I likey.” He winks and walks away, managing to plant a kiss on my cheek.


“Gross. Seriously, Rose. Aunt Ginny needs to keep him on a leash.” Everyone laughs at that. Even Scorpius. I smile at this. 


We chat and mingle. Then it’s time to eat.


“Come along, everyone.” Nana Molly starts handing out food before everyone is even sat down. 


We all just plop down and I try saving a seat for Rose. But to no avail. James sat down on my right. 


“Hey babe. Thank for saving my seat. “I roll my eyes. 


Al sits two seats to my left, and then Scorpius sits next to me. My heart skips a small beat. 


James is trying to rub my thigh under the table. I slap his hand and he looks hurt, mumbling something about not needing to be mean.  I mean, don’t get me wrong. James is rather sexy. And I wouldn’t mind this attention if he wasn’t Rose’s cousin. And if he wasn’t such a man whore. And if I knew he would actually cherish having anything with me. But he’s not that kind of guy. I wonder what kind of guy Scorpius is. A yummy guy, that’s what kind. 


“So you’re Aurora.” 


Oh my god. He’s making small talk with me. 


“Uhm, yes. But please. Rory. “ I give him a smile. “You’re Scorpius.” 


“Uhm, yes. But please. Call me anything other than that god awful name I got stuck with. “ he jokes. 


“God awful? I think it’s wonderful. It’s unique, and mysterious and…sexy.” Shit. I just called him sexy. 


He chuckles, “Thanks, Rory. “


I nod, feeling my face go red. Why can’t I just stuff my mouth full of Nana Molly’s mashed potatoes for the rest of my life? 





After dinner and dessert (which consisted on 8 different kinds of tarts, cakes and pies), Percy and Audrey leave. 


“Good bye Aurora.” Audrey says, eyeing me up and down, her mouth sneered up to one side. 


“Please, Audrey. Rory. “I try to smile at her, but it’s a feeble attempt. 


She sniffs, and then floos back home without a word. 


I don’t know why she hates me so much. 


Albus, James, Scorpius, Lily, Rose and I are all staying at Nana’s until the start of term. Her house is so big.   The rooms were all magically expanded so a ton of people can stay here at once. That’s Nana. Always trying to get people to stay. 


Rose and I settle into our beds in the room we chose. Everyone has left except the 6 of us kids and Nana and Grandpa. I sigh.


“I’m really glad we are getting to spend so much time together before start of term.” Rose whispers to me. 


“Me too, Rosey. I already feel happier.” She reaches over and squeezes my hand.


“Night, RoryPoo.” She whispers, sleepily. 


“Goodnight, RoseyCake.” 


Then sleep envelopes me, and I don’t fight it. 



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